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Friday Night Smackdown – October 14, 2011

Let’s end this week with Smackdown, hopefully a good end to what has been a lackluster week of wrestling. Rumors abound of a D-X reunion tonight and a big battle royal. If true, this might be a good show. I just hope Shawn Michaels never steps back in the ring, just once I’d like to see a retirement that actually sticks. Too many guys retire and comeback to tarnish their legacy, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Terry Funk, etc. I’m optimistic for tonight’s show, let’s hope the WWE doesn’t flop again.

We open with a recap of last week, featuring Big Show’s return after being injured by World Champion Mark Henry. I don’t think having Big Show destroy Mark Henry by putting him through the table was a good thing, but neither was having Orton hit the RKO on Monday. They were doing good building Henry as a monster, but of course they screwed it up by having both Show and Orton get the better of him. Now to my least favorite opening theme in wrestling history, Josh Matthews welcomes us to Dallas for a historic episode of Smackdown, I’ll be the judge of that. Teddy Long is introduced along with John Laurinaitis, Long says we’re apart of history as Smackdown becomes the second longest running TV program behind RAW, only in Vince’s mind. Long says what better way to celebrate then to have the largest battle royal in history and the winner will get a title match tonight against any champion.

1. 41 Man Battle Royal

This should be fun, no time wasted with introductions as everyone from RAW comes out, including Miz and R-Truth, to the RAW theme. The Smackdown roster comes out to their brands music, I see Steve Regal and Matt Striker, is it wrong to cheer for Tyler Reks to win? Hope the ring was reinforced, as it’s pretty full in there. The bell rings, I expect Morrison out in seconds along with Drew. First man out is Cody Rhodes via Randy Orton, I hope Orton doesn’t win the damn thing, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Johnny Curtis goes out next, as this is hard to follow, but chaotic and fun. JTG eliminated along with Michael McGillicutty, Derek Bateman goes out as the NXT guys fly out, Titus O’Neil joins his group and there goes Yoshi Tatsu. Darn, there goes Matt Striker, and he landed hard on his head, I see Tyler still in there! We come back from commercial, and I just realized there is no John Cena in there, strange. Thirty two guys remain according to Josh Matthews, as William Regal tumbles to the floor. Percy Watson goes out next and almost has John Morrison land on his head. Morrison lasted longer then I expected as Dolph Ziggler joins the crowd on the floor. Trent Barretta crashes and burns, that was brutal too as we lose an Uso as were down to twenty seven. Cole says this is episode six hundred thirty four as Ted DiBiase goes out via Ezekiel Jackson. Tyson Kidd tossed out, no one mentions that of course, as Booker is pushing Drew, which makes me happy, as we’re going to commercial again. We come back and Daniel Bryan goes out, while Punk is stomping on Tyler Reks! I can’t believe Primo, Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks and Heath Slater are still in there. Never mind, there goes Reks by Mason Ryan and Curt Hawkins follows his tag partner quickly. Drew gets backdropped out via Mason, who then tosses Justin Gabriel on top of him. We’re down to twenty as Mason Ryan finally goes out via Wade Barrett. CM Punk kicks Primo out of the ring as Christian smacks Santino off the apron eliminating him. Alex Riley goes out via the Miz, and the refs have to hold Riley back as he tries to get back in. We have the battle of gingers as Sheamus and Slater going at it. Swagger able to get rid of one half of the tag champions, Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder lands right beside Kofi.Otunga goes out along with the other Uso and Ezekiel, all by Sheamus. Sheamus follows up with the big kick sending Slater packing. We’re down to the final ten, it’s CM Punk, Christian, Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Randy Orton, Sin Cara, Wade Barrett, Jindar Mahal, Miz and R-Truth. Wait, Jindar is still in there, seriously, how the heck did that happen? Sheamus catches Sin Cara and powerbombs him down on top of Zeke, Uso and Otunga. Christian primed for the spear and runs into Sheamus’ knee. Sheamus goes for the Celtic Cross and Christian drops down and tries to eliminate Sheamus, but Sheamus reverses and out goes Captain Charisma. Booker says he can’t believe Mahal is still in there, as Punk eliminates R-Truth but gets caught by the Miz. Miz turns around into the brogue kick but Wade jumps Sheamus. Punk and Truth still brawling around ringside as Sheamus gets tossed by Christian, who was already eliminated. Christian quickly runs away from Sheamus, as our final four is Miz, Orton, Swagger and Jindar. Jindar? Jindar? Really? No one saw that coming, as it’s obvious now that Orton is going to win. Orton tosses Wade with ease, hits the RKO on Swagger and tosses him. RKO foe Mahal and out goes Mahal, all within ten seconds. Orton wins, but no, here comes the Miz who never went over the top rope. Miz tosses Orton, but Orton holds on, and it’s our final two. I hate to agree with Cole, but come on Miz. Miz goes for the corner clothesline and gets caught by Vintage Orton. Both guys fighting on the apron, and Orton hits the RKO on Miz. The question is who hit first, Miz or Orton? Of course it’s Dandy Randy Orton who wins and gets a title match tonight, I’m so excited. A perfect chance to push someone new, and instead we get the same old crap. Whatever. I’m so sick of Smackdown being the Randy Orton show, if he and Cena could get injured and be gone I’d be happy. Two overrated pieces of crap that can never be made to look weak. Was a great fun battle royal till the end, I would’ve preferred Mahal winning at that point, at least it would be something new and interesting. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Orton leave with the title tonight, and the Mark Henry/Big Show match at the PPV be just a regular match.

1. Randy Orton wins the 41 man Battle Royal 6/10

Josh Matthews in the ring, asks Orton who he will challenge tonight. Randy says the decision is easy, and Vengeance will be his, as he chooses Henry of course. Orton says he will take back his title, which I expect he will. Backstage we see Eve and Yelly Kelly, who are RAW superstars heading to ring. Kelly’s the female version of Cena and Orton, the golden trio in Vince’s eyes. Now to Alberto and Ricardo, who are leaving and Teddy stops him. ADR says Randy can’t beat him, and since he doesn’t have a match he’s leaving. Long says before he gets his party started, tonight he has to face Sheamus.

2. Beth Phoenix v. Kelly Kelly

That belt looks so good on Beth, much better then on Kelly. Cole says Kelly needs anger management classes, maybe she can go with Randy Orton! Beth needs to destroy Kelly here, but instead Yelly starts with her yelling. Beth puts the stop to that with a backbreaker. Kelly comes back with a yelling DDT, does every move she does have to be preceded with a scream. Kelly goes for the handspring elbow and Beth tosses her to the apron. Kelly gets a face full of post, nothing new for Kelly, and into the Glam Slam for the win.That was quick at least, which with Kelly is all you can hope for.

2. Beth Phoenix pinned Kelly Kelly with the Glam Slam DUD

Backstage we see Sin Cara Black attacking Sin Cara Blue, and Black steals Blues mask. Blue removes his mask and puts the blue one on. I agree with Booker T, what the hell is going on?

3. Justin Gabriel v. Sin Cara Black wearing the Blue Mask

I hate the lighting they use for Sin Cara, but this should be a high flying match. It’s sad that Gabriel is a three time champion already, shows how much the title bounce around. Sin Cara with a nice dropkick catching Gabriel mid springboard. Sin catches Gabriel on the top, knocking him down and hitting the senton for the win

3. Sin Cara Black pinned Justin Gabriel DUD

Backstage to Teddy Long with Evan and Kofi, Teddy says Evan will not be wrestling tonight. Vickie comes in and mocks crying and says Swagger and Dolph demand a title match tonight. Long says he won’t do that tonight, as Zack Ryder comes in and says Dolph and Swagger will face Kofi and Zack tonight.

4. Alberto Del Rio v. Sheamus

Alberto focusing on the arm of Sheamus, as this has been slow so far. Sheamus fights ADR off and hits the clothesline and slam, as Ricardo having a fit at ringside. A World Champion not named Cena or Orton losing a non-title match, would that be a surprise to anyone. Sheamus up top and Ricardo gets involved. The ref distracted and Christian nails Sheamus, allowing ADR to hit the shining wizard for the win. A sub-par match that felt rushed as they did nothing till the last thirty seconds. After the match Christian hits a spear and leaves, but Sheamus slowly gets up, so Christian slides back in and hits a second one.

4. Alberto Del Rio pinned Sheamus with the Shining Wizard 4/10

Here comes Vickie Guerrero who introduces Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

5. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger v. Kofi Kingston & Zack Ryder

Someone turn off Cole’s microphone, he’s just completely over the top annoying. I’d rather listen to the Duke of Dorchester on commentary over this goof. Kofi hits a dive through the ropes on Jack and Dolph as we go to commercial. Kofi has been in there almost the entire match and finally makes the comeback with a tornado DDT, as Evan cheers on Kofi at ringside. Zack and Dolph tagged in at the same time, and Zack unloads on the US champion. Dolph counters the Rough Rider into the sleeper hold, but Ryder able to drive Dolph into the turnbuckle. Swagger has the ref distracted and Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Dolph before throwing Zack on top for the win. A good fast paced match, probably four of the best in the WWE.

5. Zack Ryder & Kofi Kingston beat Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger 7.5/10

6. Mark Henry v. Randy Orton

With less then eight minutes left, this won’t be a classic. So far it’s been all Henry, as the announcers mention all the guys Henry has taken out. Henry hits the world’s strongest splash for a near fall. Henry drags Orton to the corner and climbs the ropes, goes for Vader Bomb, but Orton counters. Orton springs to life with clotheslines and a dropkick. Cody Rhodes gets involved and the disqualification is called. Well, that was a waste of time.

6. Randy Orton beat Mark Henry via DQ DUD

Cody grabs the bag and is going to repeat what he did on Monday, but here comes the Big Show for the save. Cody bails out as Show hammers the Champion. Cody off the top rope and Show catches him, tossing Cody into Orton who hits the RKO. Chokeslam for Mark Henry as Orton and Show stand tall over Henry as we fade to black.

Match Recap

1. Randy Orton wins the 41 man Battle Royal 6/10

2. Beth Phoenix pinned Kelly Kelly with the Glam Slam DUD

3. Sin Cara Black pinned Justin Gabriel DUD

4. Alberto Del Rio pinned Sheamus with the Shining Wizard 4/10

5. Zack Ryder & Kofi Kingston beat Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger 7.5/10

6. Randy Orton beat Mark Henry via DQ DUD

Do I ever have to say it, a complete disaster of a show other then the tag team match and battle royal. Wrong person won the battle royal, but can you expect any less. I’m surprised it wasn’t Orton hitting the RKO on each guy one at a time. Glad to see we ended the week as good as it started, which is not at all. Lesson learned, never go into a show with optimism, you’ll be disappointed. Hope BFG is a better show, which other than Hogan/Sting looks pretty good. Be back with that recap on Monday.


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