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SHIMMER Volume 11 – June 1, 2007


It’s time for another SHIMMER Volume, as we finally get to the huge tournament to crown the first SHIMMER champion. The last volume had some great matches, and I expect more great matches as we begin the tournament, so let’s get underway.

1. Malia Hosaka v Allison Danger. Interesting start to the tournament, as I expected both of these ladies to make it to the semi-finals at least. They lock up and Danger with the armbar into a wristlock but Malia sweeps the leg, Danger kicks her off and ties up Malia’s legs. Malia makes the ropes, and Danger slow to break, as they lockup again, but Malia rolls under and hooks the leg. Danger powers up and rolls Malia up for a near fall.

Dave mention Tiana has pulled herself out of the tournament due to a death in the family; also Serena was in a car crash heading to the show and may not make her way to the show. Meanwhile in the ring the ladies reverse a series of submissions which leads to both hurling insults at each other. The winner of this match faces the winner of Haze/Perez, as they lock hands for a test of strength but Malia cheapshots Danger and kicks her down. Malia sets Danger in the corner and chops the chest, but a second one is blocked and now Danger unloads on Malia then sends her to the corner. Danger charges in and eats a big spinkick to the face; Malia quickly goes back to working over the knee. Malia drops a leg across the knee of Danger, who rolls to the apron, but Malia pulls her back in the middle of the ring and locks on an Indian Deathlock. Danger able to kick her off and slowly makes her way to Malia and slingshots her over while holding the legs. Danger applies the chinlock but Malia clips the knee of Danger to break the hold. Malia right back on the leg and drives Danger’s leg into the ringpost repeatedly. Danger pulls herself up using the ropes and shoots Malia in; Danger catches her with a clothesline for a one count. Malia goes back to the knee again and stomps on it, as Danger in the ropes, Malia pulls her back in the ring and pounds on the knee, as Danger struggles to her feet. Malia sent in and comes back with a crossbody, but Danger moves and Malia crashes to the mat. Danger fires off the forearm as does Malia, as Danger able to take her down and connects with a rolling snap Suplex, kind of kills the leg damage if she can Suplex her repeatedly. Danger hits the Lovelace Choker, but hurts her own knee, however she goes for the Shimmering Warlock but her knee gives out. Malia quickly applies the figure four leglock and Danger screaming in pain finally passes out from the pain and the referee counts three. 7/10 a great match to open the tournament but Danger screwed up with the Suplexes, she shouldn’t have been able to do that after having the knee worked on for ten minutes. Danger screams at the ref she never gave up, but the ref tells her she was out from the pain and Danger is furious as she is out of the tournament. The crowd gives her a nice hand; she could use a new leg at this point not a hand, as she limps to the back. Joey Eastman introduces Rebecca Bayless who says in addition to the international wild card there is a newcomer on the show, Alicia. Alicia makes her way to the ring, insulting the crowd on her way, and Rebecca welcomes her to SHIMMER. Alicia grabs the mic and says she has lots to say and makes fun of Rebecca and says she should be in the tournament. The crowd is so loud it’s hard to hear what she’s saying, as she says it’s the crowd’s honor to have her there and leaves.

2. Portia Perez v Daizee Haze. Two of the hottest girls in SHIMMER in one match, but no one compares to Perez, just saying is all. The winner of this match, Haze I bet, faces Malia in the next round. Portia takes her time going around the ring posing, as the crowd boos her loudly, they’re just jealous of the Canadian Ninja! Haze comes out and the crowd explodes, as always for her, she’s so popular it’s almost scary. Haze offers the hand and Portia slaps it away. They lock up and Haze takes her down with the armdrag into the hammerlock. Portia counters into an armbar but Haze rolls out and we have a stalemate. Portia screams at the crowd before they lock up again as Allison returns to the announce booth, and Haze with an armbar. Portia rolls through to a rear waistlock, but Haze counters to a side headlock. Portia sent in and comes back with a spinning headscissors sending Haze to the corner. Portia charges in with the big knee to the face, and snapmares Haze down and follows with a dropkick but distracted by the crowd. Haze snapmares Portia down and ties up the arms and kicks Perez to the mat. Haze drops a senton to the back of Portia and unloads on Portia in the corner. Portia sent to the opposite corner and Haze charges, but Portia moves and Haze hits the buckle. Portia chokes Haze in the corner and follows with a chop to the chest of Haze. Portia goes for the chokeslam and Haze counters with a series of elbows. Haze goes for a German Suplex but Portia counters with a rollup and gets a near fall. Haze misses a clothesline and Portia with a go behind, Haze counters and hits the German Suplex for a near fall of her own. Haze pulls her up and goes for the Heart punch but Portia ducks and hammers Haze, but gets sent to the ropes. Portia ducks under the clothesline and hits the leg lariat then pulls Haze up. Portia hits a facebuster and covers for a near fall and now she gets frustrated and argues with the ref, allowing Haze to roll her up. Portia furious misses a wild swing and Haze with the backslide and gets another near fall. Haze chops the chest of Haze and hits the Heart punch/Mind trip combo for the win. 7/10 a fast paced exciting match, but very short.

3. Cindy Rogers v Sara Del Rey. This could be a massacre as Sara has one of the best records in SHIMMER with only one pinfall loss so far and eight wins, while Cindy is 4-6 currently, I don’t like Cindy’s odds here. The crowd is solidly behind Sara, as they lock up and Sara with a go behind into a side headlock takes over. Another lock up and Sara grabs her into a side headlock takeover again, but Cindy with a headscissors and Sara fights free and ties up the legs of Cindy. Sara pulls back the arms of Cindy, who screams in pain as Sara rolls her over for a one fall. They lock up again and Cindy sweeps the legs and begins to work the knee but Sara breaks free and twists the arm of Cindy. Cindy reverses and takes out the legs of Sara and applies a side headlock, but Sara powers her way out and into the wristlock. Cindy gets out using the ropes and locks on a headlock but Sara takes her down and ties the legs but Cindy makes the ropes. Sara with a snapmare into a running avalanche followed by an armdrag and a dropkick. Sara hits a snap Suplex and covers for a near fall. Sara into a rear chinlock with a crossface and then pulls Cindy up, but Cindy pokes the eyes and quickly unloads on Sara. Cindy works over the arm of Sara and rams her into the buckle hard. Cindy snaps Sara’s arm off the bottom rope and locks on the armbar and drives the knee into Sara’s shoulder. Cindy continues to work over the arm of Sara and snapmares her down while maintaining the armbar. Sara powers her way out as she lifts Cindy up and drives her down hard to the mat, very impressive show of strength. Sara rolls her up and gets a near fall, but Cindy quickly back to the arm and Sara screaming in pain but refuses to quit. Sara makes the ropes and Cindy breaks the hold and covers repeatedly but Sara keeps kicking out and bridges up. Sara goes for the cross arm German Suplex but Cindy blocks. Sara hits a trio of running big boots to Cindy’s chest and follows with a fall away slam into a bridge for a near fall. Sara locks on the abdominal stretch and rolls her up for another near fall. Sara sends Cindy to the corner and charges in but runs into Cindy’s boot. Cindy follows with a bulldog for a near fall, Cindy sent in and ducks under Sara’s clothesline and comes back with one of her own. Cindy back to the arm and hits the side Russian Legsweep into another submission hold, but Sara makes the ropes again. Cindy sends her in, but Sara blocks and hits the straight jacket Suplex for the pin and the victory! 8/10 a great hard fought match, but no surprise that Sara won and moves on to the next round.

4. Ariel v Serena Deeb. We get the announcement that Serena has not arrived at the building and Ariel wins by forfeit. Suddenly here comes Alicia and the crowd screams over her, Alicia challenges Ariel and Ariel accepts the challenge. It’s too bad, I like Serena, but at least it’s not a forfeit. The bell rings and Alicia attacks Ariel from behind and hammers Ariel down. Allison makes fun of Alicia’s voice, as she sound like The Nanny, as Alicia sends Ariel in, but Aries reverses and clotheslines Alicia down. Alicia backs in the corner and Ariel advances but Alicia pulls her into the buckle then rubs Ariel’s face in the mat before covering for a near fall. Alicia hammers the face of Ariel and sends her in and catches Ariel with a side slam for another near fall. Alicia pulls Ariel up, but Ariel unloads and dropkicks Alicia down. Ariel takes too long and Alicia clotheslines her from behind for another near fall. Alicia chokes Ariel on the ropes and slings her back for another close call. Alicia slams Ariel’s face into the buckle and shoots her to the opposite buckle and charges with a clothesline and a big boot for a near fall. Alicia is frustrated as she hammers on Ariel and hits a back elbow and sends her to the corner again and hits another big boot, but falls on her behind, very Lacey Von Erich style! A second attempt fails as Ariel catches her boot and tosses her back. Ariel pounds on Alicia and hits a running elbow taking Alicia down. Ariel hits a fisherman Suplex for a near fall, and follows with a chop to the chest. Alicia sends her in and hits a sitting hiptoss, she calls the Split End, and another cover and Ariel kicks out again. Alicia rams Ariel’s head into the buckle and sends her to the opposite corner. Alicia charges and eats the boot of Ariel, who quickly follows up with a tornado bulldog and almost scores the win. Ariel argues with the ref which allows Alicia to catch her with a boot and hits the A-Bomb, a Michinoku Driver, and has a handful of tights to score the upset win. 7/10 not a bad match, surprising result and pretty good debut for Alicia. Alicia will be facing Del Rey next round, she won’t get so lucky there.

5. Lexie Fyfe v MsChif. MsChif comes out to a huge ovation, much like the Haze, and is accompanied by the always hot Daffney. MsChif screams at Lexie who cowers in the corner as Daffney laughs at her. They lock up and Lexie ducks under, but MsChif comes back with a scream and Lexie turns around into Daffney who screams at her. MsChif with a backslide followed by a rollup. Lexie chops the chest of MsChif and sends her in, but MsChif comes back with a submission hold, very cool looking. Lexie drops down sending MsChif crashing to the mat, and now Lexie unloads on the back of MsChif. Lexie sends her in again and hits a diving clothesline and gets one. Lexie ties up the legs of MsChif and pulls back on her arms, rolling back into a surfboard. Lexie releases the hold and then locks on the Boston Crab quickly, bending MsChif backwards as usual, she’s the female Gumby! MsChif makes her way to the ropes and Lexie now locks on the pendulum on MsChif, as Daffney screams at Lexie, Lexie drops MsChif chest first to mat. Lexie grabs the legs and drops down on the legs before pulling back the arms, as Daffney cheers on her girl. MsChif uses her teeth to grab the ropes and break the hold, Lexie chokes MsChif on the ropes as she is relentless tonight. Lexie scoops up MsChif and nails the backbreaker over the knee and bends MsChif, she then drives a shot to the midsection of MsChif. Lexie pulls her up and shoots her in, but MsChif ducks under the clothesline and grabs the ropes. Lexie charges and MsChif drops down and sends Lexie into the ropes before choking her on the ropes. Lexie rolls out of the ring and MsChif goes for the baseball slide dropkick, but Lexie catches her and drives her chest first into the steel barricade! Daffney quickly checks on MsChif outside the ring and helps her to her feet. Lexie goes for the Attitude Adjuster but MsChif slides free and hits the Gateway to Annihilation. Both ladies are down and Daffney screams at MsChif to get up, as Lexie up first. They exchange forearm shots and chops, but Lexie goes to the eyes and then goes after Daffney while the ref checks on MsChif. Daffney drops down snapping Lexie’s neck across the ropes and Lexie staggers backwards. MsChif quickly rolls up Lexie for a near fall and goes for standing moonsault but Lexie rolls out of the way. Lexie pulls her up and goes for the Attitude Adjuster but MsChif grabs the ropes and drop down. MsChif quickly nails the Desecrator and covers for the win, and heads to the next round. 8.25/10 a hard fought match as Lexie bent MsChif in every way possible.

6. Cheerleader Melissa v Sarah Stock. Sarah is the surprise opponent, better known as Sarita in TNA, and this should be a hell of a match. Sarah looks great in red, another forgotten star in TNA, much like Daffney and Taylor Wilde. They lock up and neither can get the advantage, as they get face to face and shove each other. Sarah with a series of chops and into an armbar to the snapmare and a roll up for two. Melissa traps Sarah’s arm and works over the midsection and sweeps the legs. Melissa with a scoop and a slam then drops an elbow for a near fall. Melissa snapmares Sarah down and follows with an armwringer. Melissa locks on an armbar and slams the arm to the mat. Melissa slaps Sarah and sets her in the corner and drives the shoulder into the midsection. Sarah sends Melissa to the opposite corner and charges in; Melissa flips her to the ring apron and hammers away at Sarah. Melissa misses a punch and Sarah snaps her down, Melissa charges at her again and hiptosses Sarah in, but Sarah lands on her feet. Sarah hits an armbar slam followed by a splash for a near fall. Melissa slaps Sarah repeatedly and a forearm takes her down, and Melissa slaps her again. Melissa chokes Sarah with her boot and then chokes her on the ropes. Melissa hits a vertical Suplex and covers for another near fall, as Sarah bridges out. Sarah gets her faces ground into the mat as Melissa pulls her up and snapmares her over before applying the rear chinlock. Melissa stomps the back of Sarah and then kicks her in the spine before dragging her around by the hair. Melissa pulls her up and hits the running powerslam for a near fall. Melissa with a side headlock and goes for the Air Raid Crash but Sarah blocks and goes for a clothesline but Melissa ducks and comes back with one of her own. Melissa goes for the Air Raid Crash again but Sarah counters and hits a vicious clothesline. Sarah sent to the corner but comes out with a dropkick and sends Melissa to the outside; Sarah follows with a somersault senton knocking Melissa to the floor. Sarah back in the ring and taunts Melissa, who slides back in and Sarah ties up her arms and rolls her up for a near fall. Melissa comes back with a series of forearms and a German Suplex for a near fall of her own. Melissa hits a kick, but Sarah comes back with her own as they exchange kicks, Melissa catches the boot and Sarah spins through and hits a kick, but Melissa up quickly. Melissa goes for the Kudo Driver, but Sarah counters to a victory roll for the upset win! 8.5/10 an amazing match for the time they had, very impressive debut for Sarah. Sarah will face MsChif in the next round, that’s going to be amazing!

7. Lacey v Eden Black. Lacey’s record is 3-5 while Eden is only 1-1, so this could go either way; I’m pulling for Eden though, can’t go against the redhead! The bell rings and Lacey stalls as she screams at the crowd. They lockup and Eden with an armdrag and a cover for one, as Lacey screams she wasn’t ready. Lacey takes her time in the corner and gets a quick knee in on Eden into the armbar, but Eden rolls through to counter the hold. Lacey tries to roll through and Eden drops on top of her, and Lacey throws a hissy fit in the corner. Lacey asks for the test of strength and Eden can’t reach her hands, so Eden kicks her and locks on the side headlock. Lacey elbows her, but Eden refuses to release the hold, keeping Lacey quiet finally. Lacey shoots her in and Eden comes back with a shoulderblock and drops an elbow before going back to the side headlock. Lacey sends her in again and monkeyflips Eden, who lands on her feet. Lacey has no idea as she jaws with the crowd and turns around into a series of forearms and gets sent in. Eden connects with the clothesline and a back elbow into the snapmare and a kick to the spine. Eden gets sent in and comes back with a spinning headscissors but gets caught in the corner. Lacey sends her into the buckle and tosses her out of the corner by the hair. Lacey rams Eden into the corner and unloads on her, stomping her down. Lacey pulls her out of the corner the hard way and covers, but Eden kicks out. Lacey rams Eden’s head into the mat repeatedly and then sends her in, but Eden ducks the clothesline and comes back with a rollup and hooks the leg of Lacey into a submission hold. Lacey crawls to the ropes causing the break and Eden hammers Lacey in the corner with the knees and chops. Lacey reverses the whip to the opposite corner sending Eden face first to the buckle and follows with a knee to the back of Eden and hits a reverse DDT for a near fall with a cocky cover. Lacey taunts Eden, but Eden fires up and hammers Lacey and goes for the rollup, but Lacey drives her down face first to the mat and gets a near fall. Lacey takes time to yell at the crowd before going back and choking Eden, as the crowd gets behind Eden. Lacey goes for the DDT but Eden fights off and hits a Northern Lights Suplex and both ladies are down. Eden climbs the ropes as Lacey tries to catch her and she leaps over Lacey. Eden sets Lacey between the buckles and hits a running dropkick for a near fall. Eden sends Lacey in, but Lacey reverses and Eden avoids the clothesline and locks on the Garden of Eden but Lacey makes the ropes. Lacey charges Eden who locks it in again, but Eden shoulders down and she has to release the hold. Eden goes for a Suplex but Lacey counters into the Implant DDT, but Eden blocks and hits the spinning neckbreaker for a near fall. Eden goes for the Garden of Eden, but Lacey kicks her off and quickly hits the Implant DDT for the win. 8.5/10 another hard fought back and forth match, could’ve gone either way.

8. Rain v Nikki Roxx. This is the final match of the opening round, with the winner facing Lacey. We could see a battle of tag partners tonight, which would be interesting, but I’m pulling for Roxx. As Rain argues with the crowd Nikki slaps her ass, which infuriates Rain. Rain offers the handshake and Nikki goes to shake her hand, Rain quickly drives a knee to the midsection and unloads on Roxx. Rain sends her in the corner and Nikki jumps up and over, but Rain puts on the brakes. Nikki clotheslines Rain down and hits a dropkick and hits a Samoa Drop and goes for a cover but Rain rolls to the ropes. Rain misses a clothesline and Nikki with the forearms and sends Rain in, but Rain counters the armdrag with a Codebreaker and quickly stomps Nikki. Rain drives Nikki into the buckle and tosses her out of the corner by the hair and gets a near fall. Rain kicks the midsection of Nikki in the corner and chokes her down. Rain sets Nikki in the corner and chokes her repeatedly, as she argues with the ref Nikki gets a shot in, but gets takes down with a boot. Rain sets her in the corner and charges, but Nikki moves and unloads on Rain. Nikki sends her in, but caught with her head down as Rain kicks her and hits a clothesline for a near fall. Rain chokes Nikki and sets her in the corner; Rain hits the running knees in the corner and chokes Nikki again. Rain hammers the back of Nikki and then pulls her hair before applying a rear chinlock. Nikki elbows her way free and comes off the ropes and goes for a crossbody but Rain ducks and Nikki crashes to the mat. Rain goes for the Acid Rain, but Nikki blocks and Rain sends her to the corner and Nikki comes back with a big boot. A second big boot followed by the discus clothesline gets a near fall for Nikki. Nikki rams Rain into the buckle and sets her up top. Nikki goes for a Suplex, but Rain blocks and hits the Lung Blower off the top rope and gets a near fall. Nikki hits a Northern Lights Suplex out of nowhere and goes for the Barbie Crusher but Rain blocks with a knee lift and hits the neckbreaker over the knee for a near fall. Rain is pissed off and slaps the stomach of Nikki, which fires up Nikki who hits a chinbuster. Nikki quickly hits the Barbie Crusher and scores the big win, heading to the next round! 7/10 a good match to finish the opening round. We now have Rebecca Bayless in the ring, as she introduces Serena Deeb who missed her first round match. Serena says she’s doing ok, but can’t say the same for her car, and on Volume 12 she will be in action. Rebecca asks what she has planned, and Serena says she will challenge the winner. This leads us to the second round, which features Malia Hosaka v Daizee Haze, Sara Del Rey v Alicia, MsChif v Sarah Stock and Lacey v Nikki Roxx, should be some great matches.

9. Malia Hosaka v Daizee Haze. Here we go with the first match of the quarter-finals; winner faces the winner of Del Rey/Alicia. Let’s be honest, the winner faces Del Rey as Alicia has no chance in hell of pulling off that upset. Hope to see Haze win, but I expect Del Rey in the finals either way. The bell rings and they exchange a quick series of sweeps and rollups, nice little opening sequence. Haze ties up the legs of Malia and cranks back the pressure as Malia screams in pain. Haze transitions to a pin attempt but Malia kicks out and locks on an armbar, but Haze to a hammerlock into the snapmare to a submission. Haze rolls her over for a near fall and into the body scissors. Malia reverses into a double arm submission with the legs tied, then kicks Haze in the back of the head. Malia goes to grab Haze but Haze rolls her up and grabs the legs, Malia makes the ropes. They circle and lock up, with Haze into a hammerlock, but a drop toe hold takes the Haze down, Haze reverses back to the hammerlock and Malia in the ropes again. Malia into a hammerlock of her own and works the arm and Haze armdrags Malia over. Malia rakes the eyes of Haze and stalks her blinded foe before choking her in the corner. Malia shoots Haze in and hits a flying chop to Haze’s chest and covers for a near fall. Malia chops Haze in the throat and then chokes her with a knee to the throat while arguing with the ref. Malia sends her in and Haze comes back with a sunset flip, but Malia in the ropes and chops Haze in the throat. Malia starts to work the legs of Haze and applies the figure four with the ropes and gets caught, the ref physically breaks the hold. Malia goes to biting the knee, and takes time to yell at the crowd, which gives Haze a chance to chop Malia, but Malia rakes the eyes. Malia tosses her across the ring by the hair and then sends her to the corner, but Haze reverses and charges in. Malia moves and goes for the spinkick, but Haze avoids the kick only to get kicked in the corner. Malia snapmares Haze down and hits the Hennig neck snap then pulls the Haze up. Haze tries to fight back and sent to the corner. Malia charges in right into the boot of Haze, Haze hits the missile dropkick from the second rope and follows with a Thesz press. Haze with the knucklelock and Malia trips her down and covers, but Haze bridges up and flips into a facebuster, very impressive looking. Haze hits the Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall and Malia goes for a backslide but Haze counters to one of her own and Malia reverses and gets Haze on the mat but Haze kicks out. Haze hits the Heart Punch and covers for the victory! 8.25/10 a great match and now we get Haze versus Del Rey on Volume 12 for the semi-finals.

10. Alicia v Sara Del Rey. There is only one way this match can go; Del Rey will massacre the newcomer. Europe’s The Final Countdown hits and the crowd explodes, love the way they sing along ala Sandman’s old entrance in ECW. Someone hands Del Rey a water gun and Alicia is arguing with the ref, she turns around and Sara blasts her. Alicia falls to the floor screaming and the crowd quickly gets on her. The bell rings and Sara destroys Alicia with a big boot to the chest sending her to the floor. Alicia pulls herself into the ring and eats a dropkick sending her back to the floor again. Alicia catches Sara to close to the ropes and pulls her out, then whips her into the barricade. Alicia back in the ring and bows to the crowd, but has her back to Sara, who rolls in and Alicia spots her and tries to leave. Sara grabs her in a side headlock, Alicia shoots her in and Sara comes back with the shoulderblock for a near fall. Alicia tries to crawl out and Sara grabs the feet, Alicia kicks her off and sends her in. Sara ducks the clothesline and comes back with a body block knocking Alicia on her ample posterior. Sara nails a side backbreaker and covers for another near fall. Sara stomps Alicia who leaves the ring, Sara follows and rams Alicia into the ring apron. Sara whips Alicia into the barricade and throws her back in, but first delivers a big elbow to the throat. Sara in the ring and drops a knee then drags Alicia to the middle and drops a leg and then another knee drop. Sara pulls Alicia up and snapmares her down then drops a headbutt for another near fall. Sara sends Alicia in, but Alicia reverses and hits the Split End then quickly chokes Death Rey. Alicia continues to choke Sara on the ropes, as Allison makes fun of Alicia screaming, Alicia gets headbutted in the stomach. Sara pounds the back of Alicia and hits a snap Suplex as Dave mentions the winner of this match faces the winner of MsChif/Stock, well that screws up my predictions. Sara rams Alicia into the buckle and hits the running hip crusher in the corner. Sara drives the knee into the side of Alicia’s head and pulls her up, but Alicia hammers her in the midsection and chokes Sara in the corner. Alicia chokes Sara on the ropes and covers but Sara kicks out quickly. Sara fires back and hits the Samoan Drop for a near fall. Sara asks the crowd what they want to see as she pulls Alicia up and hits the running boot to Alicia’s chest and covers and surprisingly Alicia kicks out. Sara rams Alicia in the corner and kicks her repeatedly; Alicia sends Sara to the opposite corner and hits a running clothesline. Alicia goes for the corner boot, but Sara catches the boot and flips her to the mat. Sara climbs the ropes and Alicia catches her and tosses her down to the mat for a near fall! Alicia slams Sara down with the Michinoku Driver and locks on a rear chinlock with a body scissors. Sara powers to her feet and pulls Alicia into the Royal Butterfly and connects with the Butterfly Slam for the win. 7.5/10 better than expected as Alicia got some offense in, but Sara still destroyed her. Sara grabs the squirt gun and shoots Alicia one last time before leaving the ringside area.

11. Sarah Stock v MsChif. The winner faces Sara Del Rey in the semi-finals and either match would be great, but I have to pull for MsChif with Daffney! I’m surprised were ending with Lacey v Roxxi, I expected this to be the final match of the night. MsChif screams at the ref as he’s coming towards her and he falls on his ass as the bell rings. They lock up and Sarah with a waistlock into the armbar taking MsChif down. Sarah pulls her up and twists the arm before slapping MsChif and sending her in, MsChif comes back with a headscissor takedown. MsChif with the hiptoss and a chop to the chest followed by the standing moonsault. Sarah goes after MsChif who fires back with the primal scream sending Sarah to the mat; Daffney sneaks up behind Sarah and screams at her. They lock up again and Sarah with a knee lift and hammers MsChif’s back then snapmares her down. Sarah with a kick to the back and sends MsChif in and hits the spinebuster before tying up the legs. Sarah drops her weight across the knee and continues to work over the bad knee of MsChif. Allison mentions MsChif’s lime Jell-O spine as Sarah slams MsChif down on that spine. Sarah unloads on MsChif and sends her to the corner, but MsChif reverses and charges in with the forearm. MsChif with a series of forearms and drops the double stomp across the back of Sarah repeatedly. MsChif snapmares her over and covers, but Sarah kicks out. Sarah sends her in and hits the spinning backbreaker for the near fall. Sarah pulls her up and sweeps her feet out then ties up the legs into a unique looking submission hold. MsChif rolls her up for a near fall and Sarah just hammers her in the face and applies a standing figure four. MsChif crawls to the ropes and forces the break, Sarah reevaluates her plan before pulling MsChif to her feet. Sarah chops her in the ropes, as the crowd split as she sends her in, but MsChif comes back with the DDT. MsChif with a series of chops to the chest of Sarah and hits a big boot knocking Sarah down and gets a near fall. MsChif pulls her up and locks on a unique looking submission hold then drives Sarah face first to the mat. MsChif misses a clothesline and Sarah rolls her up then grabs the legs into the Billy Goat’s Curse, an inverted Boston Crab, which just looks freaking brutal. She then transitions to a double arm submission and pulls back, Daffney pounds the mat to fire up MsChif who frees her legs and rolls back for a near fall. Sarah in the corner and MsChif hits the clothesline and sends her to the opposite corner; Sarah springs to the top rope and nails a perfect crossbody for a near fall. MsChif rolls her over and gets her own near fall then chops the chest of Sarah. Sarah grabs MsChif and locks on the La Reienera, a spinning backbreaker rack, but MsChif able to roll her up. Sarah quickly hits a Tiger Driver and scores the huge upset! 9.5/10 an amazing match, only way it would’ve been better is if it was longer, but that’s the case with tournaments. Surprised to see MsChif out of the tournament so soon thought she’d be in the finals. Sarah will face Sara Del Rey in the next round, and that’s going to be amazing.

12. Lacey v Nikki Roxx. This has no chance of being as good as the previous match, but should still be exciting. The winner face Daizee Haze in the other semi-final match, I assume Lacey will pull off the upset. Lacey stalling yelling at the crowd before screaming at ref as well, while Nikki waits patiently. They finally lock up and Lacey forces her to the ropes as they fight for position around the ring ropes, neither woman gets an advantage. The crowd gets on Lacey’s case, which angers her, as they cheer loudly for Nikki. Lacey charges and Nikki with a drop toe hold then chops her before sending Lacey to the corner. Nikki with the monkey flip and Lacey charges again right into the side slam for a near fall for Nikki. Nikki pulls her up and shoots her in, but Lacey holds the ropes, Nikki charges and Lacey backdrops Nikki, who lands on the apron. Nikki misses a wild swing and Lacey pulls her hair dropping her across the ropes then kicks her to the floor. Lacey follows and hammers Nikki on the floor before ramming her face into the ring apron. Lacey drives Nikki’s back into the apron repeatedly then throws her back in the ring. Lacey follows and covers but Nikki kicks out. Lacey stomps and chokes Nikki, as the crowd is screaming at her, she rams Nikki’s face into the buckle repeatedly. Lacey goes for the running knee to the back, but Nikki moves; however Lacey puts on the breaks. Lacey goes to ram Nikki into the buckle but Nikki springs to the second rope. Nikki fakes her out with a dive and Lacey ducks, Nikki then dives onto her for a near fall. Lacey infuriated clobbers Nikki with a forearm and snapmares her down then kicks her in the back repeatedly. Lacey locks on the camel clutch with a series of crossfaces to the jaw of Nikki. Lacey bites the head of Nikki, who fires back with the forearms and comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Lacey ducks and nails a full nelson slam and maintains the full nelson with both seated. Lacey transitions to the leg full nelson, but Nikki rolls back for a near fall, nice move. Lacey is angry and stomps Nikki then chokes her on the ropes, Nikki comes back with the mule kick and hammers Lacey then shoots her in, but Lacey holds the wrist and locks on a stranglehold into a backbreaker. Lacey stands on Nikki’s hair and pulls her arms up, she then hammers the back of Nikki before choking her on ropes again. Lacey sets her in the corner and chops her chest, but Nikki blocks and fires back with chops. Lacey rakes the eyes and stomps on Nikki before hitting the Russian Leg Sweep into a float over for a near fall. Lacey goes for a gut wrench but Nikki sweeps the legs for a jackknife pin attempt, Lacey kicks out and hammers her. Nikki comes back with a boot and forearms, and then drives the shoulder in. Nikki sends her to the corner and charges, but runs into the big boot which gets another near fall for Lacey. Lacey hits a cross arm neckbreaker into the Japanese Stranglehold with a nice bridge, very impressive from Lacey. Lacey takes time to yell at the crowd before dropping an elbow and Nikki moves. Nikki with a quick pair of clotheslines and a dropkick into a spinebuster for a near fall as Nikki starts to make a comeback. Nikki goes for the Barbie Crusher but Lacey fights it off with a series of elbows. Lacey misses a clothesline and Nikki ties her up in a backbreaker across her back then drops backwards on top of Lacey for the near fall. Nikki goes to pull her up and Lacey rakes the eyes and goes for the Implant DDT. Nikki blocks and goes for the Barbie Crusher but can’t get her up and Lacey hits a series of forearms. Lacey quickly hits the Implant DDT and covers for the victory. 8.75/10 very impressive back and forth action and either girl could’ve scored the win. That sets up the semi-finals of Haze v Lacey and Sara v Sarah; both should be very impressive matches.


1. Malia Hosaka pinned Allison Danger at 9:21 7/10

2. Daizee Haze defeated Portia Perez at 5:46 7/10

3. Sara Del Rey beat Cindy Rogers in 10:45 8/10

4. Alicia upset Ariel in 6:15 7/10

5. MsChif pinned Lexie Fyfe in 8:23 8.25/10

6. Sarah Stock beat Cheerleader Melissa in 8:25 8.5/10

7. Lacey pinned Eden Black at 10:57 8.5/10

8. Nikki Roxx defeated Rain in 8:09 7/10

9. Daizee Haze upset Malia Hosaka in 9:01 8.25/10

10. Sara Del Rey destroyed Alicia at 9:00 7.5/10

11. Sarah Stock upset MsChif in 9:12 9.5/10

12. Lacey pinned Nikki Roxx at 16:21 8.75/10

An amazing first two rounds of the tournament, some great matches overall. MsChif and Sarah stole the show with match of the night though, and it should’ve been the end of the show. With two great matches for the next round, and a final that should be phenomenal no matter which of the four it is, Volume 12 could be the best SHIMMER DVD so far.


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