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TNA Bound For Glory – October 16, 2011

Tonight TNA presents their version of Wrestlemania, and they even pulled the same stupid stunt WWE did. They moved a title match from the main show to the preshow, hopefully it won’t become a battle royal though. TNA decided the tag title match was not important as Kennedy versus Bully, and moved Hernandez & Anarquia versus Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal off the PPV. I’m glad someone posted the preshow up, so I can at least see this match, of course only one of the four are worth watching, Hernandez, but still it’s a title match. Also tonight we have more old people including Jerry Lynn, Kid Kash, and of course Sting and Hulk Hogan. Who seriously decided that seeing Sting versus Hulk Hogan in 2011 was a good idea anyway? Hulk has already said he won’t take bumps tonight, so what’s the point of the match. Even worse was Hulk’s comments a couple days ago knocking AJ Styles and Bobby Roode, yes the same Roode who is in the main event tonight, way to bury a guy who deserves a shot at the top. I’d be happy if this was the last we see of Kurt Angle for a while though, as TNA really needs to start to focus on the young talent and get rid of some of the veterans. Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Kaz, Abyss, Hernandez and Austin Aries should be the top six they use right now, instead of Kennedy, Bully, Kash, Angle, Lynn and RVD. Anyways, as far as the build up for this show, it’s been questionable as some matches were thrown together at the last minute, while some got a nice build. Roode and Angle has been built perfectly, but they also put themselves into a corner, if Roode doesn’t win tonight it means the last three months or so has been a waste of time. The Knockout match has been built good, as at least they did qualifier matches to get the Knockouts in the match, but I expect Velvet to walk out with the title tonight, probably leading to Velvet versus Karen Angle soon. Either way I’m looking forward to more of this show then those matches that I’m not interested in, which is a nice change. The only match I really have no interest in his the aforementioned Hogan versus Sting, which better be quick and over booked, as it’s the only way to salvage this disaster. Let’s hope Bound For Glory is better then the Wrestlemania was, which it stands a good chance of. Let’s cover the preshow match first.

1. Hernandez & Anarquia v. Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore for the tag titles

TNA has the hottest ring announcer in the business, just wanted to get that out of the way. What the heck is Christina’s new name, couldn’t understand Taz? Rosita and Sarita look great as always. Anarquia is spending too much time in the ring for my liking, he’s about as bad in the ring as Mason Ryan. Shannon hits a nice Asai Moonsault to Anarquia, but gets caught by a flying SuperMex. Now the girls get involved and Christian takes out Rosita with a clothesline then demasks Sarita before hitting a faceplant. She then pants Anarquia allowing a dropkick from Ink. However Hernandez able to rollup Jesse Neal for the win. A pretty good little tag match, but too much Anarquia for me. Hernandez needs to be pushed as a solo star, he’s got the talent and the look.

1. Hernandez & Anarquia defeat Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore to retain the tag titles 6.5/10

Mike Tenay and Taz go over the card for tonight and it’s time for the PPV feed. We get an opening video featuring Hulk Hogan, Sting, Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode. Taz & Tenay go over the card for those who didn’t watch the preshow.

2. Brian Kendrick v. Austin Aries for the X title

I’m in the minority but I like Kendrick, although his new music sucks. Torn who to cheer here, as AA is impressive to match as well. Great back and forth match, with Aries able to slow down the much faster Kendrick. Austin is having way too much fun with the crowd, but it almost cost him the title, as he pandered too much during the pendulum elbow. The flying suicide dive of Aries is brutal looking, looks like it hurts him more than his opponent. Kendrick blocks the brain buster with a knee then the superkick, but Aries blocks the Sliced Bread. Kendrick able to hit Sliced Bread off the top rope, but Aries gets his foot on the rope, so close. Kendrick goes for it again on the apron but Aries sends his to the floor. Aries pulls him back in and hits the punt kick followed by the corner dropkick into the brainbuster for the win. Great opening match, could’ve gone either way as both guys hits some great moves. A very good way to open the PPV, as both guys put it all out there.

2. Austin Aries pinned Brian Kendrick after the brainbuster 8/10

Backstage to Karen Jarrett and her kids with Traci Brooks. Karen threatens Traci to stay away from her kids and to cover her ample breasts. Karen pulls out a ref outfit for herself, and she will ref the Knockout match. Traci is told to stay in the back room, and not to get involved unless she is in trouble. Now it’s time for the recap of Lynn and Van Dam feud. This is another match that is happening ten years or more too late.

3. Jerry Lynn v. Rob Van Dam in a Full Metal Mayhem (TLC) match

Does Jerry ever change, he’s looked the same since ECW. It’s funny, the show is in ECW country, which explains why they went with this match. TNA hopes to capitalize on the popularity of ECW, but there 11 years to late. The crowd starts an ECW chant, which makes me wonder what happened to Tommy Dreamer anyway? No surprise though as both guys are able to pull of their moves with no problem, and it doesn’t take long for the weapons to be involved. I love how Taz talks about how tough a Full Metal Mayhem match is, like he’s been in one. They messed up the sunset flip powerbomb, as RVD bounced off the barricade missing the ladder entirely. There’s a concussion for RVD, not like he’s never had one before. Classic RVD as he hits the coast to coast dropkick, and the closeup looks like Lynn is sleeping. That was enough for a three count, as RVD covered Lynn using the ladder. Better match then I expected considering Lynn is not a full time wrestler anymore. Hopefully this ends the feud, as Lynn is still able to go, but should not anymore, there are enough young guys for RVD to feud with. After the match they shake hands, so I guess that ends it.

3. RVD pinned Jerry Lynn after the coast to coast 7/10

We go backstage to Dixie Carter’s arrival, followed by a promo for Crimson, Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe’s feud.

4. Samoa Joe v. Crimson v. Matt Morgan

This has two ways to go, bowling shoe ugly or a slobberknocker brawl. I just wonder what is TNA’s fetish with jobbing Joe for months on end, it happens all the time. Matt and Crimson quickly double team Samoa Joe, much to the chagrin of the live audience. It’s always amazing when Joe does the dive through the ropes, for a guy that size to fly is impressive. Nice back and forth between Crimson and Morgan, until Joe gets involved and takes out both guys. Joe goes for Muscle Buster on Crimson but Morgan kicks Joe down. Matt goes for the Carbon Footprint, but Joe moves and Matt hits the buckle, but out of nowhere comes Crimson with the spear on Joe for the win. Not a bad three way match, would’ve preferred it being an elimination match, but for the time they were given it was enjoyable.

4. Crimson pinned Samoa Joe with a spear to win the Triple Threat match, also included Matt Morgan 7/10

Backstage to Jeremy Borash with Bully Ray, here’s another guy who’s time has come and gone.

5. Bully Ray v. Mr. Anderson

I expect this to be a garbage match brawl, it’s all either guy is really good at. I couldn’t care less about either guy myself, two more guys that are stealing a spot from more talented guys, but at least it’s not Bully versus Devon. Is it just me, or does Anderson look like a thin version of the Sandman? Anderson grabs a sign from the card and pulls the paper off to reveal a Dead End sign, stolen right from ECW. Bully gets hit in the face with a cup of beer as they brawl their way around the ringside area. They fight their way to the top of the stage, as Bully hits a vertical suplex for a near fall. Bully calls for Anderson’s microphone and wastes time yelling. I think I should call him Yelly Bully, maybe he’s related to Kelly Kelly? Anderson catches him and nails Bully with the microphone, and now they’re backstage and the crowd is not happy. Bully pulls off a piledriver on the cement, but this is still not over. This reminds me of the old Hardcore title matches from the WWF back in the late 90’s. Back out to the crowd they go, as we get the classic drag by the hair and Anderson cracks Bully. Mr. Sandman stomps the groin of Yelly Bully. They make the crowd happy by heading back to the ring, they’d make me happy by ending this thing, as Anderson brings in a piece of the guard rail, but gets caught by a Bully clothesline. Now Bully gets another table, unless he sets it on fire this match is boring so far. Bully gets backdropped onto the guard rail, so Anderson climbs the ropes and goes for the senton, but Bully moves and Anderson crashes and burns. Bully drives Anderson through the table with the Bully Bomb for another near fall, that was impressive actually. Bully throws Anderson on the guard rail and now Bully misses the top rope and hits the rail. Anderson with the Mic Check on the guard rail, but just to annoy me Bully kicks out and rolls to the floor. Anderson follows and cracks Bully with a trash can, Bully conveniently falls on the table. Anderson climbs the ropes hits the senton, but the table doesn’t break! Anderson drives Bully through with the Mic Check for the victory. It picked up in the end, but the last three minutes can’t save the first ten.

5. Mr. Anderson pinned Bully Ray after the Mic Check through the table 5/10

Backstage to Eric Bischoff with his son, the referee Jackson James, as they’re now making this an angle. Eric says Hulk has to win and Sting has to be taken out permanently tonight, and asks if Jackson has his back. Jackson says he does, and they embrace. Taz and Tenay do their best confused faces.

6. Velvet Sky v. Madison Rayne v. Mickie James v. Winter for the Knockout Title with Karen Jarrett refereeing

Velvet looks good in gold and red, but no one compares to Mickie James. Madison in camouflage, but I can still see her! Between Winter and Mickie James, those are two of the best theme songs in the business right now. Karen already showing favorites as she’s wearing Madison’s crown, and not counting Mickie’s pin or checking on Winter’s arm bar. I love when storylines get in the way of what could be a good match, sarcasm intended. I expect Karen to get knocked down, Traci comes out and counts Velvet as the winner. Mickie takes over on the champ, Winter, who bails and Madison comes in. Madison and Karen being all chummy now, but Mickie not putting up with it. Can someone put Karen through a barbed wire table, please? She’s like Michael Cole with tits, useless and annoying. This has been all about Karen so far, with the other four as background for her. Remember when the Knockout Division was great, Awesome Kong, Gail Kim, Roxxi, Daffney, etc? Angelina Love passes Winter her via off blood, as Karen pulls Mickie off Winter, Winter spits the blood into Karen’s face. Mickie hits the Mickie DDT on Winter, but no referee of course. Here comes Traci Brooks, as Madison knocks Mickie to the floor and pulls in Velvet. Velvet hits the face buster and Traci counts, Velvet wins the match, just as I predicted. Basically all Karen Jarrett, which is pathetic considering all the talent in there, what a waste of time. I’ll give the four girls credit as they kept the match going, but would’ve been better without Karen involved.

6. Velvet Sky pinned Madison Rayne to win the KO title in a four way including Mickie James and Winter 5/10

Backstage to Kaz, who says Roode is readier then he’s ever been. Kaz says he’s torn between AJ and Daniels tonight as they are his friends. This sends us to the recap of AJ/Daniels. This should be the match of the night, as long as they keep the shenanigans to a minimum.

7. Daniels v. AJ Styles in an I Quit Match

One minute in and Daniels expected AJ to quit, somehow with this company that wouldn’t have surprised me. A minute later and it’s AJ asking Daniels now, then shoves the microphone into Daniels mouth. With submission holds this early, I have a bad feeling this match won’t go as long as I’d like it to. Daniels grabs a toolbox and uses a wrench, then tries to impale AJ with a screwdriver. I just noticed, AJ has a pink ribbon on his tights for breast cancer, that’s cool. We get a shot of the screwdriver, driven through a turnbuckle. AJ refuses to quit, so Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever on AJ’s back, then locks on a single leg crab. Daniels grabs a chair and sits on the throat of AJ while running his mouth, but almost says I Quit himself. Daniels calls out AJ’s wife and says to hide the kids, because he’s going to murder their father. AJ blocks the chair shot, and nails a series of clotheslines on Daniels. Daniels blocks the Styles Clash and hits a backbreaker, but misses the moonsault however he lands on his feet. AJ hits the Pele followed by the Styles Clash quickly. AJ grabs the chair but then spots the screwdriver and grabs it instead. Daniels back away and screams he quits to end the match. That was a lame ending, as Daniels quickly takes off backstage and the crowd is not happy and neither am I. Was shaping up as a good match, but a completely stupid ending ruined the whole thing. As AJ heads up the ramp Daniels nails him from behind and hits the Angels Wings on the entrance way. Daniels says he never beat him as Daniels stands over AJ.

7. AJ Styles beat Daniels 5/10

Mike and Taz start to talk about the remainder of the card, but get interrupted by Jeff Jarrett. He doesn’t even have a match tonight, but then again neither does Abyss. Jarrett calls out Jeff Hardy and says it’s not about him not wanting Hardy around, it’s the entire company does not want him around. Jarrett stumbles over his words, as the crowd boos him. Jarrett says he brought Hardy in and tonight he’s taking him out. Here comes Hardy, with new music and video. Hardy says he has one thing to say to Jarrett, and then attacks him. Security finally pulls them apart, but they fight free, this brings out Al Snow, D-Lo Brown and the rest of the office. Well, that was a waste of PPV time, they could’ve had the tag title match instead of this. as we go to a recap of Hulk and Sting’s feud.

8. Sting v. Hulk Hogan

They could’ve made this a Walker on a Pole match, but then again can either climb a pole at this point? Why is it so hard for wrestlers to walk away from the business when it’s time? From Ric Flair to Terry Funk to Hulk Hogan to Mick Foley the list of guys who hang around to long goes on forever. At least Shawn Michaels was smart enough to walk away, and hopefully never wrestle again. They make sure to note that the ref is Eric Bischoff’s son, as Sting comes out in classic jacket with a Hulk t-shirt. As the bell rings, Hulk points down the aisle and here comes Ric Flair, which angers Dixie Carter. This match is sponsored by Geritol and Depends, or at least it should be. With a little more then thirty minutes left of the PPV, this needs to end quick so we can give Angle/Roode ample time. Hulk busts Sting open with a spike, well at least we got blood, but this has gone on long enough. Rhetorical question, if the ref is partial why not disqualify Sting as soon as the bell rings? Sting tackles Flair and grabs the spike, which he then hammer Hogan with. Hulk takes a bump as he falls to the mat, and now Hulk is bleeding. Sting locks on the Scorpion on Hulk, who taps and the ref calls for the bell. Flair dives in the ring and takes down Sting, as Immortal comes to the ring. Bully, Gunner and Scott Steiner have chairs and beat down Sting while Hulk is in the corner. Jackson takes the chair from Eric, and Bully grabs him, which allows Eric to nail his son with the chair. The crowd is chanting for Hogan to make the save, as Sting is being pummeled by Immortal. Great a Hulk Hogan face turn, just what we need in 2011. Hulk rips off the shirt and unloads on Immortal, and Sting and Hogan clear the ring. This whole thing makes no sense at all, but it’s TNA who needs sense. I stopped playing Lego Star Wars for this?!?

8. Sting defeated Hulk Hogan via submission DUD

We finally get a promo for Bobby Roode versus Kurt Angle, this is reminiscent of the Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart video before Wrestlemania XII.

9. Bobby Roode v. Kurt Angle for the World Title

They have to put Roode over here, or it was all for nothing. It’s sad our main event gets just a little more than ten minutes, since we wasted almost twenty minutes on Hogan and Sting. Vicious suplex off the top rope by Roode on Angle, how Angle takes these bumps with his neck the way it is amazes me. Angle comes back and we have a slugfest, which Roode wins and unloads on the champion. Nice counter by Kurt from the crossface into the ankle lock, but Roode back to the crossface. Another nice counter by Roode, from the German Suplex into the crossface again, but Kurt crawls to the ropes. They’re really making Roode look like a one move man, as he keeps going back to the crossface. Angle able to hit the Olympic Slam and gets the three using the ropes. Kurt collapses like he’s been in a thirty minute match. So after months of buildup, Roode gets screwed in the end, typical TNA booking. At least the ref didn’t get knocked down this time. Was shaping up to be a good match, but the stupidest ending possible. They deflated this entire crowd with this crappy ending, as we fade to black.

9. Kurt Angle pinned Bobby Roode with the Olympic Slam to retain the World Title 6/10

Match Recap:

1. Hernandez & Anarquia defeat Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore to retain the tag titles 6.5/10

2. Austin Aries pinned Brian Kendrick after the brainbuster 8/10

3. RVD pinned Jerry Lynn after the coast to coast 7/10

4. Crimson pinned Samoa Joe with a spear to win the Triple Threat match, also included Matt Morgan 7/10

5. Mr. Anderson pinned Bully Ray after the Mic Check through the table 5/10

6. Velvet Sky pinned Madison Rayne to win the KO title in a four way including Mickie James and Winter 5/10

7. AJ Styles beat Daniels 5/10

8. Sting defeated Hulk Hogan via submission DUD

9. Kurt Angle pinned Bobby Roode with the Olympic Slam to retain the World Title 6/10

This is what TNA gave the fans for their “biggest show of the year”? It started out good, as the dark match was passable. The first three PPV matches were good, but it fell apart quickly from there. This is the biggest problem with TNA’s booking strategy, if that’s what you can call it. Tons of promise and hope, dashed in a matter of hours. This was a little better then Wrestlemania, but not by much. Be back tomorrow with ROH and Wednesday I have a special PPV to watch. It’s a legends show from Saturday featuring Kevin Nash, the Rock n Roll Express and Terry Funk among others. I bet that will be a better show then this was. Ah, this was still better then tonight’s episode of RAW which looks like a complete write off as Jim Ross is wrestling again, there won’t be a recap of that crap.


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