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WWE Superstars – September 22, 2011
September 26, 2011, 10:00 am
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This wasn’t an easy show to find, now that it’s no longer on or, but finally I was able to acquire it. This has been the better show for quite some time, as at least it gives the guys who don’t time on RAW or Smackdown some TV time like, Tyson Kidd, Brodus Clay, Tyler Reks, etc. After this show I also have the premier episode of ROH, which should be interesting as I’ve never actually watched ROH, other than the occasional matches with Punk, Joe, Mickie, among others. Let’s head down to ringside and see what the opening match for Superstars is this week.

1. Alex Riley pinned Primo 5/10

Alex Riley has been demoted to Superstars, is that a good thing? I can’t believe Primo still has a job, how long ago did he do anything? Seriously, the announcers are talking about Bob Uecker, not a good sign for the match. The announcers are bored, they’re talking about Pedro Morales now. Primo goes for the Backstabber, and Riley blocks and hits the A-Bomb for the win. Wasn’t a bad match, but I knew Primo had to chance to win. Can’t wait for the main event of Kidd/DiBiase, the whole reason I wanted to see this show.

2. Drew McIntyre lost to Mason Ryan 6/10

Poor Drew, from the chosen one, to the chosen jobber. He fell so far, which is too bad, because I really thought he was going to be a huge star. Mason is now a face, how the hell did that happen? Mason should have been brought in as Batista’s little brother or cousin, would’ve been a ready made feud when Dave returns, which I expect he will. I have to admit Ryan did a pretty impressive belly to belly suplex. Mason scores the victory with a pump handle slam. This was probably the best match I’ve seen from Mason Ryan so far, but I hate the fact that Drew jobbed again. Why does the WWE have to job out Drew, Morrison, Bryan and anyone else with talent? It’s an annoyance, glad Ricky Steamboat is not active in this day and age, or he’d be a nothing.

3. Brodus Clay squashed Joey Gray DUD

Well, this is a quick squash match, something sorely needed. Would be a great way to build up young talent, after all it worked good in the eighties. Brodus could be a huge star, if done correct, but I expect he’ll just be jobbed out to Orton or Cena in the future. Brodus wins with high crossbody block, with ease. Just a squash, nothing more, but exactly what is best for Clay. He’s like a combination of King Kong Bundy and Bam Bam Bigelow, which I like.

4. Ted DiBiase pinned Tyson Kidd 9.5/10

Interesting back story from Matt about the feud between the Hart and DiBiase families. Not sure if it’s true, but adds something to the match. DiBiase really needs new music if he’s going to be a face now, as the current “I come from money” doesn’t help him. I’d like to see Ted, Cody, Tyson and Tyler Reks form a stable, ala the Four Horsemen. I think they’d work really well as a team. This has been a great back and forth match so far, as Ted showing some aggression, while Kidd does the classic heel runaway. I like how they try to make it sound good with the title changing hands more times in the last five years then in the first thirty years of the company. That’s not a good thing, that just shows how uncreative the booking team is, that they fall back on title changes to pop a crowd. At this point the title’s mean nothing, and the fact that Cena has ten reigns in about eight years is disgraceful to the entire industry. I agree with what Chavo Guerrero said, if Cena breaks Flair’s record it’s an embarrassment. Anyways, back to the match, as both guys are putting on a clinic in there, two guys who could headline a PPV and put on a great match. All Ted needs is some charisma though, he’s very bland, but he has the abilities. Kidd misses the moonsault, and Ted hits Dream Street for the victory. This is why Superstars is the better show, if this had been on RAW it would’ve been done in less than five minutes. On Superstars they went over fifteen minutes including the commercial break, amazing work from both guys. Easily the best match I’ve seen on TV in a long time, and a definite contender for match of the year. Awesome match, hope we get a rematch next week on Superstars.

Match Recap:

1. Alex Riley pinned Primo 5/10

2. Drew McIntyre lost to Mason Ryan 6/10

3. Brodus Clay squashed Joey Gray DUD

4. Ted DiBiase pinned Tyson Kidd 9.5/10

First two matches were good, but nothing substantial. Brodus squashed another local talent, which was fine for what it was. Then we get to the main event, and what a main event it was. If you missed this match, find it, Google it, whatever you need to do, if you’re a wrestling fan, this was a clinic. It’s matches like this that remind me why I watch this stuff anymore. After all the Cena, Orton, Hornswaggle, Hulk Hogan, Sting, and others but on crappy matches, its nice to see guys who can truly go out there. What a phenomenal match and a great ending to the week of WWE programming. Coming up next, my first viewing of ROH!


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