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Wrestlicious Episode 10
July 25, 2010, 2:14 pm
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It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new episode of Wrestlicious, so it’s about time. On the last episode we crowned out first ever Wrestlicious Champion as Glory, Christi Ricci, defeated Felony, Rain, in a very good match. After Glory’s victory Toni the Top came out and says she’s the number one contender, to which Glory responds she’ll defend the title anytime, causing a second title match. The match never even started as the fought outside the ring and the ref declared a no contest, hopefully we get a real match between these two soon. That brings us to our tenth episode, so let’s see what Wrestlicious has in store this week.

1. We open with our ring announcer with Cassie and he’s with his son. He announces he’s retiring now he found a new young wife he wants to spend time with her. The wife cast a spell on him and its magic, which brings out White Magic, aka Lacey. From there we go to our opening video. Jimmy welcomes us to Takedown and introduces Savannah. Jimmy asks if she wants to join him in a drink, she says she may lose her inhibitions and he says that’s what he hopes.

2. We get a video of Cousin Cassie, she’s from down on the farm! She does a bad joke with Tyler Texas, aka Lorelei Lee.

3. Juvi Hall v Cousin Cassie. They announce we’re in Minneapolis, Minnesota for tonight’s show, nice to see a new arena. Juvi Hall is making her debut, and I have no clue who she is, as she sits on some guys lap! Cassie is a huge favorite of the crowd, for obvious reasons! The bell rings and the girls circle before locking up and Juvi gets a side headlock on Cassie, but we see Faith coming to ringside, so now I’m distracted by Portia Perez! Cassie shoots Juvi in the ropes and Juvi comes back with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes again and Cassie catches her with a hiptoss then snapmares Juvi over. Cassie with a nice dropkick and Juvi slowly gets up in the corner. Cassie charges and Juvi moves and unloads on Cassie in the corner. Juvi sent to the opposite corner but Cassie slow to move in, due to Faith in the corner, and this costs Cassie as Juvi hits a huge clothesline. Juvi kicks Cassie in the ribs and then chokes her on the ropes. Cassie plays possum and sets up Juvi for a flying headscissor for a near fall. Cassie grabs Juvi, who rakes the eyes and follows with a Shining Wizard, impressive. Juvi pulls her up and nails a knee to the stomach and shoots her in. Juvi goes for a backdrop and Cassie catches her with a sunset flip for the victory. 6/10 was better than I expected, at least they kept it short considering the two involved. Cassie celebrates her victory as Juvi complains to Faith about what happened and Faith attacks Cassie and lays a beating on her. Texas makes the save and Faith bails out quickly as we go to commercial.

4. Felony/Glory recap from the previous episode. Glory wins the title after a very impressive match. I love how Glory wins with the Hulk Hogan legdrop, priceless. They show her acceptance speech as well.

5. Shauna Na and the Be Bops talk about her date, as she says her date wants to take care of the junk in her trunk. We all laugh at the great jokes, well it’s still better than a John Cena interview!

6. Takedown Spotlight on Kickstart Katie. A nice video of Katie in a black bikini on the beach.

7. Wrestlicious presents You Got Mail with Paige Webb aka Serena Deeb. She checks her messages and has an e-mail about her being a girl scout and we get a sex joke. Our main event is Faith and Hope versus Marley and Coco Montego, aka Sojo Bolt.

8. Hope and Faith v Marley & Coco Montego. Faith makes her way to the ring alone, and the announcer asks where Hope is. Faith/Portia says Hope has been sent away to boarding school but she has a partner and whispers it to the announcer. Faith’s partner is White Magic who makes her way to the ring. Coco has the microphone and now has a Jamaican accent, maybe she’s Kofi Kingston’s illegitimate sister? Faith and Magic use the voodoo doll which takes down Coco who’s in pain on the floor. They try to do it to Marley but her yoga is stronger than the voodoo. Special referee is Austin Aries, formerly of TNA; guess he’s desperate for a job! The faces have had enough and attack Faith and Magic and dropkick them both out of the ring. Marley follows and attacks Faith before throwing her in the ring. Marley applies an armbar and takes down Faith, then locks in the second arm. Marley makes it to her feet and the takes her back down before tagging in Coco. A drop toe hold from Marley as Coco drops an elbow. Hope whipped in and Coco hits a dropkick before applying a front facelock and tagging Marley back in. Marley chops Hope’s chest, don’t damage that, Marley gets whipped in and Magic grabs the leg. Magic drops Marley across the ropes with a neckbreaker and Faith tags her in. Magic with a hairmare then kicks Marley in the back. Magic hammers the back of Marley and chokes her on the ropes. Faith tagged back in and they double Suplex Marley down and Faith covers, but Coco breaks the pin attempt. Faith with a rear chinlock, then stomps the back before choking Marley. Faith goes to grab Marley who rolls her up, but Faith kicks out and hammers Marley before tagging in Magic. Magic hits a neckbreaker and covers, but Marley kicks out at two. Marley tries to make a tag but Faith distracts the ref and he doesn’t see the tag. While Coco argues with Austin, Magic and Faith double team Marley. Faith in and nails a back elbow on Marley and gets two near falls. Faith sets Marley in the corner and chops the daylights out of her then sends her to the opposite corner. Faith charges and eats an elbow, a second charge and a face full of boot for Faith, and a third try gets Faith rolled up and Marley almost gets the win. Marley makes the tag and Coco comes in and takes down both Faith and Magic. Coco shoots Magic into Faith in the corner and Marley hits a missile dropkick on Magic and both outside the ring. Coco hits a rolling plunge followed by a second rope senton for a near fall as Faith kicks out. Marley tagged back in and Coco hits the Samoan Drop as Marley climbs the ropes. Coco launches Marley onto Faith and Austin counts but Magic makes it in and breaks the count. Magic has the mace and goes for Marley but Austin gets in the middle and gets cracked in the skull. Austin calls for the bell and Magic and Faith have been disqualified. 7.5/10 a nice fast paced tag match, if it had been a clean finish it would’ve gotten an eight. Besides it had two of my favorite female wrestlers, Portia Perez and Daizee Haze, if MsChif and Daffney had been involved it would’ve been awesome! That ends this episode of Wrestlicious.

Match Recap:

1. Cousin Cassie rolled up Juvi Hall 6/10

2. Marley & Coco Montego defeated Faith & White Magic by DQ 7.5/10

Not a bad show tonight, but once again they need more time to build the matches and give more girls TV time. The opening match was better than I expected, and way better than either WWE Diva match at Money in the Bank PPV. The Main Event was impressive and very fun to watch, I like all four involved, especially Portia/Faith. All in all this was a good episode; I just wish they’d fix two problems. They need an hour long show at least, and regularly scheduled episodes, not so sporadic.


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