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SHIMMER Volume 5 – May 21, 2006


As I anxiously await a new episode of Wrestlicious, which is supposed to be next week finally, let’s continue with the SHIMMER series. At the last show MsChif and Melissa tore the place apart in one of the best street fight matches I’ve seen, and Daizee Haze put on another great match with Rebecca Knox. Tonight’s main event is Sara Del Rey versus Mercedes Martinez with no time limit, and should be awesome. Looks to be a long show tonight with nine big matches!

Before the opening match we get comments from Daizee Haze who mentions Rebecca Knox wants a rematch with two out of three falls. Daizee says she’ll take the challenge, and she beat her once and can beat her twice in one night. We get highlights from earlier in the night of the dark match of Daizee Haze beating Portia Perez and then attacked from behind by Rebecca Knox who drops Haze on her head. That takes us to ringside.

1. Rain v Lorelei Lee. Rain is sitting at 1-3 while Lorelei is at 1-1 so far in SHIMMER and the crowd quickly starts in on Rain. The bell rings and they lockup, Lorelei with a quick wristlock, and both ladies do a series of nice reversals. Rain goes to the side headlock as Dave mentions Shantelle has left for the WWE and wishes her well. Lorelei reverses the headlock and takes Rain over, but Rain counters to a head scissors. Lorelei powers out and back to the headlock and Rain sends her to the corner but she holds on and takes Rain down. Rain powers up and counters to a wristlock, but Lorelei counters again back to the headlock takeover. Rain reverses into the headscissors and cranks the neck of Lorelei. Lorelei fights her off and takes Rain down with an armdrag into an armbar. Rain counters and Lorelei counters back to the armbar and sends Rain to the corner and follows in with the handspring elbow. Lorelei snapmares Rain down and goes for the crucifix and Rain wisely rolls out of the ring. Rain back in with a knee and sends Lorelei in, but Lorelei counters however Rain catches her with a double knee to the midsection and chokes Lorelei. Rain now chokes Lorelei on the ropes as Allison complains about the cheating. Rain sets Lorelei in the corner and chops her hard then stomps a mudhole in her. Rain charges in with a big knee to the chest of Lorelei and then chokes her with the boot. Rain pulls her out of the corner and sends Lorelei in, but gets caught with her head down as Lorelei rolls her up. Rain quickly back up and clotheslines Lorelei down, getting a near fall. Rain sets Lorelei in the corner again and climbs up to kick Lorelei in the face, then charges in with another big knee followed by the bulldog for another near fall. Rain locks in the sleeperhold, and Lorelei fights her way out of the hold, but runs into a back elbow from Rain. Rain steps over Lorelei and covers for another near fall. Rain pulls Lorelei up and sends her in, Lorelei ducks under the clothesline and comes back with a crossbody at the same time Rain tries too, and they collide. Both ladies are down and Rain up first and chops her in the chest then sends her in, Lorelei reverses and takes Rain down with a clothesline, elbow and a back heel kick. Lorelei sends Rain to the corner and drives the shoulder in then snapmares her out and locks in a rear chinlock. Lorelei hits a nice series of rolling snap Suplexes, but Rain blocks the third and goes for the Rain Drop. Lorelei fights out and rolls her up for a near fall. Rain back on the attack sends Lorelei to the corner and runs into the boots. Lorelei climbs the ropes and Rain catches her up top. Rain connects with the Acid Rain for the victory. 7.5/10 a good opening match and a nice way to start the show. Would’ve liked to have seen Portia Perez and Daizee’s match though. We get highlights from the ROH show from March 31, 2006 of a six woman match. MsChif on the top and dives down on to everyone on the floor. MsChif sprays the green mist in the eyes of Melissa and then pins Rain.

2. Cindy Rogers v MsChif. Cindy has a 2-2 record while MsChif is 1-3 and really needs a win here. They lock up and MsChif quickly to a wristlock. Cindy counters and takes MsChif down, but MsChif rolls through and cranks the arm of Cindy. MsChif into the hammerlock and Cindy reverses the hold and into the side headlock takeover. MsChif locks on the headscissors and Cindy fights out and both are up. MsChif with a go behind and rolls up, but Cindy kicks out and locks in a double arm submission, but MsChif rolls back and gets a near fall. Cindy able to kick out and maintain the submission hold. Cindy with an armdrag takeover into an armbar and MsChif bridges up to roll up Cindy. MsChif hammers the back of Cindy and rams her into the buckle. MsChif unloads on Cindy in the corner and then goes back to hammering the back before applying a submission in the ropes. MsChif pulls her to the center and pummels her then nails a full nelson bomb into a body scissors. Cindy rolls over and locks in a submission of her own, which looks really impressive. MsChif finally breaks the hold and bridges back into a near fall. Cindy sweeps the legs of MsChif and drives a knee to the midsection before going to a dragon sleeper; MsChif rolls through and breaks the hold. MsChif sends Cindy to the mat with a dropping hammerlock and then stomps the midsection. MsChif with a very cool looking submission with a pin attempt at the same time, and Cindy able to break out. Cindy with the arm bar and into the octopus hold. Cindy takes MsChif down and cranks the knee, but MsChif makes the ropes. Cindy sends MsChif in and goes for a spinebuster but MsChif counters into a body scissors and drives Cindy’s face into the mat, then bridges back and locks in a chinlock with the legs hooked, very awesome. Cindy powers out and hits a side Russian legsweep into head scissors with the arms pulled back, but MsChif rolls back. Cindy sends her in and misses the clothesline and MsChif goes for a backslide, Cindy overpowers her and flips her over, but MsChif lands on her feet. Both ladies slug it out and MsChif sends Cindy to the corner chest first and connects with the Desecrator for the victory. 8/10 some impressive submission holds from both women and a very fast paced match. We get comments from SHIMMER newcomer Nikita who faces Lacey tonight.

3. Amber O’Neal v Serena Deeb. This is our first look at Serena Deeb; she’s currently Serena in the Straight Edge Society with CM Punk. Just another Diva that the WWE has no idea how to use. Amber has a record of 1-3 currently with her only victory being a tag match back in Volume 1. Serena looks great in pink with her long flowing hair, hate that they made her shave her head. Amber says she doesn’t appreciate Serena stealing her look, and the crowd laughs. The bells rings and they lock up, Amber quickly to the wristlock and hammers the arm. Amber into an armbar but Serena comes back with an armdrag into the armbar and Amber makes the ropes quickly. They circle and Amber wants a test of strength, Serena goes for it and Amber changes hand, Serena goes for it again and Amber drops her hands. Amber puts up both hands and just as Serena does the same she slaps Serena. Amber turns to the crowd and then turns back around to get chopped by Serena. Amber ducks under and rolls out of the ring, and pulls Serena out then rams her into the apron. Amber tosses her back in and gets in with her, Amber yelling at the crowd and Serena rolls her up for a near fall. Serena sweeps the feet and goes for the jackknife pin for another near fall. Serena sends Amber to the corner and charges in, but Amber moves and Serena hits the buckle. Amber rakes the eyes and then stomps the fallen Serena. Amber hammers the back and then pulls her up by the hair before hitting her in the stomach. Serena fights back but Amber kicks her in the ribs before pulling her up and sending her to the ropes. Serena comes back with a sunset flip, which gets two, and Amber back on the offense quickly with a huge clothesline. Amber hooks the arms of Serena while twisting the neck and then transitions to a headscissors, then to a full nelson with the legs while doing sit-ups! Serena breaks the hold and Amber clubs her in the back and then chokes her on the ropes. Amber sends Serena in, and Serena ducks under the clothesline and comes back with a crossbody but can’t take Amber down. Amber pulls her up and nails a float over side Russian leg sweep then proceeds to choke Serena. Amber mouths off to the crowd and this allows Serena to fight back and hiptoss Amber down. Amber backs to the corner, but Serena pulls her out and nails a huge lariat. Serena hits a flying forearm for another near fall, and Amber rakes the eyes then back to working over the back of Serena. Amber goes for a Suplex and Serena blocks and hits a huge spear and covers but Amber grabs the ropes. Serena pulls her up and sends her in, but Amber counters and connects with an STO. Amber goes for a cocky cover and Serena rolls her up, Amber kicks out and attacks the back of Serena. Amber sends her in the corner and charges, but Serena jumps over her and rolls Amber up. Amber rolls through and has a handful of tights as the ref counts three! 7.5/10 one of the better Amber matches, as she didn’t stall as much as she usually does. Serena looked great out there and had a good debut match, even if she didn’t win.

4. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka v Ariel &? Ariel needs a new tag partner, as she comes out alone and introduces her partner, Josie! Josie is Sojourner Bolt from TNA, and making her SHIMMER debut tonight, meanwhile Ariel is sitting at 1-1. Lexie and Malia have matching outfits and Lexie has a record of 3-1 while Malia is 1-1. Should be an interesting tag match as Josie and Ariel have never teamed together while Malia & Lexie have been teaming for the last couple shows. Malia and Ariel open the match, and Malia misses a clothesline and Ariel rolls her up for a quick pin attempt. Ariel kicks Malia in the gut and a backslide then sweeps the leg and covers again, Malia quickly to her corner. Malia is shocked by the quickness of Ariel, and tags in Fyfe. Fyfe charges and Ariel with a drop toe hold and rolls her up for a near fall. Ariel with a backslide for another near fall, and Fyfe crawls to her corner. Malia tagged back in and Ariel tags in Josie. They lock up and Josie with an armbar and cranks the arm of Malia. Josie slams Malia down and covers for a near fall, then a nice pair of hiptosses and back to the armbar. Josie twists the arm and tags Ariel back in, and Ariel sends Malia in and nails a nice clothesline. Ariel chops Malia in the chest and shoots her in again, and connects with a back elbow. Malia tries to fight back but Ariel makes the tag and Josie back in, they hit a double hip toss on Malia. Josie gets her eyes raked by Malia who tags in Fyfe. Fyfe drags Josie to the corner and drives her down for a near fall. Josie tries to fight back and Fyfe sends Josie to the buckle headfirst. Fyfe chokes Josie on the ropes then with her boot before tagging Malia back in. Malia comes in and sends Josie in and hits a double flying chop. Josie tries to fight back with a chop and a kick then an enziguri and tags in Ariel. Ariel connects with a pair of dropkicks but runs into a headbutt from Malia. Malia sends her in and hits a spinning roundhouse kick sending Ariel down. Malia pulls her up and hairmares her down. Malia tags in Fyfe who hammers Ariel before shooting her in and hitting a sideslam for a near fall. Fyfe gets in the face of Josie, luring her in and this allows Malia and Fyfe to double team and trade off. Malia with a body scissors and pulls the hair of Ariel, then rolls her over for a pin attempt. Malia chokes Ariel while maintaining the body scissors and Josie tries to help, but this allows Fyfe to come in now. Fyfe with a full nelson with the legs and Ariel forces a break by leaning back, forcing Fyfe’s shoulders down. Lexie unloads on Ariel then chokes her on the ropes, then distracts the ref allowing Malia to choke Ariel on the ropes. They hit a double hiptoss on Ariel and Malia drops a leg. Malia with a double chop to the chest and a nice snap Suplex and goes for a splash, but Ariel gets the knees up. Both ladies to make the tag, and Josie and Fyfe in. Josie clotheslines both down and slams Fyfe down but turns around to a thumb to the eye from Malia. They go for a double team but Josie jumps over and goes for the sunset flip on Fyfe, Malia tries to hold Fyfe up. Ariel comes in and takes down Malia with a crossbody, getting a near fall. They clothesline Fyfe and Malia down, and Josie slams Fyfe down hard in the corner and tags in Ariel. Ariel goes for a Superfly splash but Fyfe moves and the ref is busy with Josie. This allows Lexie and Malia to hit a double front layout Suplex on Ariel, Lexie covers for the win. 7.25/10 not a bad tag match, as the veterans were able to carry the younger two to an impressive outing. Lexie and Malia issue an open challenge as Josie helps Ariel to the back. We now get highlights from the end of the MsChif/Melissa match from Volume 4.

5. Cheerleader Melissa v Allison Danger. This should be a great contest between two ladies with the best records in SHIMMER, as both are currently 3-1. The bell rings and both ladies circle each other before locking up and Melissa overpowers her to the corner and we get a break. Another lockup and Melissa with a go behind and Allison armdrags Melissa down. They lockup again and Melissa takes her down with a neck wringer. Melissa with a front facelock and takes Danger down. Melissa unloads on Danger, who comes back with one of her own, and we have a slugfest. Melissa gets the advantage and mounts Danger from behind and hammers her in the back of the head. Melissa stomps Danger repeatedly and pulls her back up and snapmares her down and drops an elbow. Melissa chokes Danger on the ropes and then drags her to the center before snapping the leg. Danger trying to fight back but Melissa goes for the Kudo Driver, but Allison counters by dropping down, getting Melissa in a pinning predicament. Melissa gets out of the hold and chops Danger before choking her with the boot repeatedly. Melissa pulls Danger up, and Danger tries to fight back but Melissa drives a forearm across the back. Melissa with a double arm submission while driving the knee in the back. Danger reverses the hold and cranks the arms but Melissa fights out and slams Danger down. Melissa with a rear chinlock trying to wear down Danger, as she connects with a series of crossfaces while maintaining the chinlock. Melissa pulls Danger up by the hair and goes for the Suplex but Danger blocks and hits a swinging face breaker. Danger hits a running knee to the side of the head of Melissa for a near fall. Melissa back up first and hammers Danger and comes off the ropes, but Danger ducks the clothesline and hits a neckbreaker on the knee for a near fall. Danger grabs Melissa and pummels her in the corner and sends her to the opposite corner, but Melissa reverses and charges in, however she runs into Danger’s boot. Danger climbs the ropes, but Melissa catches her and hammers her down to the mat. Melissa sets her in the corner and hits a running forearm and mounts the fallen Allison before a series of forearms to the face. Suddenly we see MsChif run to ringside as Melissa goes for the inverted cloverleaf. Danger makes the ropes and Melissa is distracted by MsChif, this allows Danger to roll her up for the victory! 8.25/10 a good match, but the cheap ending knocked it down a bit. Melissa quickly goes after MsChif and they’re brawling all around ringside. Referees and other wrestlers trying to pull Melissa and MsChif apart. Looks like the Melissa and MsChif feud is going to continue, which is a good thing!

6. Amazing Kong v Nikki Roxx. Amazing Kong is of course former TNA Knockout Awesome Kong, the most devastating female athlete in the world. Nikki, aka Roxxi, is currently 1-2 in SHIMMER, and I don’t think she’s winning tonight. The crowd quickly starts with chants of “Kong’s gonna kill you” and “please don’t die” for Roxx. Roxx goes to lockup and Kong lets loose a big scream, knocking Roxx on her ass. They finally lock up and Kong sends Roxx flying backwards. Roxx shoves Kong back and tries to shoot her in, but Kong stands her ground. Roxx slaps her and sends her in and goes for the dropkick but Kong holds the ropes. Kong hits a huge splash on Roxx and gets a near fall. Kong pulls Roxx up and ties her in the ropes before chopping Roxx’s ample chest. Kong goes outside and pulls Roxx out and tosses her into the stairs. Kong whips Roxx to the guardrail the tosses her back in the ring. Kong reenters the ring and drops a big leg as Danger rejoins the commentary desk. Kong snapmares Roxx down and applies a rear chinlock, Roxx tries to fight out and Kong just tosses her down. Kong with a swinging sleeperhold and shoots her in and knocks Roxx down with ease. Kong with another chop and then a double arm choke before dropping her down to the mat. Kong pulls her up and sends her in and Roxx comes back with a flying forearm. Roxx quickly applies a figure four leglock on the much larger opponent, and Kong makes the ropes drawing the break. Roxx goes to grab the leg and Kong kicks her off with ease. Kong sends Roxx to the corner and follows in with the big avalanche and covers Roxx with a foot on the chest. Roxx tries to fight back and hits a series of forearms and a running forearm knocks Kong down long enough for a one count. Kong back up and slaps Roxx the hits a nice cradle Suplex before sending Roxx to the corner. Kong charges in with the avalanche but Roxx moves and Kong hits the buckle. Roxx with a pair of dropkicks in the corner followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Roxx climbs the ropes and hits a nice missile dropkick, but Kong back up before Nikki! Kong hits a huge lariat, almost cutting Roxx in half, then pulls her up and hits a vicious powerbomb. Kong pulls her up again and chops Roxx then sets her in the ropes and hits a clothesline on Roxx. Kong goes for the second one but Roxx moves and Kong tumbles over the top rope to the floor. Roxx climbs the ropes and dives off the top rope to the floor onto Kong and both ladies are down outside the ring. Nikki chops Kong across the chest twice and sends Kong back in and follows via the top rope. Roxx dives down with an attempted flying headscissors that they flubbed as Roxx lands on her head. Roxx back on Kong quickly and covers but Kong kicks out with ease. Kong quickly grabs Roxx with the butterfly and hits the Implant Buster for a near fall. Kong pulls Roxx up and slams her down then climbs the ropes. Kong hits a huge splash off the top rope and covers Roxx, but then pulls her up before three. Allison voices her displeasure about Kong playing with Roxx, I bet it comes back to haunt her. Kong goes for the spinning backhand but Roxx ducks and rolls Kong up for a near fall. Roxx charges at Kong and goes for a roll up and another near fall. Kong hits a series of slaps followed by the backfist and then the Amazing Bomb for the victory. 8.5/10 was expecting a squash match but they kept it very competitive. Great match from both ladies and a great US debut for Kong.

7. Lacey v Nikita. Lacey hasn’t been doing very good in SHIMMER as she has yet to win a match so far and has two losses. Nikita is better known as Katie Lea Burchill, another blown opportunity from the WWE as she was released earlier this year. Other than her few WWE matches I’ve only seen one match of hers from OVW and was impressed, but WWE doesn’t want wrestlers they only want models. The crowd is solidly behind Nikita as they’re loudly chanting her name, which really angers Lacey. The bell rings and Nikita charges and Lacey ducks under, and a second lockup attempt and Lacey ducks under again and hides in the corner. Nikita offers a test of strength and Lacey obliges and quickly goes to a hammerlock takedown. Nikita rolls through and rolls up Lacey for an early near fall. More stalling from Lacey who ducks under Nikita and snapmares her down before kicking her in the back, and poses proudly in the corner. Nikita gets back up, as the crowd gets under Lacey’s skin. Nikita with a go behind and snapmares Lacey down before kicking her in the back and rolling Lacey for a near fall. Lacey gets an armbar on Nikita then to a front facelock and rolls into the dragon sleeper. Nikita fights out and cranks Lacey’s arm before applying a side headlock. Lacey counters to a hammerlock to the side headlock, by pulling the hair first, and Nikita sends her in. Lacey comes back with a shoulderblock and then comes off the ropes again and Nikita with a drop toe hold, then a vicious curb stomp on Lacey. Nikita pulls her up and shoots her in, Lacey counters and Nikita tries for a roll up, but Lacey stays on her feet. Nikita with an armdrag takeover, and follows with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and Lacey leaves the ring. Lacey argues with the fans at ringside before slowly getting back in and then slides back out. Nikita grabs Lacey by the hair and pulls her on the apron, but Lacey grabs the arm and drops down. Lacey back in and clotheslines Nikita down then into an armbar with the scissors before dropping a knee on the arm. Nikita fights her off and tries to send her in, but Lacey holds the ropes and kicks Nikita’s arm. Lacey chokes Nikita on the bottom rope and covers for a near fall. Lacey slams Nikita’s arm on the mat and back to the armbar. Lacey pulls her up and hammers Nikita repeatedly then chokes her in the corner. Lacey wraps Nikita’s arm around the rope and pulls it then yells at the crowd. This costs her as she charges and Nikita jumps over her and rolls Lacey up for a near fall. Lacey kicks Nikita and goes for a Suplex but Nikita rolls her up again. A clothesline from Lacey slows Nikita down and then she chokes the British Bombshell. Lacey pulls her up and shoots her in, but pulls her down by the arm. Lacey chops Nikita and again pulls her down by the arm. Lacey pulls her back up and drives her down hard before making the cover and Nikita barely kicks out. Lacey lifts her back up and sends her to the corner and follows with a clothesline. Lacey chops Nikita in the corner but takes time to yell at the crowd and Nikita throws her in the corner and hammer her then goes for a monkey flip but Lacey counters and drives Nikita into the buckle for a near fall. Lacey ties up Nikita’s arm with a hammerlock but Nikita powers her way out and connects with a chin breaker. Nikita chops Lacey and hits a neckbreaker to take down Lacey, and both ladies are down on the mat. Both are slow to get up and we have a slugfest, which Nikita wins and sends her in the corner and connect with the monkey flip. Nikita goes for a second one but Lacey moves and Nikita hits the buckle. Lacey charges in and eats the boot, Nikita climbs the ropes and hits a missile dropkick and follows with a Samoan Drop for a near fall. Lacey quickly locks in an armbar on Nikita with a necklock, but makes the ropes. Lacey sends her in and Nikita ducks under the kick and comes back with a flubbed clothesline and hits an enziguri for a near fall. Both ladies again slow to get up and Lacey grabs the arm and kicks Nikita then drops the arm. Lacey goes for the Implant DDT but Nikita fights it off and tries for the urunage backbreaker but Lacey blocks and goes behind Nikita and hits a hammerlock drop, almost like her partner’s Rain Drop, which gets a near fall. Lacey goes for the Implant DDT, but Nikita counters with an inverted atomic drop. Nikita hits the urunage backbreaker for the victory! 8.25/10 started out slow with the stalling but quickly picked up and a very impressive match and a great debut for Nikita/Katie Lea. We get highlights of Daizee Haze/Rebecca Knox from the last volume which leads us to our next match.

8. Rebecca Knox v Daizee Haze. This is the first half of our double main event tonight, and is two out of three falls. Daizee has been in the main event of the first four shows, and has a record of 2-2 well Rebecca is 1-1, and they’re last match was amazing. The crowd quickly starts a USA chant, which angers Knox, while Daizee helps the chant! Daizee does a little Irish jig just to continue to piss off Knox, and the crowd chants “You got served”, prompting Knox to dance. Daizee busts a move, and looks hot doing it, and Knox is screaming. They finally lock up and Haze with a waistlock takedown to a facelock, Knox counters to a hammerlock. Haze rolls out and into a hammerlock of her own, but Knox counters back to the armbar. Haze counters with a fireman’s carry into the armbar and Knox reverses and takes Haze down. Knox with a side headlock and Haze sweeps the legs and ties up Knox. Knox tries to fight out and able to overpower Haze, but Haze maintains a headlock on Knox. Knox rolls her up and gets a two count, Knox with another rollup and then hooks the legs into the same submission style move that Haze just did. Knox adds in a bridge and hooks the chin, but Haze fights out into a front chancery. Knox counters back to the wristlock and takes Haze down, but Haze again sweeps the legs and goes for the crab, Knox makes the ropes to cause the break. Haze quickly back to the legs and Knox rolls her up into a dragon sleeper using the ropes, and Knox has to break. Knox hits a quick snap Suplex, and both ladies exchange near fall. Knox into a rear chinlock, into the body scissors and rolls Haze over for a near fall. Haze counters to the head scissors and Knox flips out, but Haze holds the head. Knox powers out and hooks the legs of Haze and goes for the spinning toe hold but Haze fights out. Haze with an armdrag takeover into the armbar and Knox rolls out into the hammerlock. Knox with a fireman’s carry takedown and continues to work the arm, but Haze counters back to the head scissors. Knox trying to fight the pain and able to roll out into a side headlock but Haze fights to her feet. Knox takes her over with the side headlock and Haze able to get a body scissors locked on while applying the full nelson, then rolls her over, but Knox able to get the legs of Haze in a submission hold. Haze makes the ropes and Knox breaks and pulls her to the center before kicking the legs repeatedly and back to the leg grapevine. Haze counters and into a chinlock to a side headlock takeover but Knox shoots her in. Knox catches Haze with an armdrag into the armbar and Haze rolls through and elbows Knox in the face before sending her in and then tackles Knox down. Haze back to the front chinlock, Knox counters to a wristlock then snapmares her down before applying a chinlock of her own. Haze sweeps the legs and applies the spinning toe hold and floats into the front chancery. Knox breaks the hold and applies a side headlock but Haze counters to a double arm submission. Haze gets a near fall and grabs the head, but Knox counters with a fisherman’s neck breaker for a near fall of her own. Three pin attempts from Knox and Haze kicks out each time, Haze hammers Knox and sends her in, but Knox slides out of the ring. Haze dives through the ropes right into Knox and both ladies crumple to the cement floor. Knox up first and kicks Haze then chops her repeatedly, but Haze comes back with chops of her own. They exchange chops on the floor and Haze gets whipped chest first to the barricade. Knox rolls in and back out to break the count and pulls Haze back up and rolls her in the ring then follows. Knox covers and gets a near fall; Knox follows up with a big slam and then climbs the ropes. Knox drops the big leg but Haze moves out of the way and Haze climbs the ropes. Haze misses a missile dropkick and Knox gets a near fall. Knox goes for a TKO put Haze fights out and attempts the Heart Punch; however Knox counters and spins around. Haze able to hit the Hart Punch out of nowhere and follows with the Yakuza Kick, and covers for the first fall! Rebecca is in shock and is screaming at the ref while Haze catches her breath. Both ladies take a breather and have a drink of water before we begin the second fall. The bell rings and they get face to face and immediately slug it out, Haze with the butterfly and brings Knox down to her knees. Knox bridges through causing the break and hammers the back of Haze. Knox with the armdrag takedown into the armbar then shoots her in and hits a perfect dropkick for a near fall. Knox goes for some bizarre looking submission hold which looks amazing, but Haze counters to a pin attempt and Knox kicks out. Haze shoots her in and Knox comes back with the armdrag takeover back to the armbar. Knox with a snap Suplex and gets a near fall, Knox pulls her up and hammers the back but Haze comes back with a Russian Legsweep into another submission attempt. Knox powers out and stomps the midsection of Haze before dropping the leg, but Haze fires back quickly and ducks under Knox’s clothesline. Knox comes back with a series of forearms and a huge boot to the face. Knox pulls her up and sends her in, but Haze reverses, as Knox comes back she rolls up Haze while holding the ropes to tie up the match at one fall a piece. Haze pleads her case with the ref while Knox takes a drink and taunts the crowd. The ref calls for the bell for the third fall and Haze hammers Knox right away before tying her to the tree of woe. Knox with a running knee to the gut and Knox collapses to the mat, Haze gets a near fall. Haze hits a snap Suplex and rolls up Knox for another near fall. Haze chops Knox and shoots her to the corner, but Knox springboards to the top and comes back with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Knox ties the legs up again and cranks the pressure on Haze’s legs, but Haze refuses to quit. Haze makes the ropes, Knox releases the hold and pulls her to the middle and grabs the legs. Haze kicks her off and catches her in a backstabber into a roll up to the camel clutch. Haze goes for the Heart Punch but Knox ducks and nails a belly to back Suplex. Knox pulls her up and goes for the belly to back again but Haze counters to a roll up for a near fall. Haze hits the Heart Punch and goes for the Yakuza Kick, but Knox moves and catches Haze, but Haze rolls her up again. Knox sweeps the legs and Haze’s knee buckles; Knox wraps up the legs into a vicious leglock. Knox uses the ropes for leverage and the ref has no idea, Danger is having a fit doing the commentary. Haze can’t take the pain and her shoulder’s are down and the ref counts three, Knox wins the match. 9/10 a great match between two amazing talents, went almost thirty minutes! After the match Allison Danger leaves the announce position and charges to the ring. Danger screams at the ref that Knox was using the ropes. Danger grabs the mic and says Knox has been beaten by Haze clean twice and only way Knox can win is to fight dirty. Knox starts screaming and Danger tells her to shut up and says if she wants to take advantage of SHIMMER how about a match between them at volume six under Pure Rules! We get highlights of Del Ray versus Martinez from volume 1.

9. Sara Del Rey v Mercedes Martinez. This is a rematch from the time limit draw from Volume 1. Sara is currently 3-0 with one draw while Mercedes is 0-1 with one draw, can Sara keep her undefeated streak alive? Can they beat the 9.25/10 I gave the original match, let’s find out in this huge main event. As the bell rings both ladies shake hands in a show of respect, and we’re underway. They lock up and no one budges, another lockup and they fight around the ring, with neither one getting an advantage. Mercedes goes for a kick and Sara blocks, Mercedes charges and Sara moves, Sara charges and block by Mercedes. Mercedes with a snapmare and Sara sweeps the legs and both women back on their feet, nice sequence. They go for a test of strength and Mercedes kicks Sara, Sara fires back as they try to get the advantage. Now they’re slugging it out with forearms and Sara with a big headbutt staggers Mercedes. Mercedes with a kick and a snap Suplex but Sara up and snap Suplexes Mercedes but both women back on their feet again and they’re face to face. Sara with a go behind waistlock and Mercedes reverses, Sara counters to a side headlock to an armbar. Mercedes takes the leg out and pulls Sara down, Sara counters with a headscissors and attempts a cross arm breaker, but Mercedes fights her off. Sara into a hammerlock and transitions to a headlock, but Mercedes counters to a chinlock. Sara gets to her knees and falls back with Mercedes on her back then hooks the legs and twists Mercedes’ leg. Sara drops a leg across Mercedes’ leg and into the figure four leglock, with a big headbutt. Mercedes chops Sara to break the hold and both ladies are up, but Mercedes is limping, and the crowd gives a good ovation for the last sequence of moves. Another lock up and Sara with a go behind, Mercedes sweeps the legs into a side headlock. Sara counters to an armbar but Mercedes rolls through into a hammerlock. Sara hooks Mercedes’ head with her legs, but Mercedes fights her off and back to the side headlock. Sara takes her down and hooks the legs again, Mercedes reverses into a leg grapevine and Sara makes the ropes. Both ladies back up and both are limping now, this has been great so far. Sara takes her down by the arm and locks in a rear chinlock, then drives her full weight into Mercedes’ back. Sara attempts a Mexican Surfboard but Mercedes blocks, so Sara goes to a camel clutch instead and Mercedes breaks the hold and goes for a chinlock but Sara in the ropes. Sara rolls out of the ring for a breather and slowly gets back in, and Sara with a side headlock, but Mercedes fights out. Mercedes takes Sara down with a top wristlock, but Sara counters to the headscissors. Mercedes rolls over into a pin attempt but Sara bridges out and both ladies back up again. Sara off the ropes with a big boot to the ample chest of Mercedes and follows up with a second one, but Mercedes blocks the third and connects with one of her own. Mercedes quickly stomps Sara and chokes her with the boot in the corner. Mercedes pulls her up and hammers the face of Sara then chops the chest before kicking her back down. Mercedes pulls her up and shoots her in, but Sara springs to the second rope and goes for a cross body but Mercedes catches her with a dropkick to the chest. Mercedes gets a near fall, and goes back to working the back of Sara and tosses her out of the ring. Mercedes follows and hammers Sara on the floor and tosses her into the guard rail. Mercedes tosses Sara back in and quickly follows and goes for the fisherman buster but Sara counters to a roll up. Sara comes back with a big forearm and pulls Mercedes back up and applies the butterfly lock, but Mercedes backdrops Sara down. Mercedes hammers Sara and chokes her in the corner before hammering the head of Sara. Mercedes applies a rear chinlock to drain the energy of Del Rey, who fights her way out. Sara sends Mercedes to the corner and charges in, but Mercedes moves and Sara hits the buckle. Mercedes hits a neckbreaker on the knee followed by an inverted brainbuster, that was brutal looking, and gets a two count. Mercedes goes for the fisherman buster but Sara blocks and hits a nice cross-arm German Suplex for a near fall. Sara pulls her up and chops Mercedes then sets her on the top rope and Mercedes fights Sara off, but Sara right back after her. Sara hits a vile superplex from the top rope and gets another near fall. Sara pulls her up again and applies the butterfly lock, but Mercedes counters and hits the Saito Suplex, and is too injured to make the cover as both ladies are down and hurt. Both are slow to get up, but Mercedes up first and sets Sara in the ropes and kicks Sara in the face. Sara blocks a forearm and sends Mercedes to the floor. Sara dives through the ropes into Mercedes, sending her into the guard rail and both women are down on the cement. Sara gets back in the ring first, with Mercedes slowly following; Sara pulls her up and butterflies the arms. Mercedes blocks and rolls her into a submission hold, has her bent up like Gumby in there, Sara rolls back and Mercedes shoulders are down and the ref counts three! 9.75/10 what a hard fought battle between two of the best in the world. These are real women wrestlers not the bimbos of the WWE. The crowd gives Sara a standing ovation, as does Mercedes who applauds her opponent. Sara says anytime Mercedes wants a rematch she can have it and thanks her for a great match. Both ladies embrace and Mercedes raises Sara’s arm and the crowd applauds. Great show of sportsmanship, simply an amazing way to end the show, as they leave together. We get closing comments from Malia Hosaka & Lexie Fyfe who says they are the perfect tag team and will teach everyone who gets in the ring what it means to be a wrestler. Dave makes the announcement that MsChif and Melissa will face off at Volume 6 in a last woman standing match. Mercedes says she wants the rematch at Volume 6, and gets interrupted by Lacey. Lacey asks if she’s scared of her and Mercedes laughs, and Lacey tells her to find a partner to face her and Rain at Volume 6. Sara Del Rey comes in and says she’ll be Mercedes’ partner in volume 6.

10. Daizee Haze v Portia Perez. Bonus match, this is the dark match from earlier in the evening that we see highlights of at the top of the show. Looking forward to seeing Portia Perez, she’s one of my favorites. Portia looks like she’s twelve years old in this match, she’s actually eighteen, and she just looks so young, especially with the little pigtails. The bell rings and they lock up, Portia with an armbar and Haze rolls through into one of her own. Portia counters to a hammerlock, but Haze counters to a side headlock, which Portia counters to one of her own. This is odd as there is no commentary on this match, so we just have the crowd noise. Haze shoots her in and Portia comes back with a roll up for a near fall, a second roll up gets two, and a crucifix gets two as well. Haze armdrags Portia down and into the armbar then clubs Portia in the face repeatedly. Portia shot in and Haze catches her in a sideslam, but Portia counters with a headscissor takedown. Portia goes for the Unprettier but Haze pushes her off and Portia climbs the ropes. Portia with a cross body but Haze rolls through for a near fall. Haze hits the Heart Punch and Mind Trip combo for the quick victory. 5/10 was quick, under three minutes, but what we got was pretty good. Haze checks on Portia to make sure she’s ok, and is attacked from behind by Rebecca Knox. Knox hits a T-Bone Suplex dropping Haze on her head, and Haze rolls to the outside as the crowd boos Knox. Knox mocks the fans as Haze struggles to her feet, and we can’t hear Knox over the crowd yelling at her.

Match Recap:

1. Rain beat Lorelei Lee at 9:17 7.5

2. MsChif pinned Cindy Rogers in 8:00 8

3. Amber O’Neal upset Serena Deeb in 8:16 7.5

4. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka beat Josie & Ariel at 11:55 7.25

5. Allison Danger pinned Cheerleader Melissa in 9:45 8.25

6. Amazing Kong beat Nikki Roxx at 10:39 8.5

7. Nikita pinned Lacey in 14:54 8.25

8. Rebecca Knox beat Daizee Haze 2-1 in 28:03 9

9. Sara Del Rey pinned Mercedes Martinez in 24:00 9.75

10. Daizee Haze beat Portia Perez at 2:31 5

SHIMMER continues to put on great shows, as we had six great matches and three good matches. A very impressive outing as SHIMMER debuted four new wrestlers tonight, Serena Deeb, Josie, Kong & Nikita. Some amazing action tonight and the Sara/Mercedes match is highly recommended. As well as the Nikita match and Serena if you want to see two WWE divas that never got a chance. Why Serena is not used in the ring is beyond me, instead WWE seems hell bent on forcing Layla, McCool, Maryse, Eve & Alicia down our throats and ignoring actual talent. At this point SHIMMER is the only place to see real talented female athletes instead of bimbos who sleep their way to the top…McCool we’re looking at you. Just saying is all. Can’t wait for Volume 6 as Mercedes and Del Rey team up against Lacey & Rain and MsChif faces Melissa in a Last Woman Standing match! That should be awesome. This was a great three hours plus of wrestling, much more exciting than the last few PPVs from WWE and TNA.

Current Standings

Wrestler Win Loss Draw
Allison Danger 4 1 0
Amazing Kong 1 0 0
Amber O’Neal 2 3 0
Ann Brookstone 0 1 0
Ariel 1 2 0
Beth Phoenix 1 1 0
Cheerleader Melissa 3 2 0
Christie Ricci 1 1 0
Cindy Rogers 2 3 0
Daizee Haze 3 3 0
Josie 0 1 0
Krissy Vaine 1 1 0
Lacey 0 3 0
Lexie Fyfe 4 1 0
Lorelei Lee 1 2 0
Malia Hosaka 2 1 0
Mercedes Martinez 0 2 1
MsChif 2 3 0
Nikita 1 0 0
Nikki Roxx 1 3 0
Portia Perez 0 1 0
Rain 2 3 0
Rebecca Knox 2 1 0
Sara Del Ray 4 0 1
Serena Deeb 0 1 0
Shantelle Taylor 2 2 0
Tiana Ringer 1 3 0

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