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SHIMMER Volume 10 – April 7, 2007


SHIMMER Volume 10 – April 7, 2007

I’m back with another SHIMMER DVD, as we finally hit the big 10! Had a bit of a diversion from SHIMMER as I was watching the new WWE Best of RAW 93-94 set. It was surprisingly a very good set with some good matches but was sad to see how many of the wrestlers from that era are dead already. Next set to watch is Ricky Steamboat, but first let’s get some of the SHIMMER DVD’s done, our last show featured eight great matches including Kong defeating MsChif and Del Rey beating Melissa in the main event. The next show features the big tournament to crown the first SHIMMER champion, but we have to get through volume 10, so let’s get started.

1. Portia Perez v Ariel. We waste no time starting tonight as the always stunning Portia makes her way to the ring. The crowd quickly gets on Portia’s case and she gets right in their faces. Ariel comes out to a large ovation from the crowd and makes her way around the ring high fiving the fans before entering the ring. The bell rings and they lock up, and Portia slaps Ariel, Ariel responds with a shove. Ariel misses a clothesline as does Portia and Ariel slaps Portia then takes her down with a drop toe hold. Ariel with a big scoop slam and covers for a quick two count. Ariel rams Portia’s head into the buckle and hammers her in the corner. Portia rakes the eyes and chokes down Ariel, as Allison complains about Portia’s heel tactics. Portia unloads on Ariel and shoots her in and connects with the big boot. Portia back to the chokehold on the ropes and follows with a nice neckbreaker and drops a pair of twisting elbows. Portia climbs the ropes and drops the elbow, but Ariel moves out of the way. Ariel catches Portia with a pair of clotheslines and hits the Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. Ariel goes for a vertical Suplex but Portia blocks and hits a facebuster, ala Edge’s old finisher, for a near fall. Portia pulls Ariel back up and Ariel fights back, Ariel sends Portia to the ropes and Portia ducks under the clothesline. Ariel catches Portia coming back in a front slam for a near fall. Ariel sets her in the corner and kicks the daylights out of her before shooting her to the opposite corner. Ariel charges in right into the boots of Portia, Portia covers with her feet on the ropes and the ref catches her. Portia shoots Ariel in and hits a nice spinkick, and another sloppy cover allows Ariel to kick out. Ariel starts to fight back and hits the Dariel from out of nowhere and gets the win, damn. 7.75/10 a good fast paced opener, but a little short. Portia gets better everytime I see her, she’s amazing to watch wrestle.

2. Malia Hosaka v Josie v Rain v Alexa Thatcher. Malia has the best record of the four, 5-2, while Josie has yet to gain a victory and has five losses. Rain in currently 4-5 and Alexa is the newest SHIMMER girl with one loss and no wins, much like Josie. Between the four I like Alexa the best followed by Rain, not a fan of Josie or Malia though. The match is announced as a four corner survival match with tags, so I guess its elimination rules, which is good. The first two to start are Rain and Alexa, and they lock up, Rain to a side headlock, Alexa counters, but Rain to an armbar, and Alexa counters to a hammerlock. Rain spins through to a waistlock and pushes her to the ropes, Alexa rolls back into a near fall. Alexa with an Oklahoma Roll for another near fall. Alexa sent in and ducks under Rain’s clothesline and comes back with a flying lariat of her own. Rain sends Alexa to the corner and charges in, but eats a pair of boots and Alexa springs to the second rope and comes off with a diving crossbody for another near fall. Rain crawls to Malia for a tag, and now we have the veteran versus the rookie. Alexa showing no fear applies the armbar on Malia and takes her down quickly. Malia sweeps the leg and works over the left leg of Alexa, Malia quickly locks on a submission hold but Alexa fights her off and into one of her own. Malia counters and drives Alexa’s knee into the mat and stomps her. Malia cheapshots Josie and then goes right back to Alexa. Malia sends her in and takes Alexa down with the double thrust chop before choking the rookie. Malia hits a nice snap Suplex with a float over for a near fall. Rain makes a blind tag, and Malia is furious, as Rain continues to work over the knee. Rain with a single leg Boston Crab, but Malia comes in a kicks Rain in the face. Alexa makes the tag and Josie quickly unloads on Rain, as Dave says the first fall wins it, well that kind of ruins the survival aspect of the match. Josie whips Rain in and hits a boot then a series of knees followed by the big clothesline for a near fall. Josie with a front facelock and Rain hammers her way out and sends Josie in, but Josie reverses, however Rain comes back with the neckbreaker. Malia tagged back in and chokes Josie on the ropes, while Rain looks on amused. Josie makes the tag and Alexa back in and takes down Malia with a series of clotheslines. Alexa with a big scoop slam, but her leg gives out. Alexa not slowing down and applies the sleeperhold, Malia fading out but able to pull the hair and break the hold. Malia with a quick headbutt and locks on the stomach claw before pulling her up. Malia goes for the Suplex but Alexa counters to a roll up for a near fall. Malia takes her back down and locks on a head scissors while mouthing off at Josie. Malia breaks the hold and pulls Alexa back up, as Allison leaves to get ready for her match. Malia tags in Josie, who hits a gut wrench Suplex for a near fall, as Rain and Malia break the attempt. Josie sent to the corner and Alexa charges and gets caught by the elbow of Josie. Josie hits a blockbuster and covers, but Malia in again and Josie lays a beating on her. Rain gets tagged in somehow and runs over to Alexa and hits the Raindrop for the victory! 7/10 a pretty good match, but would’ve been a lot better with elimination rules. Malia and Josie continue to brawl outside the ring after the bell and fight to the back as the ref helps Alexa out of the ring. We get a replay of Cindy Rogers turning on Allison Danger back on Volume 9.

3. Allison Danger v Cindy Rogers. Allison Danger looking for revenge after being stabbed in the back by Cindy at the previous volume. Allison comes out with the mask on and goes right after Rogers, and the ref has to hold her back. The crowd quickly starts a “Danger’s gonna kill you chant”, as they lock up and jockey for position. Danger pushed to the ropes and they struggle all around the ring, the ref finally pulls the apart. They get face to face and Rogers shoves her, Danger charges in the corner and the ref orders her back. They lock up and Allison takes her down and Cindy tries to protect herself and able to roll over and gets on top of Allison and chokes her. Cindy unloads on Danger and then a stomp to the midsection before tying up the legs of Danger. Allison tries to fight her way free from the hold and the ref has to pull them apart, but Danger right on top of Rogers and hammers her. Cindy reverses and unloads on Danger and locks on the Dragon Sleeper while hammering the back of Danger. Allison fights her way free and rams Cindy’s head into the mat repeatedly. Cindy pulled up and tosses out of the ring, Allison quickly follows and nails a double ax handle to the back then kicks her repeatedly on the floor. Allison chokes Cindy using the guardrail but Cindy fights back and whips Danger into the ringpost hard. Cindy quickly pulls her up and tosses her into the barricade, then breaks the count before continuing the offense on Danger. Cindy goes to ram Danger into the ring, but Allison blocks and unloads on Cindy and breaks the count. Danger puts the boots to Cindy and goes to whip her into the ring, but Cindy blocks and hits a legsweep into the barricade, shades of Raven! Cindy breaks the count and stomps on Danger then goes to send her into the stairs, but Danger reverses and Cindy eats the steel. Danger drives Cindy’s head into the steps repeatedly and again breaks the count, but Cindy able to catch Danger and whips Danger into the steps ribs first. Cindy slams Danger’s head into the steps and then sets her on the barricade before breaking the count. Cindy tosses Danger into the ring and follows in before dropping a big elbow and stomps the back. Cindy ties up the legs and Danger crawls to the ropes slowly, forcing the break. Cindy pulls Danger up and whips her face first into the turnbuckle, then chokes her on the ropes. Cindy goes to send Danger to the corner again but Danger reverses and Cindy eats turnbuckle. Danger catches Cindy as she staggers out of the corner and nails the Lovelace Choker, the inverted facelock neckbreaker over the knee, and gets a near fall. Danger mounts Cindy and unloads on her, but Cindy able to get a chokehold on Danger. Cindy up first and grabs Danger, who fights back, but one forearm from Cindy takes her down. Cindy drags her to the middle of the ring and locks on the leglock with a front facelock, very cool looking, and Danger fights her way free. Danger able to hit a chinbreaker on Cindy who staggers to the corner and Danger charges with a big corner clothesline. Cindy sent to the opposite corner and Danger follows in for a monkey flip, but Cindy holds the legs and drops down for the pin. Cindy uses the ropes for leverage and the ref doesn’t see it and counts three, giving Cindy the big win! 8.5/10 a great brawl with a surprising finish. Allison is furious after the match and chases after Cindy.

4. Lexie Fyfe v Serena Deeb. Serena looks good in green tonight; she really needs a win here, as she sits at 1-4, while Fyfe is 8-1, one of the three best records in SHIMMER at this time. WWE really dropped the ball with Serena, so much talent but never got a chance. She’s better off here in SHIMMER then over there. WWE doesn’t want talent, just models, which is why they’re “women’s” division is a joke. Only four have talent, Natalya, Jillian, Gail and Beth, of which none of them are used correctly. Anyways, back to a real wrestling show, Lexie attacks Serena before the bell with a flying lariat. Lexie rakes the back and hammers Serena, then shoots her in. Lexie puts her head down and Serena holds the ropes. Serena comes back with a dropkick and a pair of back elbows and covers but only gets one. Serena applies the armbar and Lexie fights her of and sends her to the ropes. Lexie chokes Serena on the ropes and follows with a pair of side backbreakers into the backbreaker over the knee. Serena refuses to quit and Lexie breaks the hold, only to send Serena in and catches her in the sideslam for a near fall. Lexie screams at the ref, which allows Serena to try and fight back but Lexie hammers her back down with ease. Serena sent in and ducks under the clothesline and catches Lexie with a crucifix. Lexie comes back with a big clothesline and covers for another near fall. Lexie nails a nice rolling snap Suplex, but Serena blocks the third and cradles Lexie for a near fall. Lexie quickly back on Serena and chokes her on the ropes. Lexie grabs Serena’s legs and steps through as she applies the pendulum. Serena refusing to quit and Lexie just drops her down then sits on her legs. Lexie locks on the surfboard now, and Serena is in pain, but still trying to continue. Lexie breaks the hold and tosses Serena face first to the buckle then to the opposite corner. Lexie charges but Serena moves and quickly opens up on Lexie. Serena sends Lexie to the corner and charges in and goes for a monkey flip but Lexie counters and places Serena on the second rope. Lexie follows and goes for the superplex. Serena fights her off and Lexie charges her, Serena dives down with a crossbody. Serena quickly hits a pair of clotheslines followed by the kneelift and gets a near fall. Lexie backs off to the corner and Serena approaches, but Lexie grabs the leg and drives her into the turnbuckle. Lexie goes for the Attitude Adjuster, but Serena slides down her back and rolls her up for the upset victory! 8.5/10 a great back and forth match, Serena showed a lot in this match and got a huge win. We get the announcement that volume 11 will feature the first SHIMMER championship tournament. A mystery wild card competitor will be in the tournament, can’t wait for that.

5. Amber O’Neal v MsChif. Here comes my favorite, MsChif, with the awesome Daffney, that just made the whole show! Daffney all dolled up in green like MsChif, with her hair in pigtails, just looks too hot! As Amber is in the ring not looking MsChif slides in behind her and screams, scaring the crap out of Amber who crawls in the corner crying. Unbeknown to Amber, that’s the corner Daffney is in, and Daffney lets loose a scream, sending Amber back to the middle of the ring, backing into MsChif. Amber stuck between MsChif and Daffney, and MsChif pulls off Amber’s necklace throwing it out of the ring. Daffney messes up Amber’s hair, and then they let loose a stereo scream and Amber bails out of the ring. Amber on the ring apron on her knees praying, as they do the introductions. Amber tries to get the crowd to pray with her, as they instead mock her. The Scream Queens introduced and the crowd erupts. As MsChif talks to Daffney, Amber attacks from behind and tosses MsChif down. Amber stomps the back of MsChif and sends her in, MsChif reverses and misses a clothesline. Amber backs off and MsChif screams in her face then clotheslines her down. MsChif unloads on Amber and snapmares Amber down hard then locks on the body scissors. Daffney telling Amber to just give up as MsChif pulls back. Amber able to reverse the hold and bends MsChif backwards, MsChif crawls her way to the ropes and bites the ropes, that’s new! Amber pulls her up and sends her into the buckle and chokes MsChif in the corner. Amber argues with the ref and MsChif sends her into the corner and chokes her now. Amber pokes the eyes of MsChif and tries to send her to the corner, but MsChif reverses and charges in. Amber moves and rolls up MsChif, but uses the ropes and gets caught. Amber chops MsChif in the corner and MsChif fires back, as they exchange chops. MsChif takes Amber down with a reverse body scissors into a bridge for a near fall. Amber up first and takes MsChif down with a side Russian legsweep into a float over for a near fall. Amber hits a nice vertical Suplex for another near fall. Amber unloads on MsChif and sends her in, but reversed into the Gateway to Annihilation, a spinning headlock elbow drop, which gets two. Both ladies slow to get up and Amber misses a clothesline and MsChif ties her up with a headlock, with her foot touching the back of her own head. Amber rakes the eyes to break the hold, and Amber slowly gets up, only to get taken down with a pair of clotheslines. MsChif goes for a third and Amber ducks and hits the STO for a near fall. Amber chokes MsChif on the ropes, right in front of Daffney who screams at the ref. Amber takes her to the other side of the ring and continues to choke. Daffney on the apron argues with the ref, as Amber goes to toss MsChif into her, and MsChif reverses sending Amber into Daffney. MsChif hits a knee to the midsection and nails the Desecrator on Amber for the win. 8.5/10 a great match, as MsChif carried Amber to one of her best matches. I love the teaming of MsChif and Daffney, very cool, the two hottest women in wrestling as a team, awesome. Amber quickly scurries back to the dressing room as MsChif and Daffney celebrate the win.

6. Tiana Ringer v Eden Black. Nice to see Eden again, as she looked great in her debut on Volume 9 defeating Rain. Tiana should be a good challenge for her, even if Tiana’s doesn’t have the best record, 2-5, she’s still a good competitor. Tiana comes out dressed in blue, which prompts the crowd to start a chant of “Smurf”! She threatens to leave if they don’t stop so they get louder, and she walks around the ring before climbing back on the apron. Tiana then starts to unzip her top, and changes her mind; instead she pulls off her blue shorts to reveal pink and white shorts, and then removes the top revealing a similar colored top underneath. The bell rings and the crowd continue to anger Ringer, and they finally lock up. Tiana with an armbar, but Eden counters and kicks her repeatedly then flips Tiana down. They exchange a quick series of pin attempts, very nice sequence. Tiana sweeps the legs of Eden and goes for the legdrop, but Eden rolls out of the way. Tiana then misses a kick and Eden rolls her up for a near fall. Eden shoots her in but Tiana catches her with her head down and drives her to the mat. Tiana pulls her up by the hair and slings her back down hard. Tiana stands on her hair and pulls the arms up and then poses for the crowd. Eden starts to fight back but gets hammered down by Tiana; Tiana throws Eden into the buckle and chokes her on the ropes. The crowd still chanting “Smurf” at Tiana, who responds by chopping Eden then snapmaring her over. Tiana takes time to argue with the crowd, and then whips Eden in, but Eden comes back with a sunset flip. Tiana quickly up and clotheslines Eden down. The crowd gives up on the Smurf references and instead starts to chant “Strawberry Shortcake” at Tiana now, love this crowd. Tiana drops the leg across the throat of Eden and covers but Eden kicks out. Now Allison makes a reference to the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon, she calls Eden “Blueberry Muffin” and says it’s a battle of the 80’s dolls. Eden set in the corner and Tiana goes for the chop, but Eden moves and chops Tiana. Eden with a snapmare into the jumping neck snap and gets a near fall. Eden pulls her up and Tiana fights back and twists the arm of Eden and sends her to the corner. Eden reverses and monkeyflips Tiana down, Tiana comes back with a big boot to the chest of Eden. Tiana chokes Eden in the corner and unloads on British Bombshell, but Tiana takes time to yell at the crowd again and this allows Eden to get a shot in. Eden with the Roaring Elbow knocks Tiana down and follows with a second Roaring Elbow but Tiana rakes her eyes. Tiana stomps the fallen Eden and ties up her legs into a surfboard. Eden refuses to quit and Tiana breaks the hold to yell at the crowd some more. Tiana snapmares Eden over and kicks her in the spine before pulling her up and snapmaring her over a second time. Tiana kicks Eden in the chest knocking her down, and again takes too much time with the crowd, allowing Eden to kick out of the pin attempt. Tiana gets serious, as she takes out the pigtails! This gives Eden time to recover and she hammers Tiana, who drives Eden down with a big forearm and another snapmare/kick to the spine. Tiana comes off the ropes with the running kick to the chest for another near fall. Tiana pulls her up and Eden fights back, snapmaring Tiana down and gives her a kick to the spine now. Both ladies up and face to face, Tiana kicks Eden in the stomach and hits the snapmare/kick combo again, but Eden quickly back up. Eden hammers Tiana with a series of knees, then the snapmare/kick combo and follows up with a series of stiff kicks, brutal looking. Eden pulls her up and Tiana with a go behind, they counter each other and Eden gets in the ropes. Tiana rolls her up and Eden counters with the Triangle Choke, however Tiana has her feet in the ropes. Eden scoops up Tiana, who blocks the slam and hits the flip kick. Tiana hits the South Palm Beach Driver for the victory. 8.25/10 a good hard fought match, nice crowd interaction really helped it. We get replay of the Nikki Roxx/Kong match from Volume 5.

7. Lacey v Cheerleader Melissa. This should be good hard fought match between two of the tougher women of SHIMMER. Lacey’s record is not good, 3-4, but she always puts on a good match. Melissa was so underutilized in TNA, it’s amazing how good she really is, and she currently has a record of 4-5. One of these ladies will break even in their record after this match, as the crowd quickly gets on the back of Lacey. Melissa goes to lock up and Lacey ducks under her and taunts Melissa, another lockup attempt and again Lacey ducks under, angering Melissa. Lacey yells at the crowd and gets caught from behind by Melissa with a belly to back Suplex and Lacey quickly rolls out of the ring and has a tantrum. Lacey stalls and now Melissa chases her outside, Lacey rolls in and catches Melissa coming in. Lacey again mouths off to the crowd and turns around, right into a spear from Melissa. Melissa pounds on Lacey, who rolls to the outside again. Lacey takes her time on the floor checking her pulse and adjusting her elbows pads, before slowly rolling in and then back out. Melissa has had enough and slides out of the ring, but gets caught by Lacey who drives her into the ring repeatedly then tosses her back in. Lacey follows and snapmares Melissa and covers, but Melissa kicks out with ease. Lacey gets caught by Melissa who goes for the Samoan Drop, but Lacey drops down and hits the Lung Blower, aka the Codebreaker for a near fall. Lacey quickly hooks on the camel clutch and taunts the crowd, however Melissa powers her way up with Lacey on her back and drives her into the buckle repeatedly. Lacey quickly jumps back on with a sleeper and then sends Melissa to the corner and chokes her. Lacey stomps a mudhole into Melissa and back to the chokehold. Lacey takes too long and Melissa catches her in the corner, but Lacey rakes the eyes and takes Melissa down with a hair pull. Lacey pulls back on Melissa’s arms with the stranglehold, and Melissa refusing to quit, instead she powers up. Lacey takes her down with another handful of hair and gets a near fall. Lacey goes for the Implant DDT, but Melissa counters into the Samoan Drop and gets herself a near fall. Melissa ties up the legs of Lacey into the Kondo Clutch, but Lacey fights free and tries to escape the ring. Melissa catches her and hits the brutal curb stomp and covers, but Lacey grabs the ropes. Melissa drags her to the center of the ring and locks on Kondo Clutch, inverted cloverleaf, but Lacey crawls to the ropes. Melissa pulls Lacey up readies for the Air Raid Crash, over the shoulder back to belly piledriver, but Lacey fights out with a series of knees into the inside cradle for two. Lacey with more quick knees and goes for the Implant DDT but Melissa tosses her away and quickly hits the Air Raid Crash and covers for the win. 7.5/10 a good match, but a little too much stalling from Lacey. She seemed to be acting more like Amber in this match with all the running away. We go backstage to Rebecca Bayless with Nikki Roxx, and Rebecca asks about her win streak and being in the main event. Nikki says she’s worked hard and tonight against Sara Del Rey, this will be her second loss, and Nikki will win the tournament.

8. Amazing Kong v Daizee Haze. Well, I was starting to worry there would be no Haze tonight, glad to see Haze, but I think she’s going to get killed! The crowd agrees as they start a chant of “Please don’t die” for Haze, going to be a tough night for the Haze, as she’s outweighed by 160 pounds here! Haze hands the referee her flower to give to Kong, who just glares at him, and he gives it back to Haze, who puts it in her corner. Kong offers a test of strength and Haze starts to attempt it, but Kong growls at her and she falls backwards, as does the ref. They finally lock up and Kong tosses Haze across the ring with ease, and Haze dusts herself off and tries again. Haze with a rear waistlock and Kong shoves her off again. Kong sets Haze in the corner and whips her to the opposite corner, and charges. Haze moves and jumps on the stunned Kong and hammers her, Kong shoves her off and Haze jumps back up, Kong shoves her off again. Haze rushes her but gets caught in the choke hold; Kong presses Haze overhead and launches her to the mat hard. Kong stands on the back of the Haze, then pulls her up by the hair and goes for the Amazing Bomb. Haze counters with a nice rana, and then kicks Kong in the knee. Haze off the ropes with the kick to the chest and covers, but Kong kicks out with ease. Haze pulls Kong up and tries to whip her in, but Kong blocks and sends Haze to the corner. Kong chops the chest and shoots her to the opposite corner and follows with the big avalanche. Kong quickly drops the big splash on the Haze, and gets a near fall as Haze surprisingly kicks out. Kong grabs the legs of Haze and spins her around before launching her across the ring. Kong turns Haze’s flower upside down before dropping a big leg across the chest of Haze and gets another near fall. Kong pulls Haze up and goes for a slam but Haze drops down the back. Haze gets a kick in and cradles Kong for a surprise near fall. Haze stumbles back to the corner and Kong follows and ties her up in the ropes and chops the chest of Haze repeatedly. Kong comes off the ropes and goes for the splash on the ropes, but Haze able to move and Kong tumbles to the floor. Haze climbs the ropes and dives down on Kong on the floor, but Kong catches her and tosses her into the front row, lucky guys who caught the Haze! Kong pulls Haze over the rail by the hair and whips her into the barricade, and Haze back into the crowd. Kong again pulls her over the rail and whips her into the ring. Kong climbs the ropes, but Haze catches her and hammers Kong. Haze hits a top rope Hurricanrana and covers for the near fall, which was amazing. Haze climbs the ropes and hits a perfect missile dropkick but Kong right back on her feet. Kong hits a running lariat and covers Haze, but Haze again kicks out and Kong is getting mad. Kong climbs the ropes again and goes for the legdrop but Haze rolls away and hits the heart punch on Kong. Kong blocks the Yakuza kick and goes for the wheelbarrow slam, but Haze rolls through and another near fall. Haze off the ropes and hits the Yakuza kick, a second one knocks down Kong and Haze covers, but Kong gets the feet on the ropes. Haze goes for a second heart punch but Kong catches her hand and hits the spinning backfist. Kong quickly hits the Amazing Bomb but Haze again kicks out, and the crowd is going nuts. Kong again climbs to the second rope and hits the Amazing Press and this time she gets the three count. 9/10 a great back and forth match that could’ve gone either way. Amazing match between two impressive talents, and a great battle between the smallest and biggest in SHIMMER.

9. Sara Del Rey v Nikki Roxx. This is Roxx’s first chance in the main event picture, and she deserves it. Nikki’s been on a great streak lately and is currently 5-3, while Sara is 7-2 so far but one loss was a tag match. So Nikki has her work cut out for her with one of the best in the business tonight. Both ladies shake hands with the ref before locking up and Sara with a side headlock, and Nikki counters to a hammerlock. Sara reverses into the side headlock; Nikki breaks free into one of her own and takes down Sara. Sara counters to a top wristlock, but Nikki rolls through back to the hammerlock and goes for the full nelson. Sara breaks free and takes down Nikki with an armbar, Nikki takes out the legs and both ladies get up, and the crowd applauds the nice sequence of holds. Sara with a go behind and into the armbar takeover on Nikki, then into a headlock, but Nikki uses the legs to headscissor Sara and both ladies up again to a nice applause from the crowd. Sara shoots for the leg and takes down Nikki, Sara works the leg, but Nikki kicks her off. Nikki into a headlock and Sara counters to a armbar, but Nikki rolls her up for a near fall. Now they lock up and jockey for position, but neither one back down, Sara able to power Nikki down, but Nikki kips up and takes Sara down with an armdrag. Sara off the ropes and Nikki with another armdrag. Nikki walks the ropes and hits another armdrag followed by the dropkick sending Sara to the floor. Sara takes her time getting back in the ring, and tosses Nikki down, Sara with a half nelson and hits a quick knee on Nikki. Nikki whipped in and ducks the clothesline, but runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Nikki rolls out of the ring and takes a breather. Nikki gets caught on the apron as Sara hits a knee and follows with a hip attack to the side of the head, covers and gets a near fall. Sara clubs the back of Nikki repeatedly and shoots her in, Nikki comes back with the sunset flip, but Sara drops on the chest of Nikki. Sara slams Nikki down hard and drops down with an Earthquake splash. Sara pulls her up and tosses her into the corner then chops the chest repeatedly. Sara with a headbutt followed by the European Uppercut gets another near fall. Sara hits the gutwrench Suplex and into the camel clutch, but Nikki refusing to quit, Sara drops her weight on the back of Nikki. Sara pulls her up and whips her in, Nikki ducks the clothesline and comes back with a crossbody. Sara catches her in midair and nails a nice fall away slam with a bridge for another near fall. Sara drives the double knee into the back of Nikki and follows with a snap Suplex and goes for the back senton but Nikki moves. Nikki hits the dropkick to the back, sending Sara to the corner. Nikki charges and hits a flying forearm then chops the chest of Sara continually. Nikki with a big kneelift and chokes Sara in the corner. Nikki sends Sara to the corner and charges in with the clothesline/bulldog combo for a near fall. Nikki stomps the back of Sara and then drives her down face first to the mat. Nikki locks on a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring, but Sara fights through the pain and crawls to the ropes. Nikki quickly hammers the back of Sara and into the rear chinlock with a knee in the back. Sara fights her way free and comes off the ropes and ducks under the clothesline, both ladies connect with a big boot and both are down. The ref starts the count and Nikki up first followed by Sara. Nikki eats a boot but comes back with one of her own, and they exchange big boots again. Sara blocks Nikki’s third and sweeps her down then drops the back senton for a near fall. Sara whips her in, but Nikki ducks the clothesline and hits the Northern Lights Suplex, but Sara in the ropes. Nikki misses a clothesline and Sara hits the bridging German Suplex for a near fall. Sara goes for the Royal Butterfly, but Nikki block and drives Sara to the corner. Nikki with a series of shoulders to the chest, Nikki charges in but Sara moves, now Sara charges but eats a boot. Nikki with a crossbody and gets a two count, Nikki hits a headscissors and goes for the second one but gets powerbombed down for a near fall. Sara locks on the Royal Butterfly and takes her over with the Suplex for the win. 9/10 a brutal hard fought match, very impressive main event. The crowd gives both ladies a nice ovation as we end this volume of SHIMMER.

Match Recap:

1. Ariel pinned Portia Perez in 5:09 7.75/10

2. Rain defeated Alexa Thatcher, Josie & Malia Hosaka in 8:56 7/10

3. Cindy Rogers upset Allison Danger at 12:02 8.5/10

4. Serena Deeb scored the upset over Lexie Fyfe in 7:39 8.5/10

5. MsChif destroyed Amber O’Neal in 6:40 8.5/10

6. Tiana Ringer pinned Eden Black at 9:54 8.25/10

7. Cheerleader Melissa beat Lacey in 10:41 7.5/10

8. Amazing Kong beat Daizee Haze in 11:05 9/10

9. Sara Del Rey pinned Nikki Roxx at 17:54 9/10

Yet another great show from SHIMMER, with two matches under nine, the opener was too short and Lacey/Melissa had too much stalling. Otherwise this was a great show; the last two matches were incredible. The next show is the SHIMMER World Title tournament and should have some amazing matches as well.


MATCH RECORDS as of Volume 10

Wrestler Win Loss Draw
Alexa Thatcher 0 2 0
Allison Danger 5 5 0
Amazing Kong 4 0 0
Amber O’Neal 3 7 0
Ann Brookstone 0 1 0
Ariel 4 4 0
Beth Phoenix 1 1 0
Cheerleader Melissa 5 5 0
Christie Ricci 1 1 0
Cindy Rogers 4 6 0
Daizee Haze 6 5 0
Eden Black 1 1 0
Josie 0 5 0
Krissy Vaine 1 1 0
Lacey 3 5 0
Lexie Fyfe 8 2 0
Lorelei Lee 1 7 0
LuFisto 1 1 0
Malia Hosaka 5 3 0
Mercedes Martinez 2 3 1
MsChif 5 5 0
Nattie Neidhart 1 1 0
Nikita 1 1 0
Nikki Roxx 5 4 0
Portia Perez 1 3 0
Rain 5 5 0
Rebecca Knox 3 1 0
Sara Del Rey 8 2 1
Serena Deeb 2 4 0
Shantelle Taylor 2 2 0
Tiana Ringer 3 5 0

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