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WWE Superstars – September 29, 2011

It didn’t take long for the WWE show to get too boring to bother recapping. After only one week, I’ve had enough of the WWE/TNA shows, and there’s really not enough worth remembering. So, for the foreseeable future I’m only going to recap PPVs for TNA, since I don’t watch Explosion. I’ll also do ROH and some other shows. With a PPV only two weeks ago and another one tonight, there really is no build and little interest in it. I remember when the Hell in a Cell matches meant something, now, much like ladder matches, it’s just another gimmick match thrown on PPV for a cheap attempt at a buy rate. Anyways, let’s get to the only bearable WWE show at this point, Superstars.

1. Daniel Bryan defeated Trent Barreta 8/10

Seriously, the man who won Money in the Bank has been relegated to the D-Show? Trent’s another guy who could be used so much better than he is, he’s very impressive in the ring. I like how they mentioned how everyone who won has cashed in and won, what about Ken Kennedy/Anderson? He didn’t get a chance to cash it in, but technically he won it and never won the title. Amazing flipping dive from Trent over the top to the floor, impressive, followed by reversing a German Suplex into the big knee. This has been a great match so far, I’m impressed but not surprised. Bryan counters the DDT into the big kick followed by the guillotine vice for the submission win. Simply a fantastic match, would’ve been a higher rating if it had gone longer, but still a great opening match. Our main event tonight is John Morrison versus Drew McIntyre, it’s the battle of the jobbers. Nice little promo package for John Morrison showing some of his best moves.

2. Brodus Clay crushed Brian Thomas DUD

Brodus’ victim looks like a fat version of Bobby Roode, but this should be quick and painful. Brodus with an avalanche followed by the cross body block for the easy victory. I like the way they’re building up Brodus with squash matches each week, this is why jobbers are still necessary.

3. AJ & Kaitlyn lost to Bella Twins 5/10

I like AJ & Kaitlyn, AJ’s just too cute and Kaitlyn’s hot. The Bella’s debut some new outfits, looking hot as well. OK, so only one has any real talent, AJ, but all four are smoking hot babes. The Chickbusters dominate in the beginning, but I expect Twin Magic sooner or later. Typical Bella Twins as they double team Kaitlyn, and take the advantage. Can the crowd be any deader, you can hear a pin drop, not a good thing for the divas. Kaitlyn counters the sleeper into a nice side slam, very impressive, before she tags in AJ. I’d rather see AJ as Diva champ over Kelly Yelly. We have chaos as all four in the ring, and Bella Buster on AJ, and Nikki scores the victory. Not a bad match considering who was in it, Kaitlyn and the Bella Twins held their own in their, I don’t get the hatred of the Bella Twins. They play the heel role perfectly and have tons more talent then old Horseface.

4. John Morrison defeated Drew McIntyre 8.5/10

Considering neither guy has been used much, it’s a tossup who wins. John jobbed to ADR in about two minutes last week on RAW, while Drew was eliminated within seconds in the battle royal on RAW this week. It’s too bad considering both these guys should be the future of the company and being built up, like they did with Rock and HHH back in 98. Unfortunately Vince seems to be stuck in the Status Quo and no one ever gets a chance to elevate without being buried right after, see Jack Swagger, Miz or Sheamus. What a dive by John, between the ropes on an angle near the post, you have to see it to believe it. John breaks out the Moonlight Drive for a two, that was an awesome move, better than then the Starship Pain. John pulling out all his cool moves tonight, as a Chuck Kick gets two as well. I thought Drew was going for a Tarantula, but instead it was a very impressive face buster. Drew sets John on the top rope, but John knocks him down and hits Starship Pain for the victory. Another great main event on Superstars, notice the main event on here is better than the main events on Raw, Smackdown or Impact?

Match Recap:

1. Daniel Bryan defeated Trent Barreta 8/10

2. Brodus Clay crushed Brian Thomas DUD

3. AJ & Kaitlyn lost to Bella Twins 5/10

4. John Morrison defeated Drew McIntyre 8.5/10

Another great episode of Superstars, as usual. Morrison, Drew, DB, Trent and Brodus are the future of the company and need to be treated as such, not afterthoughts. The divas were impressive, AJ is worlds better than Kelly or Eve. Well PPV is tonight, I expect the Golden Boys to be champion by the end of the night, along with Kelly keeping the title. Be back tomorrow with the Hell in a Cell recap. Also coming this week ROH and Lucha Libre recaps.


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