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SHIMMER Volume 6 – May 21, 2006


It’s time for another great episode of SHIMMER. Tonight we have MsChif facing Cheerleader Melissa in a Last Woman Standing match, plus the teaming of Mercedes Martinez & Sara Del Rey who face the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew. This volume was taped the same night as Volume 5, and should have some more great matches.

We open the show with comments from Allison Danger who faces Rebecca Knox in a rematch tonight. Danger says they opened the doors to Knox and welcomed her to SHIMMER and Knox sneak attacked her. Danger says she was beaten in her own house, the house she built, and Knox cheated twice in Volume 5 with Daizee, but tonight she’s going to teach Knox a lesson in respect. We get highlights from Volume 5 of Amber O’Neal cheating to beat Serena Deeb.

1. Amber O’Neal v Serena Deeb. This is a rematch from the previous show, where O’Neal used the tights to pin Deeb. The crowd solidly behind Deeb and Amber screams at the crowd. The bell rings and they circle, they lock up and fight around the ropes with Serena getting the advantage in the corner. Serena with a clean break and another lockup, and Serena overpowers Amber down, but Amber counters and into the side headlock. Serena shoots her in and Amber comes back with a shoulderblock, but Serena takes the legs out and applies a front chancery. Amber powers her to the corner and drives the shoulder into Deeb then chops her. Amber poses for the crowd and wastes too much time as Serena avoids the chop and nails one of her own. Serena with backslide to get a near fall, and shoots her in again but Amber pulls her down by the hair. Amber hammers the back of Serena and then chokes her on the ropes. Amber with a snapmare takeover followed by a kick to the back and stands over Serena. Amber pulls her up and sends her to the corner, but Serena catches her with the sunset flip, but Amber in the ropes breaks the hold. Serena tries to fight back and Amber sticks the thumb in the eye and into a rear chinlock with the knee in the back. Serena elbows her way out and Amber again pulls her down by the hair. Amber chokes Serena on the ropes again and covers, but only gets a two. Amber pulls her up and sends her in, but misses the clothesline. Serena comes back with a huge spear and both ladies are down and hurting. Both slow to rise and now they’re slugging it out and Serena gets the advantage and sends Amber in. Serena catches Amber with a shoulderblock and then the Northern Lights Suplex gets a near fall. Serena goes for a neckbreaker but Amber counters to a Suplex, however Serena able to roll her up with the inside cradle for the victory! 6/10 not a bad match, but nothing that really stood out.

2. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka & Amazing Kong v Ariel, Josie & Cindy Rogers. Well, I think the good girl team is going to get squished horribly here tonight. Kong and Ariel start the match, quite the mismatch, and Kong looks happy. Ariel off the ropes and runs into Kong’s shoulder, and falls on her ass. She tags in Cindy and they go for a double shoulderblock, and a dropkick does nothing. Cindy with a crossbody and Kong catches her, but Ariel and Josie help knock down the giant. Kong back up and not impressed as Ariel back in and can’t take down the monster. They lock up and Kong tosses Ariel across the ring. Kong shoots her in and runs right over her, then follows up with the giant swing sending Ariel flying before tagging in Malia. Malia twists the arm and Ariel rolls through and counters to the wristlock of her own. Malia reverses and rolls to a cross arm breaker, Ariel able to counter to a hammerlock. Ariel makes the tag to Cindy who snapmares Malia down and applies a rear chinlock. Malia uses the leverage to make the ropes and break the hold, Cindy tags in Josie who quickly works the arm of Malia. Malia tries to send her in but Josie maintains the hold and takes Malia down. Malia forces her to the ropes and Josie rolls her back to the center of the ring while controlling the arm. Josie tags Cindy back in and Cindy continues to work the arm, but gets chopped by Malia. Malia sends her in and hits a flying chop to the chest then rakes Cindy’s eyes. Malia shoots her in to her corner and tags in Fyfe, who drives the shoulder into the ribs of Cindy. Fyfe snapmares Cindy down and locks in the double arm submission with a knee to the back. Cindy counters into a falling neckbreaker and tags in Ariel. Ariel hammers Fyfe and sends her in, Ariel connects with a clothesline and sends Fyfe to her corner and tags in Josie. A double back elbow on Fyfe and Josie covers, but Kong breaks the pin attempt. Fyfe rakes the eyes of Josie and then chokes her on the top rope. Malia comes in and they hit a double clothesline, as the ref busy with Cindy & Ariel. Malia locks in the camel clutch and Cindy has the ref again, as Kong tagged back in. Kong hammers Josie down and then sends her to the corner and follows with the avalanche. Kong drops the leg and then pulls her back up, just to slam her down. Kong hits the big splash and covers, but Josie just barely kicks out. Josie tries to fight back and comes off the ropes, but runs into a big clothesline. Kong tags Fyfe back in and Fyfe quickly applies the Boston Crab, Josie able to fight out of it. Lexie quickly tags Malia back in, Malia pulls her up while standing on the hair. Malia with a double chop to the throat and chokes Josie while arguing with the ref. Josie tries to fight back but Malia rakes the eyes and applies a camel clutch while mocking Josie trying to make the tag. Cindy argues with the ref, allowing Josie to get triple teamed. Fyfe tagged back in and drives a knee into the back of Josie, Fyfe tags Malia back in. Josie tries to fight back, but gets sent to the corner and Malia lays a beating on her. While the ref is busy Kong attacks Josie and chokes her in the corner, as does Malia, who makes the cover as the ref turns around and gets another near fall. Malia chokes Josie on the ropes, with help from Kong, as Cindy and Ariel argue with the ref. Malia sends Josie in and puts her head down, but Josie jumps over with a sunset flip, Malia able to kick out. Malia hits a snap Suplex and Josie crawls between the legs of Malia and tags in Rogers. Cindy quickly goes after Malia and Fyfe and takes them both down, and Josie dropkicks Kong. A double clothesline on Kong as Malia sneaks in from behind and tosses Ariel to the floor, where Kong tosses her into the barricade. Kong destroys Cindy as well, while Lexie and Malia hit a double front layout Suplex on Josie. Kong tagged in as they set up the body of Josie, and Kong hits the Amazing Press for the victory. 6.5/10 a good six woman tag match. After the match Kong demolishes Cindy and Ariel on the floor.

3. Lorelei Lee v Nikki Roxx. Should be a good match between two ladies with pretty bad records so far. Lorelei quickly shoots the leg and goes for a quick rollup, but Nikki kicks out and applauds Lorelei. Nikki goes for the quick inside cradle for a two count. Lorelei quickly to an armbar, but Nikki counters to an armdrag takeover into the armbar. Lorelei counters to a hammerlock and Nikki rolls out and into one of her own. Lorelei powers out into a top wristlock to take Roxx down, but Nikki fights back and powers Lorelei down. Nikki with an armdrag takeover back to the armbar, and sends Lorelei to the corner. Lorelei jumps over her and slams Roxx down for a near fall. Nikki sent to the buckle and another cover for another two count. Lorelei sends her to the corner and follows with the handspring elbow but Nikki moves. Nikki hammers the back of Lorelei and sends her to the buckle then drives the shoulder to the midsection. Nikki with a hair tosses across the ring and gets a near fall. Nikki sends Lorelei in and nails a clothesline, and sends her in again and connects with a back elbow. Nikki follows up with the sideslam and gets a near fall. Nikki with a scoop and slam for another near fall. Lorelei fights back and sends Nikki in and connects with a big clothesline for a near fall of her own. Nikki comes back with a back elbow and shoots Lorelei in, Lorelei counters and hits a sloppy side Russian legsweep. Lorelei hammers Nikki in the head twice and sends her in, and catches her with the flying lariat for a near fall. Lorelei scoop slams Roxx down and locks in the body scissors. Dave mentions that Nattie Neidhart will be debuting soon along with LuFisto and the return of Tiana Ringer. Nikki fights out and catches Lorelei with a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. Lorelei with a Japanese armdrag, but Nikki break free and quickly hits the Barbie Crusher for the win. 6/10 another good solid match, but nothing really notable. Nikki helps Lorelei up and applauds her efforts, as they shake hands and Lorelei leaves the ring so Nikki can celebrate.

4. Nikita v Daizee Haze. Looking forward to a good match between one of my favorites, Daizee, and the very impressive Nikita. Its amazing WWE dropped the ball on Nikita, which never happens, oh wait, Shelton, Haas, Angelina, Mickie, Knox, etc. Anyway, the crowd seems split between Nikita and Daizee, as we have dueling chants. They lock up and Haze into the hammerlock, Nikita counters but Haze back to the armbar, and Nikita rolls through to one of her own. Haze fights off into a side headlock to the hammerlock, but Nikita reverses to her own hammerlock. Haze sweeps the feet and applies a side headlock. We get a stalemate as both ladies back on their feet, nice sequence. Another lockup and Nikita with a go behind and takes down Haze before locking on the side headlock. Haze counters to one of her own and holds Nikita down. Nikita counters to a head scissors but Haze rolls through to a roll up for a near fall. They shake hands and Haze turns her back and Nikita attacks from behind and hammers her down. Nikita snapmares Haze down and pulls the arm of Haze back. Haze tries to get back up and gets Suplexed down and Nikita gets a near fall. Nikita shoots her in and nails a huge clothesline as the crowd has turned on Nikita now. Haze starts to fight back and gets caught in the cross body as Nikita drops her into a backbreaker for another near fall. Nikita locks in a modified camel clutch on Haze. Nikita slams Haze in the corner and ties her to the tree of woe and follows with a dropkick. Nikita pulls Haze up and sends her to the opposite corner and catches her with a hiptoss as she comes out. Nikita tosses Haze to the corner again and stomps her back then whips her back to the opposite corner again and follows with the hiptoss. A third time to the corner and Haze jumps to the top rope and hits a sunset flip for two. Nikita shoots her in and Haze comes back with the spinning headscissor takedown. Haze goes for another headscissor but Nikita catches her and goes for the Boston crab, then changes to the curb stomp. Nikita goes for the vertical Suplex but Haze counters to a facebuster and both ladies are down. Haze uses the power of the fans to get back up and hits a running clothesline then a dropkick to the chest and another clothesline for a near fall. Haze pulls her up and tosses her in, but Nikita catches her with a kick and goes for the urunage backbreaker. Haze fights out and Nikita gets her on her shoulders and Haze drops down for a sunset flip. Haze goes for Heart Punch but countered to a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. Both ladies slow to get up and Haze goes for the Tornado Daizee Cutter and connects with it, buy still only gets a two count. Haze pulls her up and sends her to the corner but runs into Nikita’s boot. Nikita goes for the urunage backbreaker, but countered to a crucifix. Haze drops down and rolls Nikita up with the bridge and gets the victory. 8/10 a very solid impressive match between two impressive athletes. So far best match of the night, but the best, MsChif, is yet to come. We get highlights of Knox and Danger from Volume 3 which gets us ready for the next match.

5. Rebecca Knox v Allison Danger. This is our big rematch from Volume 3, as Knox took the cheap route to score the victory over Danger. Danger promised to get her revenge tonight, either way this should be a hell of a match. The match is held under pure wrestling rules, each lady has three rope breaks each, closed fists are illegal, after one is warning, two counts as a rope break and three is automatic dq, and outside counts are to twenty. The bell rings and Dave is joined by Daffney on commentary, freaking awesome! Knox quickly leaves the ring and Danger screams at her to get in the ring. Knox slowly gets back in the ring and screams at the referee and they finally lock up, but instead Danger pulls out an Irish flag and blows her nose in it. Classic Shawn Michaels style heat. They finally lock up in a test of strength but Knox rolls through to a hammerlock and twists Danger’s arm. Knox rolls her over into a cross arm breaker, but Danger counters and avoids using the ropes to break the hold. Danger able to get Knox’s arms down and the ref counts, Knox quickly breaks the hold to prevent being pinned. Both ladies back up and the lock up again and Knox with a go behind, into the full nelson. Danger powers her way out and into a hammerlock, to the armdrag takeover and a roll up for a near fall. Danger to a quick side headlock, but Knox uses a headscissor to get out. Danger rolls through to a jackknife pin attempt for two. Knox grabs the head and rolls backwards to a dragon sleeper and then goes to work the legs of Danger. Knox ties up Danger’s leg but Danger able to roll her up for a near fall. Knox rolls backwards and maintains the leg submission on Danger, who finally breaks the hold. Knox twists the arm but Danger turns the tables and applies a wristlock. Knox reverses into one of her own and Danger reverses back again, nice sequence of moves. Danger works the arm, but Knox snapmares her down, however Danger back up to a side headlock. Danger takes her over with the side headlock and they slowly work their way to their feet. Knox able to counter to a back stretch on Danger and covers, but Danger quickly kicks out. Knox with the side headlock and takes a couple cheap shots on Danger when the ref can’t see it. Daffney is getting pissed off at Knox for cheating, as Danger able to reverse to a side headlock of her own and takes Knox down. Knox into the headscissors and Danger fights out, Knox taunts the crowd as Danger slowly gets up. They lock up and Knox gets Danger in the corner and gets another closed fist in, Danger retaliates with a closed fist of her own, but she gets caught. As the ref tells the announcer Knox hits another closed fist and as the ref turns he catches Danger with a closed fist and she loses a rope break. Danger snaps a hammers Knox with a series of forearms and lays a beating on Knox now. Danger locks in the Fujiwara armbar, and Knox uses her first rope break, both ladies tied at two breaks left. Danger quickly sends Knox to the corner but misses the change and Knox goes after the leg. Knox kicks the leg of Danger and applies a leglock near the ropes. Knox continues to work the leg before locking in the Boston Crab on Danger. Knox releases the hold, as Danger refuses to give or use the ropes, and Knox hammers away at her opponent. Knox rams Danger’s head into the buckle and chops her chest twice. Danger spins her around and unloads a series of chops, but Knox kicks her leg out. Knox pulls her up and hits the dragon screw leg whip then locks in another leg submission. Knox releases the hold and goes back to kicking at Danger while talking trash to the crowd. Knox goes back to the leg submission tearing at the knee of Danger who refuses to tap out. Knox turns her over while tying up the legs and Danger has to use her second rope break, one remains for Danger. Knox pulls her up and hits a wicked T-Bone Suplex for a near fall. Knox drops the leg and gets another near fall, an elbow drop and another near fall. Knox pulls her back up and Danger slaps her, and then hits a neckbreaker on the knee of Knox. Danger hits the STO and covers, but Knox uses her second rope break, and we’re tied at one break each. Knox kicks Danger to the floor and follows, then rams Danger into the ring apron. Knox hammers Danger down to the cement and pulls her back up for a European uppercut. Danger comes back with a pair of forearms and rams Knox into the ring apron then grabs the Irish Flag. Knox has her face driven into the flag on the apron and thrown back in as Danger follows. Knox catches Danger coming in and hits a nice belly to back Suplex for a near fall. Knox pulls her up and locks in the octopus hold, but Danger rolls through into a near fall. Knox infuriated and goes for the cross arm breaker, but Danger blocks it, so Knox goes back to the legs and applies a nice Muta Lock. Danger forced to use her final rope break and Knox is thrilled, as she locks in the dragon sleeper while holding the ropes, which is now legal. Knox tosses Danger over head with a nice Suplex and covers for another near fall. Danger fights back and nails a snapmare into the stretch plum choke. Knox has to use her final rope break, and now both ladies have no rope break remaining. Knox kicks Danger’s leg out again and chokes Danger on the ropes. Knox drives a knee to the back of Danger and pulls her up, sets Danger in the corner and hits a leaping forearm. Knox sends Danger to the corner and Knox charges, but Danger gets a boot up. Danger hits a nice crossbody block, but Knox rolls through and scores the victory! 9.25/10 a very impressive match, but the end really came out of nowhere. All that about the ropes and they were never used for the finish, as Knox gets her second win over Danger. Knox forces the ref to raise her hand repeatedly before leaving the ring. Danger slowly rolls out of the ring and looks dejected as she takes it out on the Irish Flag before heading backstage. We now get a recap of the Mercedes/Wreckers/Del Rey from volume 5.

6. Lacey & Rain v Sara Del Rey & Mercedes Martinez. This would be the first teaming of Mercedes & Sara after a very impressive series of matches against each other. Sara is undefeated while Mercedes has yet to score a victory. Lacey is winless as well, while Rain sits at 2-3 so far in SHIMMER. Sara and Rain lock up and Rain shoots her in Sara comes off with a shoulderblock. Rain goes for the hip toss but Sara counters with one of her own. Lacey tagged in and Sara takes her over with the armbar into the top wristlock then tags in Mercedes. They hit a double shoulderblock; Mercedes pulls Lacey up and chops her then follows with a vertical Suplex for a near fall. Mercedes tags in Sara and they double team Lacey in the corner, Sara sends her in and nails a back elbow before stomping Lacey. Mercedes back in and a double Suplex gets another near fall on Lacey. Mercedes opens up on Lacey before shooting her in and nailing a big clothesline, as we get the announcement of Nattie Neidhart joining SHIMMER at Volume 7! Sara back in and drives the knee into the head of Lacey for another near fall. Sara kicks Lacey in the back sending her to her corner and Rain tagged in, and both ladies exchange chops with Sara getting the better, but gets caught off the ropes. Lacey hits a neckbreaker and now Rain has the advantage and chokes Sara in the corner. Lacey tagged back in and locks on a full nelson into the camel clutch and Rain hits a low dropkick for a near fall. Lacey chokes Sara on the ropes, and then has the ref distracted allowing Rain to do some choking as well. Lacey chops Sara in the corner repeatedly, but Sara comes back with a series of headbutts, but Rain tagged back in and chokes Sara then drives a knee to the midsection and tags Lacey back in. Lacey unloads on Sara and stomps a mudhole in Del Rey in the corner then chokes her with the boot. Lacey chops Sara in the corner and charges in and hits a huge spinkick for the near fall. Lacey chokes Sara on the ropes and again has the ref distracted, allowing Rain to choke Sara as well. Sara tries to fight back, but Lacey rakes the eyes and goes back to the choke in the corner. Lacey kicks the back of Sara in the corner and nails a neckbreaker across the knee. Rain tagged back in and they double team Sara with a pair of knees to the back, and Rain hits a falling knee to the back for another pin attempt. Rain chokes Sara across the ropes again, but Sara again tries to fight back and clotheslines Rain down. Rain comes back with a knee to the chest to stop Sara and sends Sara to the ropes to choke some more, is that the only thing these two do? Lacey tagged back in and they double team Sara with a double Japanese armdrag. Lacey nails a spinning neckbreaker into the dragon sleeper, Sara breaks the hold and makes the tag, but the ref doesn’t see it. Lacey unloads on Sara then tosses her out of the corner by the hair, and Rain back in. Lacey distracts the ref while Sara climbs on Sara and does the mounting punch, but Sara counters out with a nice powerbomb. Sara makes the tag, as does Rain. Mercedes powerslams Lacey down and a spinebuster for Rain as well. Mercedes hammers Lacey and sends her in, as Rain pulls Sara out of the ring and rams Sara into the post. The Wrecking Crew double team Mercedes, but Sara tries to make the save and accidentally hits the big boot on Mercedes. Lacey hits an Implant DDT on Sara and scores the upset win. 5/10 not a great match, but better than most of the WWE Divas could do. Too much choking in the match really dragged it down. Sara and Mercedes work better as rivals then partners. After the match Sara and Mercedes slowly get back up and Mercedes asks for the mic. Mercedes tells Sara if she wants a rematch, she gets it, and storms out of the ring. We now get highlights of the MsChif/Melissa feud, leading to our main event for tonight.

7. MsChif v Cheerleader Melissa. This is the first ever Last Woman Standing match, and the third match between these two, and the rubber match. They waste no time as MsChif enters the ring and Melissa attacks right as the bell rings. Melissa tosses MsChif out of the ring and quickly follows and whips MsChif to the barricade, but MsChif reverses. MsChif drives a forearm into Melissa and rams her into the barricade back first. MsChif sent into the opposite barricade and both are down early. MsChif unloads on Melissa and whips her over the barricade into the crowd, and quickly follows. MsChif mouthing off at Melissa, who comes back and hammers MsChif as they brawl into the crowd. Melissa locks in a submission hold using a chair, but MsChif refuses to give up and Melissa breaks the hold. Melissa drives the knee repeatedly into the face of MsChif and hammers the midsection. Melissa scoops up MsChif and slams her down on the floor, she then pulls her up and MsChif comes back with the knee to the stomach and then hammers the back of Melissa. MsChif tosses Melissa over the barricade to ringside, and follows her but Melissa catches her with a boot. MsChif tosses into the ring and Melissa follows, Melissa goes for the Kudo Driver but MsChif counters to the Code Green, aka the Canadian Destroyer, which looks amazing. Melissa gets up at eight and MsChif charges, but Melissa catches her in the Samoan Drop and both are slow to get up. Melissa goes for the inverted cloverleaf, but MsChif able to fight it off. Melissa comes back with an elbow drop and into the elevated Boston Crab and then sits back right on MsChif’s head, she’s amazingly flexible. MsChif able to roll through and nails a forearm to the head of Melissa. Both ladies are worn down and Melissa first up, she chops the back of MsChif and whips MsChif out of the ring. Melissa follows and both women slug it out on the floor. MsChif works the back of Melissa and drives her to the floor, then a baseball slide dropkick sends Melissa into the crowd, very impressive looking. MsChif quickly follows and they’re slugging it out again, but MsChif takes Melissa down and hits a double stomp across the back of Melissa. MsChif picks up a chair and ties up Melissa in the legs if the chair while sitting on Melissa. Melissa refuses to give up, and MsChif breaks the hold and takes a breather. MsChif pulls Melissa up and they’re hammering each other again, Melissa gets the better of MsChif now and stomps her in the back. Melissa again uses a chair to tie up MsChif while using a camel clutch, very innovative looking. MsChif will not give up and Melissa beaks the hold and allows the ref to make the ten count, but MsChif back up at eight and Melissa quickly sets MsChif on the guardrail. Melissa tosses a chair over the guardrail and follows MsChif, who makes her way into the ring. Melissa follows with a chair and goes for the Kudo Driver on the chair, but MsChif counters out. MsChif hits the Desecrator out of nowhere and the ref begins the count. Melissa up at nine and MsChif quickly tosses Melissa into the buckle and works over the back of Melissa. MsChif sets Melissa in the corner and charges in with the running knee, called the Panic Attack. Melissa down in the corner and the ref counts, and Melissa back up at nine and MsChif nails a running forearm and tosses Melissa out of the ring. MsChif follows and Melissa catches her with a forearm and now Melissa opens up on her on the barricade. MsChif gets tosses back in the ring, and Melissa follows and sets MsChif on the top rope. Melissa nails a neckbreaker off the top rope and both ladies are down and hurting. MsChif gets back up at nine and a half, but Melissa right back on her. Melissa goes for the Kudo Driver again but MsChif fights out and nails a series of forearms and hits the Desecrator on the chair! Both women are down and the ref is counting both of them, MsChif pulls herself up using the ropes and Melissa unable to get back up as the ref counts ten! 10/10 a fantastic brawl between two of the best women’s wrestlers, amazing match. MsChif now has the advantage over Melissa two wins to one, what a great main event. MsChif leaves the ring proud of her victory as Melissa is slow to get back up as the crowd gives her a standing ovation. We get closing comments from Nikki Roxx who talks about her match with Kong and says she was proud of her efforts. We get news from Dave who says Nattie Neidhart will face Sara Del Rey in Volume 7! Mercedes Martinez will face the debuting LuFisto! Comments from Rebecca Knox who says she’s clean a whistle in the ring and she’ll win no matter what the rules are.

Match Recap:

1. Serena Deeb pinned Amber O’Neal at 7:27 6/10

2. Awesome Kong, Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka beat Cindy Rogers, Ariel & Josie at 16:40 6.5/10

3. Nikki Roxx defeated Lorelei Lee at 8:44 6/10

4. Daizee Haze pinned Nikita in 11:40 8/10

5. Rebecca Knox beat Allison Danger at 25:46 9.25/10

6. Lacey & Rain upset Sara Del Rey & Mercedes Martinez at 15:48 5/10

7. MsChif beat Cheerleader Melissa in 20:20 10/10

Not the greatest show from SHIMMER to be honest, only three good matches out of seven, however the three good matches were great, especially the main event. The next show features the debut of Nattie (Natalya) Neidhart and LuFisto, which should be interesting. . The next show features the debut of Nattie (Natalya) Neidhart and LuFisto, which should be interesting. . The next show features the debut of Nattie (Natalya) Neidhart and LuFisto, which should be interesting.

Rankings as of Volume 6:

Wrestler Win Loss Draw
Allison Danger 4 2 0
Amazing Kong 2 0 0
Amber O’Neal 2 4 0
Ann Brookstone 0 1 0
Ariel 1 3 0
Beth Phoenix 1 1 0
Cheerleader Melissa 3 3 0
Christie Ricci 1 1 0
Cindy Rogers 2 4 0
Daizee Haze 4 3 0
Josie 0 2 0
Krissy Vaine 1 1 0
Lacey 1 3 0
Lexie Fyfe 5 1 0
Lorelei Lee 1 3 0
Malia Hosaka 3 1 0
Mercedes Martinez 0 3 1
MsChif 3 3 0
Nikita 1 1 0
Nikki Roxx 2 3 0
Portia Perez 0 1 0
Rain 3 3 0
Rebecca Knox 3 1 0
Sara Del Ray 4 1 1
Serena Deeb 1 1 0
Shantelle Taylor 2 2 0
Tiana Ringer 1 3 0

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