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SHIMMER Volume 13 – June 2, 2007


Here we go with lucky number 13 of the SHIMMER collection. On the previous show we crowned our first SHIMMER Champion, Sara Del Rey, who won a huge 16 woman tournament. Also Allison Danger and Cindy Rogers had a great street fight, MsChif and Melissa scored a huge upset over the Experience and Nikki Roxx won a Four Corner match. Tonight we should have Sara’s first title defense, no idea who against, but it should be a great match. Let’s head down to ringside for the opening contest

1. Alicia v Serena Deeb. Interesting choice for the opener, as Serena’s established while Alicia is still new. Although Serena could really use another win, she sits at 2-5 so far, while Alicia is 1-2 at this point. The bell rings and they lockup and jockey for position, with Serena powering Alicia down. Alicia breaks free and complains about the takedown. Another lockup and Alicia forces Serena to the corner and surprisingly we get a clean break. A third lockup and Serena with a go behind into the side headlock to the side takeover and almost scores a pin! Alicia fights to her feet and finally breaks the hold, and gets Serena in a hammerlock. Serena snapmares her way out and covers for two. Serena quickly back to the side headlock and cranks the pressure before dropping a quick knee. Serena moves to working the arm and shoulder of Alicia and twists the arm. This has been a very slow moving match, and not in a good way. Alicia fights free and chokes Serena on the ropes. Serena fires back and shoots Alicia to the corner and follows with the charge. Alicia moves and Serena springs to the second rope. Alicia shoves her and ties her to the tree of woe and follows with a low dropkick to the shoulder of Serena. Alicia taunts the crowd before pulling Serena down and covers for a near fall. Alicia chokes Serena, right in front of the ref, and then pulls her to the ropes to continue choking her. Alicia hammers the back of Serena and snapmares her over then drops a big elbow, Alicia takes too long posing to cover, allowing Serena to kick out. Alicia applies a rear chinlock with the knee driven into Serena’s back, but Serena powers her way out, only for Alicia to pull her down by the hair. Alicia back to the chinlock, but Serena powers up and tosses Alicia away. Alicia charges back with a right, and Serena blocks and unloads on Alicia. Serena with a side headlock and pops Alicia in the beak, and does it again then tosses her by the hair across the ring. Serena rams Alicia into the turnbuckle and shoots her to the opposite side, but reversed, however Serena comes back with the cross body for a near fall. Alicia rakes the eyes and goes for the A-Bomb but Serena counters and comes off the ropes. Serena hits a big spear, chopping Alicia in half, and covers for the win. 5/10 not a great match, very slow paced for the first part but picked near the end. Not a great start for the show, but should get better with Haze/Stock and Danger/Rogers still to come tonight. We get highlights of Josie/Alexa/Malia/Rain from Volume 10.

2. Malia Hosaka v Josie. I’m not a huge fan of either lady in this match, but should still be a solid contest. Josie quickly charges out of the back and attacks Malia before the bell rings and hammers her in the corner. Josie with a Thesz Press and forearms then whips Malia across the ring. Josie tosses her again and Malia bails out of the ring and complains about the hair pull. Malia slow to get back in and catches Josie with a shoulder and sunset flip, but Josie kicks out. Josie with the armdrag into the arm bar as she works over Malia, who fights out with the headscissors. Josie breaks free and catches Malia with another armdrag into the armbar. Josie twists the arm and shoots Malia to the corner and charges in, but right into Malia’s spinkick. Malia with a big splash gets a near fall, not much of a splash from such a thin girl! Josie chops Malia in the chest, but Malia comes back with a headbutt and chokes Josie, but Josie fights free. Josie unloads on Malia and shoots her and nails a nice spear for a near fall. Josie with Northern Lights Suplex for another near fall. Josie right back on the offense with a bearhug but Malia rakes the eyes to break free. Malia sends her in and hits the double hand chop to the chest and cover, but Josie kicks out. Malia goes to pull her up and Josie fights her off and slams Malia for another pin attempt. Josie nails a nice sideslam for another near fall, as Josie getting frustrated. Malia crawls to the ropes and Josie pulls her back in and nails a pair of forearms before shooting her in. Malia ducks the clothesline and nails a beautiful Frankensteiner for the pin! 6.5/10 a nice fast paced match that went back and forth right to the end. The established veteran scored a surprising clean victory over the younger opponent.

3. Lexie Fyfe v Eden Black. Another match featuring a veteran versus a young star, this should be a good one as well. I really like Eden Black; she’s a very impressive young lady. The bell rings and Lexie powers Eden to the ropes and slaps her, which just fires up the redhead. Eden with a series of kicks, but Lexie sweeps the leg and Eden counters to a headlock, nice. Lexie tries to power her over and Eden uses the leverage to take Lexie over. Lexie with a head scissor to break the hold and Eden with a head stand to break the hold and back to the side headlock. Lexie powers out and back into a side headlock of her own, Eden sends her in and Lexie comes back with a shoulderblock. Eden takes out the legs and back to the side headlock. Eden climbs the turnbuckles while maintaining the headlock and floats into a pin attempt. Eden now into a wristlock and drives a knee to the face. Eden off the ropes and runs into a big lariat from Lexie. Lexie stomps Eden and sends her in, Lexie nails a big side slam for a near fall. Lexie applies the strangle hold and Eden fights free, but gets nailed hard in the back. Lexie with a series of snap Suplexes and covers for another near fall. Lexie chokes Eden right in front of the ref, just like her partner did earlier. Lexie works the back of Eden then ties up the legs and neck and pulls back, but Eden refuses to quit. Lexie pulls her up and goes for the TKO but Eden counters into a sunset flip for a near fall. Lexie furious nails her in the back and sets Eden in the ropes and chokes her, before ramming her into the turnbuckle. Lexie drives her shoulder in the back and sends Eden to the opposite corner. Lexie charges in and goes for a roll up, but Eden counters and goes for the Garden of Eden, but Lexie quickly grabs the ropes. Eden shot in and Lexie goes for the sideslam, but countered to a headscissor takedown. Eden quickly hits the cradle Suplex for a near fall. Eden getting fired up and climbs the ropes, but Lexie catches her up top and headbutts her in the rear. Lexie climbs up with her and goes for the superplex, but Eden blocks and sends her down. Eden dives down with a crossbody block for another near fall. Lexie charges with a clothesline and Eden ducks and comes back with a headscissors takeover, but Lexie overpowers her with a vicious powerbomb. Lexie pulls her up, but Eden catches her in the Garden of Eden out of nowhere and Lexie has to tap! 7.25/10 a nice back and forth battle with a surprising upset for Eden Black. A very impressive showing for the young Brit and a big win.

4. Portia Perez v MsChif. Well, things don’t look good for you Portia tonight, as she has a big struggle ahead of her in MsChif, who is accompanied by the always sexy Daffney. Well, three of the hottest girls in SHIMMER in one match, just throw in Haze and Eden Black and you’ve got my top five! Daffney looks so good in her tight green and black leather outfit, just saying is all. The Scream Queens waste no time in tormenting the referee with their screams, as the bell rings. Portia not sure what she’s gotten herself into as she gets screamed at by both girls and she hides in the corner. MsChif calls Portia to the center and Portia challenges her to a test of strength, as Allison mocks Portia’s age, MsChif goes for the test of strength and Portia keeps changing hands. Daffney slides in behind Portia and taps her on shoulder, Portia turns around and Daffney offers the test of strength. Daffney keeps switching hands and Portia’s getting mad. Portia gets both hands up, so Daffney tickles her bare belly, which causes Portia to have a tantrum, this is great comedy. MsChif just staring at Portia as she’s screaming in the middle of the ring, so Portia quickly locks on a double arm submission, as Daffney dances around the ringside area. Portia powers out into a backslide, but MsChif nails a forearm. Portia with a kicks to the ribs and comes off the ropes and runs right into a scream from MsChif. Portia quickly back pedals out of the ring, and tries to figure this all out. Daffney sneaks up behind her with a picture of MsChif, scaring the crap out of Portia. Daffney laughing her ass off as Portia trying not to cry at ringside. Portia finally slides back in and gets nailed by MsChif, MsChif with a headlock and Portia tries to fight back, but MsChif rolls her up into a Dragon Sleeper. Portia rakes the eyes and charges at MsChif, who catches her in a Sky High Powerbomb for a near fall. Portia stabs her in the eye and nails a boot to MsChif’s face. MsChif pulls her up and Portia gets a series of knees to the midsection and follows with a series of stiff kicks to MsChif’s face which gets her a near fall. MsChif slowly gets up and eats a spinning heel kick and another near fall, nice kicks. Portia hammers MsChif and shoots her in, reversed, and Portia ducks under the clothesline to hit the Schools Out, a swinging reverse STO. Portia covers and another near fall, as Portia’s getting frustrated and pulls MsChif up, but MsChif hammers her and nails a seated powerbomb. MsChif nails Portia and sends her to the corner and follows with the corner clothesline. MsChif with a series of forearms and knees to Portia who’s stuck in the corner. MsChif ties her in the ropes and nails the Obliteration, the reverse Tombstone Piledrive off the second rope, and Portia is done as MsChif scores the victory. 8/10 a fun match with some comedy to start and some hard hitting shots at the end. Portia impresses me to take that move at the end, which looked brutal. We go to Rebecca Bayless who introduces Alexa Thatcher, who we haven’t seen since Volume 10. Alexa says she injured her foot in an accident and fractured her foot, she says she’ll be back soon. Out comes Alicia who enters the ring and kicks Rebecca out of the ring. Alicia says Alexa is from New Jersey like her and she’s sorry that Alexa is injured. The crowd is relentless towards Alicia; they need better audio for the interviews as it’s hard to hear. Alicia holds the ropes for Alexa, but Alexa wants to hold it for her. Alicia suddenly nails Alexa and attacks her injured foot.

5. Cheerleader Melissa v Ariel. The crowd seems split between the two, as they come out, but during the intros we get a chant of Ariel. The bell rings and they lock up, but Melissa with a kick and a series of punches to the midsection of Ariel. She shoots Ariel in, and Ariel comes back with a dropkick followed by a pair of low dropkicks. Ariel connects with a bulldog and covers for a one count. Ariel goes for the Suplex and Melissa blocks and nails one of her own. Melissa covers and gets a two count, then quickly mounts and drives the forearms into Ariel’s face. Melissa scoops and slams Ariel to the mat and another cover for a near fall. Melissa pulls her up and Ariel fights back, as they exchange chops but Melissa gets the better of Ariel. Melissa covers and drives the knee into the side of Ariel’s head, brutal looking. Melissa stomping on the back of Ariel and covers again for another near fall. Ariel tries to fight back and gets sent to the corner; Melissa follows with the flying forearm and gets another near fall. Melissa with a snapmare into the rear chinlock while raking the forearm across Ariel’s face. Ariel elbows her way free, but gets pulled down by the hair, as Melissa showing a lot of aggression tonight. Melissa stands over her fallen opponent and slaps her repeatedly before pulling her up again and slaps her more. This just fires up Ariel who unloads on Melissa, but Melissa gets a shot in and takes her down. Melissa goes for the Suplex and Ariel counters to a cradle for a near fall. A roll up and backslide each net another near fall. Melissa quickly comes back with a big lariat to take Ariel back down. Melissa smashes Ariel’s face to the mat with a vicious Curb Stomp and covers, but Ariel gets the ropes. Melissa looking very angry at this point as she works over the knees of Ariel. Melissa pulls Ariel up and rams her face into the buckle before shooting her to the opposite corner and follows with the forearm, but a second attempt fails. Ariel quickly comes back with chops and forearms taking down Melissa. Ariel nails a perfect snap Suplex and gets a near fall. Ariel pulls her up, and Melissa breaks her grip and goes for the Air Raid Crash but Ariel escapes with a roll up for a near fall. Ariel unloads on Melissa and shoots her, but Melissa reverses and catches Ariel in the Samoan Drop for a near fall. Melissa getting fired up goes for the Air Raid Crash again and Ariel fights out and nails a nice Tornado Bulldog for two. Ariel climbs the ropes and Melissa catches her up top and connects with the Air Raid Crash for the victory. 8/10 a good hard fought back and forth battle. Ariel put up a good challenge for Melissa, but Melissa overpowered her in the end. Breaking news as they announce Amazing Kong will return on Volume 14!

6. Sarah Stock v Daizee Haze. This is the first meeting of the Dark Angel and the Haze, and should be a classic. Both ladies put on a good showing in the tournament before falling in the semi-finals. Haze busts up a dance after being introduced, much to the enjoyment of the crowd. The crowd wants Stock to dance, she acts like she will, but decides not to, cheap heel heat but it worked. They lockup and jockey for position all around the ring and Stock takes Daizee down with her power. Another lock up and Daizee with the waistlock takes Stock to her rear and into the full nelson but Stock armdrags her out. Daizee back to the waistlock into the side headlock, Stock counters with a headscissors but Haze roll out back to the headlock. A quick series of rollups from the headlock and right back to the headlock of Daizee. Stock reverses and takes Daizee down into a front facelock, but Haze counters to a side headlock and Stock powers out as we get a stalemate. They circle and Haze wants a test of strength, which Stock agrees with and they lock up, with Haze rolling through and sends Stock to her knees, but Stock takes Haze down via the legs and ties her up. Haze fights free and another stalemate, great start to this match. Haze quickly goes for the legs and into the side headlock but Stock powers out with a cradle and Haze counters and into the waistlock to a roll up, as they counter each other’s pin attempts for a third stalemate. Stock sweeps the legs and locks on the Regal Stretch but Haze counters to the Stranglehold. Stock reverses into the STO and back to the legs of Haze. Stock with a very impressive looking leglock on Haze who crawls for the ropes but Stock pulls her back, however Haze counters to a cover and they stalemate again. Another lockup and Stock with a quick waistlock takedown and drives the knees into the back of Haze. Stock with a rear chinlock and pulls back on Haze’s neck, but Haze fights her way to her feet and powers out. Haze sweeps Stock’s legs out and into the hammerlock, but Stock pulls the leg of Haze and once again ties up Haze’s legs and bends her backwards, brutal! Haze fights free and pulls herself up with the ropes, but Stock relentless and hammers on Haze. Stock shoots her in, but Haze comes back with the spinning headscissor takedown. Haze charges and gets caught in a wheelbarrow Suplex, driving Haze to the mat. Stock pulls Haze to her feet and nails a tilt a whirl backbreaker followed by a series of elbows to the spine. Stock pulls Haze up by the hair and sets her in the corner, Stock with a corner choke before pulling Haze to the ropes and chokes her some more. Stock nails Haze in the face repeatedly, but taunts Haze for fires back with chops and sends Stock to the corner. Stock reverses and charges with the forearm in the corner. Haze moves and unloads on Stock in the corner; however Haze takes too long posing for the crowd and eats a dropkick to the face. Stock pulls Haze up and slams her back down before rolling her up for a near fall. Stock grabs the legs and drives the elbow to the back as Allison heads backstage for her match. Stock repeatedly drives Haze’s face into the buckle and snapmares Haze out, right into the double arm submission. Haze powers her way out and cradles Stock for a near fall, another rollup and another near fall. Stock powers Haze back down then pulls her up and nails the backbreaker before stretching Haze over her knee with shots to the abs at the same time. Stock goes for the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Haze rolls out and goes for the clothesline, Stock ducks and connects with one of her own. Stock sets Haze in the corner and puts her on the top rope, Stock hammers Haze before climbing up with her. Stock goes for the superplex but Haze blocks and drives Stock down hard before following with the missile dropkick for a near fall. Haze sends Stock to the corner and follows with a facebuster. Haze with a perfect Northern Lights Suplex gets Haze a near fall. Stock pulls herself up in the corner as Haze charges with the elbow, but Stock catches her in the backbreaker before dropping Haze down hard. Stock off the ropes and gets a nice springboard sunset flip for a near fall. Stock pulls Haze up in the over the shoulder backbreaker before slamming Haze to the mat. Stock quickly locks on the surfboard submission, and both women’s shoulders were down, breaking the hold. Haze quickly makes a comeback with forearms and a snapmare. Haze pulls back on Stock’s arms with the knee in the back and shoots her down to the mat. Haze connects with the somersault senton drop for a near fall. Haze quickly goes for a heart punch, but Stock blocks and sets Haze on her shoulders. Haze rolls through into a roll up but too far and Stock’s shoulder not down. Haze connects with the heart punch this time and goes for the Yakuza Kick, but Stock ducks and catches Haze on her shoulders. Stock goes for the wheelbarrow but Haze fights off. Stock gets a kick in and hits the Tiger Driver for the win! 9.5/10 a great battle that went back and forth right to the end. Going to be hard to top that match, as that was amazing. We get footage from Volume 12 of Cindy v Allison, which leads to our next match.

7. Cindy Rogers v Allison Danger. This is a dog collar chain match, which I’ve never seen with women. The ref attaches the dog collars to each woman’s neck and we’re underway. They start with a tug of war and Danger knocks Cindy down and slaps two turnbuckles, I hate this rule. They quickly slugging it out on the mat and Rogers gets on top and chokes Danger with the chair. Rogers whips Danger with the chain and then ties up her legs with it before slapping two of the turnbuckles but Danger pulls her down. Danger wraps the chain around her first and nails Cindy in the back before choking her with the chain. Cindy fights back and stomps Danger before driving the chain into Danger’s stomach. Have I said I hate these matches, they always end the same damn way. One person slaps the buckles, and doesn’t see the other one following behind. Person B knocks down A and slaps the final one for the win, they did this in WCW and WWF. Basically all they’ve been doing so far is a tug of war over the chain, but Cindy gets the better of it. Cindy makes three buckles before being speared down by Danger, and Danger rolls out of the ring, as Cindy follows on the opposite side. Cindy pulls the chain sending Danger into the steel post. Cindy slams Danger’s face into the ring apron before setting her on the guardrail and ties Danger up. Cindy unloads on her then drags her around the ring and slams Danger’s face into the barricade followed by the steel steps. Cindy grinds Danger’s face across the steel steps with the chain wrapped around Danger’s head. The ref tells her they need to get in the ring, but Cindy enjoying beating on Danger, she finally throws Danger in the ring. Cindy wraps the chain around her fist and hammers the face of Danger, who’s now busted wide open. Cindy rakes the chain across the forehead of Danger before pulling her up and tossing her out of the ring and tries to lynch Danger. Cindy starts slapping turnbuckles, but can’t reach the farthest one, due to Danger being on the floor. Danger gets a burst of adrenaline and charges at Cindy. Cindy nails Danger with the chain and sets her in the corner and unloads on her again. Cindy with the snapmare and then chokes Danger with the chain, as Cindy has a big smile on her face as Danger is struggling to get free. Cindy checks Danger’s arm as it drops repeatedly and Cindy makes her way around the ring. Danger yanks Cindy back before she makes the final buckle and quickly pounds the back of Cindy’s head with the chain and now Danger chokes Cindy. Now it’s Danger’s turn to make the rounds, but she gets caught before making the final one. A slugfest ensues in the middle of the ring and Danger starts to make the rounds and gets pulled back down. Cindy goes back to choking Danger with the chain while tying up her legs. Cindy pulls Danger to her feet and sets her on the top rope. Cindy hammers Danger with the chain before putting Danger on her back and starts slapping the buckle, not realizing Danger is hitting them too. Both make three and Danger nails Cindy with the STO and slaps the buckle but the bell rings. The ref rules that Cindy hit the final buckle before Danger connected with the STO and Cindy scores the victory! 5/10 they tried but these matches are always so boring and slow moving. Chain/Strap matches just suck no matter who is in them; hope this is a one-time occurrence for SHIMMER. We now see the closing moments of the SHIMMER World Tournament and Sara’s big win, as we head to our main event.

8. Lacey & Rain v Sara Del Rey & Nikki Roxx. Would’ve rather seen a title defense for Sara instead of a tag match, but this should still be great. The Wrecking Crew jump Roxx and Sara before the bell rings and sends Sara to the floor. They double team Roxx, but Roxx fights them off as Sara pulls Lacey out. Roxx nails Rain with a big slam and shoots her in; Roxx catches her with the spinebuster for a near fall. Roxx pulls her up and Sara tagged in, Sara with a big headbutt to the spine. Rain rakes the eyes and tags in Lacey, they hit the double armdrag on Sara, but Sara fights back and rams their heads together. Sara off the ropes with a crossbody on both, Rain finally out. Sara slams Lacey and drops the senton for a near fall. Roxx tagged back in and Lacey shoots her in, Roxx slides under the ropes and pulls down Rain. Lacey distracts the ref and Rain drives Roxx to the barricade before throwing her in. Rain legally in now and chokes Roxx on the ropes before hitting the dropkick to the back and covers for a near fall. Rain tags Lacey back in and they double team Roxx. Lacey into the bridging submission with a chinlock and legs tied up, but Roxx won’t quit. Lacey hammers the back of Roxx and tags in Rain who picks up where Lacey left off. Rain chokes Roxx in the corner and follows with the double knee to the chest of Roxx for a near fall. Lacey back in and again they double team Roxx, Lacey locks on the Camel Clutch on Roxx who again won’t quit. Roxx fights her way free, but Lacey maintains control and tags in Rain. Lacey with an atomic drop and Rain with a forearm to the face and covers for another near fall. Rain sets her in the corner and they double team Roxx again, as the ref is busy with Sara now. Allison returns to the broadcast booth and issues an open challenge to Cindy Rogers, any kind of match on Volume 14. Roxx reverses double Suplex sending both Lacey and Rain to the mat and crawls for the tag, but Lacey stops her. Lacey taunts Sara while choking Roxx, then a series of kicks to the back of Roxx. Lacey with the snapmare as Rain tagged in and works the back of Roxx. Rain sends her in, but Roxx comes back with the sunset flip gets two. Rain quickly nails a lariat taking Roxx down and tags Lacey back in. Lacey chops the chest, but Roxx fights back, however Lacey into a full nelson drop and holds her so Rain can nail a dropkick. Rain legally back in and stomps Roxx down, Roxx fight back with a chinbreaker and tags in Sara. Sara takes down Lacey and nails the big boot on Rain. Sara with a body block on Rain and hits the Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. Sara sent in, but she puts on the breaks and connects with the German Suplex for another near fall on Rain. Roxx tagged back in and a double big boot on Rain. Double Polish Hammer on Rain and Roxx covers but Lacey breaks the pin attempts. The ref distracted again as Lacey and Rain double team Roxx. Lacey with the lung blower and Rain covers for a near fall again. Rain pulls her up and goes for the Rain Drop but Roxx blocks and hits a Suplex. Roxx makes the tag and Sara back in. Sara with the Royal Butterfly, as Lacey charges in and eats a boot. Sara with the Double Royal Butterfly. Roxx comes in and hits the Barbie Crusher on Lacey as Rain gets Powerslammed by Sara for the win. 8/10 a good match, but should’ve been a singles match for the new champ. The outcome was never in doubt; they couldn’t have the champ lose her first match. Still a good way to end the show, sending the crowd home happy.

Match Recap:

1. Serena Deeb defeated Alicia in 10:13 5/10

2. Malia Hosaka defeated Josie at 6:08 6.5/10

3. Eden Black upset Lexie Fyfe in 7:45 7.25/10

4. MsChif beat Portia Perez in 6:19 8/10

5. Cheerleader Melissa pinned Ariel at 10:13 8/10

6. Sarah Stock beat Daizee Haze in 18:07 9.5/10

7. Cindy Rogers beat Allison Danger in 15:09 5/10

8. Sara Del Rey & Nikki Roxx beat The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew at 11:51 8/10

Not the best show from SHIMMER, as the first two matches were nothing spectacular and the dog collar match was boring. The main event was predictable as well, but Stock and Haze put on a great match to save this show. MsChif/Portia and Melissa/Ariel were impressive as well. Coming up on Volume 14, the return of Kong!

Wrestler Win Loss Draw Total
Alexa Thatcher 0 2 0 2
Alicia 1 3 0 4
Allison Danger 6 7 0 13
Amazing Kong 4 0 0 4
Amber O’Neal 3 7 0 10
Ann Brookstone 0 1 0 1
Ariel 4 7 0 11
Beth Phoenix 1 1 0 2
Cheerleader Melissa 7 6 0 13
Christie Ricci 1 1 0 2
Cindy Rogers 5 8 0 13
Daizee Haze 8 7 0 15
Eden Black 2 3 0 5
Josie 1 6 0 7
Krissy Vaine 1 1 0 2
Lacey 6 7 0 13
Lexie Fyfe 8 5 0 13
Lorelei Lee 1 7 0 8
LuFisto 1 1 0 2
Malia Hosaka 7 10 0 17
Mercedes Martinez 2 3 1 6
MsChif 8 6 0 14
Nattie Neidhart 1 1 0 2
Nikita 1 1 0 2
Nikki Roxx 8 5 0 13
Portia Perez 1 6 0 7
Rain 6 7 0 13
Rebecca Knox 3 1 0 4
Sara Del Rey 13 2 1 16
Sarah Stock 3 1 0 4
Serena Deeb 3 5 0 8
Shantelle Taylor 2 2 0 4
Tiana Ringer 3 5 0 8

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