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SHIMMER Volume 9 – April 7, 2007


Almost made it to double digits on SHIMMER, this is taking a little longer than I expected. Anyways, before we start I just wanted to mention the TNA/ECW PPV from last night. I just finished watching it, and really enjoyed the show. It was a great effort from everyone and a really fun show to watch. Watching it made me feel like it was 1995 all over again, and I actually enjoyed it more than I did Wrestlemania, it was just so damn entertaining. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the old ECW, not the Vince McMahon version, just remember these guys ten years older now, and look it. With that out of the way it’s time for SHIMMER Volume 9 as we slowly head towards the crowning of the first SHIMMER Champion, the tournament is on Volumes 11 and 12. On our last show Mercedes was able to pick up a win over Sara Del Rey, tying the series at one win each. MsChif and Melissa were able to put their difference aside and team against the Wrecking Crew, but failed to win. Tonight I don’t know any matches ahead of time, so let’s see what SHIMMER has in store for us.

We open with Sara Del Rey talking about Mercedes ending her undefeated streak and she needs to get back on the horse. Tonight she will face Cheerleader Melissa and will not fall to the Kudo Driver, we’ll see about that.

1. Rain v Eden Black. Rain is in singles competition tonight, I wonder who Lacey faces, if she’s wrestling tonight. This is our first look at the Jezebel, Eden Black, and she’s cute; love the red hair and purple outfit. She’s from the UK, and started wrestling in 2001 and retired about a year after this show. The bell rings and Dave Prazak and Allison Danger welcome us to SHIMMER, as Rain asks for the test of strength and Eden quickly rolls up Rain. They lock up and Eden with a wristlock, which Rain counters. Eden rolls through and kicks Rain in the head, but Rain to a hammerlock and drops down on the arm. Rain ties up the arm with the legs and does push-ups over Eden. Eden able to break the hold with a knee to the face and Rain looks irate. Rain with a go behind and Eden reverses and takes Rain down. Eden with a front facelock, but Rain counters to a hammerlock, but Eden fights her way free by sweeping the leg out of Rain. Eden ties up the legs and goes for the figure four but Rain kicks her off. Both ladies on their feet and another tie up, Rain with an armbar as Dave wishes Nattie well as she’s gone to WWE. Rain with a side headlock and Eden powers out to a wristlock, but Rain back to the side headlock and Eden takes her down with a pair of armdrags and goes for the Garden of Eden, a triangle choke, basically the Undertaker’s poorly done submission move. Rain makes the ropes and Eden releases the hold, as Rain rolls out of the ring. Rain looks frustrated as the ref counts and Eden dives off the ropes onto Rain on the floor, impressive. Eden pulls her up and slams her on the apron before shoving Rain back in the ring. Eden tries for the pin twice, and twice Rain fights out. Eden sends Rain in and Rain comes back with a running double knee to the chest, brutal looking, which gets her a near fall. Eden sent to the corner and Rain follows with a big knee to the chest of Eden, and then follows with another running knee to the face this time. Rain chokes Eden on the ropes and then hammers Eden in the face with forearm before sending her to the corner. Rain chops the chest of Eden, but takes too long and Eden reverses, however Rain gets a knee in the chest of Eden. Rain with a hairmare to bring Eden out of the corner and gets a near fall. Rain sends Eden to the corner and charges in with a big shoulderblock, then sends Eden to the opposite corner and follows with another shoulderblock. Rain scoops and slams Eden down hard in the middle of the ring and chokes Eden right in front of the ref. Rain chops Eden and sends her in, but Eden comes back with the sunset flip for a near fall. Rain catches Eden with a clothesline and goes back to the chokehold. Rain goes for the Rain Drop but Eden blocks and hits a spinning neckbreaker for a near fall. Both ladies slow to get up, and slug it out on their knees and fight to their feet and Eden hits a roaring elbow. Eden with a pair of clotheslines and sends Rain in, Rain reverses but Eden comes back with the crucifix for a near fall. Rain gets a knee in and hits a neckbreaker on the knee; Rain gets herself a near fall now. Rain hammers Eden in the corner and shoots her to the opposite corner. Eden springs to the second rope, but Rain catches her and goes for the Acid Rain. Eden rolls down and applies the Garden of Eden and Rain has no choice but to tap. 7.75/10 a great match and a great debut for Eden. Look forward to seeing more from this young lady! We get comments from Cheerleader Melissa who says she will beat Sara Del Rey just like she beat Daizee Haze.

2. Alexa Thatcher v Ariel. Another debut tonight, as we’re seeing Alexa Thatcher for the first time. The crowd split between the two ladies as they lock up, Alexa into a wristlock, and Ariel counters. Alexa applies the hammerlock but Ariel reverses and into the side headlock. Alexa sends her in, and Ariel comes back with a shoulderblock. Ariel comes off the ropes again and Alexa catches her with an armdrag into the armbar. Alexa with a chop and comes off the ropes and gets hip tossed followed by the armdrag and a big slam from Ariel. Ariel sets Alexa on the ropes and chops the chest then hits a lariat. Ariel pulls her up and sends her in again and hits a shoulderblock for a near fall. Ariel rams Alexa’s head into the buckle and follows with a series of chops to the chest with a few forearms thrown in. Alexa reverses and hammers Ariel now, but takes too long and Ariel nails her in the midsection. Ariel whips her in and catches Alexa with the sideslam and gets another near fall. Ariel sends her in again but Alexa comes back with a spinning headscissor and covers for two. Allison leaves to get ready for her match as Ariel pounds the back of Alexa before sending her in. Alexa ducks under the clothesline and comes back with one of her own, as Ariel hits hers too and both ladies are down. Both ladies exchange forearms and chops, but Ariel gets a kick in and goes for the Suplex, but Alexa blocks and hits one of her own. Alexa hits the standing bulldog and gets a near fall. Alexa sends Ariel in, but Ariel blocks and hits the Dariel for the win! 7/10 a short match, but highly competitive. Alexa looked very impressive tonight and Ariel constantly improves. We now get comments from Eden Black, who says it’s her first time in the US and everyone will tap to her.

3. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka v Cindy Rogers & Allison Danger. Allison comes out wearing a white mask, which looks really freaking creepy. Lexie and Malia have made a formidable team so far here in SHIMMER, so Cindy and Danger have their work cut out for them. Cindy gets in Malia’s face and the ref has to separate them before the bell. Cindy starts while Malia & Fyfe play rock, paper & scissors, which Fyfe wins. They lock up and Fyfe to a hammerlock, which Cindy reverses, however Fyfe re-reverses back as does Cindy. Fyfe fights out to a side headlock which Cindy counters back to the hammerlock and side headlock into a wristlock, but Fyfe tries to reverse, which doesn’t work out very well. Cindy takes down Fyfe with the wristlock and Cindy makes the tag to Danger. The crowd chants for Danger which angers Fyfe, as they lock up and Danger into the wristlock and powers Fyfe down. Danger to a hammerlock and Fyfe reverses, and foes for a full nelson which Danger slides out of and into a keylock. Dave announces Mercedes is out with shoulder surgery while LuFisto is taking a sabbatical from wrestling for a while. Fyfe able to overpower Danger to her corner and they double team Danger before Malia tagged in. Malia snapmares Danger down and pulls back on her arms. Danger reverses the hold and drives a knee in the back of Malia. Malia tries to reverses but Danger flips her over and tags in Cindy who applies a side headlock on Malia and takes her over. Malia with a headscissors breaks the hold and Cindy rolls over her for a near fall. Malia pokes the eyes of Danger and snapmares Cindy down. Malia yanks the hair and now works the arm of Cindy. Fyfe tagged back in and continues to work the arm and tags Malia back in. Malia chops Cindy in the throat and then goes back to the arm as Danger tries to encourage Cindy. Cindy breaks the hold and Malia goes to the eyes before sending her in and nailing a vicious spinkick to the face of Cindy for a near fall. Malia rams Cindy’s face into the buckle and tags in Fyfe who puts Cindy on her shoulders and goes for the TKO, but Cindy grabs the ropes. Fyfe sends her in and Cindy ducks under the clothesline and hits a flying clothesline. Cindy makes the hot tag and Danger comes in and takes down both Malia and Fyfe with chops. Danger hits the snap Suplex on Fyfe and rolls into the cover for a near fall. Fyfe gets a shot in the midsection and rams Danger into the buckle before tagging in Malia. Malia snapmares Danger down and locks on a seated full nelson with a body scissor, then rolls over to the camel clutch. Danger refuses to give in and Malia releases the hold and stomps the midsection of Danger before locking in the Boston crab, and Danger again fights the pain as she crawls to Cindy. Danger almost makes the tag but Malia stomps Danger and chops her hard then brings in Fyfe. Cindy busy with the ref allows the Experience to double team Danger with a big clothesline and Fyfe gets the near fall. Danger almost makes the tag but Cindy was distracted by the fans? I smell a heel turn coming, as Fyfe snapmares Danger down and pulls back the arms. Danger crawls to her corner and again almost makes the tag but Malia distracts the ref. Fyfe drags Danger to their corner and tags Malia back in, and Malia shoots her in and nails the flying double chop on Danger. Malia hammers Danger and then applies a side headlock and drags her to Danger’s corner to taunt Cindy. Fyfe tagged back in and they go for a double team, as Fyfe sends Danger into Malia, but Danger reverses and Malia nails Fyfe. Danger clotheslines both ladies down. Danger hits The Lovelace Choker, aka a neckbreaker on the knee and covers Fyfe, but Malia distracts the ref. Cindy comes in the ring and grabs Danger and hits the sitout facebuster on her opponent. The Experience capitalizes and hits the double inverted Suplex on Danger and Fyfe covers for the win. 7.5/10 a pretty good tag match but the heel turn was not too shocking really. The Experience remains undefeated in tag teams while Cindy leaves her partner laid out in the ring. After a ROH commercial we get comments from Danger who’s disappointed with Cindy’s actions and says she tries to keep her on the right path but instead Cindy let her down. She asks Cindy why she did that and says she meant something to her and it will be the two of them and Cindy will never escape her.

4. Portia Perez v Josie. Always happy to see my favorite Portia Perez, can there be a hotter woman in wrestling? Portia has yet to win a match, let’s hope this is her night. Josie is also winless as well, so both are looking for that first victory. The bell rings and they lock up with Josie going to the armbar, but Portia reverses and rolls up Josie. Portia poses for the crowd, I like it. Portia applies a side headlock and Josie breaks free with a hammerlock and rollup for a quick pin attempt. Portia claims she pulled her shorts, and the ref ignores it. Another lock up and Portia to a hammerlock, but Josie counters to a side headlock and a Portia breaking free to an inside cradle and poses again. They lock up again and Josie with a side headlock, but Portia counters to an armbar then to a full nelson as Allison returns and asks about Portia’s theme song, “Edge of Seventeen”. Allison asks if that is because she’s only sixteen to which Dave says she’s over twenty. Actually her birthday is October 26, 1987 which makes her only nineteen at this point. Josie drops down from the full nelson and rolls her up for a near win. Josie with a waistlock takedown into an Oklahoma roll for another near fall. Josie to a side headlock and Portia fights out and sends her to the corner. Portia charges and Josie moves then armdrags Portia down. A second armdrag followed by a Japanese armdrag and then applies a quick armbar by Josie. Portia powers up and forces Josie to the corner, the ref gets between them and Portia gets a cheap shot in. Portia quickly unloads on Josie in the corner then sends her to the opposite corner and charges but Josie moves. Josie quickly rolls her up again for another near fall as Allison keeps asking about her age. Portia rakes the eyes of Josie and hammers Josie down while taunting the fans. Portia goes for a kick and Josie hooks the leg and nails a leg cradle Suplex sending Portia flying and both ladies are down. Josie hits a clothesline and a back elbow followed by the flying forearm and goes for a pump handle slam, which connects for a near fall as Portia has a foot on the rope. Josie shoots her in and Portia grabs the ropes and slides out of the ring and grabs something under the ring. While the ref argues with Josie, Portia wraps a chain around her fist and clocks Josie in the face. The ref misses it and Portia covers for the victory! 8/10 a nice match, could’ve gone a little longer but still good. I’m biased towards Portia, I just think she’s amazing and would love to see her make it big one day. Portia proudly leaves the ring as Josie’s still out in the middle of the ring and the refs check on her. After they help Josie out of the ring, ring announcer Joey Eastman introduces the newest member of the SHIMMER announce team, Rebecca Bayless, aka Brooke Lynn from Wrestlicious! I believe this would be one of her first appearances after a horrific car accident in 2004. Rebecca comes out to a nice ovation from the crowd and thanks the crowd. Rebecca introduces the Scream Queen, the Goth Goddess, aka Daffney; well I like this so far. Daffney comes out in a pink top and pigtails, nice! The crowd chants Daffney as she high fives the crowd and Rebecca says she’s happy to see her here tonight. Rebecca asks her what she plans to do in SHIMMER and Daffney says she’s proud to be here in SHIMMER. Daffney says one day the fans will see her in the ring but for now she wants to do what she does best, scout talent to manage.

5. Amber O’Neal v Daizee Haze. Can there be a more popular star in SHIMMER then Haze, the crowd goes nuts as soon as they hear the music. Amber tries to sneak out right away and Haze rolls her up for a quick near fall, and Amber is furious. They lock up and Amber with a wristlock but Haze rolls through to one of her own into the hammerlock then the keylock but Amber pulls the hair to break free. Another lock up and Amber to a keylock but Haze reverses and powers Amber down. Amber counters to a hammerlock and Haze fights free, but Amber applies a side headlock. Haze sends her in and takes down Amber with a shoulderblock for a near fall. Amber sends her in and Haze comes back with the spinning headscissors and a pair of clotheslines gets another near fall. Amber tries to run away and Haze catches her and pulls her back in, then sets her in the corner and chops her in the chest. Haze sends her to the opposite corner and charges, Amber moves but Haze springs to the second rope as Amber makes it to the apron and pulls Haze down throat first across the ropes. Amber stomps away on the Haze and then chokes her using the boot. Amber pulls her up and chokes Haze on the ropes now, then rips at the face of Haze. Amber with a scoop and goes for the slam but Haze rolls her up for a near fall. Amber infuriated and nails Haze with a clothesline and back to the choke. Haze hammers at Amber but Amber shoots her in and goes for a slam, but Haze up and over and rolls Amber up again. Amber hammers the back of Haze and screams at her to stay down. Amber chokes Haze in the corner and then twists the arm and nails a side Russian legsweep for another near fall. Amber back to the chokehold again and Haze ties to fight back but Amber hammers her then snapmares her down hard. Amber applies a rear chinlock but Haze fights free and hits a chinbreaker out of nowhere. Both ladies are down and Haze nails a forearm repeatedly then comes off the ropes with a big forearm for a near fall. Haze sends her in and hits a Northern Lights Suplex, Amber kicks free and clubs Haze, but Haze fights back. Haze misses the heart punch and Amber hits an STO for the near fall. Haze rolls Amber up for a near fall and Amber pulls her up and gets Haze on her shoulders and goes for the Airplane spin. Haze drops down and hits the heart punch/Yakuza kick combo for the victory. 6.5/10 not a bad match, but nothing exciting really. Too much choking from Amber dragged it down; Amber has flashes of greatness but only occasionally. We go backstage to Rebecca with MsChif, Rebecca asks about why she challenged Amazing Kong tonight. MsChif screams at Rebecca and says she has no fear of Kong and will defeat her tonight.

6. Tiana Ringer v Nikki Roxx. The crowd solidly behind Nikki for this match, and she looks good in purple and white tie-dye. Tiana reminds me of Suzanne Somers from Three’s Company with the pigtails, just saying. Tiana is doing all these goofy looking Kung-Fu poses and Nikki trying not to laugh, as Allison asks if Mr. Miagi is one of her trainers. They lock up and Nikki takes her down quickly, another lock up and Nikki gets her to the corner and we get a clean break. Tiana charges and Nikki takes her down with a drop toe hold, followed by some clotheslines and a dropkick. Nikki sends her in and nails a flapjack sending Tiana to the floor. Nikki pulls her back in by the hair and Tiana complains her ass hurts. Tiana goes for a clothesline and Nikki ducks and backslides her down. Tiana hits a big boot and gets a near fall, then stomps a mudhole in Roxx. Tiana chokes her on the ropes but Nikki fights back and sends Tiana in. Tiana comes back with a hooking clothesline for a near fall, as the crowd getting on Tiana’s case. Tiana rams Nikki to the buckle and hammers her some more. Tiana sends her to the next buckle and stomps her down the yells at the crowd. This gives Nikki a chance to get a shot in, but Tiana quickly hammers her down and drags her to the ring aprons. Tiana drops outside and rams Tiana’s leg into the apron then slides back in. Tiana continues to work the leg and leg whips Nikki down for another near fall. Tiana misses a chop and now Nikki unloads on Tiana and sends her to the opposite corner but runs into a big boot and Tiana goes for a pin but Nikki kicks out. Tiana with a snapmare into the double arm submission, Nikki powers out and Tiana takes her down with a handful of hair and drops a leg. The crowd calling Tiana a Smurf due to the blue outfit she’s wearing, which just angers Tiana who continues to drill Nikki. Tiana snapmares Nikki down and covers, but Nikki powers out again. Tiana drives Nikki’s knee into the mat hard twice but distracted by the crowd and Nikki rolls her up again. Tiana quickly hammers Nikki down and stretches Nikki out with a submission. Nikki hammers her way free and sends Tiana in, but Tiana reverses and sweeps the legs for another near fall. Tiana pulls her up and sends her into the ropes, but gets caught with her head down. Nikki with a pair of clotheslines and a spinning bodyslam for a near fall. Tiana gets an amazing kick and follows with the spinebuster for a near fall. Tiana climbs the ropes and hits a nice missile dropkick and gets another near fall, as Tiana is getting frustrated. Tiana sends Nikki in and misses a kick. Nikki gets a kick in and hits the Barbie Crusher from out of nowhere and scores the victory! 7.75/10 not a bad match actually, as the crowd was heavily into it and both girls worked hard. After the match Rebecca catches up with Nikki in the aisle and congratulates her on another win. Nikki says she’s worked hard for the last year and has gotten a win at the last couple shows and kicked ass. Nikki says she wants an opportunity to be in the main event and challenged the winner of the main event tonight, Del Ray versus Melissa and whoever wins she wants. We get comments from Kong who says MsChif thinks she can handle her, she’s gonna teach her a lesson.

7. Lacey v Serena Deeb. This should be a very good match, as Lacey gets better everytime I see her and Serena is spectacular. Much like Natalya, another wasted talent in the WWE, don’t even know why they keep signing all the talent and never use them. The bell rings and the crowd is loud for this match, as Lacey screaming at the crowd. They lock up and Lacey powers Serena to the corner and we get a clean break. Another lockup and again powered to the corner as Lacey breaks, but gets a shot in too. Lacey ducks to the ring apron as Serena goes after her. A third lockup and Lacey to the corner again, but Serena ducks under the cheap shot this time. Lacey ducks out again and slowly back in as she charges and Serena ducks and hammers Lacey. Serena with an armdrag into the armbar then flips Lacey down and drops a leg across the arm. Serena works the arm but Lacey breaks free and applies an armbar of her own. Serena rolls through and back to the armbar, Lacey reverses and into the hammerlock. Serena able to roll her up and Lacey quickly kicks free. Lacey screaming at the crowd before they go to lock up and Lacey gets a kick in and then works the arm of Serena. Serena breaks free and armdrags Lacey, a second attempt and Lacey holds the ropes. Serena sends her to the corner and hits a monkey flip, but a second time countered to snake eyes. Lacey stomps on Serena and starts to work over Serena’s arm. Lacey with a quarter nelson and pulls back on Serena’s arm, but Serena powers out and nails a nice fireman’s carry takeover. Serena drops the elbow, but Lacey moves and Serena hits the mat hard. Lacey stomps on Serena and goes back to the arm and then chokes Serena on the ropes. Dave mentions about crowning the first champion in the future and a possible tournament. Lacey takes down Serena with a double arm choke and continues to work over Serena’s left arm. Lacey goes to send Serena in but instead pulls her down by the arm and covers but Serena kicks out. Lacey chops the ample chest of Serena in the corner, but Serena fights back, however Lacey rakes the eyes of Serena and chokes her down again. Lacey takes her down with the armdrag and locks on the armbar again the chops the stomach of Serena. Lacey hammers the back of Serena but Serena fights back and goes for a slam but Lacey drops behind her and pulls Serena down with a hammerlock reverse DDT, very impressive looking. Lacey chokes Serena while arguing with the ref and then nails a hammerlock sideslam, which looked really cool, and gets another near fall. Lacey takes too long arguing with the crowd and Serena fight back but misses a clothesline and Lacey hits a full nelson bomb and maintains the full nelson. Lacey transitions to a full nelson using the legs and Serena bridges back for a near fall, Lacey fights back up and hammers the back. Lacey goes for a DDT and Serena blocks and both ladies pull each other down by the hair. Serena struggling to get up in the corner and Lacey charges, but Serena moves and hammers on Lacey. Serena shoots her in, Lacey reverses and Serena comes back with a clothesline and a running forearm for a near fall. Serena with a snapmare into a submission hold. Lacey won’t give up and Serena hammers her, but runs into a chinbreaker from Lacey. Lacey sends her to the corner and charges, but Serena gets the boots up and hits a clothesline from the second rope which gets her a near fall. Serena goes for the spear but Lacey moves and hammers the back. Lacey goes for the Implant DDT, but Serena counters to a snap Suplex. Serena goes for a spear but Lacey sidesteps and sends Serena to the ringpost then hits the Implant DDT for the win. 8.5/10 a great competitive match, very impressive showing from both ladies. Lacey makes her way backstage holding her ribs as Serena slow to get up. Serena slowly leaves the ring favoring her left arm, as both ladies showing they went through a war tonight. We get highlights of Kong tearing through the SHIMMER roster from Volumes five and six, which leads to our next match.

8. Amazing Kong v MsChif. Considering these two, this should be a brutal stiff match. Kong stands in front of MsChif as she tries to get in the ring and the ref pulls Kong back. I love Kong’s introduction, “weighing in at none of your damn business”, that’s priceless, much like MsChif, “From the Inferno”. The crowd quickly starts a chant of “MsChif’s gonna kill you”. Kong charges and MsChif ducks under, MsChif charges and Kong shoves her back. They lock up and Kong powers MsChif to the corner and MsChif climbs the ropes, knocking Kong to the buckle. MsChif eats a big chop and gets sent in; she comes back with the spinning head scissors. Kong charges and MsChif trips her down and hooks the legs quickly into the Boston Crab. Kong powers out and sets MsChif in the corner then whips her across the ring by the hair. Kong does it again and then drops a big leg across MsChif for a near fall. Kong lifts up MsChif by the throat and slams her back down, ala Khali’s Punjabi Plunge and chokes her with the boot by standing on her. Kong hammers MsChif on the ropes and charges with a clothesline, folding MsChif in half on the ropes, brutal. Kong stands on MsChif for a cover and MsChif kicks out, Kong then tosses her out of the ring and follows. Kong pulls MsChif up and whips her into the barricade, then into the opposite barricade as MsChif is getting tossed like a ragdoll. Kong throws MsChif back in the ring and follows in. MsChif slow to get up and Kong scoops her up, but MsChif slides on the back into a sleeperhold, very nice counter. Kong staggers and drives MsChif into the corner but MsChif refuses to let go. Kong reaches up and grabs MsChif and throws her down over her shoulder. Kong pulls her back up and locks on the sleeper on MsChif she then spins her around before releasing the hold sending MsChif flying. Kong lifts up MsChif and shoots her in, Kong goes for the backbreaker but MsChif counters to a DDT! MsChif hammers Kong in the corner but Kong fights back and throws MsChif to the corner and follows with the avalanche. MsChif moves and Kong hits the buckles, MsChif quickly rains down a series of shots and then hits the Panic Attack, the running knee to the face. MsChif tries to pull Kong out of the corner, but she can’t move her. MsChif goes for the Desecrator but Kong powers MsChif up on her shoulders into the backbreaker! Kong bends MsChif backwards so she’s kicking herself with her feet, then drops MsChif down hard. Kong threatens the referee before climbing the ropes, but MsChif catches her and hammers Kong on the ropes. MsChif jumps up top and goes for the Death Valley Driver but can’t get Kong up. Kong shoves her down and hits a missile dropkick, holy shit! Kong back on the second rope and goes for the big splash, MsChif tries to roll away but Kong lands on her back and gets a near fall. Kong pulls MsChif up and hits a series of chops then twists the arm, and MsChif fights back with forearms and climbs the ropes while holding Kong’s wrist. MsChif walks the ropes like Undertaker and hits the swinging DDT, which sends Kong to the floor. MsChif bleeding from the mouth as she climbs the ropes and dives onto Kong on the floor! Both ladies are down on the floor and MsChif slowly up first and rolls Kong back in, MsChif hits the double stomp and a standing moonsault for a near fall. MsChif pulls Kong to her feet and Kong goes for the spinning back fist, but MsChif ducks under, however Kong comes back with the lariat and knocks MsChif on her ass. Kong covers and again MsChif able to kick out. Kong hits the Implant Buster, a lifting double underhook face breaker, and covers but once again MsChif kicks out and Kong is furious. Kong hits the Awesome Bomb, aka the sitout powerbomb, and again MsChif kicks out and Kong is really pissed off now. Kong goes after the referee now then right back on MsChif as she hits the forearms and MsChif comes back with one of her own and rolls up Kong for a near fall. MsChif comes off the ropes but runs into the spinning back fist from Kong. Kong hits a spinning Awesome Bomb and this time MsChif is unable to kick out. 9.25/10 simply an amazing match, would’ve been ten had it gone a little longer. Still a brutally stiff hard fought match and simply phenomenal. Kong leaves victorious as MsChif struggles to her feet, as Allison give MsChif credit for the beating she took.

9. Sara Del Rey v Cheerleader Melissa. This is our main event tonight, and the winner has already been challenged by Nikki Roxx. The ref calls for the bell and they lock up and jockey for position, neither one can get an advantage. They wind up in the corner and we get a clean break, as the crowd is behind Sara, and they lock up again. Sara with a hammerlock into a waistlock, Melissa counters to an armbar. Sara takes the leg out in into the front facelock, Melissa counters to a hammerlock but Sara rolls out and locks on a leg scissors. Melissa fights her way free and rolls into a leglock, but Sara fights out and into a front facelock. Sara cranks the arm; Melissa rolls through and hooks the arm and leg to take Sara down on one knee. Sara sweeps the leg and locks on the armbar while sitting on Melissa. Sara works over the arm and back to the rear chinlock. Sara goes for the cross armbreaker but Melissa blocks and tries to pin Sara, who kicks at Melissa trying to lock in the armbreaker. Melissa fights free and ties up Sara’s legs and drives Sara’s knees into the mat. Sara crawls her way to the ropes and Melissa has to break the hold. Both ladies circle each other before locking up again and Sara with a go behind and takes Melissa down by the arm. Sara stomps the arm of Melissa and continues to work the arm. Sara with a series of shoulderblocks to the arm and takes her down, but Melissa able to lock Sara’s head with the leg scissor and rolls her for a near fall. Sara breaks the hold and ties up Melissa’s leg while locking on a chinlock at the same time. Sara quickly drops a leg across the arm and goes back to working over the arm. Sara with a hammerlock, but Melissa breaks the hold to a side headlock and sends her in, they collide with a shoulderblock and no one moves. Melissa comes off the ropes and Sara with a pair of arm drags. Melissa goes for an armdrag but Sara blocks and Oklahoma rolls her up for a near fall. Sara hits a running hip to the side of Melissa’s head and then slams her down in the middle of the ring. Sara with a senton splash gets a near fall, and she pulls Melissa up before sending her in. Melissa comes back and kicks Sara’s leg out from under her and starts to soften up the leg. Melissa works over the leg and goes for a figure four, but Sara kicks her off sending her out of the ring. Sara on the ring apron and goes for the senton on Melissa, but Melissa moves and Sara hits the hardwood floor. Melissa whips her into the barricade and then breaks the count before breaking apart the barricade. Melissa sends Sara into the barricade once more before slamming Sara down on the floor. Melissa pulls Sara up and throws her back in the ring then shoves Sara back down. Melissa slams Sara down in the middle of the ring for a near fall. Melissa unloads on Sara then shoots her in, and kicks her in the midsection followed by the axe kick for another near fall. Melissa picks Sara up on her shoulder but Sara fights off and comes off the ropes, but gets caught in a Samoan Drop. Melissa whips Sara into the corner and charges in, but runs into a boot and Sara hits a nice moonsault press. Melissa misses a wild swing and Sara hits a running boot to the face and goes for the wheelbarrow slam, but Melissa counters to a rollup. Melissa kicks out but eats a big boot again and Sara gets another near fall. Sara shoots Melissa in the ropes and Melissa comes back with a clothesline which Sara ducks under and catches Melissa in a nice German Suplex. Sara pulls Melissa up and sets her in the corner on the top rope. They slug it out with Sara getting the better and hitting a nice superplex which gets her another near fall. Sara looks frustrated as she holds the ribs. Sara hooks the arms and goes for the Butterfly, but Melissa counters into the Air Raid Crash. Melissa covers but Sara too close to the ropes and Melissa drags her to the middle and ties up the legs. Melissa applies the Kondo Clutch, an inverted Cloverleaf, and Sara crawls to the ring ropes. Melissa forced to release the hold and then stomps on Sara. Melissa pulls Sara up and goes for the Air Raid Crash, but Melissa counters this time, into the Royal Butterfly. Sara able to powerslam Melissa over and score the victory. 9/10 a great main event that could’ve gone either way. A great way to end the show, very impressive.

Match Recap:

1. Eden Black defeated Rain in 12:11 7.75/10

2. Ariel pinned Alexa Thatcher at 5:56 7/10

3. The Experience beat Cindy Rogers and Allison Danger in 15:12 7.5/10

4. Portia Perez pinned Josie in 7:33 8/10

5. Daizee Haze beat Amber O’Neal in 8:43 6.5/10

6. Nikki Roxx pinned Tiana Ringer at 10:25 7.75/10

7. Lacey pinned Serena Deeb in 15:55 8.5/10

8. Amazing Kong beat MsChif at 12:22 9.25/10

9. Sara Del Rey beat Cheerleader Melissa in 19:19 9/10

This was a pretty impressive show tonight from SHIMMER as we had some great matches and only one under a seven. Kong and MsChif had match of the night, and I hope we see that match again. Looking forward to the title tournament which is on Volume 11/12 I believe. All in all this was another fun exciting show and nice to see a couple new girls debut.

MATCH RECORDS as of the end of Volume 9


Wrestler Win Loss Draw
Alexa Thatcher 0 1 0
Allison Danger 5 4 0
Amazing Kong 3 0 0
Amber O’Neal 3 6 0
Ann Brookstone 0 1 0
Ariel 3 4 0
Beth Phoenix 1 1 0
Cheerleader Melissa 4 5 0
Christie Ricci 1 1 0
Cindy Rogers 3 6 0
Daizee Haze 6 4 0
Eden Black 1 0 0
Josie 0 4 0
Krissy Vaine 1 1 0
Lacey 3 4 0
Lexie Fyfe 8 1 0
Lorelei Lee 1 7 0
LuFisto 1 1 0
Malia Hosaka 5 2 0
Mercedes Martinez 2 3 1
MsChif 4 5 0
Nattie Neidhart 1 1 0
Nikita 1 1 0
Nikki Roxx 5 3 0
Portia Perez 1 2 0
Rain 4 5 0
Rebecca Knox 3 1 0
Sara Del Rey 7 2 1
Serena Deeb 1 4 0
Shantelle Taylor 2 2 0
Tiana Ringer 2 5 0

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