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Wrestlicious Episode 11
September 5, 2010, 8:17 am
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It’s been a while, but I’m finally back with the next episode of Wrestlicious, and soon more SHIMMER. On the last episode of Wrestlicious we saw the debut of Juvi Hall, who lost to Cousin Cassie in a pretty good match. Faith teamed with White Magic in a losing effort to Marley and Coco Montego when Magic cracked the ref in the head with her mace. Tonight should be another fun episode as we have the champion, Glory in a tag team match, so let’s get started.

We open the show in JV’s Crib with Jimmy Hart ironing shirts along with Paige Webb and two other girls. JV comes in and asks him to take care of his care and Jimmy says he doesn’t need this, he’s a Hall of Famer. From there we go to the new extended opening video. Over to Jimmy Hart with a “Random Fan” who asks how do you know you’re a wrestling fanatic? Jimmy says if you wore a mask for your driver’s license photo.

1. Toni the Top featured in Wrestlicious Heroines. Today’s episode shows Toni purchasing herself a hired gun and leaves us wondering who it is.

2. Felony in her jail cell asked why she’s in, she says for the way she was brought up. She says she was brought up on charges.

3. Are You Smarter than a Male Wrestler? Today features Brian Knobbs versus Glory, and of course Knobbs makes a fool of himself and loses. Jimmy’s forehead is turning into a five head!

4. Charlotte is with the doctor who says she didn’t fill out her form completely. He says she left two questions blank, she says there are two things a gentleman never asks a lady, her age and weight. He says there is one thing to never ask him, if he went to medical school.

5. Bandita’s Cantina. Bandita’s customer orders a hamburger well done, and she says nothing in this joint is well done.

6. Country Quickie with Cousin Cassie & Tyler Texas. Tyler says Cassie might be a down home wrestler if you go to the match for the food. Cassie says you might be a down home wrestler if your opponent needs to be milked. I could make a comment about milking, but I digress!

7. Voodoo You Love. Featuring White Magic and her new “husband”, the former ring announcer, Johnny. It’s filmed in black and white and she says she spent all night in the cemetery trying to reanimate her zombies. He asks if she tried singing, as her voice is bad enough to wake the dead.

8. Beatrice and Penelope Bristol promo. Two blonde British girls in pink and white with pigtails, I like! Beatrice is Holly Blossom and Penelope is Hannah Blossom, Holly is a former OVW women’s champion. Both girls also worked for the ChickFight promotion as well, so looks like two more talented stars for Wrestlicious that would never get a second look in WWE.

9. Takedown Spotlight on Sierra Sheraton. We get footage of Sierra on the beach in a silver bikini, looking very hot.

10. All that in the first seven minutes of the show, and now we head to the ring. Once again we’re in Minneapolis, MN and Johnny C, Jr is doing the introductions. Toni the Top & Tina the Trigger v Tyler Texas & Glory. Toni grabs the mic and says people are happy to see her and Toni has been doing outstanding. Toni says her family has a casino, sanitation, construction and everything is booming, and soon she’ll wrestle for the Takedown crown. She says since her business is flourishing she expanded her family and introduces her tag partner, Tina the Trigger. Tina is Sammi Lane, from New Hampshire and has been wrestling for four years. She’s cute too, as she comes out in stripes and carrying a baseball bat. Tina says they are called TNT and are more explosive then ever, and Toni says “Say hello to my little friend”. Tina challenges any ‘meatball’ in the back and out comes Tyler Texas and Cousin Cassie. Tyler says she accepts the challenge but her partner is not Cassie, as she messes up her promo introducing Glory. Glory and Toni start the match, but Toni tags in to Tina right away. Glory and Tina lock up and Glory with a wristlock, Tina reverses the hold, but Glory breaks the hold and applies a side headlock. Tina shoots her in the ropes and misses a clothesline, Glory with a side headlock takedown and controls Tina on the mat. Glory tags in Tyler, and they nail a double hiptoss on Tina which gets a near fall. Tyler with a side headlock takeover and Tina rolls Tyler over for a two count, but Tyler maintains the hold. Tyler runs up the buckles while holding the headlock and then tags in Glory who comes in via the ropes with a double axe handle to the arm. Glory takes her over again with the headlock then pulls her up and runs Tina into Tyler’s boot before tagging her back in. Tyler unloads on Tina and follows with a pair of armdrags and a dropkick sending Tina into her corner. Toni tagged in and runs into an armdrag before being sent to the corner. Tyler hits the back flip elbow in the corner and Toni staggers out of the corner. Tyler off the ropes and Toni catches her in the wheelbarrow Suplex, but loses her balance and botches the move and both ladies land on the mat hard. Toni pulls her up and sends her to the corner and hammers Tyler before trying to shoot her to the opposite corner, but Tyler reverses and follows with a big bulldog. Tyler gets a near fall, and moves in but Toni gets a knee in and tags in Tina. Tina stomps a mudhole in Tyler before tagging Toni back in. Toni hits a nice vertical Suplex and gets a near fall. Toni applies the rear chinlock and taunts Glory. Toni pulls her up and snapmares Tyler down and follows with a dropkick to the back of the head for another near fall. Toni sends her in and misses a clothesline, and Tyler comes back with a sunset flip for a near fall. Toni quickly up and nails Tyler in the back and tags Tina back in and they double team Tyler. Tina chokes Tyler on the ropes, and Toni helps out while the ref was busy with Glory. Tina throws Tyler in the corner and continues to choke her, then tosses Tyler out by the hair and gets a near fall. Tina quickly tags Toni in and Toni snapmares Tyler down and applies a submission hold which looks impressive and Tyler refuses to quit. Tyler able to fight out with a jawbreaker and tags in Glory, but the ref didn’t see the tag. Toni continues to pound Tyler back down and Tina comes in for a double Suplex, but Tyler blocks and DDTs both of them. Texas makes the tag and Glory is in and takes Tina down with a clothesline and sends Toni in. Toni holds the ropes and hides from Glory, who grabs a hold of Tina and locks on the Crossface Chicken Wing, but Toni attacks and all four brawling in the ring. The ref calls for the bell as he’s lost control of the match. 6/10 wasn’t a great match, but better then the last few WWE diva matches. Coco, Marley and Cassie come in the try and break it up. We go to Brooke Lynn backstage who tells the crowd to tune in next week, or whenever episode twelve airs.

What more can be said, another fun episode as the half hour just flew by. I wish we could get more of this show, but what we get is still more entertainment then WWE or TNA at this point.

BONUS: Here’s the match! Enjoy


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