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WWE Superstars – October 13, 2011

Coming off what has to be considered the single worst episode of Monday Night RAW, we come to Superstars. This week’s RAW was a horrible display of the main event and the rest, as HHH, Punk, Sheamus and Cena basically buried the rest of the company and proved that they are they only guys that matter. It’s a sad thing when that looks like our team for Survivor Series, plus the Rock, and no one is on their level so it’s an obvious fact who will win. I don’t think there will be a RAW recap next week, as the show has hit the bottom, unless something big happens, otherwise I’ll stick with Superstars and maybe Smackdown. As far as NXT goes, is there even a point to the show anymore? We’re down to three rookies, who have no pros, one rookie is gone due to a wellness violation, and one only joined half way through the season. We’re devoting time to JTG, the Usos, Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins, and pretty much no mention of an end to this season. I’m not complaining about giving time to Reks, Usos or Hawkins, especially Reks, but I could do without seeing JTG, and any show that gives us AJ is watchable by me. Sadly I was more entertained by NXT then I was by RAW, and I expect Superstars to be the better show of the week, however, supposedly we’re getting a battle royal on Smackdown, so I’m looking forward to that. With that, let’s see what matches Superstars give us.

Have I said how nonsensical the opening is for this show? We see Cena, Orton, Show, Undertaker, HHH, Rey, Kane, Punk and Sheamus, but we’ve never seen them on here. To quote DDP, “That’s a good thing”, as they would just ruin this fun little show.

1. Santino Marella v. JTG

Damn, I jinxed myself, as here comes JTG. How does this man keep a job? Marella Martial Arts? I love that, how come Santino never gets a serious push. He was brought in with such a big victory, beating Umaga for the US title in his debut, and then fell fast. Now he’s just a comedy character with a goofy finisher, with his comedic timing and true in ring skills he could be the next Rock. Speaking of goofy finisher, Santino keeps trying for the Cobra and JTG bails out of the ring. Santino finally able to hit the Cobra for the victory, about as good a match as could be considering it’s JTG.

1. Santino Marella pinned JTG after the Cobra 5/10

2 Drew McIntyre v. Alex Riley

I’ll say it again, why the hell isn’t Drew getting a push? Someone please pull Vince’s head out of his ass, this guy has it all, and gets used about as well as John Morrison. It pisses me off so much, he also has the best entrance music in the WWE. The Alex Riley experiment still hasn’t ended, he’s so green and generic in the ring, I just don’t see the reason for his being on the main roster. Alex almost scores the win with a very poor looking DDT, but Drew comes back with D-Lo Brown’s old finisher the Sky High. Why are the announcers talking about Chinese Food, Gordon Solie would never have done that. Alex counters the Future Shock DDT into the TKO for the win. A long match, but the wrong guy won. I think this match was longer than any match on RAW this week.

2. Alex Riley defeated Drew McIntyre with the TKO 6.5/10

3. Heath Slater v. Ezekiel Jackson

It’s a battle of former stable mates, I don’t think Slater stands a chance. I don’t get the hate for big Zeke, I think he’s a fun guy to watch. He’s better as a heel because of his size, but at least he tries to put on good matches. Zeke could be the next Vader if utilized correctly as he has the speed and power. Ezekiel bends Slater in half with the Torture Rack for the submission win after a huge corner clothesline. Pretty good big man versus little man match actually, as Heath put up a valiant effort.

3. Ezekiel Jackson beat Heath Slater via submission with the Torture Rack 6.5/10


1. Santino Marella pinned JTG after the Cobra 5/10

2. Alex Riley defeated Drew McIntyre with the TKO 6.5/10

3. Ezekiel Jackson beat Heath Slater via submission with the Torture Rack 6.5/10

A pretty mediocre episode of Superstars this week, but still better then RAW was. Nothing major stood out this week though, hopefully Smackdown is better. Back tomorrow with Smackdown and Monday will be TNA Bound For Glory PPV.


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