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Night Of Champions – September 18, 2011

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, need to get back to the SHIMMER DVD’s soon. I thought I’d do a review of last night’s PPV. I’m trying a new way of recapping the shows, instead of play by play, just a few points on each match. Makes it quicker to post and read, so I hope this works good. So, let’s get to the opening match.

1. Air Boom over Conspiracists by DQ to retain the tag titles. 7/10
A great opening match with some amazing near falls. Unfortunately the ending brought the match down, however if this works into the Punk/HHH match later tonight, it could be redeemed. Hopefully this leads to a rematch at the next PPV.

Promo for HHH’s new movie, which doesn’t look half bad. Wonder how many of these we’re gonna see.

2. Cody Rhodes defeated Ted DiBiase to retain the IC title 7/10
Another great match between two of the best in the mid-card. However another odd ending, seems to be the tone for tonight. Ted steals Cody’s mask, goes to hit him, Cody ducks and rolls up Ted for the win. Hope this doesn’t kill Ted’s momentum, would love to see another rematch at the next show.

Promo for some squirt gun crap with Rey Mysterio where he shoots a whole bunch of people. Love the underdog who can never lose, even in commercials.

Back to ringside and out comes Captain Charisma, Christian, who says Teddy and HHH are to self absorbed to do the right thing. Christian says he deserves to face the winner of Orton/Henry tonight following the match. He continues his tirade by making fun of the Buffalo Bills, an easy target, then gets the crowd to chant “One More Match” with him. This brings out the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, who says Christian is right it is Night of Champions, not the night of the weasel. Christian tells Sheamus this doesn’t concern him, which Sheamus says it does. Sheamus makes a testicle joke, and Christian says he can tell the world he deserves one more match. What is this Raw or Smackdown with all this talking? Just make a damn match already people. Sheamus asks Christian if he gets him the match he wants first shot, Christian agrees and they get crowd chanting. Suddenly Sheamus hits the Brough Kick out of nowhere and leaves the ring with a big grin.

Now to a promo for Randy Orton’s DVD, yawn. Great 3 DVDs of headlocks and chinlocks, smell the excitement. Finally back to the matches, and it’s the one I been looking forward to most, the US title match.

3. Dolph Ziggler beat John Morrison, Jack Swagger and Alex Riley to retain US Title 9/10
Three great matches in a row, of course it’s all downhill from here. A great match with a plethora of near falls for everyone. Thought they were going to put the belt on Riley for a second there, but glad to see DZ retain the championship. Great work from all four, as even Riley was impressive tonight.

Backstage to an interview with Mark Henry who says he has 15 years of frustration built up and will take it out on Orton. I can’t believe how impressive Henry has been the last few months. Now over to Vickie walking backstage and runs into Striker. Vickie says she saw her future, as the champ works for her and Swagger wants her. She says everyone wants to be with her and her talent has been recognized. Vickie says she knows if HHH loses she will make a great COO and kisses Striker, which he seemed to enjoy. Really, two weeks till the next PPV, seriously, who the hell is working the calender backstage for this? So there going to build up a PPV in 4 fours? Stupid idea, but with the WWE what else is new? Anyways, now we get a recap of Henry’s domination on Smackdown and Orton doing his goofy faces. How is this idiot a face anyways? Well four matches left, I think we can assume that the Fatal Four-way will be match of the night unless CM Punk can carry HHH to a good match, which is possible with Punk.

4. Mark Henry pinned Randy Orton to win the World Title 6.5/10
Surprisingly a much better match then I expected considering who was in it. Shocked that they pulled the trigger on Henry winning the belt, very impressive. Fifteen years in the WWE and he finally wins the big one, not a big fan of Mark’s but he deserves it after all the crap he’s been through in the WWE. The Mae Young pregnancy angle, Sexual Chocolate, the she-male, incest, etc, the poor guy has been through it all. Josh Matthews comes in the ring and congratulates Henry, who grabs the mic and says no one believed he could do it. Henry tells the fans don’t start cheering him now, as they’re all haters and he welcomes everyone to the Hall of Pain. Mark says this is his moment and he’s not sharing it, which usually means someone is coming out, as he continues by saying he’ll take on all comers and will never lose the title. Michael Cole calls him ‘The World’s Strongest Champion’ which actually sounds pretty cool. I assume we’re getting Henry/Sheamus in two weeks.

Now a promo for tomorrows Raw with Hugh Jackman as the guest host. Are they still doing that? It seems like they drop something then bring it back. Which makes me wonder, what happened to the anonymous GM? Anyways, over to Alberto with Ricardo and John Lauranitis. John wishes ADR luck and turns to wish someone luck, it’s Punk. Punk says that sounded fake, and John says he meant it. Punk says maybe best of luck in future endeavours. Back to ringside and it’s time the Diva match with Kelly Yelly, who comes out with the equal useless Eve. Remember when we had talented divas like Lita, Trish, Jackie, Ivory, etc. I hope Beth destroys Kelly and we never see Kelly or Eve again. Beth comes out to a huge ovation, not surprisingly considering we’re in her home town tonight

5. Kelly pinned Beth Phoenix to retain the Diva Title 6.5/10
The wrong person won this, but it’s Kelly so can’t be surprised. She’s the female version of John Cena, only at least she shows weakness once in a while. Should be used to the fact that certain people cannot win in their hometown, or get humiliated, like they do to Jim Ross when they’re in OK. I hate to agree with Michael Cole but that was a definite upset. So, they either have to go with Natayla versus Kelly or turn Eve at this point since Kelly has won twice over Beth.

Promo time, as we recap the history of the WWE title and Alberto winning the title. I’m still trying to figure out how Cena gets a title shot again? He screws Rey, who I don’t like either, out of the title by getting a title shot just an hour after Rey wins the belt, eight days after losing to CM Punk. Then Alberto wins the title from Punk, with help from Nash, and instead of Punk getting the rematch he deserves, Cena gets the match? I’m so sick of Cena and his nonstop title matches. I hope Alberto beats Cena and someone else gets a title shot. Alberto comes out walking to the ring, which is new, and he asks Ricardo where the keys are, great so Cena steals his car? Just as I figured, Cena comes out in Del Rio’s car and Michael Cole is aghast then Cena committed grand theft auto. Well, at least he didn’t fill it with cement. Alberto stops the announcer and brings Ricardo back in to introduce him. Cena the does his usual goofy comedy to introduce himself. Cena is not funny or entertaining at all, as that was pathetic, at least the Rock was funny when he did stuff, Cena has about as much comic style as Carrot Top.

6. John Cena beat Alberto Del Rio to win the WWE title 7.5/10
Once again, I was impressed by this match. Alberto was able to bring Cena up a level and it’s was a good match. Best part was Alberto pulling out the Backstabber of Carlito’s, miss that kid in WWE, he could’ve been a huge star, of course there’s a lot of guys could say that about. Not surprisingly John Cena screws another guy out of his push to get the title back again. Same thing he does every match, gets beat down for a long time, hits a couple moves and wins. The man does nothing but ruin other people ever chance he gets, Miz, Sheamus, etc. So once again Cena is the champion, is anyone who watched surprised by this crap? Blech.

Final promo of the night, recapping the CM Punk/Triple H feud, including recapping Big Lazy’s involvement. I’m still expecting Nash involvement somewhere in this match, probably helping Punk under orders of John Lauranitis. Is it just me or was the feud rushed big time, they could’ve built this up for month and had this match at Wrestlemania instead of one of the lesser PPVs. They did the same thing ten years ago with the WCW invasion as they rushed through the storyline and ruined it. I’d like to see some of Punk’s ROH guys come out and get involved instead of Nash, but they probably figure no one would know who the ROH guys are. CM Punk comes out with the best shirt I’ve ever seen, it has a picture of an ice cream bar on it, classic. Glad to hear Michael Cole losing his voice, might make this match even better. Triple H introduced, and the crowd erupts, not a good sign for Punk who sneak attacks HHH before the bell, and we’re off.

7. HHH beat CM Punk 8/10
A brutal brawl, which is what this should be, that went all around the arena. Worst part of the match had to be the commentary, as Cole was silent most of the match, leaving Booker and Lawler to finish the show. I can’t decide who’s a worse commentator between the three, but removing Cole was surprisingly worse. I though not having to listen to Cole was going to be a good thing, but this was painful. They should have just had Jim Ross out there instead of Booker. Nice to see a run-in from the Conspiracists, as I predicted during the opener. They took out both guys, but then got distracted by Lauranitis and dumped out by HHH and Punk. Next run in comes from Nash who powerbombs Punk but gets taken down by HHH, no shock. HHH rolls back in hits a Pedigree, the third one of the match, and scores the win. With that CM Punk’s push is pretty much dead, I expect to see him back in the mid-card by the end of the year.


1. Air Boom over the Conspiracists 7/10
2. Cody Rhodes pinned Ted DiBiase 7/10
3. Dolph Ziggler over John Morrison, Jack Swagger and Alex Riley 9/10
4. Mark Henry pinned Randy Orton 6.5/10
5. Kelly beat Beth Phoenix 6.5/10
6. John Cena beat Alberto Del Rio 7.5/10
7. HHH pinned CM Punk 8/10

Overall a much better show then I expected, but the booking of the final three matches were completely wrong in my opinion. There is no way Kelly should have won that match, Beth should have dominated and won the title. Same thing with Cena and Del Rio, as Cena continues the trend of burying anyone who comes close to being a threat. I’m not a huge fan of Del Rio, but enough of Cena and his same repetitive crap. Triple H beating Punk was a huge let down, as they blew what started as a great angle this summer, and now Punk’s just another guy. I would rather have seen Punk/Del Rio/Cena in a triple threat match. It’s going to be hard to salvage CM Punk at this point, as he’s lost to Cena and HHH in the last month. This angle is going the same as the Nexus angle, started hot and died quickly. The first three matches saved the show, especially the fatal four way, would’ve preferred it being an elimination style, but was still great. Overall I’d give the show a 7/10, not a bad show but not great either. Although I did prefer the HHH/Punk match over the HHH/Undertaker match at Wrestlemania.


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