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SHIMMER Volume 8 – October 22, 2006


SHIMMER Volume 8 takes place the same night as Volume 7; wonder how long they did these double tapings? I’m impressed that they can keep the crowd so lively for so long, each show is about two and a half hours and the crowd is fired up through both tapings. Just goes to prove if you have the talent you can put on a good show, as long as it’s used correctly. During the previous volume of SHIMMER we ended with MsChif & Melissa united to fend off the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew, and the MHWC challenged MsChif and Melissa to a tag match. Can the long time rivals team up against this fearsome duo, or will they fall apart and battle each other again? Also tonight we have Sara Del Rey and Mercedes Martinez continue their amazing feud with yet another match in the series, very excited for that match as these two never disappoint. So with that, let’s get started!

We open the show with comments from Sara Del Rey who talks about having beaten Mercedes already but will do it again. From there we head to ringside for our opening contest.

1. Lexie Fyfe v Lorelei Lee. It’s been a while since Lexie has had a singles match, while Lorelei has not fared well thus far in SHIMMER with only one win. However that one win was over Lexie’s tag team partner Malia Hosaka, can lightening strike twice for the young cowgirl? The crowd is behind Lee as they go crazy for her. The ladies lock up and Lee with a go behind but Fyfe counters to a hammerlock. Lee breaks the hold and shoots Fyfe to the corner and follows with the clothesline. To the opposite corner and Lee charges in with the handspring elbow, but Fyfe gets the knees up. Fyfe quickly applies a leg lock and Lee screams in pain, but Fyfe gets caught pulling hair and the hold is broken. Fyfe goes for a fireman’s carry, but Lee drops down and rolls up, but Fyfe comes back with a lariat. Fyfe now locks on a sleeperhold but Lee refuses to quit and Fyfe rams her into the buckle. Fyfe unloads with the chops to the chest of Lee and then pulls her down by the hair. Fyfe does the classic pull the opponent up by the arms while standing on the hair, Fyfe tries for a roll up, but Fyfe rolls through and sends Lee to the buckle hard. Fyfe pulls her out of the corner and covers, but Lee able to kick out. Fyfe with a hairmare then drives an elbow in the back before pulling Lee’s arms back. Lee tries to power out and Fyfe kicks her in the back. Lee with a roll up into the wristlock then transitions to an armbar, but Fyfe rakes the eyes. Fyfe chokes Lee on the ropes now, and then argues with the ref before nailing a vicious facebuster on Lee which gets her a near fall after a cocky pin attempt. Fyfe with a series of chops, but Lee comes back with a three pack of her own. Lee sends Fyfe to the corner and charges in, but runs into an elbow. Fyfe goes for the DDT however Lee able to push her back into the corner and drives the shoulder into Fyfe’s midsection. Fyfe hits a side Russian legsweep and goes for the standing moonsault but Fyfe pulls the knee up. Fyfe hits the Attitude Adjuster, aka the TKO, and covers for the win. 6/10 almost a squash match, but Lee did get a little offense in. An expected win for the much more experienced Fyfe, and not a bad opening match. I’m sure the show will get better as we go along, as always.

2. Cindy Rogers v Serena Deeb. Well, this should be an entertaining match as both ladies are very impressive in the ring. Cindy’s record is only 2-5 while Deeb’s is 1-2, so both ladies have not fared well in SHIMMER. Cindy always looks so energetic and excited for the match, certainly brings the crowd volume up, The lock up and Cindy with a go behind, Serena counters and Cindy breaks the hold and sweeps the legs. Cindy with a front facelock, but Serena pulls Cindy’s legs out and applies a wristlock. Cindy counters out into an armbar of her own, however Serena breaks the hold and applies a headlock, which breaks free of and we have a stalemate. Nice start to the match, as the ladies pump the crowd up before locking back up and Cindy in the ropes, Serena tries to break but Cindy has her leg. I said it during the last volume; Cindy seems to be on her way to a heel turn. Another lockup, and Serena in the ropes, Cindy shoots her in and Serena ducks under the clothesline and comes back with three armdrags. Serena with a roll up, but Cindy coverts to a double arm however Serena makes the ropes. Cindy sent to the corner and Serena with a monkey flip and follows up with a second one. Serena goes for a kneedrop, but Cindy rolls out of the way and quickly attacks the knee of Serena. Allison says she does not like this aggression from Cindy, as Cindy goes for the Indian Deathlock. Cindy breaks the hold and stomps the leg before applying a modified figure four, but Serena refuses to tap and rolls her over instead, thus countering the pressure. Cindy quickly makes the ropes and Serena breaks the hold, but Cindy wastes no time attacking the bad knee. Cindy works over Serena with a submission hold, but Serena overpowers her to break the hold. Serena tries to fight back but one shot to the knee from Cindy takes Serena down. Cindy goes for the figure four and Serena tries to roll her up, but Cindy fights her off. Cindy ties up the legs while pulling Serena forward in a front facelock, which is very cool looking. Cindy goes back to the knee and sets Serena in the corner and charges, but Serena moves. Serena hammers Cindy down with a series of elbows, but takes too long and Cindy gets a shot in. Cindy with a snapmare into the TCB, the rear naked choke like Samoa Joe, and Serena has no choice but to tap out. 7/10 a great hard fought battle, very impressive. Cindy stomps Serena after the match and then slides out of the ring celebrating as the ref checks on Serena. We now get comments backstage from MsChif and Cheerleader Melissa, my two favorites. Melissa asks if this is going to work and MsChif throws her one of her vests and leaves without saying a word.

3. LuFisto v Allison Danger. We got our first look at LuFisto on Volume 7 in a great match with Mercedes, and I’m impressed with her. Allison currently has the second best record in SHIMMER, right behind Del Rey, at 5-2, while LuFisto is hoping to break even tonight with her first win. The bell rings and they shake hands before locking up with a test of strength, and Allison gets the advantage, LuFisto breaks the hold and goes for the wristlock while kicking Allison repeatedly. Allison breaks the grip with one hard shot and takes a breather before they lock up again, and Allison twists LuFisto’s arm before going to a hammerlock then into the side headlock. LuFisto powers out and into a side headlock of her own and takes Danger over while maintaining the headlock. Danger counters to a head scissors, but LuFisto fights out and nails a brutal spinkick to the face of Danger, what a smacking sound. LuFisto back to the side headlock and Allison shoots her in, but LuFisto comes back with a shoulderblock. LuFisto off the ropes and ducks under the clothesline and comes back with a side Russian legsweep directly into the armbar. LuFisto twists the arm, and pulls her back up to unload with a series of chops before shooting Danger in. Danger counters and nails a drop toe hold, sending LuFisto into the ropes. Allison quickly follows up with the curb kick, a running boot to the back of the head while the opponent is on the ropes. Allison pulls her up and hammers LuFisto back down then rips the bandage off the back of LuFisto. Allison locks on the camel clutch and LuFisto screaming in pain but refuses to quit. Allison releases the hold and nails the double stomp on the back then a nice rolling vertical Suplex for a near fall. Allison nails LuFisto in the back, and now we have a slugfest, with LuFisto getting the advantage hammering Allison and nails a cradle Suplex. LuFisto grapevines the leg of Danger, while kicking her with the other leg, very impressive. LuFisto goes to work the knee and into the standing leglock, then hammers Danger in the head. LuFisto sends her in, but Danger holds on and hits a facebuster on the knee before making the cover, but LuFisto kicks out at two. Danger hits a strange looking neckbreaker before locking on a full nelson/camel clutch combo, but LuFisto refusing to quit. Danger goes back to working on the injury of LuFisto, which just angers her as she hammers Danger then chokes her down. LuFisto snapmares Danger down and applies a modified full nelson, but Danger bridges back and tries for the pin, however LuFisto goes for the armbreaker. Danger block, so LuFisto stomps Danger repeatedly and then a series of big chops in the corner. Danger turns her around and drives the shoulder in the midsection then climbs the rope to rake the boot across the head. Danger hits a seated powerbomb out of the corner for a near fall. Danger puts her back in the corner and nails a chop, but LuFisto turns it around and hits on of her own, then sends Danger to the corner and hits a big clothesline. LuFisto follows up with a running boot to the side of the head of the downed Danger. LuFisto works the back of Danger and locks on a rear chinlock, but Danger powers out. LuFisto staggered in the corner and Danger drives a shoulder in then sends her in the ropes. LuFisto ducks under the clothesline and comes back with the spear and locks on a seated dragon sleeper, Danger refusing to quit and fights free with a series of knees. Danger hammers the back and then snapmares LuFisto over, Danger pulls her up. LuFisto fires back with a forearm then the kick to the back before pulling Danger up. Danger fights back and hits a snapmare followed by the kick to the back. LuFisto up and does the same back to Danger now, before pulling her up. LuFisto connects with the Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall, and quickly goes for the rear naked choke, then moves into a chinlock with the body scissors. Danger tries to fight free and LuFisto locks on the Lufisto’s Law, a rear naked choke with body scissors, and Danger has to finally tap out! 9/10 a great match, very hard hitting and brutal. Amazing work from both, as LuFisto is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. After the match LuFisto raises the hand of Allison Danger, very classy move.

4. Amber O’Neal v Josie. Well, I don’t expect a nine out of ten for this match, to be honest. Although I love Amber sitting on the top rope and bopping to Josie’s ring music, very cute. The crowd quickly gets on Amber right away, and they lock up. Josie with a side headlock into the ropes, and we get a clean break. Josie into the wristlock and Amber crawls to the ropes for the break and quickly up and dancing around the ring. Josie charges and Amber ducks and goes for the waistlock, Josie reverses and Amber goes for the wristlock, but Josie into the hammerlock quickly. Josie takes down Amber, as Allison returns to the commentary table; Josie continues to work over Amber. Amber counters with a headscissor, and Josie powers out then takes down Amber with a pair of armdrags and a drop toe hold back to the armbar. Amber asks the ref about her nose while Josie has the armbar on, and fights to her feet. Amber rakes the eyes and sends Josie to the corner and chokes her. Amber distracts the ref to get a cheapshot in and then chokes Josie in the corner before snapmaring her out and hitting the kick to the back. Amber hits the jumping neck snap, I always loved that move, and gets a near fall. Amber chokes Josie on the ropes and then shoots her in and connects with a big boot. Amber climbs the ropes and poses for the crowd, which gives Josie a chance to recover. Amber then makes a cocky cover and Josie kicks out, so she chokes Josie right in front of the ref. Amber pulls her up and sends her to the corner and follows with the clothesline. Amber goes for the running knee and Josie moves, sending Amber to the buckles. Josie quickly hits a backstabber while Amber’s legs are in the ropes and covers, but Amber able to kick out! Josie goes to pull her up and Amber sticks a thumb in the eye. Amber locks on the camel clutch and hammers Josie’s face, she releases the hold and kicks Josie in the stomach. Amber pulls her up and whips her into the corner and charges, running right into Josie’s elbow. Amber tries a second time and runs into the boots and now Josie chops Amber before sending her in and nailing a clothesline. Josie with a back elbow and a flying forearm as Amber pulls herself up in the corner. Josie climbs on top and hammers Amber, but Amber reverses and sets Josie on the top rope, but Josie fights out. Both ladies fighting as Josie still on the top rope, and comes off with a front flip neckbreaker on Amber which gets her a near fall. Josie goes for a neckbreaker, but Amber counters to a Russian legsweep which gets a near fall of her own. Now both ladies are slugging it out with Josie getting the better and hits an X-Factor and covers, but Amber able to kick out. Josie sends Amber in and goes for a spinebuster for Amber blocks and hits the STO for the victory! 6.75/10 not a bad match, better than I anticipated as Amber seems to be improving each show. She may just wind up pulling off an eight match soon. We get comments backstage from Cindy who says tonight was not Serena’s night. Allison makes her way into the backstage and says her and Cindy need to talk, as she sits down and asks what is going on. Allison says she is a pro and doesn’t need to do that, Cindy says any means necessary, Allison says she’s better than that and Cindy ignores her.

5. Malia Hosaka v Nikki Roxx. Always glad to see Nikki, as she makes her way to the ring and Malia tries to get her, but the ref stops her. The crowd boos the crap out of Malia, while they erupt for Nikki. How could TNA not figure out how to get her over, seriously? Malia screams at the crowd as they break into a chant of Nikki Rocks, Malia Sucks! The bell rings and they lock up, Nikki into the wristlock and twists the arm of Malia who keeps screaming at the ref. Malia sweeps the leg and begins to work over the knee of Nikki. Nikki counters to a leglock of her own, and Malia counters back to the advantage while using the ropes, which the ref catches. Malia hairmares Nikki down and then pulls her up by the hair before dropping her. Nikki fired up takes down Malia, who rakes the eyes before going for the wristlock and using the ropes again. Malia hammers the back of Nikki then armdrags Nikki over and into the armbar. Nikki tries to break free but Malia holds on tightly. Malia breaks the hold to drop a leg then pulls Nikki up and shoots her in; Nikki comes back with a sunset flip. Malia rakes the eyes then drags Nikki across the ropes. Malia with a hairmare sending Nikki across the ring, and then does it again. Malia goes for the third time and Nikki fights back sending Malia to the corner, to which she pulls her out with the sitout powerbomb. Malia jams a thumb in the eye again, and whips Nikki to the corner, Nikki reverses but Malia hits a spinkick coming out of the corner sending Nikki down hard. Malia pulls her up and nails a snap Suplex for a near fall, then chokes Nikki with knee on the throat. Malia hammers the back and locks in the camel clutch, Nikki powers her way up and has Malia on her back. Nikki drives Malia into the buckle hard and both ladies are down and hurt. Nikki able to make a cover and gets a near fall, Nikki hiptosses Malia down and locks on a dragon sleeper as the crowd chants tap. Malia able to break the hold by biting, and Nikki comes back with a chop but eats a boot from Malia. Malia with a nerve hold on Nikki, who again refuses to give up. Nikki elbows her way out and sends Malia in, but Malia comes back with a shoulderblock. Malia off the ropes and Nikki catches her with a drop toe hold for a near fall. Malia gets a quick headbutt in on Nikki and locks on a body scissors, and then rolls Nikki around the ring, but Nikki works her way out and into a submission hold of her own. Malia breaks the hold by biting the leg of Nikki, who comes back with a big boot. Nikki into the Boston crab and Malia powers out. Nikki kicks Malia in the back and shoots her in, but Malia reverses and hits the flying double chop to Nikki’s chest. Malia pulls her up and sends her in, and both ladies collide with the clothesline and the ref starts the count. Malia up first and waits for Nikki to get up. Malia charges and goes for the Hurricanrana, but Nikki catches her with the powerbomb and gets the surprise three count! 7.75/10 a very impressive matchup between the veteran and the younger star. After the match Malia throws a tantrum in the middle of the ring as Nikki celebrates with the crowd.

6. Nattie Neidhart v Portuguese Princess Ariel. Nattie debuted at the previous volume, falling to Sara Del Ray in a great match. Ariel lost to friend Cindy Rogers, when Cindy pulled her tights, so both ladies are hungry for a big win. The crowd solidly behind Ariel, which angers Neidhart. They lock up and Nattie with a go behind, Ariel counters, but Nattie into an armbar. Nattie twists the arm and Ariel reverses, but Nattie rolls out into a cover. Ariel into a hammerlock, to the side headlock and Nattie reverses to a side headlock takeover. Ariel counters with a head scissors and Nattie breaks the hold and both circle each other. They lock up again and Nattie with a side headlock takeover, Ariel to the headscissors and Nattie flips out back to the headlock, very impressive. Ariel fights out and into the hammerlock, Nattie counters to a fireman’s carry. Ariel charges and Nattie sweeps the leg and applies a leglock on Ariel. Nattie pulls her up and Ariel into a side headlock of her own, but Nattie counters to a hammerlock. Nattie hammers Ariel in the face then one to the back. Nattie pulls her back up and chops Ariel on the ropes before shooting her in. Ariel ducks under the clothesline and comes back with one of her own and a back elbow followed by a dropkick sending Nattie to the floor. Ariel chases Nattie outside the ring and Nattie back in and jumps in the arms of the ref who drops her down. Ariel unloads on Nattie then sends her to the ropes but Nattie blocks and takes Nattie down by the hair. Nattie mounts and hammers Ariel in the face before yelling at the ref. Nattie hits a perfect snap Suplex then distracts the ref and chokes Ariel. Nattie pulls her up and clobbers Ariel before choking her on the ropes. Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter and Ariel kicks her off, but Nattie quickly hammers Ariel before clotheslining her back down. Nattie gets a near fall and quickly continues the offense and sends Ariel to the corner. Nattie follows with a big knee and pounds Ariel in the corner. A second charge misses and Ariel rolls her up for the near fall. This just angers Nattie who unloads on Ariel then hits the Michinoku Driver for a near fall of her own. Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter again and Ariel rolls away to the ropes. Nattie instead locks on a rear chinlock, as the crowd gets behind Ariel. Ariel elbows her way free and snapmares Nattie down, then follows with the low dropkick. Nattie catches Ariel with a boot and goes for the slam but Ariel able to roll her up. Nattie back up and hammers Ariel before ramming her into the buckle. Nattie works her over in the corner and snap Suplexes her out of the corner for another near fall. Nattie sends Ariel to the corner and runs into the boot, Ariel on the second rope and hits the swinging DDT knocking both women down and the ref starts the count. Nattie up first and chops Ariel, but Ariel comes back and sends Nattie in. Ariel hits a pair of hard clotheslines followed by a scoop slam for a near fall. Ariel pulls her up and hits the Northern Lights Suplex, but not enough to put away Nattie. Ariel hits a snap Suplex and again Nattie kicks out. Ariel sends Nattie in and goes for the Dariel, an armtrap cutter, but Nattie blocks and hits a vicious release German Suplex, sending Ariel down on her head. Nattie quickly locks on the Sharpshooter and Ariel tries to fight out, but unable to and forced to tap out. 8.5/10 another impressive hard fought match. Our third match to end via tap out tonight, very impressive.

7. Tiana Ringer v Daizee Haze. Finally it’s the Haze! Was starting to wonder if she wasn’t on this volume, which would’ve been a bad thing. Tiana’s current record of 2-3 meets Haze’s record of 4-4, this should be a great matchup. Tiana all decked out tonight in dark blue, which looks good on here, while the Haze in pink and black and looking hot as always. The crowd starts with the “Daizee’s gonna kill you” chants! Haze goes after Tiana who keeps trying to get away and the crowd yells at her. They finally lock up and Haze goes behind her and flips Tiana over. Tiana frustrated and charges, Haze drops down and Tiana tumbles to the floor. Tiana getting pissed off now as the crowd is relentless on her, and Haze goes after her. Tiana rolls in and tries to catch Haze with a clothesline, Haze ducks and hits an armdrag. Tiana shoots her in and Haze comes back with another deep armdrag sending Ringer to the ropes again. Haze approaches and gets sent in the corner, Tiana chops Haze, but Haze spins her around and unloads on Tiana. Haze sends Tiana in the opposite corner and Haze charges but gets caught in an armdrag. Ringer goes for the DDT, but Haze reverses, however Tiana kicks Haze by kicking over here own head. Tiana then catches Haze with a big spinebuster and follows with a big elbow drop. Haze tries to fight back and sends Tiana in, Tiana reverses and hits a spinning back breaker for a near fall. Tiana kicks Haze in the back and then drives the elbow in the spine before choking the Haze. Haze tries to fight back and Tiana bites her on the nose and follows with the snapmare/running kick to the chest which gets her another near fall. Tiana slings Haze down by her hair and then proceeds to choke her some more on the ropes. Tiana sets Haze in the corner and charges in with a big knee to the midsection, and then twists the arm to bring down Haze. Haze sweeps the legs to get a near fall, which angers Ringer who comes back with a hard lariat. Tiana with the rear chinlock and Haze tries to fight out, but Tiana takes her down with the hair pull. Tiana stands on the throat of Haze and Haze rolls over to knock her down, and then rolls her for a pair of near falls. Tiana goes for the clothesline but Haze counters to a crucifix which gets two. Tiana back up first and hits a big boot to the chest of Haze then chokes her some more. Tiana drives a knee into the back of Haze as she’s on the ropes and gets herself another near fall. Tiana goes for another knee on the ropes and Haze able to move, Ringer hits the ropes hard and Haze rolls her up for the near fall. Ringer takes Haze back down and drops a pair of elbows with a legdrop following up, and gets herself a near fall again. Both ladies slow to get up, and Haze gets a pair of clotheslines, and a pair of back elbows followed by the headscissors sending Tiana in the corner. Haze hits a pair of corner dropkicks on Tiana then pulls her out of the corner for the cover, but only a near fall. Haze goes for the heart punch, but Tiana blocks and sends Haze to the ropes. Tiana catches her in a wheelbarrow Suplex, but changes to a full nelson with the legs tied up in mid move, nice. Tiana then drives Haze face first to the canvas and then hammers the face of Haze. Tiana goes for the South Palm Beach Driver but Haze counters to a sunset flip for a near fall. Haze able to pull off the urunage out of nowhere and hammers Tiana. The ref warns Haze, which allows Tiana to catch Haze from behind and tie her in the corner where she proceeds to chop her before sending her to the opposite corner. Haze springs to the second rope and catches Tiana with a boot to the face but gets caught up top by Tiana. Tiana goes for the South Palm Beach Driver, but Haze fights out, Tiana catches her in the dragon sleeper. Haze fights free and nails the dreaded heart punch followed by the Yakuza kick and scores the big victory. 8.5/10 a fantastic match, very back and forth and exciting. We now get highlights of the MsChif/Melissa/Wrecking Crew from Volume 7.

8. Lacey & Rain v MsChif & Cheerleader Melissa. This is one half of the huge double main event tonight, as the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew faces the two best in SHIMMER. The Wrecking Crew defeated the previous dream team they faced, Mercedes and Sara, when they could not work together, can they pull off another huge upset? Surprised to see MsChif and Melissa come out together, to MsChif’s music, expected two separate entrances. Lacey and Rain quickly bail out of the ring as the introductions begin, and MsChif anxious to go after both and has to be held back. MsChif starts the match with Rain, in blue, and MsChif screams to the crowd and this allows Rain to get a shot in, to which MsChif screams at her and Rain rolls out tagging in Lacey. Lacey not so anxious to get in there as MsChif lets loose another scream, and Lacey slowly gets in. Lacey ducks under a clotheslines and applies a rear waistlock. MsChif rolls her up and then stomps the midsection of Lacey. MsChif tags in Melissa, who bitchslaps Lacey, then ties up the legs and Lacey screams in pain. Rain tries to get in and the ref pulls her back, which allows MsChif to help pulls Melissa to the middle of the ring and gets Lacey further from the ropes. Lacey finally makes the ropes making Melissa break the hold, so she tags in MsChif who hammers Lacey, who finally gets away from MsChif and tags in Rain. Rain chops MsChif, to which MsChif fires back with multiple chops. Rain sends MsChif in and Lacey gets a cheap shot in, allowing Rain to hit a neckbreaker and tag Lacey back in. Lacey snapmares MsChif then kicks her in the back repeatedly, netting a near fall. As Lacey argues with the ref she chokes MsChif with her leg and then rams MsChif in the buckle and chops her chest. Rain back in and they double team MsChif before Rain chokes her in the corner. Rain ties up MsChif in the ropes and then hits the dropkick to the spine and tags Lacey back in. They hit another double team on MsChif and then Lacey applies an inverted chinlock on MsChif who refuses to quit. Lacey hammers the back of MsChif and drags her to the MHWC corner. Rain back in the ring now and ties up MsChif’s arms and legs in an impressive submission hold, which MsChif refuses to tap out to. Rain sends MsChif in and gets caught with her head down as MsChif gets a sunset flip, as they exchange near fall, very nice sequence. Rain tags Lacey and they double team again as Melissa argues with the ref. Lacey grinds MsChif’s face in the mat and then rams her into the buckle, followed by a series of stomps as MsChif crumples in the corner. As Lacey distracts the ref Rain chokes MsChif from the outside. Rain tagged in and hammers MsChif then goes after Melissa, drawing the ref’s attention allowing Lacey to pull MsChif into the ringpost and Rain to hit a dropkick which gets a near fall, and Rain is frustrated. MsChif tries to fight back and eats a series of kneelifts from Rain who tags Lacey back in and Lacey snapmares MsChif down before locking in a submission hold. MsChif powers out and makes the tag, but the ref was busy with Rain and not allowing the tag, classic heel tag team move. While Melissa argues with the ref the MHWC double team MsChif in the corner. Rain pulls MsChif up and tries to send her to the corner but MsChif reverses and runs into the boot of Rain. Rain on the second rope and MsChif catches her up there and hammers her, before climbing up with her and hits a Death Valley Driver from the top rope, holy shit, and that only gets a near fall. MsChif finally makes the tag and Melissa takes out Rain and Lacey quickly, and hits the curb stomp on Lacey. All four women in the ring. MsChif and Melissa hit a double rolling pin on the MHWC, which looked cool. The ref refuses to count, and drags MsChif to the corner. This again allows double teaming as Rain hits a Codebreaker on Melissa followed by a Backstabber from Lacey. Lacey covers and Melissa just barely kicks out. Lacey goes for the DDT, but Melissa counters with a belly to back Suplex. Melissa tags in MsChif who sends Lacey to the corner and follows with the knee. MsChif sets Lacey in the ropes and hits the Obliteration, a reverse Tombstone piledriver off the second rope, holy shit again, that was brutal. Rain quickly comes in and hits the Rain Drop, inverted DDT, on MsChif, and Melissa comes in to hit the Air Rain Crash, over the shoulder belly to back piledriver, on Rain. The ref forces Melissa out and as MsChif goes for the tag Lacey rolls her up, but MsChif kicks out. Lacey goes for the DDT, but MsChif counters into the Desecrator. Rain runs in and slaps Melissa, and Melissa tries to come in but the ref stops her. Rain breaks up the attempted Desecrator and MsChif responds with the green mist which misses. The MHWC hit the double team Kamikaze on MsChif and Melissa chases after Rain, which allows Lacey to cover and MsChif just kicks out. Lacey hits the Implant DDT on MsChif and covers for the victory! 9.5/10 a wild tag team match, awesome match with some killer moves. Melissa helps MsChif up as Lacey and Rain celebrate and leave the ring. MsChif and Melissa face to face again, and this time MsChif offers the handshake which Melissa accepts and MsChif leaves the ring. Well, after that match it’s going to be hard to follow up, but I’m sure Sara and Mercedes can do it.

9. Sara Del Rey v Mercedes Martinez. This is the next match in this ongoing series, which Sara has one won and they went to a draw in the other match, so I assume Mercedes should win this one. Mercedes comes out first and quickly attacks Sara as she makes her way to the ring before the introductions. Mercedes stomps on Sara on the floor and smashes her against the barricade. Mercedes whips Sara to the barricade, but Sara comes back with a headbutt and whips Mercedes to the barricade. Sara rams Mercedes’ head into the railing and enters the ring as the bell rings. Sara off the ropes goes for the suicide dive, but Mercedes catches her on the ropes and hammers her on the ring apron. Sara with a big boot knocks Mercedes to the floor and Sara dives down on her with a senton! Sara back in the ring and the crowd chants “holy shit” and rightfully so, that was amazing. Mercedes slowly makes her way back in the ring and Sara snapmares her down before locking in the double arm submission with the knee in the back. Mercedes rolls out and goes for the rear chinlock, but Sara counters into a leglock with the crossface. Sara transitions into a slingshot sending Mercedes flying. Sara scoops her up on her shoulders, but Mercedes drops down and takes out Sara’s legs. Mercedes hammers the face of Sara and unloads on her repeatedly. Mercedes snapmares Sara and applies a rear chinlock, and Sara fights out to an armbar. Sara works over the arm of Mercedes and goes for a cross armbar, but Mercedes rolls over to a pin attempt but to close to the ropes. Sara back to the arm and Mercedes takes the leg out and hammers the knee of Sara. Sara fights out and goes for the armbar, but Mercedes blocks so Sara kicks her in the face. Sara pulls her up and nails a series of shoulderblocks before hitting a hammerlock drop. Sara cranks the arm and pulls Mercedes back down and into the armbar, but Mercedes rolls through and hammers Sara. Both ladies exchange shots on their knees, and the crowd appreciates the fight, as Sara hits a hard headbutt. Sara looks to the crowd, which allows Mercedes to get a few shots in and she quickly unloads before taking down Sara with a side headlock, but Sara counters to the headscissors. Mercedes breaks free and nails Sara then a series of chops in the chest of Sara. Sara fights back with forearms and hits a running forearm and a northern lariat. Sara goes for the clothesline and Mercedes ducks under and sweeps the feet. Mercedes with the dragon sleeper while the legs are hooked, very impressive looking. Sara breaks free and Mercedes continues the offense and chokes Sara in the corner. Sara sent to the corner and Mercedes charges but runs into a boot, and Sara hits a running boot as well. Sara with a standing cravat, but Mercedes tries to fight out and Sara hits a knee followed by the cravat Suplex for a near fall. Mercedes ties herself in the bottom rope and Sara refuses to stop stomping her and goes for the powerbomb, but Mercedes rolls over into a near fall. Mercedes hits a big boot knocking Sara flying and another near fall. Mercedes rams Sara’s head in the buckle and sends her to the opposite corner. Sara springs to the second rope, but Mercedes catches her up top with an amazing German Suplex! Sara rolls out of the ring and Mercedes dives through the ropes right into Sara, sending her into the barricade. Mercedes up first and hammers Sara before whipping her rib first to the barricade and hits a series of kicks before breaking the count. Mercedes slams Sara across the barricade and then chokes Sara and again breaks the count. Sara fights back now with a series of chops and Mercedes comes back with a forearm and throws Sara back in. Mercedes follows and covers, but only gets a near fall. Mercedes pounds Sara, but Sara takes out the legs and ties up Mercedes in many painful looking ways. Mercedes breaks the hold by biting Sara’s arm, and Sara shoots her in, but Mercedes reverses and hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Mercedes chops Sara in the corner and hits a DDT before climbing the ropes. Sara catches her up top and climbs up with her, and nails a vicious T-Bone Suplex from the top rope and Mercedes landed hard on her shoulder. Both ladies are down and the ref starts the count, Sara slowly gets up first, as Mercedes follows only to collapse in the corner. They get back to the middle of the ring and Mercedes drives a series of forearms to the face of Sara before shooting her in. Sara blocks and goes for the powerbomb, but Mercedes counters and lands on the chest of Sara. Sara hits a big boot followed by a spinebuster, which gets her two. Mercedes chops the chest of Sara and sends her to the corner, Mercedes charges in and Sara catches her in another T-Bone Suplex. Sara goes for another powerbomb and this time she hits it hard, for another near fall. Sara pulls Mercedes up and goes for the Butterfly Lock but Mercedes blocks and goes for the Fisherman Buster, but Sara blocks this time and rolls her up for another near fall. Sara misses the big boot and Mercedes hits a Saito Suplex and follows up with the second one and a third one, brutal! Mercedes then hits the fourth one and covers for the victory! 9.75/10 simply amazing, both women are brutal in the ring and this was amazing to watch. If Sara had won by submission, considering how much talk about the working over of the shoulder, this would’ve been a perfect ten. This ends Sara’s undefeated singles match streak, as the crowd gives both ladies a standing ovation. There has to be another match, as we’re tied at one win a piece and one draw.

Match Recap:

1. Lexie Fyfe beat Lorelei Lee in 6:24 6/10

2. Cindy Rogers defeated Serena Deeb at 8:16 7/10

3. LuFisto upset Allison Danger at 13:40 9/10

4. Amber O’Neal beat Josie at 10:30 6.75/10

5. Nikki Roxx upset Malia Hosaka in 11:21 7.75/10

6. Nattie Neidhart forced Ariel to submit in 14:19 8.5/10

7. Daizee Haze beat Tiana Ringer in 13:53 8.5/10

8. Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew beat Cheerleader Melissa & MsChif at 15:07 9.5/10

9. Mercedes Martinez beat Sara Del Rey in 18:46 9.75/10

SHIMMER continues to impress with another amazing show, only two matches that were not great, but still better than anything the WWE divas could dream of pulling off. The double main event matches were spectacular, and both matches were awesome with Mercedes/Sara being just a little bit better. Before the show we had a dark match of Sara Del Rey defeating Lorelei Lee.


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