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SHIMMER Volume 14 – July 1, 2007


Shimmer 14 comes to us, for the first time, not from Berwyn, IL but from Inverness, FL. Should make for an interesting show with a new crowd. We’re only one month removed from the big two night tournament, and have yet to see the champ defend her title; hopefully this will be a title match main event. Let’s get this show underway and see what SHIMMER has in store for Florida.

We open the show with comments from Becky Bayless with Lacey, who welcomes us to Florida and mentions tonight Lacey will face Sara Del Rey for the title. Lacey says the crowd is against her, but Sara will have the shortest title reign and will bring the belt home tonight.

1. Amber O’Neal v Ariel. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Amber, Volume 10 to be exact, nice to see her back. Amber sits at 3-7 while Ariel is 4-7, so both ladies have seen a lot of losses so far in SHIMMER and could use a win. The crowd is solidly behind Ariel, as usual, and gets on Amber’s case. The bell rings and Amber quickly hides behind the referee as Ariel gets the crowd fired up. The lock up and Amber yanks Ariel’s hair, which Amber of course denies. Another lockup and another handful of hair by Amber, into the side headlock. Ariel fights free, but Amber uses the hair to get the advantage again. Ariel stomps her way free and pulls Amber down by the hair, then hiptosses her and a big slam sends Amber to the outside. Amber takes a walk around the ringside area as Ariel is growing impatient. Amber slow to get back in the ring and Ariel goes for the lock up but Amber kicks her. Amber with a side headlock, and Ariel shoots her in, Amber comes back with a shoulderblock but misses the elbow drop. Ariel with a front facelock, but Amber powers her into the corner with the shoulder. Amber chokes Ariel with the boot in the corner and follows that with more choking. Amber pulls her out and nails the X-Factor for a near fall. Ariel tries to comeback and sends Amber in; Ariel with a nice dropkick gets a one count. Ariel argues with the ref, and Amber rakes her eyes. Amber sends Ariel into the buckle then rakes her eyes across the ropes before going back to the chokehold. Amber pulls Ariel up and nails a nice float over snap Suplex into the Dragon sleeper, but Ariel makes the ropes causing the break. Amber stomps on Ariel and locks on the Camel Clutch with a handful of hair. Amber blows a kiss to the crowd before dropping down on Ariel. Ariel sent to the corner and Amber charges, right into the big boot. Ariel fires back with forearms but gets sent in, she comes back with the flying forearm. Ariel with a big lariat knocks Amber down; she pulls Amber pull and connects with the fisherman Suplex for a near fall. Amber sends Ariel in and catches Ariel with the STO. Amber with the cocky cover, which Ariel kicks out of. Amber sent in this time and comes back with a crossbody, but Ariel catches her in a front slam for a near fall. Amber goes for a Suplex, but Ariel fights free and nails the Dariel for the victory. 7/10 not a bad opening match, one of Amber’s better matches as she didn’t stall nearly as much as usual. Ariel gets better with every show, as Amber goes after the ref and throws a temper tantrum in the ring.

2. Cindy Rogers v Allison Danger. The next match in this feud, as we get a two out of three falls match this time. At least it’s not another dog collar/strap match, I really hate those matches. They quickly lock up, and Cindy with a rollup and a handful of tights for the first fall in seconds! Danger is furious and screaming at the ref, while Cindy is pretty proud of herself. Well, that was quick to start. Second fall starts and Danger with a go behind to a full nelson and Cindy powers out to a side headlock to an armbar. Danger counters to one of her own and cranks the pressure; Cindy reverses and hammers the back of Danger. Danger uses her power to muscle Cindy down to her knees, but Cindy fights back to a facelock with a series of kneelifts. Danger fights free and rolls up Cindy for a near fall. Danger with the armbar and Cindy makes it to her feet and sweeps out Danger’s legs. Cindy into the figure four leglock, but Danger reverses the hold and pulls back on Cindy’s legs. Danger rolls her over into a pin attempt for a near fall. Cindy goes back to the armbar, and then takes Danger down into an inverted Indian Deathlock; Danger crawls to the ropes and makes the break. Cindy wastes no time stomping Danger’s back and sends her to the corner and hammers her. Cindy with a snapmare then starts to work the back before applying a seated Abdominal Stretch. Cindy rolls her into a pin position but only a two count as Danger fights free and hooks Cindy’s leg, but Cindy rolls her over for a near fall. Now we have a slugfest and Cindy grabs the arm of Danger who flips her over, but Cindy maintains the armbar. Danger fights to her feet and tosses Cindy down, but again Cindy holds on to the armbar. Danger springs up and hooks the legs around Cindy into a body scissors, but Cindy drops and sends Danger to the mat, all the while maintaining the armbar. Danger walks the ropes and finally breaks the hold and nails a boot to the side of Cindy’s head. Danger snapmares Cindy over and locks on a double arm submission, but Cindy falls back forcing Danger’s shoulders down. Cindy quickly back to a bow and arrow submission hold on Danger and pulls back, Danger won’t quit so Cindy break the hold to work her over some more. Cindy quickly applies a Stump Puller, haven’t seen that in a long time, and Danger fights her way free. Danger with a big boot and the Lovelace Choker followed by the Shimmering Warlock for the second fall. We’re all tied up now, as we start the third fall. The bell rings and Cindy bails out of the ring and takes a breather as Danger paces angrily in the ring. Danger follows outside and chases Cindy, who slides in the ring and catches Danger coming in. Cindy stomps Danger and quickly applies the rear chinlock and pulls Danger up, but Danger fights free. Danger drives Cindy into the corner and follows with the shoulders, then sends her to the opposite corner and charges. Cindy moves and Danger crashes into the buckle. Cindy rolls her up for a near fall, and argues with the ref which allows Danger to roll her up for her own near fall. Cindy quickly locks on another submission hold and rolls her over for another near fall. Cindy with the spinning toe hold into another leg submission hold, with Danger elevated upside down and Danger refuses to quit. Cindy releases the hold and goes for the inside cradle as the roll around the ring for near falls, very impressive. Cindy goes for the Fisherman Suplex and another rolling cradle around the ring, but Cindy winds up on top for the near fall. Cindy pulls Danger up and shoots her in, but Danger holds the arm and goes for the STO but Cindy blocks and hits a nice neckbreaker for a near fall. Danger tries to fight out as Cindy pulls her up by the legs and drives her into the corner hard, Danger rolls outside the ring. Cindy goes out after her and throws Allison back in and slides back in, but Danger catches her. Both ladies slugging it out in the ring now, with Cindy sending Danger to the corner and chokes her. Cindy connects with a sideslam and locks on the Dragon Sleeper while hammering Danger’s back. Danger fights back and rolls her up for a near fall. Danger hits the Lovelace Choker again and covers, but Cindy powers out! Danger pulls Cindy back up and goes for a slam, but Cindy reverses and locks on the TCB. Danger passes out in the hold and the ref calls it for Cindy Rogers. 8/10 a very good match as usual with these two, as Cindy scores her third win over Danger. We go backstage to Becky with Malia Hosaka, who says she had her third match in her career against Wendi Richter right here. Malia says when she was paying her dues these girls were just a thought in their parents head.

3. Lexie Fyfe v Daffney. Well this is an unexpected surprise, a Daffney match. Have I said how much I like Daffney? Daffney makes faces during Lexie’s introduction and gets a nice ovation upon her introduction. The crowd quickly starts chanting Daffney as she does a little dance before screaming at the ref. She just looks like she’s having so fun out there, as she calls Lexie a dinosaur and doing a dinosaur impression. Lexie says she has the experience and the bell rings, they go to lock up and Daffney runs up the ropes to pose instead. Daffney quickly into an armbar on Lexie, but Lexie reverses the hold. Daffney rolls through and back in control, but Lexie shoots her in. As Daffney comes back she puts the breaks on and tells Lexie to look up, and she does, so Daffney slaps her. We now get the classic criss-cross, and Lexie tells Daffney to look up so Daffney slaps her. Daffney swings and misses, allowing Lexie to back Suplex Daffney down. Lexie stomps the back of Daffney and hairmares her across the ring. Lexie pulls her up and chokes Daffney on the ropes before shooting her in. Lexie catches Daffney in a sideslam for a near fall. Lexie pulls her back up and sends her to the corner; Lexie follows with the Avalanche followed by a series of chops. Daffney moves and chops Lexie instead, but Lexie rakes the eyes and rams Daffney’s face into the buckle before choking her. Lexie with a snapmare then into a double arm submission before releasing the hold. Lexie back to choking Daffney on the ropes and ties her up. Lexie pulls her out and hits the X-Factor for another near fall as Daffney kicks out. Lexie locks on the Camel Clutch as Daffney screams, either in pain or just for fun, not sure with Daffney! Daffney breaks the hold with a chinbreaker, but Lexie right back to working over Daffney. Lexie with a snap Suplex and stomps the stomach of Daffney. Lexie climbs the ropes and Daffney catches her and follows up top. Daffney loses her balance though and Lexie shoves her down, looks like Daffney may have injured her knee. Daffney on the mat in pain as Lexie covers her but then pulls her up and locks on a leglock forcing Daffney to tap out. 7/10 a fun little match, which went the only way it could’ve gone. Lexie had too much experience for the younger Daffney and once it got serious she dominated. Malia comes out to congratulate her partner and they double team poor Daffney. Here comes MsChif and Serena Deeb to the rescue of Daffney. MsChif takes Lexie out of the ring and they brawl to the back as Serena and Hosaka slugging it out and we start our next match!

4. Serena Deeb v Malia Hosaka. Deeb shoots her into the corner and follows with the monkey flip. Deeb repeats the sequence as another referee helps Daffney to the back as Malia bails out of the ring. Malia slowly gets on the apron and Deeb slings her back in the hard way and follows with a slingshot sending Malia to the mat. Malia comes back and Deeb catches her in the armdrag into an armbar. Malia fights out with the headscissors but Deeb breaks the hold and back to work on Malia’s arm. Malia pokes Deeb in the eyes and grabs Deeb in the side headlock, but Deeb shoots her in. Malia comes back with the shoulderblock. Malia off the ropes and Deeb catches her with a drop toe hold right back to the armbar. Malia powers her to the corner but Deeb able to flip Malia back to the center of the ring maintaining the armbar. Malia rakes the eyes of Deeb and then chokes her on the ropes. Malia starts to hammer on the younger Serena Deeb then pulls her up to chop Deeb across the chest. Malia with the double thrust to the throat and sends Deeb in. Deeb comes back with a sunset flip for a near fall, but Malia comes back with a kick to the stomach. Malia sends Deeb in and hits the double chop to the chest then another shot to the throat. Malia locks on a stomach claw before nailing Deeb in the midsection. Malia quickly into a Boston Crab and Deeb crawls to the ropes forcing the break. Malia stomps Deeb back, and Deeb starts to fight back, but a chop to the throat sends Deeb down again. Malia sets Deeb in the corner and chokes her before hairmaring Deeb across the ring. Deeb tries to fight back again and Malia sends her in and nails a chop to Deeb’s throat again. Malia pulls her up and connect with the European Uppercut before shooting Deeb in as Deeb comes back with a crossbody block. This just anger Malia who hiptosses Deeb across the ring and goes for the splash, but Deeb gets the knees up. Deeb starts to unload on Malia, but Malia goes back to the throat and sends her in. Malia catches Deeb and drives her headfirst to the mat for another near fall. Malia pulls her back up and sends her in again, but Deeb ducks under the crossbody and Malia crashes and burns hard. Deeb hammers Malia and connects with a clothesline and a running knee lift. Deeb scoops and slams Malia down to the mat and gets another near fall. Deeb rams Malia into the buckle and sends Malia to the opposite corner; Malia springs to the second rope and goes for the crossbody. Deeb once again ducks and Malia hits the mat hard, as Malia gets up slowly Deeb connects with the spear for the victory! 8/10 another very good back and forth match. Quite the upset there as Deeb defeated the talented veteran and proved herself as a future star tonight. Backstage with Becky again, who’s with Nikki Roxx who faces Kong tonight. Nikki says in her first match with Kong she lost but that gave her to drive to push herself and tonight she has the rematch and will show why she deserves to be in the main event.

5. Rain v Cheerleader Melissa. Melissa easily the crowd favorite for this match as they quickly start on Rain as the bell rings. Rain starts out by stalling in the corner and screaming at the crowd. Melissa tires of the stalling and drags Rain to the center of the ring and slams her down. Rain rolls out of the ring and screams at the ref that she wasn’t ready. Rain continues to stall before sliding in the ring and Melissa catches her this time and takes her down with a snapmare, but Rain with a headscissor. Melissa counters into a leglock and Rain grabs her in a side headlock. Rain cranks the pressure but Melissa breaks free and twists the arm of Rain. Melissa tosses Rain down while holding the arm and snaps the arm on the mat. Rain quickly grabs Melissa’s arm and takes her down and applies the armbar while biting. Melissa back in control with the hammerlock but Rain counters to the side headlock takeover and Melissa into the headscissors now. Rain tries to break the hold and Melissa goes for the Dragon Sleeper but Rain counters and applies the hold herself. Melissa breaks free and back to the side headlock followed by a running shoulderblock. Melissa follows with a second one and a series of elbow drops. Melissa ties up the legs again and applies the Kondo Clutch while standing on Rain’s head. Melissa releases the hold and kicks Rain then follows with the Suplex, but Rain blocks and hits the Code Breaker for a near fall. Rain sends her in to the corner and follows with the kicks to the back of Melissa, then spins her around and chops the chest. Rain takes a minute which gives Melissa a chance to recover and they exchange chops. Rain gets a boot in and sets Melissa in the corner, Rain then chokes Melissa in the corner. Rain hits the running knee to the chest of Melissa and drags her to the center for the near fall. Rain pulls her up and Melissa with a quick inside cradle for a near fall, which angers Rain, who chokes Melissa on the ropes. Rain sets Melissa in the ropes and hits a running dropkick to the back; she follows with a second and a third dropkick to the back and covers for another near fall. Rain pulls her up and goes for the DDT, but Melissa blocks and hits a huge clothesline then tosses Rain across the ring twice. Melissa with a charge to the corner, but eats a forearm from Rain. Rain goes to shoot her across the ring, but Melissa blocks and sends Rain to the corner. Melissa follows her in with a pair of corner dropkicks and then the flying forearm in the corner which gets a near fall as Rain able to grab the ropes. Melissa drags her to the center and locks the Kondo Clutch on Rain again, but Rain makes the ropes. Melissa grabs her arms and hits the curb stomp on Rain and covers again, but Rain grabs the ropes. Melissa is furious and slaps Rain across the face before pulling her up and knees Rain in the side of the head repeatedly. Melissa goes for the Air Raid Crash but Rain blocks and they exchange forearms. Melissa drives Rain to the corner hard and sets her up top and follows up, but Melissa shoves her down and hits the Lung Blower. Rain covers but Melissa makes the ropes this time and Rain pulls her up. Rain tries for the Rain Drop but Melissa blocks into the Air Raid Crash. Rain counters to a crucifix. Melissa powers her up and hits the Air Raid Crash for the victory. 9.25/10 a great back and forth match and a fantastic show of power from Melissa at the end. Amazing finish to the match.

6. MsChif v Daizee Haze. Two of my favorites face off, should be an interesting matchup. MsChif paces around the ring as Daizee makes her way around the ring. Quite the contrast in characters with Haze being happy-go-lucky and MsChif being the angry badass. The ref goes to check MsChif and she screams in his face, knocking him on his ass, so he orders the bell to ring. They shake hands, always cool, and circle each other before a fan yells the ref never checked MsChif. Haze tells the ref to check her and again MsChif screams at him, three times and same result as she backs the ref into the corner and he gives up. They finally lock up and MsChif overpowers Haze to the ropes and they roll along the ropes to the corner and around the ring and we get a stalemate. Another lockup and MsChif with a go behind takedown into the front facelock. Haze counters into a double hammerlock and then twists the arm, MsChif reverses the hold. Haze rolls her way out and armdrags MsChif to the mat twice and back to an armbar. MsChif reverses the hold and into the side headlock, MsChif takes her over and maintains the headlock. Haze tries for the headscissor and MsChif blocks, Haze fights her way to her feet and fights free. Haze with the headlock takeover and Haze with the headscissors into a facelock. Nice sequence between two amazing talents, as they jockey for position. MsChif powers out and applies the wristlock, which Haze rolls through into a hammerlock of her own. Haze with a snapmare followed by the double armbar pulling back on MsChif’s arms. MsChif fights her way out and applies the waistlock and goes for the inverted DDT, but Haze flips over and goes for it herself, but MsChif reverses, Haze fights off and snapmares MsChif. Haze hits a dropkick to the back and locks on the body scissors; they exchange a series of near falls, very impressive as the fans give them a rousing ovation. Haze flies at MsChif and goes for a crucifix, but MsChif catches her on her shoulders, but Haze hooks MsChif’s head and wears MsChif down to her knees. MsChif rolls forward but Haze maintains the headscissors. However they’re too close to the ropes and the ref calls for the break. MsChif quickly unloads on the back of Haze and ties her up in a very unique looking submission. MsChif rolls backwards for a near fall, and they exchange another nice series of near falls. MsChif charges forward and Haze with a drop toe hold sending MsChif into the bottom turnbuckle. Haze climbs the ropes and drives both feet into the back of MsChif three times. Haze with a dropkick to the back of MsChif’s head and gets a near fall. Haze quickly locks on the double arm submission again and MsChif refuses to quit and Haze continues to work the back. Haze with a perfect inverted bridging STF, amazing balance and flexibility from Haze with this move, shades of Great Muta. MsChif makes the ropes causing the break and Haze with a chop in the corner, MsChif turns it around and unloads on her in the corner. MsChif with the running forearm into the corner and Haze crumples to the mat. MsChif charges with the Panic Attack, a running knee strike to the face, and pulls Haze out of the corner for a near fall. MsChif connects with a spectacular standing moonsault for another near fall. MsChif pulls Haze up and climbs the ropes, pulling Haze with her. Haze fighting back and hits a top rope Hurricanrana for a near fall of her own. Haze with a pair of chops and sends MsChif in, but MsChif reverses and catches Haze coming back, however Haze with a facebuster driving MsChif to the mat. Haze drops a back senton on MsChif and hooks the leg for another close call, Haze getting fired up. Haze goes for the Heart punch, but MsChif counters out hits the Call from the Grave, aka the Stone Cold Stunner without the setup kick, and another near fall as Haze kicks out at the last second. MsChif pulls Haze up and hits the Heart punch and goes for the Yakuza kick, but Haze moves and catches MsChif with a perfect German Suplex and MsChif kicks out again. Both women slow to get up at this point, they exchange forearm shots and Haze blocks one to hit the Heart punch and misses the Yakuza kick. Haze hits the Code Green for another near fall, which was amazing looking! MsChif crawling up slowly as Haze readies for the superkick, but instead goes for the spinning headscissors rollup and scores the big win. 10/10 a fantastic back and forth match with each girl using the others big moves. Haze helps MsChif to her feet and they embrace as MsChif holds Haze’s arms up. Great display of sportsmanship, nice to see after such a brutal match. Speaking of brutal matches we get highlights of Amazing Kong versus Daizee Haze from Volume 10, leading into our next match.

7. Amazing Kong v Nikki Roxx. We’ve seen this match in TNA a few years back, so this should be another great, as they’ll get more then the cursory ten minutes TNA gave them. Why do the “big” companies refuse to give the talented women proper airtime, but yet waste twenty minutes or more on unless interviews and stupid skits? Anyways, let’s get to this match. The fans start yelling “Don’t die Nikki” and “Don’t be scared”. Nikki shows she’s not scared as she rushes at the much bigger Kong and drops down for a sunset flip. Kong goes to drop her weight on Nikki, but Nikki moves and quickly hits a low dropkick. Nikki chops Kong repeatedly, and Kong laughs at her and sends Nikki in and smashes her down. Kong drops a big leg then shoots her in, but Nikki holds on and hits an elbow. Kong growls and clobbers her with a clothesline and a big splash, but Nikki kicks out. Kong into a cross armbar, but Nikki rolls through and ties up Kong’s legs. Nikki pulls Kong’s legs backwards and Kong powers her way to the ropes. Nikki stomps the legs, and just glares at Nikki. Nikki with a series of forearms, which Kong no-sells and hammers Nikki across the chest, if Nikki was Trish Stratus at least she would’ve had some padding there! Kong sets Nikki in the corner and chops her again, and sends her to the opposite corner and follows with the avalanche. Kong pulls Nikki up and drives Nikki back down then stomps on her some more. Kong stands on Nikki’s chest then pulls her up before tossing Nikki across the ring. Kong hammers Nikki repeatedly and sends her to the corner and follows in, but Nikki with a drop toe hold. Nikki quickly jumps on Kong’s back and locks in the sleeperhold, smart move by the much smaller Nikki. Kong makes the ropes and Nikki has to break, but continues to hammer Kong’s back and applies a front chancery. Kong powers her way up and drives Nikki to the mat, then pulls Nikki up and goes for a slam, but Nikki slides behind and back to the sleeper. Kong staggers to the ropes and Nikki forced to break the hold, but the ref gets squashed in the corner. Nikki rolls to the outside and Kong follows, Kong slams Nikki’s face into a chair. Kong throws another chair across Nikki’s back and then drags her through the crowd before whipping Nikki through a row of chairs. Kong grabs another chair and heaves it at Nikki; Kong tosses Nikki through more chairs and then chokes Nikki with the chair. Kong is destroying Nikki all around the building before throwing her back in the ring. Kong climbs back in the ring as well and steps on Nikki’s face. Kong sends Nikki to the corner and charges in, but Nikki gets a foot up and runs at Kong with the clothesline. Kong hooks the arm, and then hooks the other arm before lifting Nikki up and drives her down with Implant Buster. Kong covers and Nikki surprisingly kicks out, Danger is impressed as am I. Kong goes for the Amazing Bomb, but Nikki fights her off and rolls Kong up for a near fall. Kong quickly comes back with a vicious clothesline before climbing the ropes, but Nikki catches her upstairs and drives Kong throat first to the top rope sending Kong to the floor. Nikki dives on Kong while she’s on the floor and Kong responds with the chops. Kong lifts Nikki up, but Nikki slides down her back and dropkicks Kong, sending her headfirst to the steel post. Kong misses a clothesline and a second one misses as well sending Kong into the post again. Nikki works Kong’s arm over using the post before rolling Kong back in the ring. Nikki climbs the ropes and dives down with the double knee press which gets another near fall. Nikki pulls Kong up and goes for a slam, which works as well as expected. Kong goes for another clothesline but Nikki catches her arm and slaps Kong. Nikki springs up the ropes, while holding the arm and hits a nice springboard Hurricanrana. Kong is dazed and Nikki again goes for the slam and again it doesn’t work. Nikki kicks her in the gut and tries again, no dice. Nikki off the ropes with the Polish Hammer followed by the Stunner, and this time she slams Kong down! Nikki covers and gets one more near fall, Nikki pulls Kong up, which could be a mistake. It is as Kong quickly nails Nikki with a series of chops; Kong goes for the spinning backfist, but Nikki ducks and goes for a clothesline. Kong ducks and goes for one of her own, Nikki avoids and comes off the ropes, right into Kong’s spinning back hand. Kong climbs the ropes and hits the Amazing Press off the top rope for the victory! 9/10 an amazing brawl and Nikki really looked like she had a chance in there. Great effort from Nikki as Kong wants the title shot against whoever wins our main event. We get highlights of the end of the Title tournament to setup out main event.

8. Lacey v Sara Del Rey. This is Sara’s first title defense, against the woman she beat in the finals. The title looks great on Sara, as she proudly wears it to the ring, not slung over her shoulder like some people. The bell rings and the crowd are all over Lacey, as always, and she’s furious about it. Sara takes her time and waits for Lacey to finish her posturing, which takes a while. The lockup and Sara with the go behind waistlock, Lacey powers out to an armbar, but Sara reverses. Sara drives Lacey down to the mat and pulls back on the arm into a hammerlock, Lacey rolls through and a hammerlock of her own. Sara reverses and hooks the other arm as well, wearing Lacey to the mat and gets the first one count of the match. Sara with a headlock, and Lacey reverses now, but Sara sweeps the feet and ties up Lacey’s legs with a chinlock for extra pressure. Lacey bites the fingers of Sara to break the hold, classic heel move, I love it. Lacey is proud of herself as she says she might have rabies! Another lockup and into a headlock for Sara with the hammerlock and Lacey drives her to the corner, and we get a clean break, surprisingly. Another lockup, but Lacey with a quick knee lift and Sara back to the hammerlock, but Lacey pulls Sara’s hair to break it. Lacey with a keylock, but Sara reverses and cranks Lacey’s neck. Lacey reverses the move, but Sara re-reverses and snapmares Lacey down. Lacey rolls out of the ring to slow down Sara’s momentum. Lacey slow to get back in the ring and continues to stall as Sara just glares at her. Lacey takes her time and poses while screaming at the ref to keep Sara back. They finally lock up in a Greco roman knuckle lock, which Sara quickly changes into a stranglehold with her knees in Lacey’s back. Lacey rolls through and reverses the hold, impressive, Lacey can wrestle when she wants to, it’s just the stalling kills her matches. Sara snapmares Lacey across the ring and charges with the kick, but Lacey ducks and takes out the leg. Lacey ties up Sara’s legs into the half crab, but Sara makes the ropes. Lacey kicks Sara repeatedly but takes her attention off the champ to yell at the crowd. She turns around and gets kicked down by Sara, Sara charges and Lacey drives her into the buckle. Lacey unloads in the corner and sends Sara to the corner, Lacey charges and Sara jumps over her. Sara catches Lacey in the armdrag into the cross armbar. Lacey able to turn it around into a side headlock and tries to take her over but Sara blocks and takes Lacey over instead. Dave announces that Daffney was not taken to the hospital, but will miss three weeks of ring time. Meanwhile Sara with a swinging full nelson on Lacey tossing her across the ring. Lacey comes back and slaps the face of the champion twice. Sara blocks the third and hits a big boot followed by a slam and back senton for a near fall. Sara drives a knee to the face three times and gets another two count. Sara elevates Lacey into the Gory Special and then slides her down into a pin attempt for a near fall. Lacey breaks the hold with a kick to the head, but Sara just slams her back down and drops down with an Earthquake splash. Sara locks on the camel clutch, as she humbles Lacey; Sara releases the hold to continue working over the challenger. Sara sends Lacey to the corner and follows with a knee to the midsection. Sara goes for it again and Lacey lifts her over the top to the apron. Sara catches Lacey and goes for a Suplex to the floor, but Lacey blocks and snaps the rope into Sara’s eyes. Lacey with a baseball slide sending Sara into the guardrail. Lacey follows with a knee to the face and then rolls her in for a near fall. Lacey with the double arm submission followed by driving Sara’s back into her knee which gets another near fall for the challenger. Lacey unloads on the back of Sara repeatedly before choking her on the ropes. Lacey takes a minute to have a drink before going after Sara, but this allows Sara to try and come back, but Lacey hammers her down. Lacey sets Sara in the corner and connect with kicks and chops before driving the knee into Sara’s back. Lacey goes for it a second time and Sara moves, but Lacey hits a spinkick. Lacey ties up the legs into a Boston Crab, but Sara crawls to the ropes drawing the break. Lacey chokes Sara in the ropes again before following up with a forearm to the face and sends Sara in. Sara ducks the clothesline and goes for a crossbody, but Lacey sidesteps her and Sara crashes to the mat. Lacey wastes time again jawing with the crowd and Sara comes back with a headbutt to the stomach, but Lacey attacks the back of Sara. Lacey back to the choke again before pulling the champ up and snapmares her over before kicking her in the back repeatedly. Lacey with a camel clutch of her own but using the hair as well, she then grinds Sara’s face into the mat. Lacey ties up the arms of Sara and drops her down hard and gets another near fall. Lacey back to choking Sara in the corner but Sara starts to fight back. Lacey sends her to the corner and charges, but runs into Sara’s boot. Sara quickly up top and hits a nice missile dropkick, as both ladies are down on the mat now. Both ladies using the ropes to pull themselves up. Sara ducks under the clothesline and hits the big boot, followed by two more and a gutwrench Suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Sara pulls Lacey up and connects with the Royal Butterfly, but Lacey elbows her way free. Lacey quickly behind the champ and hits the Lung Blower for a near fall. Lacey pulls Sara up and goes for the DDT but Sara blocks and slams Lacey down. Sara climbs the ropes and misses the moonsault; Lacey quickly hammers Sara in the back. Lacey pulls Sara up and sends her in, but Sara blocks and hits a cross arm German Suplex for a near fall! Sara quickly goes for the Royal Butterfly but Lacey drives her into the buckle and unloads on Sara. Lacey sets Sara on the top rope, but Sara with a headbutt, Lacey comes back with a forearm and hits the top rope neckbreaker! Lacey covers but again the champ able to kick out at the last second. Lacey pulls her up again and goes for the DDT, but Sara blocks and Lacey hammers her back. Sara comes up and growls at Lacey, Sara quickly with the Royal Butterfly into the powerslam and covers, but Lacey gets a foot on the rope. Sara back to the Royal Butterfly and Lacey finally has no choice but to tap out. 9.5/10 an impressive first title defense from Sara. Would’ve given it a ten if not for the stalling in the beginning. The last ten minutes was more exciting than the last three months of WWE programming. Amazing ending to the show tonight, Sara is one of the best wrestlers in the world. We get closing comments from the champ, Sara Del Rey, who says she is the best in the world, and I agree. Sara says the belt is the new standard in wrestling as we fade to black.

Match Recap:

1. Amber O’Neal lost to Ariel in 9:15 7/10

2. Cindy Rogers defeated Allison Danger in 18:55 8/10

3. Lexie Fyfe beat Daffney in 6:36 7/10

4. Serena Deeb upset Malia Hosaka at 11:31 8/10

5. Cheerleader Melissa pinned Rain at 14:17 9.25/10

6. Daizee Haze pinned MsChif in 17:45 10/10

7. Amazing Kong beat Nikki Roxx at 14:43 9/10

8. Sara Del Rey defeated Lacey in 29:11 to retain the SHIMMER championship 9.5/10

This was another amazing show from Shimmer as they continue to prove why they are the dominant wrestling company. When’s the last time WWE or TNA let the women go almost thirty minutes? Only one match under an 8 is pretty damn impressive, this show was better than the last three Wrestlemanias or any other PPV for that matter. It was simply an awesome show with four spectacular final matches. I’m going to try and get these done faster; as this is taking a lot longer then I planned. Hopefully another show should be up next week.


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