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ROH TV – September 24, 2011
September 26, 2011, 2:27 pm
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Now it’s time for something completely new to me, ROH. To be honest, I’ve only seen bits and pieces of Ring of Honor, so this should be interesting. I recognize a few names on the active roster like Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Jay Lethal, and some of the SHIMMER athletes. This is the first episode of the ROH show, which I’ve heard good things about. With that, let’s see what ROH has to offer in their TV debut.

Interesting opening video, very different, as instead of focusing on certain wrestlers it showed the ring, title belt, crowd, and shots of parts of wrestlers. No specific star was shown, which is unique, but it worked and the music was intense sounding, a good start. We go down to the ring, as the crowd is chanting “ROH” loudly, and we’re from Chicago, Illinois. Wow, Kevin Kelly is in the ring, haven’t seen him since he left WWE years ago, that’s kind of cool. Kevin says the main event tonight is for the tag titles, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli will face Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. Haas and Benjamin, still Wrestlings Greatest Tag Team, are the champs. Kelly introduces his color commentator, Nigel McGuinness, formerly known as Desmond Wolfe in TNA. Well, that’s interesting, guess he left TNA, as the crowd chants “welcome back”. Nigel says being back in ROH is “bloody awesome” and there would be no Nigel without ROH. We get comments from Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly, the team of Future Shock, and Harlem and Lancelot, the team of Bravados, who will face off tonight.

1. Future Shock defeated Bravados 8/10

Not a clue who these four guys are, the Bravados are representing the Cherokee tribe according to Kelly. Everyone shakes hands before the match. I like the little stats that pop before the match, nice way to introduce the guys. Nice series of double team moves from Future Shock on the Bravados including a very cool looking double submission on both guys. The announcers talk about the tweet of the week, saying to watch ROH because it’s not 1997. Hope they don’t talk about WWE like TNA does, it just makes TNA look second class. So far this has been a very good fast paced match, very fun opening match. Future Shock with a series of amazing moves, sending the Bravados to the floor where Future Shock follows with dives, wow is all I have to say. What an impressive match, Future Shock scores the win with the “Ride the Lightening” formerly knows as Total Elimination in ECW. After the match the four men shake hands again, very classy. So far I’m impressed with ROH.

Kevin Kelly hypes up the show, and brings out the Champion Davey Richards. Kelly asks Davey if he’s ready to defend the title, and Davey says he’s ready to face the best.We get some highlights from ROH’s Best in the World show in Manhattan, they filmed at the Manhattan Center, where RAW got it’s start. They get comments from the fans, and highlights from the various matches. This looks like it was a hell of a show, I’m going to have to find this. Just the highlights from the two main matches look better than the last year of WWE and TNA PPVs. Now it’s a promo for the ROH website, followed by Kevin Kelly introducing the Code of Honor to new fans, which is explained by Jim Cornette, one of the true geniuses of wrestling. Jay Lethal and El Generico will face off for the TV title next week, and we get comments from Lethal. Nice to see Jay with out the Macho Man gimmick, as he says he’s back in ROH to prove he’s the best in the world. More highlights from the four team match from New York, featuring World’s Greatest Tag Team and Kings of Wrestling, who face off in the main event tonight. Nigel is with the fans getting predictions on tonight’s main event.

2. Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli lost to Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin 9/10

I’ve been a fan of Haas & Benjamin for years, how WWE had no idea what to do with them is beyond ridiculous. Just goes to show WWE really has no idea what to do with talent. Not sure who Hero & Claudio are, but heard lots about them, this should be good. I see Sara Del Rey at ringside with the Kings of Wrestling, that’s cool, hope we get to see the ladies in action in upcoming episodes. No shaking of hands here, as there’s no love between these four men. So far it’s been a pretty even match with both teams getting the advantage briefly. Kings of Wrestling get the advantage with a double team maneuver, while the ref was busy with Haas. Sara looks very proud of her boys, as we go to commercial, when we come back the KOW still have the advantage. When Hero and Haas were away from the ring briefly, it was hard to see, they could stand to have better lighting if they’re going to do that. Charlie Haas pinned Hero after hitting the “World’s Greatest Finisher” also known as the “Hart Attack” used by the Hart Foundation. What a great match that was, very hard hitting and exciting.

Match Recap:

1. Future Shock defeated Bravados 8/10

2. Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli lost to Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin 9/10

Overall a great premier for ROH, with two very impressive matches. One showcasing the future of tag team wrestling, and one for the present. I enjoyed this first viewing of ROH, and look forward to next week and seeing Jay Lethal face El Generico. I’ll be back tomorrow with Monday Night RAW, which probably won’t be as exciting as this was.


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