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SHIMMER Volume 12 – June 2, 2007

Well, after a three month hiatus, I’m back. I actually had Volume 11 done back in October but planned to post both parts of the tournament at the same time, didn’t expect it to be three months later. Anyways, on Volume 11 we started the tournament to crown the first SHIMMER Champion and had some phenomenal matches. Now it’s time for the semifinals and finals of the tournament, and with a final four of Daizee Haze, Sara Del Rey, Sarah Stock and Lacey, we should have three amazing matches. With that let’s get to the show!

We open the show with comments from Lacey, who mentions she’s facing Daizee Haze tonight, and will defeat her and move to the finals. Comments from Daizee, who does a cute little rap, she’s adorable. That takes us down to ringside for the opening match.

1. Alicia v Josie. We first saw Alicia at the previous volume where she upset Ariel in the first round, replacing the injured Serena Deeb, before falling to Sara Del Rey. Josie is still winless in SHIMMER with five losses so far, could tonight be her night? Alicia quickly starts bad mouthing Josie, love how they introduce her as “weight unknown”, priceless. Josie gets a huge pop during her intro, being the hometown girl, and the bell rings. Allison Danger mentions Josie’s winless streak, as they lock up and Josie overpowers Alicia to the corner. Alicia sneaks a right hand in and they circle before locking up again and Josie pushed to the corner and Alicia with a chop to the chest. Alicia proud of herself as she poses to the crowd, and Josie’s is getting pissed off. They lock up a third time, but Josie ducks under and unloads on Alicia then sends her in and armdrags her down then pulls her up only to drive her head into the mat. Josie pulls her up again and slams Alicia down with power and covers for a one count. Alicia crawls out of the ring and asks for a timeout, classic heel move. Alicia slowly gets back in the ring and Josie goes right back on her and sends her to the corner, but Alicia reverses and follows in with a clothesline and a big boot. Alicia pokes Josie in the eyes and then chokes her on the ropes. Alicia takes time to taunt the crowd before choking Josie some more and then hammers the back of Josie. Alicia sends her in and connects with a huge lariat and covers for the near fall. Alicia chokes Josie in front of the ref and then pulls her up by the hair, Alicia with a chop and sends Josie in. Alicia catches her in a nice side slam, ala Dino Bravo, for another near fall. Alicia continues to hammer Josie and sends her in, but Josie ducks under the clothesline and Josie comes back with a running butt bump. Both ladies then collide and Alicia up first but Josie fires back with forearms and clotheslines Alicia down. Josie with a fisherman Suplex for a near fall, nicely down. Josie pulls her up but Alicia gets a boot in and hits the A-Bomb, Michinoku Driver, and covers while hooking the tights, but the ref refuses to count. Alicia argues with the ref and Josie rolls her up from behind, and the ref with a quick three giving Josie her first win. 6/10 not a bad opening match up, but just not a big fan of either girl. We now get comments from Sarah Stock, who says she’s the only one who deserves the title, then comments from Del Rey who says she’ll win by any means necessary. We get highlights of Haze and Lacey from Volume 1.

2. Lacey v Daizee Haze. This is the first of our semifinal matches; the winner here faces the winner of Sara versus Sarah later tonight. This should be a great match, as the match from the first volume was great. Lacey made it here defeating Eden Black and Nikki Roxx, while Haze beat Portia Perez and Malia Hosaka. Lacey charges and Haze moves, she hits the corner and Haze kicks her and unloads quickly. Haze sends her to the opposite corner but Lacey reverses, and again misses the charge in. Haze hammers her repeatedly, then pulls her out and hits the boot to the gut and a dropkick to the corner sending Lacey to the floor. Haze follows and nails Lacey from behind with a double chop and drives a series of knees into the midsection. Lacey whipped into the barricade and crumples to the wood floor. Haze continues to chop Lacey and sends her to the opposite barricade and charges with the big boot, but Lacey moves and dumps Haze into the crown. Lacey ties Haze up in the guardrail while ramming her head into the railing. Lacey continues to work the back of Haze and tosses her in the ring, Lacey covers and gets only one. Lacey whips Haze into the ropes and chokes her on the ropes. Haze crawls to the corner and Lacey unloads on her and rams Haze’s face into the buckle. Lacey with rams her into the next corner and then the third one, but Haze finally fights back. Haze sends Lacey to the corner and follows with the elbow. She tries to send Lacey to the corner, but Lacey reverses, sending Haze chest first into the buckle. Lacey quickly nails the double knee to the back and follows with a belly to back Suplex for another one count. Lacey grabs the foam daisy and chokes Haze with it; Lacey hammers the back of Haze and tosses Haze out of the ring, where she lands hard. Lacey quickly follows and stands on the throat of Haze. Lacey drags Haze around the ring and sets her in the barrier and chops Haze’s chest, but Haze fires back, however Lacey rakes the eyes. Lacey slams Haze down on the wooden floor, and Haze squirming in pain. Lacey throws Haze back in the ring and slams her again, but Haze counters with a roll up for a near fall. This angers Lacey who clotheslines Haze down again, then ties her back in the ropes. Lacey continues to work over the back, but Haze fights back with back elbows and rolls under Lacey’s spin kick. Haze comes back with a crossbody for another near fall. Lacey again catching Haze with a hooking clothesline and then rams Haze’s head into the mat repeatedly. Lacey with a series of forearms to the face of Haze, but Haze won’t stop fighting back. Haze shot to the corner and Lacey hits the corner clothesline and follows up with a boot to the throat. Lacey chokes Haze on the ropes and then pulls her out the hard way, getting a near fall with a cocky cover. Lacey pulls her up and goes for the Implant DDT, but Haze counters with a chinbreaker. Haze off the ropes, but runs into the spinkick from Lacey, netting Lacey another pair of near falls. Haze hammered on the ropes and sent in, Lacey with a side Russian legsweep into a cover for another near fall. Lacey with a nice leglock, bridging back with a chinlock, aka the Mutalock, this looks awesome. Haze able to make the ropes to break the submission hold, and Lacey getting frustrated as she unloads on Haze in the corner and sets her on the top rope. Lacey tries for a neckbreaker, but Haze fights her off and shoves Lacey to the mat. Haze dives down with a perfect missile dropkick and Lacey is down. The crowd chanting for Haze, who’s back to her feet and pulls Lacey up as the exchange forearms. Haze hits a pair of running clotheslines and follows with the Thesz Press and punches. Lacey sent to the corner and Haze with a nice facebuster and the back senton gets a near fall for the Haze. Haze goes for the German Suplex but Lacey reverses, however Haze counters to a roll up for a near fall. Haze hits the German Suplex with a bridge and gets another near fall. Haze hits the heart punch and goes for the Yakuza Kick, but Lacey sidesteps it and hits a clothesline of her own. Lacey goes for the Implant DDT, but Haze fights it off and goes for another heart punch, but Lacey ducks under and hits the Backstabber. Lacey quickly nails the Implant DDT and scores the huge victory. 9.5/10 amazing match, pure brutality and great back and forth action. Lacey makes it to the finals, didn’t expect that to happen! Haze looks disappointed in the ring as she pulls herself up with the ropes; the crowd gives her a nice ovation as she leaves the ringside area.

3. Sarah Stock v Sara Del Rey. This is the other semifinal match, the winner faces Lacey in the finals. Stock beat Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif in the previous rounds, while Del Rey defeated Cindy Rogers and Alicia. I think Del Rey had an easier path then Stock, but either way this is going to be a hell of a match. The crowd is solidly behind Del Rey tonight, as the bell rings and they lock up, Del Rey sends Stock down hard. Stock shakes it off and gets back up, Del Rey wants a test of strength and Stock agrees to it, Del Rey takes her down, but Stock bridges up and hammers Del Rey in the chest. Stock springs off the ropes with a nice armdrag, Stock with the springboard dropkick sends Del Rey to the floor. That was impressive! Del Rey not sure what just happened as she slowly gets back in the ring. Another lock up and Del Rey sweeps the legs, but Stock slides through and sweeps Del Rey down. Stock grabs the legs, but Del Rey uses the momentum to take down Stock and we have a stalemate as they glare at each other. Lockup again and Stock with a go behind waistlock, Del Rey counters to an armbar, but Stock grabs the leg and ties her up. Del Rey powers out and hooks the ankle of Stock who rolls through and again ties up Del Rey’s legs. Del Rey fights free and hammerlocks Stock who rolls out, but Del Rey to an armbar, nice sequence of counters, very impressive. Del Rey hooks the arm again, and Stock pulls the legs out and locks on a quick chinlock. Del Rey powers out and back to the arm to the headlock, but Stock takes her down again. Del Rey back to the arm and rolls Stock over into a cover, but Stock bridges out and powers her way to the her feet. Stock with a hammerlock and knees to the back. Del Rey grabs the leg and applies a half crab, but Stock counters to an ankle lock, but Del Rey makes the ropes. They’re back on their feet and circles again, very even match so far. Del Rey with the go behind, but Stock counters back to the leg and Del Rey reverses and Stock makes the rope. Del Rey with a snapmare, but Stock rolls through and takes down Del Rey. Del Rey charges and goes for a monkey flip, but Stock lands on her feet. Del Rey with a body block and the back senton for a one count. Del Rey pulls her up and slams Stock down, then drops a leg followed by a headbutt and then a diving knee to the head. Del Rey hammers Stock with the forearm and stomps her down in the corner. Del Rey charges in with the running hip block and pulls her out of the corner for a near fall. Del Rey snapmares Stock down and applies a seated abdominal stretch, Stock breaks the hold. Del Rey sends her to the corner and sets her up top, but Stock fights back with a flipping armdrag, but Del Rey comes back with a big boot for a near fall. Del Rey pulls Stock up and hits a perfect bridging Suplex for a near fall, and then stomps the back of the head of Stock. Del Rey with a big headbutt and a European Uppercut, she covers, but Stock crucifixes the arms for a near fall. Del Rey sends her in and nails Stock with the big boot, and follows up with a second, but the third is blocked. Stock goes for a kick, and Del Rey grabs the leg, but Stock connects with a vicious Enziguri. Del Rey just collapses to the mat and Stock up first and ducks under Del Rey’s clothesline and hits a pair of dropkicks. Stock climbs the ropes and loses her balance and falls off the top rope. Del Rey quickly shoots her in and goes for a wheelbarrow slam, but Stock counters with a bulldog for a near fall. Stock pulls her up and goes for a German Suplex, but Del Rey reverses, as they counter each other, but Stock sweeps the leg, into a leglock with a chinlock, amazing sequence again. Del Rey refuses to give up and crawls to the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Stock back on her feet, looks down at Del Rey and comes off the ropes and Del Rey catches her in a powerbomb for the near fall. Del Rey pulls Stock up and hits a Samoan Drop for another near fall. Del Rey applies a submission hold of her own now, Stock makes the ropes, as Danger leaves the broadcast booth to prepare for her match. Del Rey puts Stock on her shoulders and drops her down hard, then climbs the ropes and goes for the moonsault but Stock moves and quickly covers Del Rey for two. Stock hammers the back of Del Rey and climbs the ropes herself, but Del Rey catches her up there. Del Rey applies the Butterfly Lock and walks to the center of the ring with Stock tied up. Stock tries to fight free and Del Rey flips her over, but Stock able to land on her feet. Del Rey hits the big boot knocking Stock into the ropes and snapmares her down. Del Rey hits the back senton and gets another near fall. Del Rey pulls Stock up and shoots her in, Stock ducks under the lariat and catches Del Rey with a sunset flip, but Del Rey rolls through and Stock kicks out. We hear the announcement of one minute remaining, as Stock with the Oklahoma Roll for but another kick out. Both women are down and hurting, and Stock with a boot and charges in and Del Rey catches her and nails a perfect piledriver for the win. 10/10 incredible match, one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Awesome work from both ladies, and Del Rey moves on to the finals to face Lacey later tonight! We get highlights of Cindy Rogers heel turn on Allison Danger from Volume 9 and the match between Danger and Rogers from Volume 10.

4. Cindy Rogers v Allison Danger. Cindy makes her way down, with new music and a new look. Allison’s music starts, but no sign of her. Suddenly she comes from the crowd and attacks Cindy, and we’re underway. They quickly start brawling all over the ring, as this is no DQ, street fight, and they tumble out of the ring. Danger chokes Cindy on the floor, Cindy pokes the eyes and stomps Danger on the floor. Cindy rams Danger’s face into the barricade and whips Danger into the steps. Cindy works the leg of Danger and rams it into the steps and covers for one. Danger tries to fight back but Cindy is relentless and shoos her to the barricade, however Danger reverses and Cindy meets the rail. Danger whips Cindy to the other barricade and then pulls Cindy up; Cindy catches her with a knee. Cindy sends Danger to the ringpost, and chokes Danger. Cindy drives Danger’s knee into the railing and then ties Danger up with a leg lock and the ref asks if she wants to quit. Danger grabs Cindy’s head and rams her into the barricade, that’s one way to break the hold. Cindy up first tosses Danger into the ring and then applies the classic figure four on the post, shades of Bret Hart. Rogers kicks Danger in the face and continues to work over the knee of Danger who rolls out of the ring, right into Cindy. Cindy relentless as she drives Danger’s knee into the floor and pulls her up, but Danger can’t walk now. Cindy rams Danger into the post, knee first and then tosses her into the barricade as Cindy continues to dismantle Allison Danger. Cindy tosses her into the crowd and waits for her to come back under the barricade and ties her to the barricade upside down. Cindy makes some distance between them and heads to the back, Cindy comes back with a stop sign. Cindy places it on the face of Danger and dropkicks it into Danger’s face, very Tommy Dreamer like. Cindy with the side Russian Legsweep into the barricade now, as Danger is getting destroyed tonight. Cindy with the forearm, but Danger fires back with one of her own and then grabbing the stop sign she drives it into the head of Cindy. Danger grabs a chair from the front row and tosses it in the ring, then sends Cindy in. Danger hammers Cindy with the forearm and sets her in the corner, Danger with the shoulderblocks and then clothesline in the corner. Danger sets up the chair and sends Cindy in, but Cindy reverses and drop toe hold sends Danger into the chair. Cindy grabs the chair and drives it into Danger’s knee. Cindy unloads on Danger with the chair repeatedly in the knee and covers, but Danger refuses to lose and kicks out. Cindy tosses Danger out of the ring and follows, and then heads to the back again. Cindy comes back this time with a shovel; Cindy sets Danger across the steps and hammers the knee with the shovel repeatedly. Danger collapses and the ref checks on her, but she refuses to quit. Danger hits the Lovelace Choker out of nowhere, but injures her knee worse, and both ladies are down on the floor. Danger up first and pulls herself into the ring, as Cindy slowly follows. Cindy grabs the chain she brought out with her and Danger garbs an end, as we have a tug of war over the chain. Cindy charges and misses, Danger quickly hits the STO and covers for the win. 7/10 a good brawl, but the end just came out of nowhere, which kind of killed the match. I assume this will lead to a chain match between Danger and Cindy. Danger pulls herself up with the ropes and Cindy nails her with the chain in the knee and then chokes Danger using the chain. Cindy tosses the chain on top of Danger before rolling out of the ring proud of her actions. Danger wants the microphone, and is handed it, Danger says she beat Cindy and has the crowd on her side. Danger says if she wants to use a chain, then that’s fine, and challenges Cindy to a chain match, I knew it!

5. Eden Black v Portia Perez v Ariel v Nikki Roxx. This should be a hell of a match between four amazing young talents. Portia quickly gets on the crowd during the introductions, as the crowd seems behind the other three. I’m going for Perez, although I do like Eden and Nikki too. The other three quickly align against poor Portia right out of the gate, and the crowd chants “Three on one”. Portia quickly bails out and pulls out Roxx. Portia ducks a clothesline and runs, while Ariel and Eden lock up. Portia tags herself in and Ariel looks confused. Eden and Portia circle as Allison returns to the broadcast position. Eden overpowers Portia and applies the full nelson into a snapmare. Eden pulls her up and works the legs, but Portia quickly to a side headlock and Eden pushes her off. Portia comes back with the sunset flip for a near fall. Eden comes back with the snapmare and kicks, tags in Ariel who gets caught by Perez. Perez hammers Ariel in the ropes and shoots her in, Ariel reverses and clotheslines Perez down. Ariel follows with a scoop slam for a near fall and tags in Roxx. Perez bails and tags in Eden. Eden and Roxx lock up and Roxx with the armbar, but Eden rolls out and reverses the hold. Roxx sent to the corner and Eden charges, but Roxx tosses her over the top rope. Eden lands on the apron and snaps the rope off the throat of Roxx. Eden quickly ascends the ropes and dives down, but Roxx moves and Eden crashes and burns. Roxx hits the Polish Hammer on Eden and shoots her in and catches her with the slamplex for a near fall, but Perez breaks the pin attempt. Eden makes a tag and Ariel comes in. They circle and Perez makes a tag in, much to Roxx’s chagrin. Ariel wastes no time unloading on the Canadian and goes for a slam, but Perez drops down and hits a running neckbreaker and covers, but Ariel kicks out. Perez pulls her up and snapmares her back down and applies the chinlock. Ariel tries to fight out and Perez pulls her down by the hair and covers with one knee, cute. Perez shoots Ariel in and hits a back elbow and Perez is proud of herself! Another cocky cover and Roxx runs in and shoves Perez down. Ariel tries to come back and Perez rakes the eyes and shoots Ariel in. Ariel reverses and Perez goes for a cross body, but Ariel catches her in a front slam. Ariel tags in Roxx; Perez turns around and spots Roxx. Roxx goes for a clothesline and Perez runs away and goes to tag and Ariel and Eden drop down! Perez backs into Roxx and tries to run, but Roxx grabs her by the waistband and pulls her back. Roxx with a pair of clotheslines and follows with the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Roxx shoots her in and Perez grabs the ropes to make a tag to Ariel. Roxx doesn’t care and hammers Ariel before shooting her in, and Eden tags herself in. Ariel dives out onto Perez as Eden catches Roxx with a waistlock, but Roxx reverses. Roxx goes for a rollup and gets a near fall. Roxx hits the Barbie Crusher for the victory. 7.75/10 a fun fast paced match but should’ve had more time for a four way. Still a good usage of four young talents. Roxx helps Eden up after the match and raises her hand. They then go outside the ring to help Ariel up and they leave together, leaving Perez on the ground.

6. Rain v Serena Deeb. Not surprisingly the crowd is behind Deeb as the bell rings and they lock up. Rain with a side headlock, but Deeb powers out and powers Rain down. Rain fights back to the side headlock and snaps Deeb down with an armwringer. Deeb comes back with a pair of armdrags and a big dropkick sends Rain to the ropes. Rain pulls herself up and Deeb charges for the spear, but Rain sidesteps and Deeb crashes to the outside. Rain follows and rams Deeb into the post and then the stairs. Rain pulls her up and tosses Deeb back in the ring and covers for a two count. Rain chokes Deeb on the ropes and the dropkicks Deeb in the back while she’s in the ropes, netting her another two count. The ladies slug it out on their knees, but Rain quickly springs up and hits a thrust kick to the face of Deeb. Rain pulls her up and sets her in the corner and chops the ample chest of Deeb then follows with a series of kicks to the midsection and then chokes Deeb down before driving the knees to the chest. Rain covers again for another near fall and rams Deeb back in the corner and follows with the running knee to the back, but a second time and Deeb moves to get a rollup. Deeb charges for a clothesline but Rain blocks and hits the Rain Drop for a near fall. Rain furious now, chokes Deeb on the mat and the drops an elbow to the lower back of Deeb. Rain unloads and shoots Deeb in, Deeb ducks the clothesline and crucifixes Rain down for a near fall. Rain quickly up and clotheslines Deeb down before pulling her back up. Rain goes for Acid Rain, but Deeb blocks and hits a running knee lift. Deeb waits for Rain to get up and nails a series of clotheslines on Rain and then sends her to the corner. Deeb follows with a perfect corner dropkick for a near fall. Rain fires back with a chop, and now we have a slugfest, which Deeb wins and goes for a clothesline, but Rain ducks and hits a backstabber type move and gets another near fall. Rain pulls Deeb up and goes for the DDT, but Deeb fights back and cradles her. They roll around the ring fighting for the advantage, which neither gets and the hold is broken. Both ladies dizzied and slow to get up. Deeb able to hit the running knee lift into the neckbreaker for a near fall. Deeb points to the corner and climbs the ropes, but Rain catches her on her shoulders and hits the Acid Rain for the win! 8.75/10 a great back and forth hard fought battle. Was a lot better than I expected it to be, very impressive.

7. Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka v MsChif and Cheerleader Melissa. Melissa and MsChif come out with the always stunning Daffney! The bell rings and MsChif starts with a big scream, as Fyfe and Hosaka ignore her, along with Daffney’s scream. Fyfe starts with MsChif and locks up, Fyfe with a wristlock, which MsChif reverses, but Fyfe counters to a hammerlock into the waistlock. MsChif reverses into a full nelson and Hosaka charges but MsChif ducks and Melissa catches Hosaka in a full nelson. MsChif and Melissa hit stereo full nelson bombs into the dragon sleepers as Daffney slides in and screams in Hosaka’s face after they pull the earplugs out of their ears. Hosaka rolls out as MsChif works the arm of Fyfe and arm drags her over maintaining the armbar. MsChif pulls her up and tags in Melissa who comes in with the ax handle and continues to work the arm. Allison calls the team Melischif, which sounds cool. Melissa trying to remove Fyfe’s arm as the ref checks on her, but she doesn’t quit. Melissa pulls her up and snaps her down with an armbreaker into the pin, for only one. Melissa right back on the arm and tags MsChif back in. MsChif stays on the arm, into the cross arm breaker, like Alberto Del Rio, while hammering the arm. MsChif pulls her up and nails a nice float over snap Suplex into the dragon sleeper with the arm trapped. Melissa tagged back in and Fyfe tries to escape, but to no avail, as Melissa ties Fyfe up in the surfboard. Melissa releases and rolls her over for the cover, but Hosaka makes the save. Melissa quickly right back on the arm and spins her around and locks on the armbar, but Fyfe makes the ropes as Melissa has a big smile on her face. Melissa has to break the hold, which allows Fyfe to rake the eyes and tag in Hosaka. Hosaka rakes the eyes of Melissa and then shoots her in, but Melissa reverses and nails a big clothesline. Hosaka pulls her down by the hair and then kicks her in the back. Hosaka whips Melissa into Fyfe’s boot and tags Fyfe back in. Fyfe smashes Melissa’s face into the mat and then locks on the pendulum on Melissa while driving her face into Hosaka’s boot. Fyfe tags Hosaka back in and Fyfe shoots her in, allowing Hosaka to hit a spin kick to the chest. Hosaka takes a cheap shot on MsChif before locking on a double arm submission on Melissa, and then turns it into the Camel Clutch. Daffney playing cheerleader trying to get Melissa up, as Fyfe back in and hairmares Melissa down. Fyfe back to the double arm submission and drags her to her corner. Fyfe tags in Hosaka and tosses Melissa into Hosaka, but Melissa reverses and Hosaka nails Fyfe. Melissa quickly hits the corner clothesline on Hosaka and tags in MsChif. MsChif unloads on Hosaka and they ping pong Hosaka back and forth, even Daffney gets a shot in! MsChif hits Code Green and they jockey for leverage for multiple near falls. Wow, had to be at least a dozen near falls there. MsChif with a headbutt but Hosaka pulls MsChif into the corner and Fyfe gets a cheap shot in then rakes MsChif’s eyes across the ropes. Hosaka shoots MsChif in and hits the flying double chop and tags in Fyfe. Fyfe with the flying double chop now and gets a near fall. Fyfe hits the side slam for another near fall, as Daffney screams at MsChif to make the tag. Fyfe sets MsChif in the corner and unloads on her. Hosaka gets a cheap shot in, as the ref busy with Melissa, and Hosaka tosses MsChif across the ring by the hair. Hosaka tosses her again and mocks MsChif before pulling her up and chops the chest of MsChif. Hosaka snapmares MsChif down and connects with the dropkick to the back and covers for another near fall. Hosaka with a European Uppercut and locks on the Boston Crab as she tags in Fyfe. Fyfe with a Camel Clutch while Hosaka still has the Crab applied, and Melissa has had enough and takes down Fyfe. MsChif nails the Russian Leg Sweep on Fyfe and tags in Melissa. Fyfe misses a clothesline and Melissa chops them both down and then a Samoan Drop on Fyfe and Hosaka. MsChif takes care of Hosaka and hits the top rope Death Valley Driver as Melissa ties up Fyfe and both hit curb stomps on the Experience. MsChif legally in now and goes for the Desecrator, but Fyfe sweeps the leg. Fyfe drives MsChif’s face into the knee and tags in Hosaka. They go for the double team Suplex, but Melissa nails Hosaka and MsChif falls on Fyfe as Daffney on the apron. Hosaka nails Daffney, but turns into the Air Raid Crash. They send out Hosaka and MsChif hits the moonsault for the victory! 10/10 a great tag team match and the end of Hosaka and Fyfe’s undefeated streak. Daffney bows down before her team as they celebrate the big victory!

8. Lacey v Sara Del Rey. Here we go with the finals of the SHIMMER tournament to crown the first ever SHIMMER champion. Can’t see it going any other way then Del Rey winning, but Lacey’s been impressive in this tournament. They get both ladies to pose holding the title with the ref before the bell rings. The crowd solidly behind Sara as they chant “Let’s go Death Rey”! Lacey quickly goes for the Implant DDT and Sara holds the ropes, smart way to start. They lockup and Sara with a hammerlock, but Lacey reverses and again goes for the DDT but Sara rolls her up. Lacey getting frustrated already and the ref laughs at her. Another lock up and Sara sweeps the leg and locks on a single leg crab then into the ¾ chancery with a series of knees. Sara snapmares her over and the Earthquake splash for a one count. Sara pulls her up and cranks the arm, Sara hammers the arm and Lacey stretches for the ropes and just makes it breaking the hold. Sara snapmares her down again and into the rear chinlock, but Lacey breaks free into a hammerlock. Sara fights out and locks on the front headlock, but Lacey reverses and rolls into the sleeper hold. Sara fights free and ties up Lacey’s legs and head at the same time, bending her backwards. Lacey bites Sara to break the hold, Sara kicks Lacey and takes her down with the side headlock, Lacey counters with the head scissors and Sara makes the ropes to break the hold. Lacey into the side headlock and shoots her in, Lacey does the splits to drop under and trips Sara before quickly locking on a Boston Crab. Lacey drags her to the center of the ring, away from the ropes, very smart. Lacey cranks back, but she loses her grip allowing Sara to make the ropes. Lacey quickly pulls her up and hammers Sara, but Sara fights back with a spinkick. Lacey shoots her in and goes for the splits again and gets caught with a kick. Sara drives the knees into the side of Lacey and pulls her up. Sara rams Lacey into the buckle and unloads on her in the corner. Sara sends her to the opposite corner but Lacey reverses and charges but Sara springs to the apron. Lacey catches her with a kick and the neckbreaker on the ropes sends Sara to the floor. Lacey follows and sets her on the post goes for the punch, but Sara ducks and Lacey hits the post. Sara with a series of kicks and tries to send her to the barricade but Lacey reverses and Sara hits hard. Lacey chokes Sara on the apron before hammering the back and rolls Sara back in. Lacey covers and gets a near fall. Lacey into the Camel Clutch and Sara refuses to quit, instead she powers her way out and drives Lacey into the buckle. Sara drives her body into Lacey, but Lacey pulls her down by the hair. Lacey rams Sara into the buckle and drives Sara down hard from the ropes, she covers for a near fall. Lacey pulls Sara up and hammers Sara before shooting her in, but reverses. Lacey ducks under the clothesline and hits a neckbreaker into the Dragon Sleeper. Sara again powers Lacey up, but Lacey drives both knees into the chin of Sara for another near fall. Lacey sends Sara in while tripping her and a perfect leg grapevine/front facelock with a bridge, very impressive looking. Sara crawls to the ropes causing the break and Lacey chokes Sara on the ropes. Lacey rams Sara into the buckle and spins her around, then follows with a series of kicks to the back. Lacey with the running knees to the back and covers again for another near fall. Lacey waits for Sara to get up, but Sara with a chop and Lacey rakes her eyes. Lacey sets her on the ropes and chokes her again before hitting the neckbreaker into a nice bridging stranglehold. Lacey takes a second to get a drink as Sara pulls herself up in the corner, this allows Sara to fight back with a series of chops. Sara sends her in and hits a thrust kick to the chest. Sara hits the Samoan Drop and gets a near fall on Lacey; she pulls Lacey up and nails a nice delayed vertical Suplex for another near fall. Sara off the ropes with the running boot, and follows up with a second and a third and again a fourth time! Sara hits a fifth and sixth big boot, as Lacey pulls herself up and eats a seventh and eighth big boot. Lacey pulls herself up in the corner and Sara charges, but Lacey pulls the ref in between them, crushing the referee down. Suddenly out comes Rain who hits the Rain Drop on Sara as Allison quickly leaves the broadcast booth and runs down to help Sara. Lacey crawls over for the cover and the ref counts, but Sara able to kick out at the last second. Nikki out of the back area attacks Rain, and Allison chops Rain, as Nikki carries her away. Lacey distracted as Sara spins her around, but Lacey ducks the shot and hits the Lung blower for the near fall. Lacey pulls her up and goes for the Implant DDT, but Sara blocks and Lacey goes for the backslide, but Sara power her over. Sara with the Royal Butterfly slam. Sara hits a quick piledriver and covers for the victory and the title. 9/10 a great back and forth match, but marred by the ref bump and interference. A great moment for Del Rey as she holds the SHIMMER title proudly overhead as the crowd gives her the standing ovation she deserves. The crowd starts a chant of “You deserve it” as Sara poses for the crowd! Sara makes her way around the ringside high fiving the fans and posing for photos. A great way to end the show and the tournament.

Match Recap:

1. Josie defeated Alicia in 6:46 6/10

2. Lacey upset Daizee Haze at 14:05 9.5/10

3. Sara Del Rey pinned Sarah Stock in 19:51 10/10

4. Allison Danger beat Cindy Rogers at 13:10 7/10

5. Nikki Roxx defeated Portia Perez, Eden Black and Ariel at 9:06 7.75/10

6. Rain beat Serena Deeb in 9:56 8.75/10

7. Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif upset the Experience in 18:14 10/10

8. Sara Del Rey defeated Lacey to win the SHIMMER belt in 19:33 9/10

Another amazing show from SHIMMER as we crowned the first SHIMMER champion, Sara Del Rey, in an amazing two night tournament. Two matches scored a perfect ten and two were nines, a great show. Much better than Sunday’s Royal Rumble, as we had non-stop excitement through the whole show. A great ending to the tournament, as there was no one who deserved it more than Sara. I’m looking forward to seeing who Sara faces as her first challenger.

SHIMMER RATINGS as of Volume 12

Wrestler Win Loss Draw Total
Alexa Thatcher 0 2 0 2
Alicia 1 2 0 3
Allison Danger 6 6 0 12
Amazing Kong 4 0 0 4
Amber O’Neal 3 7 0 10
Ann Brookstone 0 1 0 1
Ariel 4 6 0 10
Beth Phoenix 1 1 0 2
Cheerleader Melissa 6 6 0 12
Christie Ricci 1 1 0 2
Cindy Rogers 4 8 0 12
Daizee Haze 8 6 0 14
Eden Black 1 3 0 4
Josie 1 5 0 6
Krissy Vaine 1 1 0 2
Lacey 6 6 0 12
Lexie Fyfe 8 4 0 12
Lorelei Lee 1 7 0 8
LuFisto 1 1 0 2
Malia Hosaka 6 10 0 16
Mercedes Martinez 2 3 1 6
MsChif 7 6 0 13
Nattie Neidhart 1 1 0 2
Nikita 1 1 0 2
Nikki Roxx 7 5 0 12
Portia Perez 1 5 0 6
Rain 6 6 0 12
Rebecca Knox 3 1 0 4
Sara Del Rey 12 2 1 15
Sarah Stock 2 1 0 3
Serena Deeb 2 5 0 7
Shantelle Taylor 2 2 0 4
Tiana Ringer 3 5 0 8

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