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ROH TV – October 8, 2011
October 11, 2011, 10:01 am
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After a great long weekend celebrating my 7 year anniversary with my wife, it’s time to come back to wrestling. I tried to watch the new season of Lucha Libre USA but lost interest quickly, thus no recap as I deleted the file after watching less then half the show. As for CMLL, I still have last weeks and this weeks on the drive, and might get to it later in the week. I’m curious to see what happened on RAW last night, but first let’s check out episode 3 of ROH. Last week ended with a great main event that saw Jay Lethal win the ROH TV title from El Generico, Tonight on ROH we have our first look at the ROH Champion, Davey Richards who faces Roderick Strong, who I have not seen since his brief run in TNA. I only hope that the cut back on the amount of promos for the website, I know it’s their main source of revenue, but it’s the same ad repeated. Either way this should be a great show, with an amazing main event.

We open with recap of last weeks TV title match, won by Jay Lethal in overtime, then to the opening video. Down to Jim Cornette in the ring, who brings out the Briscoe Brothers. Cornette talks about the attack on Haas & Benjamin from New York City and that they were fined five thousand dollars. The Briscoe’s mention being six time tag team champions and that the champs, Haas & Benjamin, are scared of them. The audio is pretty bad actually, unless it’s just my copy. Cornette says they won’t reward them with a title match, but they get a match with Kenny King and Rhett Titus, with the winners get the title shot. The Briscoe’s say they’ve beaten King & Titus multiple times and next week they’ll win and get their title match. Here we go with the first web promo of the show, someone needs to make this a drinking game. ROH Focus on Tommaso Ciampa, who’s undefeated in ROH. He worked a match on Velocity, back in 05, losing to Jamie Noble and also in OVW for over a year. The talk about his intensity, and being managed by Prince Nana, who seems to have a stable of guys.

1. Andy Ridge v. Tommaso Ciampa

Twelve minutes into the show and we finally get a match. Someone needs to let them know they only have an hour each week. Steve Corino joins Kevin Kelly on commentary, which is cool, Corino was so underrated. Considering they just said Ciampa is undefeated, I don’t think the result is in doubt. Cool move, as Ciampa grabs Ridge off the ring apron and swings him headfirst into the barricade, which only got a two count. Brutal series of running knees to the head followed by an amazing powerbomb into backstabber for the win. Basically a squash match, but had some amazing looking moves from Ciampa. That finisher is just scary to watch as he lifts the man into a powerbomb position then drops the guy on both of his knees, like a super backstabber.

Tommaso Ciampa destroyed Andy Ridge with the Project Ciampa II 5/10

We waste some time as Nigel talks to the fans about who’s going to win the main event. The fan, who was a plant started screaming to bring back Kevin Steen. Now to Inside ROH, as Kevin talks about tonights main event.

2. Roderick Strong v. Davey Richards for the ROH World Title

My first look at Davey Richards, heard a lot about him, with twenty plus minutes I expect a good match. Roderick did have one match in the WWE, in 2005 for Smackdown, a loss to the Olympian Kurt Angle. Roderick has controlled the opening portion of the match, until Davey was able to knock Roderick to the floor, but Davey gets distracted and gets knocked to the mat as we go to commercial. We come back as Davey drops Roderick on his head with a German Suplex, that looked painful. Davey with an amazing dive through the ropes onto Roderick, he looked like a human dart, these guys are nuts. Back in the ring and Davey with a long range missile dropkick gets a near fall. So far this has been a very impressive back and forth match, very impressive showing from both guys. Backbreaker from Roderick on the ring apron and gets a near fall, but Davey able to comeback with the tornado lariat. These guys are just unloading on each other with some amazingly brutal shots. The crowd chants “This is awesome” and I agree whole heartedly. Roderick goes for the brainbuster but Davey hits a knee to block and sets Roderick on the top rope. Davey follows with a suplex into the Falcon Arrow and Roderick kicks out. Davey applies the ankle lock, and Roderick’s manager on the apron distracts the ref as Roderick taps and Davey releases. Davey gets a hold of the manager and disposes of him, but turns around into the dropkick from Roderick for the near fall. Roderick into the Boston Crab, but countered to the ankle lock. Davey releases and hits the running knee. Roderick back up and spits in Davey’s face, Davey fires back with two spin kicks into the ankle lock and Roderick taps and the show ends. That was a great main event, but not as good as last weeks.

Davey Richards defeated Roderick Strong via submission with the ankle lock to retain the World Title 8/10

A pretty good show, as we had a nice squash match to build a new talent and a great title defense. These shows continue to impress me, this was so much better than last week’s Smackdown or Impact. Looking forward to next week, as we have a number one contender tag team match. Back later with the RAW Recap.


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