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ROH TV – October 1, 2011
October 4, 2011, 8:45 am
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Here we go with episode 2 of ROH. Seems like a lot of people did not like the first episode. People complained that there was only 2 tag matches, no World Champion on the show, and too many promos for the website. It was the first episode, they only get an hour and they needed to push their biggest source of revenue, the website. I loved the new show, and enjoyed both matches, and tonight should be great as we have the debut of Jay Lethal. Next week is our first look at their World Champion, people need to give them time and realize this is a great alternative to the WWE or TNA. I’m looking forward to this second episode.

We open with a recap of last weeks main event, as the World’s Greatest Tag Team defeated the Kings of Wrestling to retain the tag titles. From there we go to the opening video and our main event is Jay Lethal challenging El Generico for the TV title. Jim Cornette is in the ring and introduces Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. I don’t like opening with an interview, with the show only an hour long. Shelton says they’ve beaten everyone, but the Briscoe Brothers have a problem with them, as we show highlights from the beat down in NYC. Cornette says they were fined 5000 dollars for the beating, and says the Briscoe Brothers will only face them if the titles are on the line. Charlie says they’re ready right here, right now and Cornette responds that he will not reward the Briscoes. The World’s Greatest Tag Team demands the match, as Cornette backs off. It’s time for the first promo for the website, including a promo from the Briscoe Brothers. From there we get a hype video for Mike Bennett, which is a pretty good way to introduce the stars to new fans. Bennett has a trainer named Bob Evans, who is basically his manager. The kid cuts a pretty good promo, but we really should have a match, as we’re 10 minutes in and no action. This is like watching RAW, with all this non wrestling stuff. Another promo for the ROH website, someone needs to let them know they only have an hour. We get another website promo right after the last one? Hey, I think we’re finally getting a match!

1. Jimmy Jacobs w/ Steve Corino v. Mike Bennett w/ Bob Evans

Bob Evans reminds me of Luscious Johnny V, former manager of the Dream Team, as he comes out with the big cigar. Bob Evans actually had two matches in WWE, on Jakked, against Saturn and Dean Malenko in a tag match and Gangrel in a singles match, both losses of course. Steve Corino also did a few job matches in the WWE in 97/98, mostly tag team matches. Well, while we’re at it, let’s see what we can find about the two guys actually wrestling. Bennett did two jobs in WWE in 2007, both two Cryme Tyme. Jacobs also did two job matches in WWE in 2005, against Nunzio and Eddie Guerrero. Interesting to see all four guys have job experience in WWE. Jacobs blocks a piledriver and hits a nice springboard RKO, that was impressive looking. Jacobs follows up with the Senton, but Bennett gets the knees up and quickly nails the Box Office Smash, aka the Rock Bottom, for the victory. A pretty good match actually, as both guys worked hard and hits some good moves. After the match Mike and Jimmy shake hands, and Mike pats Corino on the head and Jimmy has to hold him back.

Mike Bennett pinned Jimmy Jacobs with the Box Office Smash 6.5/10

Time for more website promos, and then Nigel goes to talk to fans about who will win the main event. We go to Inside ROH and we get an interview with Eddie Edwards who goes over his injury from two years ago when he broke his elbow. Roderick Strong faces Davey Richards next week, for the World Title, and we get comments from both men.

2. Jay Lethal v. El Generico for the TV Title

I always liked Jay Lethal, and it’s nice to see him as himself and not doing the Macho Man gimmick. Not a clue who El Generico is though, but the crowd sure likes him. Very innovative submission hold from Jay Lethal, as this has been a great match so far. Amazing flip dive over the top rope to the floor by Generico, that was Jeff Hardy worthy. During the break we see Generico hitting a moonsault off the guardrail. This guy is amazingly agile, I’m impressed. Always hate when they start to announce the time remaining, and now they added a clock at the bottom of the screen too, so I assume it’s a time limit draw coming. Generico with a nice tornado DDT almost scores the win, as just over a minute remains. Generico goes for the big boot, but Lethal catches the foot and shoves him back, Lethal with a roll up for the near fall. The time runs out, and the crowd boos, figured as thats usually what happens when they show the clock. Both guys look pretty pissed off about this, as the crowd chants “Five more minutes” and both guys talking to the ref, as Jim Cornette comes out and says they can go for the rest of the show if they want, and they agree. They’re slugging it out and Generico runs into the forearm, but Lethal takes too long and eats the big boot into the flipping German Suplex for a near fall. The crowd is insane, they’re ten times louder than the crowd at the last WWE PPV, but then this has been impressive so far. Generico gets suplexed down and Lethal goes for an elbow, but Generico blocks and sets up the top rope brainbuster. Lethal shoves him off, hits the big elbow drop and covers, but Generico kicks out again. Generico goes for the big boot, but Lethal catches him with the big kick and Lethal Injection to score the win and the title!!! What an amazing back and forth match, Lethal was amazing and Generico impressed the hell out of me. Great match, and we have a new TV champion!

Jay Lethal pinned El Generico with the Lethal Injection to win the TV Title 9/10

A good second episode from ROH as I’m getting more into this show every week. The main event was spectacular, and worlds better than the main event of the WWE PPV. Two guys who went out there and put on a great match. Looking forward to next week and seeing Davey Richards for the very first time. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to recap Lucha Libre USA tomorrow, and maybe CMLL as well?


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