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SHIMMER Volume 7 – October 22, 2006


Here we go with another great SHIMMER show, tonight we have the debut of Nattie Neidhart, aka Natalya, and LuFisto. They will be facing Sara Del Rey & Mercedes Martinez respectively in singles matches, should be some great stuff.

We open the show with Daizee Haze challenging Rebecca Knox to a sixty minute Iron Man Match, and we’re informed Rebecca is injured and will not be wrestling tonight. The injury took place in Germany on September 26th and sadly wound up being a career ending injury. Rebecca wrestled only one match after the injury on February 9, 2008 and announced her retirement. Sad way to end what was looking like a promising career; I was really enjoying her matches in SHIMMER. With that bit of sad news we go to ringside for our opening contest.

1. Tiana Ringer v Lorelei Lee. We haven’t seen Tiana since Volume 4, and she looks great tonight in white with pigtails! Lorelei hasn’t had the best of luck in SHIMMER, as she’s had only one win and three loses, as has Tiana, so they’re very evenly matched. The bell rings and Dave welcomes us to SHIMMER, and they lock up, Lorelei with a go behind into a hammerlock, Tiana reverses into an armbar. Lorelei counters to an armbar of her own and Tiana rolls through to her own armbar and a fireman’s carry takes over Lorelei. Lorelei hooks the legs and comes off the ropes; she ducks under Tiana’s clothesline and nails a crucifix for a near fall. Both back up and Lorelei cradles her for another near fall, a drop toe hold into the Oklahoma roll for another near fall. Tiana whips her in and nails a big boot then punches Lorelei before dropping an elbow. Tiana stomps Lorelei and stands over Lorelei before dropping another big elbow for a near fall of her own. Tiana pulls her up by the hair and Lorelei fights back breaking her grip, but Tiana tosses her in the corner and nails a huge chop to the chest. Tiana sends Lorelei to the opposite corner and stomps Lorelei down. Tiana pulls her out of the corner and stands on her throat while posing. Tiana applies a rear chinlock on Lee, but Lorelei elbows her way out, however Tiana pulls her down by the hair and chokes Lorelei. Tiana pulls her up again and chops, but Lorelei ducks and fires back with chops of her own and send Tiana in. Tiana reverses and Lorelei ducks under the spinkick and comes back with a handspring crossbody for a near fall. Lorelei hits a series of clotheslines and goes for a monkey flip, but Tiana blocks and sets Lorelei on her shoulders. Tiana hits the South Palm Beach Driver, a fireman’s carry into a spinebuster for the win. 6/10 a very competitive match between two young up and comers, very good start for the evening. We get comments from Daizee Haze who says things change as she challenges Cheerleader Melissa tonight for the main event.

2. Cindy Rogers v Portuguese Princess Ariel. Cindy is currently at 2-4 here in SHIMMER and still looking for that big victory, while Ariel is at 1-3 and needs a big victory as well. This should be an exciting match between two fan favorites. The ref calls for the bell and they shake hands before locking up. Ariel into an armbar and Cindy counters to one of her own into the side headlock. Ariel elbows her way out to a hammerlock then the side headlock, but now Cindy counters to a front facelock. Ariel sweeps the foot out and works the knee of Cindy, Cindy uses the headscissor to take Ariel over and applies an inverted figure four on Ariel, very cool looking. Ariel makes the ropes and we get a clean break as Cindy allows Ariel to get up, nice sportsmanship. Another tie up and Ariel to a top wristlock, but Cindy powers out and presses Ariel down, but now Ariel powers out, impressive. Ariel back to the armbar and Cindy reverses and ties up the other arm as well, but Ariel headbutts her way out. Cindy calls for the test of strength, but first dueling chants, as they lock up and Cindy rolls through to a front headlock, but Ariel kicks out and sends Cindy in, Cindy reverses and goes for the hiptoss, but Ariel reverses. Ariel with an armdrag followed by a dropkick for a quick near fall. Ariel pulls her up and scoops her for a slam, but Cindy goes down the back and nails a back elbow followed by a lariat. Cindy snaps off a perfect vertical Suplex for a near fall of her own. Cindy snapmares Ariel over and hits the running jump snap, shades of Curt Hennig. Ariel starts to fight back and snapmares Cindy and nails a low dropkick to the face of Cindy. Ariel rams Cindy’s head into the buckle then chops her in the corner. Cindy tossed out of the corner by the hair, Ariel being very heel like tonight. Ariel sets Cindy in the corner but misses the chop and Cindy fires back and tosses her out of the corner for a near fall, as Ariel grabs the bottom rope. Both ladies firing on each other and Cindy shot in and both women take each down by the hair, and both are down and the ref starts the count. Ariel up first, followed by Cindy and we have a slugfest, Cindy hits a face breaker to the knee for two. Cindy tries a pin again and has a handful of tights and the ref refuses to count. This allows Ariel to hit a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count of her own now. Ariel sent in the ropes and Cindy with a boot followed by the facebuster, ala X-Pac, getting a near fall. Cindy sends her in again and Ariel holds the arm and nails the Dariel, an armtrap cutter, for the victory! 6.25/10 another good match between two young talents, and it seems a heel turn is in the works, but for which one? Ariel helps Cindy up and hugs her before offering the handshake, but Cindy rolls out of the ring leaving Ariel confused. Now we get comments from Lacey who talks about Nikki Roxx being a nobody and that she’ll take Roxx’s open challenge for tonight.

3. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka v Serena Deeb & Portia Perez. Lexie and Malia, calling themselves the Experience, have been on a tear ever since forming this team. Lexie’s 5-1 and Malia is 3-1 so far, however as a team they are 3-0 so far, which means it could be a rough night for the competition. What a team they’re facing as we have Serena Deeb, 1-1, who’s an amazing athlete and one of the hottest young ladies in wrestling, Portia Perez, who’s technically making her debut. She lost to Haze at Volume 5 but that was a dark match, this is the first actual match for her. The Experience not allowing their younger opponents in the ring till the ref holds them back, and Portia and Serena enter cautiously. Lexie slaps the ring announcer for announcing their weight wrong, and the crowd chants one more time. The bell rings and Serena starts with Malia who she armdrags down twice and into an armbar quickly. Serena holds the arm and Malia sends her to the ropes for the break. Malia gets a cheap shot in and locks on the side headlock, but Serena counters to a top wristlock but Malia pulls her down again. Malia twists the arm, but Serena reverses and tags in Portia who continues to work the arm. Malia counters to waistlock followed by the armdrag into the armbar. Malia has as much experience as Portia’s age, that’s actually funny. Malia shoots her in and nails a huge chop on Perez. Malia pulls her up and tosses her into her corner, then distracts the ref allowing Fyfe to choke Perez. Fyfe tagged in and shoots her in and hits the chop for a near fall. Malia gets another cheap shot in before being tagged back in, and they go for a double clothesline but Portia ducks under and comes back with a crossbody. Portia’s 120 pounds not able to knock down the larger Malia and Fyfe, however a dropkick from Serena helps and Portia gets a near fall. This angers the Experience as the pound on Portia in the corner and now Fyfe has a sleeper on Portia, who’s fading quickly. Portia able to fight out though and nails a chin breaker and they’re both down. Lexie tagged in as is Deeb, who takes down both members of the experience. Serena a one woman wrecking crew as she hammers Fyfe who rolls outside with Hosaka. Malia caught on the apron and Serena slingshots her in and tags in Perez. Serena shoots Malia in and Perez hits a clothesline then slams Malia for a near fall, as Fyfe breaks the pin. All four in the ring and Serena gets tossed to the floor. The Experience hit a double front layout Suplex on Perez and Malia covers for the victory. 6.25/10 a fast paced tag match between two young stars facing the two experienced legends, a good showing from Serena and Perez. We get comments from Melissa backstage who accepts Haze’s challenge for tonight.

4. Rain v MsChif. Rain and MsChif both currently sit at 3-3 as of tonight, and both are looking for a win to build momentum. Both ladies were successful in their matches on Volume 6, Rain in a tag match and MsChif defeating Melissa. The ref goes to check MsChif and she lets loose the scream, they lock up and Rain overpowers MsChif to the corner and gets a cheap shot in. Rain charges and MsChif ducks and nails a snap Suplex float over for a near fall. A rollup and a backslide each get a pair of near falls. MsChif with the body scissors into the bridging back chinlock, which always looks amazing. Rain makes the ropes and MsChif breaks the hold as Rain rolls out of the ring. MsChif follows and Rain rolls in and catches MsChif coming back in. Rain pounds the ribs of MsChif, who has a rib injury, and then chops MsChif in the corner. MsChif whipped to the opposite corner and Rain charges with the knee followed by the bulldog for a near fall. Rain chops MsChif twice and sends her in; Rain connects with the double hand chop. Rain unloads on MsChif and whips her in, but MsChif goes for the Hurricanrana, however Rain drops down and bends MsChif in half. Rain wraps her legs around the chest of MsChif and pounds the stomach as MsChif makes the ropes. Rain pulls her up and hammers her some more, but MsChif comes back with the spinning backfist and the standing moonsault but she hurts her ribs. As MsChif holds her ribs Rain hits a dropkick to those injured ribs and gets another near fall. Rain drags MsChif to the ropes and stomps the injured ribs before posing for the crowd. Rain pulls her up and chops MsChif before sending her in, and MsChif comes back with a sunset flip for a near fall. Rain comes back with the clothesline and again hammers MsChif then rams her head to the buckle. Rain chops MsChif in the corner and ducks under MsChif’s clothesline and hits one of her own. Rain ties MsChif up in the octopus hold, but MsChif hammers her way out of the hold and nails a chin breaker on Rain. Both ladies are down and the ref counts, both slowly get up at six, as Allison leaves to get ready for her match. Rain hits a chop, to which MsChif answers with a series of chops and a big clothesline. Another clothesline for MsChif and sends Rain to the corner then the double stomp to the back three times. MsChif suddenly stops and looks towards the entrance way, as her comes Cheerleader Melissa, guess that feud isn’t over yet. MsChif pulls Rain to the center of the ring and covers for the near fall. MsChif distracted yells at Melissa, this allows Rain to hit the double knee to the chest for a near fall of her own. Rain sets up for the Raindrop, but MsChif counters with the Call from the Grave, a rolling cutter, for a near fall. Lacey comes charging to ringside knocking Melissa flying, and quickly jumps on the apron distracting he ref as she tosses something to Rain. Melissa knocks Lacey off the apron as Rain clotheslines MsChif down with the chain as the ref turns around and disqualifies Rain. 6.5/10 not a bad match, but the goofy ending brought it down a bit. I assume this will lead to the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew facing MsChif and Melissa on the next show. Lacey and Rain argue with the referee, as he helps MsChif out of the ring. Melissa in the aisle way yelling at Lacey and Rain as MsChif leaves ringside. Backstage we get comments from the debuting Nattie Neidhart, as she will face Sara Del Rey tonight.

5. Amber O’Neal v Allison Danger. Amber has only two wins but four losses so far, while Danger is the opposite with four wins and two losses. The ref calls for the bell and the crowd solidly behind Danger, as they lockup and Daffney has joined Dave on commentary. Allison with a top wristlock on Amber and takes Amber down, but Amber counters. Allison with a fireman’s carry takeover and gets a quick near fall, she tries to send Amber in, but Amber holds the ropes. They lockup again and Amber gets a side headlock on Danger, who fights out to a top wristlock and Amber reverses into one of her own, then to the armbar forcing Danger down. Danger rolls out and sends Amber to the ropes hard. Both women up and circle each other again, another lockup and Danger works the arm then shoots her in. Amber gets the backslide for a two count, but Danger back with a small package for two of her own, as they exchange a series of near falls, very impressive from Amber. Amber chops Allison, which doesn’t move her, but one from Danger sends Amber flying. She tries again and the same results, now she slaps Danger in the face, which gets a forearm to the face. Danger hammers Amber and sends her to the buckle and unloads on her. The ref pulls them apart and Amber comes off the ropes with a low dropkick to the knees of Danger. Amber starts to work the legs of Danger as the crowd gets on the case of Amber. Amber drives Danger’s knee into the ring apron, but a second time sends Amber flying to the barricade. Danger hits a baseball slide dropkick sending Amber to the barricade again, and follows her outside. Danger throws Amber in, but gets caught coming in as Amber goes back to the leg. Amber ties up the leg of Danger, as Dave asks Daffney what she has planned in SHIMMER, to which Daffney says she wants to keep it a surprise. Amber locks on a single leg Boston Crab but Danger makes the ropes. Amber quickly back to working the leg as she continues to kick the knee of Danger, but gets caught with an enziguri. Amber pulls Danger up, but Danger unloads on her with forearms and a headbutt. Danger hits the Lovelace Choker, an inverted facelock neckbreaker, which hurts her knee, but still makes the cover for two. Danger hits the rolling snap Suplex as she connects with five perfect Suplexes! Allison covers but Amber still kicks out and nails a forearm on Danger, and goes after the knee but couldn’t lift Danger as her back hurts. Amber hits a rolling neckbreaker for a near fall and now both ladies are slugging it out, Danger catches the arm and rolls up Amber for a near fall. Danger quickly goes to the STF on Amber who has no choice but to tap out. 7/10 a very impressive match, much better than I expected it to be. This was one of the best matches from O’Neal so far, right up there with her match with Serena Deeb from Volume Five.

6. Lacey v Nikki Roxx. Lacey’s had a rough go in SHIMMER, with a record of 1-3, while Nikki’s not doing much better at 2-3. Nikki looks great tonight in purple and white, very hot. The crowd immediately starts a chant of Lacey sucks, while they go crazy for Roxx. Lacey quickly bails out of the ring as the bell rings and slowly gets back in. We get a lockup, and Lacey with a wristlock, which Nikki rolls out of and applies one of her own. Nikki cranks on the arm and Lacey counters the hold before transitioning into a hammerlock. Nikki drops down and sweeps the feet of Lacey and into the front facelock, but Lacey fights out back to a hammerlock while pulling Nikki’s hair. Nikki powers out and reverses the hold, but Lacey grabs the foot and pulls it out from under Nikki and quickly applies a front face lock. Nikki reverses into one of her own and Lacey fights to her feet and grabs the arm, into the armbar while biting Nikki’s hand. Lacey transitions into a side headlock and Nikki powers her way out and locks on one of her own now. Nice counter wrestling to start the match, both these ladies are worlds better than anyone in the WWE at this time. Lacey elbows her way free and shoots Nikki in, Lacey goes for the armdrag and Nikki blocks and connects with the clothesline. Nikki hits a back elbow followed by the Samoan drop, and Lacey quickly bails out of the ring for a drink. The Lacey sucks chants begin again as Lacey screams at the crowd. Nikki slides out of the ring and chases Lacey around the ring, and Lacey slides in first and tries to catch Nikki, but she avoids the elbow drop. Nikki armdrags Lacey down and applies an armbar. Nikki sends Lacey to the corner and charges in, but runs into the boot of Lacey. Lacey grabs a handful of Nikki’s hair and nails a second rope bulldog for a near fall. Lacey slams Nikki’s face into the mat and then grinds her face in the mat. Lacey drops a series of elbows and drags Nikki to the corner, and covers but Nikki kicks out. Nikki gets driven into the top turnbuckle twice and Lacey follows up with a series of kicks to the back of the head. Lacey shoots Nikki to the far corner and Nikki crumples to the mat. Lacey pulls the arm of Nikki into the ropes and then backs up before driving the double knee to the back, and Nikki is down again. Lacey yells at the crowd some more before going for the double knee again, but Nikki moves and dropkicks Lacey into the corner then chops her. Nikki goes to send Lacey to the opposite corner but Lacey reverses and follows with a clothesline and neckbreaker combo. This gets her another near fall, as Nikki just barely kicks out in time. Lacey enraged now starts to choke Nikki before going back to working over the spine on Nikki. Nikki able to get a back elbow in and comes off the ropes, right into a spinkick from Lacey. Lacey locks on the Japanese Strange Hold on Nikki but Nikki powers her way out of the hold and hiptosses Lacey down. Nikki goes for the clothesline, but Lacey ducks and nails the most vicious back Suplex I’ve ever seen, Nikki landed right on top of her head! Nikki again able to kick out just in time and Lacey can’t believe it. Lacey stands on the hair while pulling Nikki up, then finally drags Nikki to the corner to choke her some more. Lacey goes back to working the back again and then gets caught arguing with the ref. Nikki shoots her in and goes for the dropkick, but Lacey holds the ropes and Nikki hits the mat hard, getting Lacey another near fall. Lacey hammers the back of Nikki, but Nikki tries to fight back and Lacey takes her back down and goes for the DDT. Nikki counters to jackknife pin and Lacey kicks out, Nikki goes for a clothesline and Lacey ducks and hits a rolling neckbreaker. Lacey quickly applies the dragon sleeper but Nikki fights her way out and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. They exchange chops and forearms and Nikki gets the advantage and sends Lacey in. Nikki hits a clothesline and a dropkick followed by a snap Suplex for a near fall as Nikki getting fired up. Nikki goes for the Barbie Crusher but Lacey fights out with the knee to the face and hits then the backstabber on Nikki for a near fall. Lacey pulls her up by the hair and locks on the cobra clutch into a backbreaker on the knee and another near fall as Lacey is getting frustrated. Lacey pulls her up and goes back to the cobra clutch and Nikki fights out and hits a chin breaker. Nikki hits the Barbie Crusher and scores the big victory! 7.5/10 a great back and forth match, very enjoyable. Nikki celebrates with the crowd as Lacey is stunned about losing in the ring and slowly crawls out.

7. LuFisto v Mercedes Martinez. This is our first look at LuFisto and my first look at her as well. She’s French-Canadian and has been wrestling since 1997; she has some interesting sounding finishers as well. Mercedes is still looking for that elusive first victory in SHIMMER as she sits at 0-3 currently, but still has a big smile. They lock up and Mercedes with a go behind, which LuFisto counters and applies a front facelock which Mercedes counters to a hammerlock and LuFisto counters with a hammerlock of her own. Mercedes takes her down with a legsweep and into the body scissors transitioned to an armbar. LuFisto counter with her own armbar and Mercedes takes the leg again and LuFisto with a head scissor into the front chinlock. Mercedes with a side headlock and LuFisto counters to a hammerlock, which Mercedes counters to the chinlock and forces her to the ropes. Mercedes takes a cheap shot and sends LuFisto in, LuFisto ducks under the clothesline and both miss a dropkick. LuFisto with a wristlock into a waistlock and Mercedes counters to the wristlock, but LuFisto uses a keylock to counter. Mercedes counters to a hammerlock with a chinlock. Mercedes drives LuFisto back to the corner and we get a clean break. LuFisto gets in the face of Mercedes and Mercedes pushes her back. They lock up again and no one moves, so Mercedes offers a test of strength, which LuFisto takes her up on. Mercedes over powers her down, but LuFisto kicks Mercedes off and nails a forearm. LuFisto goes for a German Suplex but Mercedes blocks, and LuFisto back to the side headlock. Mercedes shoots her in and LuFisto comes back with a shoulderblock, which no one moves. A second attempt and the same results, Mercedes ducks under the clothesline and hits a dropkick followed by a powerslam for a near fall. Mercedes locks on a rear chinlock with a crossface, then ties up the arms and legs of LuFisto, who escapes. Mercedes is pissed off and hammers LuFisto then shoots her in. LuFisto ducks under the clothesline and hits a leg lariat and then the Michinoku Driver into a head scissors and drives Mercedes’ face into the canvas. LuFisto goes for the armbreaker and Mercedes blocks it. LuFisto sets her in the corner and chops her then sends her to the opposite corner and runs into a back elbow. Mercedes hits a big boot and covers but LuFisto kicks out. Mercedes hits a pair of chops and follows with a delayed vertical Suplex for another near fall. Mercedes grabs the legs of LuFisto and applies the Regal Stretch, very cool looking, we never see Regal do that anymore. LuFisto crawls to the ropes and makes it, causing the break. Mercedes hammers LuFisto and sends her to the buckle before stomping her down. Mercedes chops the chest and drives in multiple forearms to the face as LuFisto is in the corner. Mercedes goes to send LuFisto to the ropes but LuFisto blocks and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. LuFisto with a drop toe hold and a double stomp on the back followed by the bridging Muta lock. LuFisto transitions to the surfboard then to the camel clutch while hitting the crossfaces on Mercedes. LuFisto pulls Mercedes up and shoots her in, but Mercedes reverses and hits a big spinebuster for a very near fall. Mercedes hammers the back and goes for the powerbomb and hits the sitout bomb for another close call. LuFisto crawls to the corner and pulls herself up but Mercedes is relentless and hits a running knee to the face and covers again, but LuFisto kicks out again. Mercedes chops LuFisto in the corner twice and hammers the forearms before sending her to the opposite corner. Mercedes charges and LuFisto moves, LuFisto hits a forearm and a running knee to the side of the head. LuFisto drags her to the center of the ring and climbs the ropes. LuFisto goes for the diving headbutt but Mercedes moves and LuFisto hits the mat hard. Mercedes quickly hits a release German Suplex and both ladies are down and the ref counts, Mercedes up first. LuFisto up as well and they exchange forearms, and Mercedes hits a powerslam for another near fall. Mercedes gets caught in a Death Valley Driver and LuFisto gets a near fall. LuFisto pulls her up and goes for the Emerald Fusion, but Mercedes counters into the Fisherman Buster and gets the victory! 8.75/10 a great match, very impressive and a hell of a debut for LuFisto. Looking forward to seeing more from her in the future, very good match.

8. Nattie Neidhart v Sara Del Rey. It just seems wrong for Nattie to come out to Cyndi Lauper, seems very weird. This would be Nattie’s SHIMMER debut, and what a challenge she has in Sara Del Rey who has an impressive record of 4-1, and that one loss was a tag match! The crowd is solidly behind Sara tonight, as Nattie gets on the ref right away. They circle before locking up and Nattie with a side headlock takeover, and Sara uses the head scissors to break the hold and both ladies are up. Sara with a go behind into the wristlock takeover to the armbar. Sara moves to the hammerlock and Nattie reverses to a side headlock and Sara powers out back to the armbar. Sara transitions to the hammerlock and Nattie with a fireman’s carry into the armbar and Sara reverses and rides Nattie down. Nattie with the front facelock and Sara counters to the armbar, Nattie rolls through to one of her own and Sara breaks free. Both ladies back up and circle again as Nattie shoots for the leg and applies the leglock, to a front facelock but Sara counters back to the wristlock. The crowd starts a USA chant as Nattie takes the leg out and covers for two. Nattie wants a test of strength and Sara obliges only to be kicked in the gut and now Nattie hammers Sara, but Sara comes back with a big headbutt. Sara with a side headlock and Nattie shoots her in, Sara comes back with a big shoulderblock knocking Nattie down. Sara pulls her up and back to the headlock, Nattie shoots her in again and another shoulderblock. Sara back to the side headlock with a takeover and Nattie elbows her way out then shoots Sara in. Sara comes back with an armdrag into a nice bridging pin attempt. Nattie quickly sends her in again and catches her with the knee to the midsection and Nattie celebrates. Nattie quickly unloads on Sara and then chokes her on the ropes. Nattie takes time to taunt the fans before going back on the offense on Sara. Nattie pounds the head of Sara, but Sara reverses and comes back but Nattie goes for an armbar and Sara has the ropes. Nattie right back on Sara with a big knife edge chop in the corner then whips her to the opposite corner. Nattie charges in with the big knee and then hammers Sara down before working the leg of Sara. Nattie charges and Sara moves and rolls her up, but only gets two. This angers Nattie who pulls Sara down by the hair and goes back to working the leg. Sara tries to fight back with the other leg and Nattie hits a nice snap Suplex for a near fall. Nattie tries to win a few more times and Sara keeps kicking out so Nattie kicks her in the spine and then pulls her up and hammers her down. Nattie ties up Sara’s legs and cranks the pressure but Sara refuses to give up. Sara finally fights her way out of the leglock and Nattie quickly back on her and rams Sara into the buckle. Nattie pulls Sara out of the corner and works the leg and knee some more, while taunting the fans. However the cockiness finally costs her as Sara catches her with a big forearm, but one shot from Nattie knocks Sara back down. Nattie goes for the scoop slam but Sara cradles her for the near fall. Sara back on her feet but Nattie hammers her back down again as Sara’s undefeated singles run is in trouble. Nattie with the rear chinlock and Sara snapmares Nattie to break the hold and hits a low dropkick. Sara pulls herself up and Nattie quickly beats down Sara and then chokes her on the ropes. Nattie pulls her to the center of the ring and goes for the Sharpshooter but Sara blocks and locks on a submission of her own and Nattie makes the ropes. Nattie infuriated and hammers Sara in the corner then sends her to the opposite corner, and Sara comes out with a sunset flip for two. Sara shoots Nattie in, reversed and Sara comes back with a big boot, and follows with a second. Sara hits a perfect bridging Suplex for a near fall, as Nattie in trouble now. Sara with a headbutt and off the ropes with a boot, but Nattie ducks and nails the roaring clothesline on Sara for a near fall. Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter and Sara rolls her up for another near fall. Nattie goes for it again and Sara kicks her off and quickly unloads on Nattie. Sara misses the running forearm and Nattie catches her with a release German Suplex for another near fall. Sara sweeps the legs of Neidhart and bridges to a roll up for a near fall of her own. Sara locks on the Sharpshooter on Nattie, trying to beat her with her own hold, but Nattie powers out and breaks the hold. A slugfest ensues between the ladies and Nattie goes for a clothesline, but Sara ducks and catches her in the Butterfly Lock. Sara quickly hits the Royal Butterfly for the hard fought victory. 8.75/10 a great match and a great debut for Nattie as Sara continues her undefeated streak. Sara’s celebration is cut short as Mercedes makes her way to the ring. Mercedes says Sara said any time any place, and at Volume 8 Mercedes will kick her ass all around the ring.

9. Cheerleader Melissa v Daizee Haze. This is our main event instead of Haze/Knox, and should still be great. Melissa sitting at 3-3 while the Haze is 4-3, so both ladies are pretty even. The bell rings and they lockup, Melissa shoves Haze back and then rams her into the buckle before pulling her down again. Haze with a go behind and then to a wristlock, but Melissa kicks her in the head to break the hold and then twists Haze’s arm. Haze taken down by the arm and then into a head scissors while slapping Haze in the head. She pulls Haze up and then goes for a headlock but Haze rolls through and locks on the front chancery. Melissa power out and takes Haze down with a roll up, then into side headlock. Haze sweeps the legs and ties them up, while pulling the head back. Haze moves to a side headlock and Melissa powers her way up. Melissa shoots her in and Haze comes back to the side headlock and takes Melissa over, Melissa counters with a headscissor but Haze fights out back to the front chancery. Haze rolls over into a dragon sleeper and Melissa rolls through to a pin attempt. Haze kicks out while maintaining the sleeper and Melissa finally powers out and smashes Haze in the face repeatedly. Melissa kicks Haze and then rams her into the buckle before driving the shoulder into the midsection. Melissa hits a snap Suplex for a near fall and Melissa quickly goes for a side Suplex, but Haze locks on a side headlock and takes Melissa over. Melissa tries for the head scissor but Haze blocks it and maintains the headlock. Melissa hammers her way out and shoots Haze in, but Haze holds on and goes back to the side headlock. Melissa tries to send her to the corner and Haze climbs the ropes and takes Melissa over while maintaining the headlock, nice move. Melissa hammers her way free finally and sends Haze in and goes for the side slam, but Haze counters with the spinning headscissors sending Melissa out of the ring. Haze climbs the ropes and dives to the outside with a cross body on Melissa, much to the appreciation of the crowd. Haze breaks the count by rolling in and back out, then chops the chest of Melissa, who fires back with one of her own. Melissa whips Haze into the guardrail and Haze puts on the breaks. Melissa grabs in a rear waistlock and lifts the Haze up and slams her hear into the guardrail repeatedly while holding her legs then drops her chest first across the railing. Haze slow to get up as Melissa rolls in but decides to come after her some more and bends Haze over the railing, brutal looking. Melissa back in the ring as the ref checks on Haze, Melissa goes back after Haze and Haze tries to fight back. Melissa grinds her pom-pom in the face of Haze before tossing her back in the ring. Melissa pulls Haze up and hammers her but Haze tries to fight back, Melissa snapmares her over before dropping the elbow across the chest. Melissa tries to go for the curb stomp and Haze blocks, so Melissa drops a pair of elbows. Haze tries to fight back and gets sent in, but Haze catches Melissa with her head down. They exchange a series of near fall, which gets a nice hand from the crowd. Melissa chops Haze and shoots her in, Haze ducks under the clothesline and goes for a crucifix but Melissa counters with the Samoan Drop. This gets Melissa a near fall, as the Haze kicks out again and Melissa scoops her up and ties her to the tree of woe. Melissa bends Haze through the ropes with a submission hold, which the ref breaks up. Melissa pulls Haze to the center of the ring and works the legs of Haze, as the crowd cheers for Haze. Melissa with a rear chinlock then pulls her up only to slam Haze down hard. Melissa chokes Haze with the leg across the throat before pulling her up and smashing her again. Haze in the corner and Melissa chops her then sends her in to the opposite corner. Melissa charges and Haze catches her with a nice missile dropkick followed by the facebuster. They chop each on their knees and then start hammering each other with forearms and Haze gets the advantage. Haze hits a running forearm and Melissa shoots her in, Melissa goes for the wheelbarrow Suplex but Haze counter with a rollup. Haze gets a pair of near falls, but Melissa sends her in again and gets Haze on her shoulders. Haze able to get in the submission hold while on the shoulders and Melissa crumples to the mat. Haze rolls Melissa over into a near fall and now Haze is back in charge, and gets a jackknife for a near fall. Haze pulls her up and Melissa fires back and goes for the Kudo Driver, but Haze blocks and goes for the Heart Punch. Melissa blocks and hits the Air Raid Crash, over the shoulder belly to back piledriver, and this gets Melissa a near fall as Haze grabs the bottom rope. Melissa goes for a second one, but Haze rolls over and tries to make a pin attempt but Melissa holds the ropes. Haze goes for the Heart Punch and Melissa blocks and hits the kick across the back of the head for another near fall. Melissa pulls her up and goes for the Kudo Driver, Haze blocks and hits the Heart Punch and goes for the Mind Trip. Melissa shoves of her and catches Haze as she comes off the ropes into the Kudo Driver! Melissa slow to make the cover and scores the win. 9.5/10 a great main event, could’ve gone either way with a great ending. As Melissa celebrates the hard fought win, she’s suddenly attacked by Lacey and Rain who beat Melissa down. They double team Melissa and then slap her repeatedly, but here comes MsChif to make the save?!? MsChif takes out both member of the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew. Lacey screams this has nothing to do with MsChif but if she wants to be involved she challenges them to a tag match. The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew take off backstage as Melissa and MsChif are face to face in the ring. MsChif rolls out of the ring as Melissa stands tall in the ring.


1. Tiana Ringer beat Lorelei Lee in 5:29 6/10

2. Cindy Rogers lost to Ariel at 8:42 6.25/10

3. The Experience defeated Serena Deeb & Portia Perez at 6:58 6.25/10

4. MsChif beat Rain by DQ at 8:30 6.5/10

5. Allison Danger pinned Amber O’Neal in 12:21 7/10

6. Nikki Roxx defeated Lacey at 14:59 7.5/10

7. Mercedes Martinez beat LuFisto in 13:06 8.75/10

8. Sara Del Rey pinned Nattie Neidhart in 19:45 8.75/10

9. Cheerleader Melissa beat Daizee Haze at 21:52 9.5/10

We started out slow but built to three great matches in the end. I have to admit Amber is getting better with each showing, and I’m glad to see Portia on here. Look forward to seeing Portia grow as a wrestler. It’s nice to see Natalya in SHIMMER actually wrestling, as opposed to the crap in the WWE. This is why they won’t push her in WWE, she over shadows the rest of the “wrestlers” including most of the men. Volume 8 should be interesting as we have Mercedes and Del Rey continue their feud while MsChif and Melissa seem to heading to a tag match with the Wrecking Crew. Should be a great show, as always with these ladies.


Wrestler Win Loss Draw
Allison Danger 5 2 0
Amazing Kong 2 0 0
Amber O’Neal 2 5 0
Ann Brookstone 0 1 0
Ariel 2 3 0
Beth Phoenix 1 1 0
Cheerleader Melissa 4 3 0
Christie Ricci 1 1 0
Cindy Rogers 2 5 0
Daizee Haze 4 4 0
Josie 0 2 0
Krissy Vaine 1 1 0
Lacey 1 4 0
Lexie Fyfe 6 1 0
Lorelei Lee 1 4 0
LuFisto 0 1 0
Malia Hosaka 4 1 0
Mercedes Martinez 1 3 1
MsChif 4 3 0
Nattie Neidhart 0 1 0
Nikita 1 1 0
Nikki Roxx 3 3 0
Portia Perez 0 2 0
Rain 3 4 0
Rebecca Knox 3 1 0
Sara Del Ray 5 1 1
Serena Deeb 1 2 0
Shantelle Taylor 2 2 0
Tiana Ringer 2 3 0

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