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WWE RAW – October 3, 2011

Coming to us only 24 hours removed from Hell in a Cell, it’s Monday Night RAW. Tonight we have a huge 12 man tag team match, which would be better if it was elimination. Also the fallout from last nights PPV, as we open with Randy Orton coming to the ring.

Randy Orton v. Drew McIntyre

Well, this should be a squash. Pretty much all Randy as he hits his elevated DDT and then the RKO for the easy win. After the match he hits another RKO, and his music restarts. That just seemed odd, as here comes the champ, Mark Henry, speaking of things that seem odd. We get the requisite brawl between Orton and Henry and JL screaming to break it up, guess the feud is not over. At least not till Orton gets his belt back of course.

Randy Orton pinned Drew McIntyre with the RKO DUD

Mark Henry v. John Morrison

Wow, we’re opening with two matches, OK squash matches, but still. Morrison’s a dead man here tonight. Morrison blocks the World’s Strongest Slam and hits a flurry of kicks and Starship Pain, but Henry kicks out. Henry with a big boot and World’s Strongest Slam for the easy victory. After the match Henry hits his finisher a second time, and Booker complains and Cole actually makes a point that no one complained about the second RKO. Henry grabs the mic and says John knows what it’s like to be in the ring with the beast. Henry says he is done with Orton, wish that was true, but I expect we get a five man match at the next PPV, Henry versus Show versus Sheamus versus Kane versus Orton. Henry tells Show he’s not hard to find and he’ll end Show’s return on Friday, and will send Show back to the Hall of Pain.

Mark Henry pinned John Morrison with the World’s Strongest Slam DUD

Backstage to JL with Otunga, Vickie, Christian, Swagger, Cody, Dolph and Alberto. Vickie says she’s taking her team to present their case to the public, and they head to the ring. Jim Ross calls last night’s main event the most exciting Hell in a Cell match, well there went JR’s credibility, what little he had left at this point. Alberto says HHH cannot control the company, and magically the cell went up and down, to allow Miz and Truth in. Christian continues by calling RAW an unsafe place to work, and that they will not take it anymore. Cody says this is not a conspiracy, it’s a fact and they’ve all been victims of HHH, because of his ego. Dolph says HHH’s lack of action will not continue, and they will take action, Swagger continues and says thanks to HHH his friends and family are concerned about him. Vickie takes the microphone and the crowd erupts, as she says she feels especially vulnerable. Otunga says there is two options, keep working and compromise their safety or band together and file legal action. This brings out Triple H, in business mode, who responds by asking what happened to the WWE, where men stood in the ring and fought. HHH says they fought, not filed lawsuits, and he doesn’t care about Miz & Truth’s lawsuit, or their lawsuit, only tonight when they come down to the ring for the main event. HHH says he wants them to stand in the ring and do what they’re paid to do, shut up and fight, and then HHH leaves. Cole asks what was accomplished there, which sadly is his second valid point of the night, this is bizarre as Cole is making sense tonight.

Kelly Kelly & Eve v. Beth Phoenix & Natalya

Well, with the WWE’s 50/50 booking style, I assume Kelly gets her win back tonight. Kelly’s angry face looks more like she’s sucking lemons, as Beth tosses Kelly out of the ring, but Kelly pounds Beth into the table and all hell breaks loose. Kelly screams like a banshee as she pounds Beth’s head into the table repeatedly and Eve finally pulls her off.

Kelly Kelly & Eve went to a no contest with Beth & Natalya DUD

Backstage with HHH and JL, and JL asks for an apology for HHH knocking him down. JL tells HHH he needs to ask the talent how they think he’s doing, unless he’s scared. HHH grabs JL by the tie and says he’s afraid the guy closest to him is undermining him, or too stupid to do the job. HHH says get everyone to the ring and he’ll ask them all, and tells JL to make sure he’s there too. Great, now we get a promo for another crappy movie, whatever.

Jindar Mahal v. Santino Marella

A main event anywhere in the world, jobber versus jobber. Although it’s nice to see Santino back after the car accident, this should be a five star mat classic. Mahal misses a running knee to the corner and eats a cobra from Santino for the finish, in about a minute.

Santino Marella defeated Jindar Mahal with the cobra DUD

Four matches, and four duds, this might be a record for WWE RAW, and that’s not a good thing. Cool, we get a promo for Brodus Clay, let’s hope they don’t screw this one up, but they probably will. Now it’s time for footage from last night’s Hell in a Cell PPV, where Miz and Truth attacked Cena, ADR, Punk, refs and cameramen. If Big Boss Man wasn’t dead I’d accuse him of raising and lowering the cell, after all he did it with the briefcase years ago. Booker wants to know who raised and lowered it, while Jim Ross wants to know how they got in, as we go to a Youtube video from Miz & Truth, Mike and Ronnie, who says all they want is their jobs back. Miz says HHH is a sorry excuse for a leader and they’re suing for wrongful termination.

CM Punk, John Cena, Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne v. Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, Christian & David Otunga

This has all the makings of being either a great match or a massive cluster, I predict a cluster. Just keep Mason & Otunga’s involvement to a minimum and don’t let Cena run over everyone. I’m surprised the heels did the match, I expected them to do a strike gimmick instead. Surprisingly this has been a pretty good match so far, much like I hoped they’ve kept Mason and Otunga on the outside mostly. Punk goes for the GTS and everyone is in the ring as we go to commercial, we come back and it’s Cody and Kofi in the ring. Kofi gets to be Ricky Morton tonight, as the heels take turns beating Kingston down. Kofi finally makes the tag and brings in Evan Bourne who unloads on Swagger quickly and hits the Shooting Star Press, but Vickie gets Swagger’s foot on the ropes. The ref then kicks Vickie out, and she refuses to go, but finally forced away as we go to commercial. We come back and Ziggler is destroying Evan, before tagging in Captain Charisma. So far a great match, which has gone quite a long time as well. You know it’s the end of a multi-man match when everyone starts hitting big moves. Sheamus hits the brogue kick on Ziggler for the finish. Sheamus hugging Cena is disgusting, he was so much cooler as a bad guy. A much better match then expected, as I figured it would end with Cena pinning ADR.

Team Sheamus defeated Team ADR when Sheamus pinned Ziggler 8/10

Time for our main event interview as the roster empties and everyone comes to the ring, I can picture HHH hitting the pedigree on everyone and standing over the roster. As we get RAW music for the RAW guys, Smackdown music for the Smackdown team and Beth’s music for the Divas. I’m happy, I saw Rosa Mendes on her way to the ring, the hottest diva in the WWE next to AJ. Also see Bella Twins, Tamina, Aksana and Tamina, but didn’t see Kelly at all? Smackdown music again? Are they coming out in clusters or what? Now it RAW music again, I see both Sin Cara guys, and here comes Jerry Lawler, by himself. With twenty minutes left, this could be a while, as we go to commercial. We come back just in time for Triple H’s music, after a nice delay of course, as we see JTG, Heath Slater, Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins around the ring. I don’t see Punk, Orton or Cena out there, I guess it’s only the least important guys that have to bow to HHH. HHH says the job is more difficult then he thought and it was a job he was given not what he wanted. HHH says they are there for the fans, and asks the roster what they think. Wade is the designated voice of the roster? Wade says HHH has created an unsafe work environment, but being attacked by outside individuals is not what they signed up for. Wade says HHH is unable to control the talent, I bet Wade eats a Pedigree before this is done, as Wade says Triple H has caused the chaos and is out of control. HHH says Wade and his Nexus tried to destroy the WWE a year ago and the only problem he has with the chaos is he didn’t cause it. HHH asks for anyone else, and one of the refs says he’s known HHH for sixteen years and the refs have never taken this kind of abuse before. HHH says he fired the guys who attacked them, what more can he do? The ref says after 23 years he’s afraid to come to work. Beth says on behalf of the divas, they fear something could happen to them. HHH asks what happened to the divas since he’s been in charge, and she says it could. Now Jerry Lawler is in the ring, why is he carrying that stupid crown, and says he agrees with some but disagrees with some. One thing he agrees with is the show is spiraling out of control and it’s a hostile workplace. Jerry says he doesn’t think it’s HHH’s fault, but someone behind the scenes is pulling the strings, you think so Lawler? Lawler says everyone around the ring is pulling the strings and as long as HHH is in charge things will get worse. Christian calls for the vote of confidence, and says on behalf of himself and all his colleagues they vote no confidence, as do the refs and the divas. Lawler agrees and says action speaks louder then words, and he doesn’t know what anyone else is doing, but he’s walking out. The rest of the the WWE roster follows Lawler, but they’ll be back for Smackdown, right? There goes the divas, the jobbers and the refs, maybe then can have a two hour Smackdown with just Cena and HHH talking, better not give them ideas. Michael Cole gets up from the announce table and follows the roster out, leaving HHH in the ring, as the final group leave. Booker T slowly gets up and puts his headset down and leaves as well as the ring announcer and time keeper. Jim Ross is the last man left, as the camera men drop the cameras and walk away. Triple H looks over at Jim Ross, still sitting at the announce booth, and JR removes his headset and slowly heads up the ramp, looking sad as he leaves the ringside area. Triple H has been left a man without a company, as he stands alone in the ring, he did with Eric Bischoff could not do, he killed the WWE. Here comes John Laurinaitis to the top of the ramp, as he shakes his head before leaving. Our last shot is of Triple H standing in the ring in disbelief as he has destroyed the WWE.

Match Recap:

1. Randy Orton pinned Drew McIntyre with the RKO DUD

2. Mark Henry pinned John Morrison with the World’s Strongest Slam DUD

3. Kelly Kelly & Eve went to a no contest with Beth & Natalya DUD

4. Santino Marella defeated Jindar Mahal with the cobra DUD

5. Team Sheamus defeated Team ADR when Sheamus pinned Ziggler 8/10

That first hour was just brutally boring to sit through. The main event and closing segment saved the show. I wasn’t even going to do a recap of this show, but the first two matches were so bad, I just had to comment on this. So John Morrison and Drew McIntyre are officially the new job squad, that’s pathetic. They should have had Morrison score an upset victory, then get destroyed, he could’ve come back and been the new challenger for Henry. Drew should have scored the win as well, they could’ve used the excuse that Orton was distracted by the loss to Henry last night. Would’ve given two young guys a nice push, but instead they jobbed them out in minutes. The diva stuff was a waste, as Kelly will inevitably get the title back from Beth, while it was nice to see Santino the match was a joke. The main event was great, but once again Sheamus should not be a face, and I would’ve loved to have seen Dolph get the surprise win.They could have had Cena and Punk accidentally collide and Ziggler with a quick roll up for the win and tease tension between Punk and Cena. At least ADR didn’t have to do the job, which is a good thing. That closing segment was interesting, but I hope it leads to something good and not just the usual status quo next week. I guess technically they quit RAW, or was it they left the whole company. If they left just RAW then Smackdown is OK, but if it was the whole company I wonder how they will explain it on Smackdown. Be back tomorrow with Lucha Libre USA recap.


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