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ROH TV – October 15, 2011
October 18, 2011, 10:59 am
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Coming off one of the worst weeks of wrestling programming, I’m thankful for ROH as our salvation. Last week we had the worst episode of RAW, a poor Superstars, a mediocre Smackdown, a lame Impact and a forgettable Bound For Glory. However ROH last week was a very good show with a pair of good matches. Tonight on ROH we have The Briscoe Brothers facing Kenny King and Rhett Titus with the winners to face Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin at a later date. This should be a very good main event.

We open the show with highlights from last weeks World Title match, which was easily the best match last week. From there we get our ROH opening, love the “This is Ring of Honor” voice, sounds so Darth Vader style. Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness in the ring, as the announce tonight’s big matches, Eddie Edwards faces Michael Elgin and the Briscoes face the All Night Express. Now we get promos from the Briscoe Brothers, and they really sound like hillbillies. Then they come out and look like Homicide, gimmick confusion? Now we get comments from Kenny and Rhett, as they recap their feud with the Briscoe Brothers. After the intros we get our first website promo of the evening, which features Davey Richards.

1. The Briscoe Brothers v. The All Night Express

No code of honor handshake for this match, as we start the match at the 11 minute mark of the show. Kenny King reminds me of Elix Skipper from TNA, just saying. The Briscoes are quick to double time King on the floor, but Rhett makes the save and we have chaos already. Nice double team as one Briscoe holds Titus and the other one clotheslines him down, looked more brutal then I could describe it. Mark Briscoe climbs up for a top rope hurricanrana but Titus able to drop Mark across the turnbuckle face first, allowing Titus to tag in King. The ref distracted as Titus and Mark Briscoe brawl in the ropes, which allows Jay to kick King in the yambag and roll him up for the victory. This was a good match, but a cheap ending. The ref tries to find out if the Briscoes did a low blow, which they of course deny. Rhett attacks the Briscoes after the bell, and they beat him down, which brings out the refs and security to pull the Briscoes off Rhett. Would’ve given it a higher rating, but the cheap finish hurt the match a bit. Still a great match, pretty much the best of the week.

1. The Briscoe Brothers defeated The All Night Express to become number one contenders 8/10

Now it’s time for another video, as we get a hype video for Haas and Benjamin. Over the Jim Cornette, who says Jim is surprised he kicked his opponent in the crotch, and Jim says the decision is final but neither team is number one contender. Well, that made the match a waste of time then. Time for Inside ROH, which is about will Eddie Edwards facing Davey Richards again and Truth Martini promo.

2. Michael Elgin v. Eddie Edwards

Michael Elgin is managed by Truth Martini, who reminds me of the Jackal from late 90s WWF, and he’s from Toronto. Eddie offer the handshake before the match and Elgin walks away. It’s been a pretty even contest so far, as Elgin utilizing his power while Eddie focuses on his speed, which is making this a good match. The crowd is solidly behind Eddie, as Elgin drives him into the buckles hard then follows that with the overhead toss as we go to commercial. When we come back Elgin nails a backbreaker on Edwards. Elgin gets caught with two superkicks into a very impressive looking slam move. It started as a German Suplex and ended as a facebuster, very unusual looking. Eddie hits a perfect missile dropkick and both guys are sucking wind now. Michael gets tripped out of the ring, and Eddie follows with a knee to the head, baseball slide and then the suicide dive, which breaks the barricade. Why are we getting a website promo in the middle of a match, can still hear the match, but they’re showing the site? Elgin tries for a suplex on the apron, but Eddie lands on his feet and hits the superkick followed by the double stomp on the apron, amazing. Eddie quickly scales the ropes and hits another double stomp and sets up Elgin. Elgin counters into the buckle bomb. A second powerbomb attempted but Eddie rolls him up, Elgin kicks out. Eddie quickly able to hit a brainbuster for the win. Another great match tonight, very impressive outing from both guys. After the match Roderick Strong comes out and gets in Eddie’s face, which makes it three on one, but Nigel gets in the ring to help Eddie! Maybe we get a tag match next week?

2. Eddie Edwards pinned Michael Elgin with the brainbuster 8.5/10


1. The Briscoe Brothers defeated The All Night Express to become number one contenders 8/10

2. Eddie Edwards pinned Michael Elgin with the brainbuster 8.5/10

Overall a fantastic show, easily the best show of the week. Of course there really wasn’t much competition. Looking forward to seeing Nigel back in the ring, he was so underused in TNA. Coming up tomorrow is AWE Night of Legends PPV.


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