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SHIMMER Volume 4 – February 12, 2006


Another long boring WWE PPV is over along with another lame RAW, and it’s time for some real quality wrestling. Tonight’s episode of SHIMMER was taped the same night as Volume 3, the same way they did Volume 1 & 2. Tonight we have MsChif v Cheerleader Melissa in a falls count anywhere match and Daizee Haze faces Rebecca Knox, should be some great matches as always. Let’s get to the show!

1. Nikki Roxx v Amber O’Neal. Poor Nikki, she’s like the bastard child of TNA, the way they keep treating her. Another huge loss for TNA, but no surprise, as Nikki/Roxxi is a hell of a talent. Amber really doesn’t impress me though; she’s like a female Honky Tonk Man with all the stalling. Roxx with a quick wristlock takes Amber down, and Amber makes the ropes, causing the break. Dave mentions Amber has yet to win a singles match in SHIMMER as they lock up and Amber with a go behind, Roxx counters and takes down Amber, into a facelock. Amber fights out and into the armbar, which Roxx rolls through and Amber pulls her down by the hair, Roxx keeps trying and counters. Amber rolls out of the ring, as she does the vintage stalling; the crowd yells the ring is that way. Amber back in and hides in the corner, and they circle, but Amber quickly kicks Roxx and hammers her down. Amber chops Nikki across the chest and shoots her in, but Nikki comes back with a huge flying lariat and a series of elbows. Nikki with a side slams for a near fall and Amber rolls out again. Nikki follows and the chase is on, Amber rolls in and so does Nikki, but Amber catch her with an elbow into the camel clutch. Roxx makes the ropes and Amber kicks Roxx before choking her on the ropes. Amber sends Roxx to the buckle face first and then chokes her with the boot before snapmaring her out of the corner, drawing a near fall. Amber applies a rear chinlock, as the crowd tries to fire up Roxx, and she elbows her way out but Amber pulls her down by the hair. Amber stomps the back of Roxx and drops the elbow getting another near fall, Amber locks in the Japanese Strangle Hold. Roxx powers her way out of the hold and flips Amber down and rolls her up for a near fall. Amber rakes the eyes and then hammers Roxx back down. Roxx gets chopped in the corner and sent to opposite corner; Amber follows with a big corner clothesline. Amber drives Nikki’s face into the mat and back to the corner with another corner clothesline, but a third and Nikki gets the elbow in. Nikki connects with a nice dropkick followed by a clothesline and a spinebuster for a near fall. Nikki pulls her up and goes for a slam but Amber drops behind and hits the inverted DDT for a near fall of her own. Amber sends Nikki in, but reversed and Amber catches Nikki with a boot and a neckbreaker for a near fall. Nikki hooks the arms for a near fall of her own. Nikki hits the Barbie Crusher for the victory! 5.75/10 not a bad match, but not the best. Amber is better in the tag teams then singles, but Nikki is awesome!

2. Shantelle Taylor v Ann Brookstone. This would be our first look at Ann Brookstone, and I can’t find much information about her. Crowd quickly starts with “she’s a man” chants towards Ann. C’mon it’s not like she looks like Chyna or Horseface at all. They lock up and Ann sends Shantelle flying across the ring! Shantelle quickly back up and they lock up again and down goes Shantelle, but up again and quickly kicks the legs of the bigger woman. Shantelle with the Oklahoma Roll for a near fall. Ann gets a hold of Shantelle and hits a neckbreaker across the back, ala Randy Orton. Shantelle gets choked on the ropes and Ann snapmares her down and then applies the Pendulum hold while driving Shantelle’s head into the buckles! That looked brutally amazing, and Ann gets a near fall. Shantelle tries to fight back but one lariat takes down Shantelle. Ann goes for a Suplex and Shantelle counters with an inside cradle. Shantelle gets caught with another huge lariat and Ann locks on the camel clutch in the middle of the ring. Ann drives Shantelle down hard and then sets her in the corner and unloads on her. Ann with a snapmare followed by the jumping neck snap, very impressive, shades of Curt Hennig. Ann pulls Shantelle up, and Shantelle fights back and works over the legs of Ann and hits a nice dropkick. Shantelle climbs the ropes and goes for the cross body and Ann catches her and drivers her down, drawing a near fall. Ann hammers the face of Shantelle and sends her in, but Taylor counters and rolls up Ann for the win, which looked awesome. 7/10 a short match, but very impressive from both ladies. Shantelle is always awesome though and Ann impressed me. We get highlights of Hosaka v Lorelei from Volume 3, leading into our next match.

3. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka v Cindy Rogers & Lorelei Lee. Malia & Fyfe attack their opponents before the match and toss them at each other but the counter and take down both opponents. Cindy and Lee do the classic rowboat move on Fyfe and Malia, to the approval of the crowd. Cindy and Malia now the legal women and Cindy sends Malia to the corner and Cindy follows with the monkey flip, and does it again in the opposite corner. Cindy with an armdrag into the armbar, and drops a leg across the arm. Cindy makes the tag and Lee comes in via the top rope and continues to work the arm of Malia. Cindy tagged back in and they hit a double clothesline on Malia for a near fall. Cindy back to the armbar and tags Lee back in, Lee continues to work the arm with a nice hammerlock. Malia snapmares Lee over, but she lands on her feet. Lee off the ropes with a hiptoss and then an armdrag and a dropkick taking down Malia and getting another near fall. Lee with a facelock and Malia overpowers her to the ropes and drives the shoulder in, before tagging in Fyfe. Fyfe with a side headlock takeover and Lee counters with a head scissors, which breaks, and Lee back to the headlock and tags in Cindy. Cindy armdrags Lexie over and applies the arm lock. Cindy transitions to a double arm pull using her arms and legs, but Fyfe rolls back to get a near fall. Cindy whips her in, and reversed and eats a huge clothesline with a side of turnbuckle. Malia tagged in and they stomp her in the corner before hitting a flying double chop to the chest of Lee. Malia with the body scissors in the middle of the ring, and Cindy rolls her way out and stands up with Malia on her back and drives her to the buckle, cool! Cindy pulls Malia out the hard way and locks in the Boston Crab; Malia flips out into a pinning predicament for a near fall. Malia with an open hand chop to the chest of Lee and sends her in before taking her down with a hair toss. Malia with a choke in front of the ref before shooting her in again, and Cindy ducks the clothesline and comes back with a crossbody. Malia up first and twists the arm of Cindy and tags in Fyfe who applies a hammerlock. Fyfe takes Cindy over with the headlock and cranks it on, Cindy able to get a headscissor on Fyfe, but she flips out and tosses Cindy in the corner. Fyfe hammers Cindy in the corner and snapmares her out then a big kick to the spine and stomps her before locking in a double arm submission with the knee in the back. Lorelei tries to help, distracting the ref, allowing Malia to come in and they make the switch, vintage heel tag tactics! Lee again has the ref, and they switch again, classic. Cindy finally gets to her feet, but Fyfe takes her down again and sends her to the corner, driving the shoulder in and tags in Malia. Malia sends her in and hits a huge kick, then stands on Cindy’s hair while pulling her up. Malia chokes Cindy on the ropes and then distracts the ref, allowing Lexie to do some choking. Malia makes the tag and Fyfe in, Fyfe locks in the camel clutch while pulling hair, Allison getting really pissed off on commentary! Malia back in now and hits a huge headbutt on Cindy, then a dropping headbutt before tagging Fyfe back in. Fyfe goes for a Suplex and Cindy blocks and hits one of her own, she needs to make the tag, so says Dave on commentary! She must be listening as she makes the tag and Lee is in and clotheslines both down, then a pair of dropkick. Lee slams Malia down and then slams Fyfe down for a near fall. Cindy comes in and they send both hit a pair of sunset flips for a pair of near falls. Lee drives a shoulder in on Malia and snapmares her down twice, as Allison leaves to get ready for her match. Hosaka able to get a shot in and tags in Fyfe. Malia with a Suplex and Lexie sends Lee into Malia who hits a huge spin kick. Lexie and Malia hit a double front layout Suplex on Lee for the victory! 7.5/10 a good tag match between two veterans and two young stars. Very good match.

4. Tiana Ringer v Allison Danger. The bell rings and both ladies circle each other first before the lockup and Allison with a quick go behind. Tiana counters into one of her own and tries to take Allison down, but Allison counters with a drop toe hold. Allison ties up the legs and Tiana crawls to the ropes drawing the break. Allison goes for the leg, and Tiana counters and grabs the arm, twisting Allison’s arm. Danger grabs the leg and takes her down, and tries for the figure four but Tiana fights up and kicks Allison back. They lock up, and Tiana quickly to the full nelson, but Allison counters to a side headlock takeover and Tiana with a head scissors. Allison kicks away and Allison comes back with a headlock and Tiana back to the head scissors. Allison again kicks her off and goes back to the side headlock taking Tiana down. Tiana able to get the head scissors on for the third time and Allison kicks off again. Tiana has had enough and leaves the ring, then slowly back in and back out and turns to yell at the crown. Allison pulls her up by the hair, but Tiana with a hotshot on the ropes. Tiana back in and runs at Allison who sends her to the buckle and drives the shoulder in. Allison charges at her and Tiana moves, Allison hits the ringpost and Tiana stomps her back. Tiana gets in Allison’s face and then snapmares her out and kicks her in the spine. Tiana with a flurry of low dropkicks and gets a near fall, then pulls Allison up before hammering her back down. Tiana snapmares Allison down again and another kick to the back before rubbing Allison’s face into the mat. Tiana continues to hammer Allison and hits a sloppy looking Suplex for another near fall. Tiana distracted by the crowd, but goes back after Allison and sends her in, but caught with her head down as Allison hits a sunset flip for a near fall. Tiana hammers her down again and drops a leg for a near fall. Tiana grabs the leg and pulls back on Allison’s leg and head, and Allison refusing to quit. Tiana drives a knee in the back and goes back to the submission hold, but Allison fights through the pain. Tiana stomps the back of Allison and again turns to the crowd. This allows Allison to get a kick in followed by the facebuster on the knee and a huge running knee strike to the side of Tiana’s head. Ringer’s bell has been rung! Both ladies are down and slow to get back up, Tiana tries for a Suplex and Danger able to counter into a small package for the victory out of nowhere! 7.5/10 a very hard fought and entertaining match. We get a video of Rebecca Knox talking about taking down Allison Danger at the last SHIMMER DVD and tonight she’s going to do the same to Daizee Haze!

5. Rain v Sara Del Rey. Both ladies won their matches on the last show with Rain beating Nikki and Sara beating Nikki. The bell rings and they lock up, Sara with a side headlock takeover, Rain tries for the head scissor and gets it. Sara fights out and back to the headlock. Sara with a hammerlock and Rain counters to a rear chinlock, but Sara counters back to the wristlock takedown. Sara with an arm lock, but Rain counters and Sara counters back to the wristlock. Sara flips her down and maintains the wristlock and Rain able to flip Sara down and applies a wristlock of her own. Sara flips Rain over and back to the wristlock before dropping a leg across the arm and twists the arms. Rain makes the ropes and Sara has to break the hold, nice sequence there. Sara asks for a test of strength and Rain obliges then kicks Sara in the gut and takes her down by the hair. Sara with a headscissor and back to the wristlock while driving the elbow to the shoulder and Rain makes the ropes again. Rain with a rear waistlock and Sara counters to the side headlock and back to the arm. Sara with a hammerlock and Rain fights her way out and into a wristlock of her own. Rain twists Sara’s arm and Sara sweeps the leg, and locks in a cross face with the arm pulled back, very impressive looking. Rain refuses to give up and Sara twists the arm some more before twisting Rain down and dropping the leg again. Rain makes the ropes and we get a break again, and quickly Sara back to the headlock and gets shot in. Sara comes back with a shoulderblock and quickly goes back to the arm. Sara into the head scissors and Rain fights her way out and hammers Sara with the forearms. Sara fights back with a big headbutt and sends Rain in, but Rain counters and sends Sara to the corner. Sara springs to the second rope and Rain pulls her down hard for a near fall. Rain chokes Sara in the ropes and then hits the dropkick to the back. Rain hammers Sara down and covers for another near fall. Sara sent to the corner and Rain works over the back and sends her to the opposite corner. Rain charges and Sara moves and Rain hits the buckle. Sara climbs the ropes and Rain catches her and slams her down hard for the near fall. Rain kicks her repeatedly in the back and hits a low dropkick to the face and another cover gets another near fall. Rain kicks Sara in the head and hammers her in the corner then sends her to the opposite corner and follows with the double knees to the back, which gets another near fall. Rain getting frustrated and goes for another cover to which Sara kicks out again. Rain climbs the ropes and has Sara by the chin, choking her while sitting on the top rope. Rain goes for the tornado DDT, but Sara counters with nice northern lights Suplex for a near fall. Rain quickly hammers Sara and Sara shoots her in, but misses the clothesline and Rain locks in the sleeperhold into a backbreaker over the knee. Rain chops Sara in the chest and hits a running clothesline, which Sara no sells. They both connect with a clothesline and both ladies are down, and the ref starts the count. Both ladies chopping each other while on their knees with Sara getting the better of Rain. Sara hits a kick to the face and then a boot to the midsection, followed by a gut wrench Suplex. Sara hits a nice forearm and sends Rain to the corner, but runs into Rain’s boots. Rain on the second rope and hits a backstabber for a near fall. Rain goes for the Rain Drop but Sara counters to a sick German Suplex for a near fall. Sara pulls Rain up and gets the Butterfly Lock in on Rain and throws her over with the slam for the victory! 8.75/10 a great match between two amazing athletes. Rain impresses me more and more each time I see her, and Sara is simply phenomenal.

6. Cheerleader Melissa v MsChif. This is our first of two main events, and this one is falls count anywhere. MsChif beat Melissa back in Volume 1 in a great match, and this is the rematch as requested by Melissa. MsChif gets in the face of the ref right away and tells him he doesn’t need to check anything, it’s no DQ. Melissa removes her robe and we’re off, MsChif quickly attacks and hammers Melissa in the corner. Melissa fights out and chops MsChif across the chest, sending her to the corner and then stomps her down. Melisa with a snapmare and MsChif quickly back up. They circle and Melissa charges, MsChif with a drop toe hold and into a dragon sleeper bending back Melissa. MsChif pulls her up and drives the knee in the midsection, then unloads on her again. MsChif sets her in the corner, but Melissa slides out and chops MsChif in the corner. MsChif slumps down and Melissa drives the boot in the head before pulling her up and slamming her down twice. Melissa drives an elbow to the chest of MsChif for the first near fall. Melissa with the double arm submission, with the knee in the back, and MsChif refuses to submit as MsChif is so flexible she’s able to fight through the pain. MsChif rolls out of the move and winds up on top of Melissa with a Japanese Strange Hold. MsChif pulls Melissa up and transitions into a hammerlock with a dragon sleeper, very cool. Melissa reaches the ropes and MsChif breaks the hold, but continues the offense. Melissa able to duck a swing and hits the full nelson bomb into a freaky pretzel hold, where she’s being bent in so many ways. MsChif fights out of the hold and Melissa quickly grabs the leg, but MsChif rolls her up. Melissa back up and nails the leg of MsChif and then tosses her to the corner before tying her to the tree of woe. Melissa leaves the ring and bends MsChif’s head between the bottom and middle ropes then gets back in and grabs MsChif’s arms and pulls back, brutal looking. MsChif refusing to quit and Melissa kicks MsChif in the gut and then pulls to the middle and stomps the back. Melissa pulls MsChif up and goes for a Suplex but MsChif blocks the move and rolls Melissa for a near fall. Melissa back up and charges but gets rolled up. Melissa sweeps the legs and goes for the inverted cloverleaf, but MsChif tries to fight out and instead Melissa nails a curb stomp which gets another near fall. Melissa ties up the tags and MsChif tries to fight Melissa off, and kicks her out of the ring to the floor! MsChif follows outside and bites the forehead of Melissa, who rolls under the guardrail to the crowd. MsChif climbs over the rail and hammers the back of Melissa then pulls her up and chokes Melissa on a chair. The ref checks and Melissa is not unconscious, so the match continues. Melissa able to elbow her way out and rams MsChif into the chair and then grabs another one and drives it into MsChif’s head. Melissa dismantling the first three rows of chairs and drags MsChif to the wall, where she rams MsChif’s head into the wall for another near fall. MsChif is split open now as the blood is gushing from MsChif’s head, as she climbs stairs and Melissa follows. Melissa rams her into the wood and then opens the door, and they’re fighting in the streets of Chicago. Melissa slams MsChif on the concrete outside and gets a near fall; this reminds me of the old WWF Hardcore Title matches. MsChif tries to fight back and slings Melissa into a steel pole. MsChif drags Melissa back into the building and tosses Melissa down the stairs for a near fall. MsChif lets loose a primal scream as she drags Melissa around the building and whips Melissa into a row of chairs. Melissa struggling to get up and MsChif helps her and bends her backwards over a chair! MsChif with a pair of pin attempts and Melissa continues to kick out; MsChif rams Melissa into the barricade and now both women slugging it out while holding the guardrail. Melissa gets the better of MsChif, who’s groggy from the blood loss, and Melissa does a cocky cover which MsChif kicks out of. Melissa tries to wrap MsChif’s body around the guard rail but MsChif fights her off and sends into a pile of chairs for a near fall. Melissa sends MsChif headfirst to a table and looks under the stage and pulls out a board with wheels and slams MsChif on the board. Melissa then wheels MsChif under the stage and holds the trapdoor closed. MsChif is pinned under the stage, she then opens the door to look for MsChif and crawls in, just as MsChif starts out the other door, as we’re stealing bits from Scooby-Doo! MsChif pulls Melissa out from under the stage and Melissa gets a kick in and runs to get a chair. Melissa swings and misses, MsChif blows the green mist but Melissa blocks with the chair and tosses it aside. Melissa hammers MsChif who comes back with a spinning backhand which gets another near fall. MsChif pulls her up and sets for the Desecrator on the floor, but Melissa counters with a roll up for another near fall. Melissa sets up the board with wheels again and slams MsChif on the board and then drives it into the ring and MsChif rolls out the other side and hits the apron and guardrail! Melissa covers and MsChif again kicks out, Melissa tosses MsChif back in the ring, what a novel idea! Melissa follows and MsChif gets a shot in, and Melissa rolls the apron. MsChif with a baseball slide sending Melissa to the floor and MsChif follows. MsChif rams Melissa’s head into the ring steps and then hammers the chest of Melissa. MsChif tosses Melissa into the barricade but Melissa starts to fight back and tosses MsChif into the steps. Melissa sends MsChif onto the stack of tables and then grabs a steel chair and joins her on the pile. Both ladies exchange forearm shots and Melissa cracks MsChif in the head with the chair and then goes for the inverted cloverleaf. Melissa has the cloverleaf in and puts the chair on MsChif’s head and uses MsChif’s feet to kick herself in the head. MsChif has no choice but to tap out. 9.5/10 another great match between two of the best female wrestlers, no correction, the best wrestlers, in the world today. What an amazingly brutal match, it’s going to be hard for Rebecca and Daizee to follow this one.

7. Daizee Haze v Rebecca Knox. Daizee is clearly the crowd favorite as she goes around and high fives the crowd and dances with some guys in the front row. Daizee poses for the crowd who explode, so Knox tries the same and the crowd chants Daizee! The ref checks over Rebecca who then goes over and checks him, which prompts the crowd to chant slut, to which she responds you wish! This is Daizee’s fourth main event match in SHIMMER, and she’s sitting at 1-2 so far, hopefully she can break even in this match. The bell rings and the ladies circle before locking up and Daizee with a hammerlock into a side headlock, which Knox reverses into one of her own. Knox moves into an armbar, but Daizee fights out into a side headlock of her own. Knox powers out and takes down Daizee with a wristlock, which Daizee fights out of with a head scissors. Knox flips out of it into a side headlock on Haze then into an armdrag to the armbar, but Daizee counters to an armbar of her own. Daizee powers Knox down into a bridge, which Knox fights out of and hits a nice rolling Suplex into a front headlock. Daizee rolls through to a bridging pin attempt which draws a one. Knox back to the headlock and Daizee sweeps the feet into a headlock of her own. Knox grabs the leg and takes Daizee down and kicks her leg repeatedly then into a inverted leglock, but Haze had the ropes and we get a clean break, which surprises Allison. They’re both up and another lockup, but Daizee with a go behind and Knox drops back and hooks the legs of Haze and drags her to the center of the ring. Knox able to use the ropes for leverage and gets caught, but quickly back to the leglock with a face lock. I want to know, who’s more flexible Haze or MsChif? Knox with a side headlock trying to wear down Haze, but Haze able to get the head scissors on Knox and then hooks the arms behind Knox’s body, but Knox on top in a pin attempt. Knox with a snapmare and drives a knee into the arm repeatedly and tries to get Haze down. Haze with a hammerlock into the side headlock and takes Knox down , Knox counters out into the front facelock transitioned into a rear naked choke. Knox has the arm in a hammerlock and bridges with it, very impressive. Haze fights to her feet and Knox still has the front facelock, but Daizee with a waistlock takedown into the front headlock of her own. Haze rolls into the submission hold, but Knox rolls into a near fall and then hooks the legs of Haze. Lots of transitions and reversals, very cool to see. Haze reverses into a chinlock, then a snapmare and rolls Knox for a near fall. Daizee back to the side headlock and Knox sends her in and Haze comes back with an armdrag, a back elbow and a clothesline sending Knox to the floor. Knox taking a time out as Haze rests in the corner as well. Knox rolls in just to break the count and rolls back out, she then gets in the face of the crowd as Haze waits in the ring, and Knox takes some time to stretch. Knox slides in and Haze charges, but Knox back out and Haze getting frustrated. Knox argues with the crowd, and Haze climbs the ropes and dives down, but Knox moves and Haze crashes and burns. Knox quickly unloads on her and rams her into the ring apron. Knox throws her in the ring and follows, and then kicks Haze in the back repeatedly. Knox ties up the arms of Haze and bridges back with a cool looking submission. Haze doesn’t submit and Knox hammers her before nailing a brutal T-bone Suplex for a near fall. As she argues with the ref she has her knee in the throat of Haze, and then kicks the legs of Haze before tying up the legs. Haze crawls to the ropes and forces the break, but Knox doesn’t waste time and works over Haze. Knox goes for a slam and Haze rolls her up for a near fall. Haze chops Knox, but Knox sends her in and Haze ducks under the clothesline, however she runs into a sideslam from Knox. Knox pulls her up by the hair and then goes for a cross arm breaker, but Haze locks the arm to prevent the move. Knox rams Haze in the corner and unloads on her and hits a running forearm, as Haze collapses in the corner. Knox pulls Haze to the center of the ring and hits a nice belly to back Suplex, which gets hear a near fall. Knox pulls her up and Haze tries to fight back, but one shot from Knox takes her down and then Knox hammers the back of Haze and connects with a running senton splash. Knox goes for another T-Bone but Haze fights off and connects with a running forearm and a legdrop, into a head scissors. Knox breaks the hold and Haze goes for the heart punch but Knox ducks and nails a vicious looking belly to back Suplex, Haze lands right on her head, with a bridge but still only gets a near fall. Knox pulls Haze to her feet and goes for the Falcon Arrow but Haze counters with a pair of rollups. Haze runs at Knox, who catches her with the T-Bone Suplex and a double springboard legdrop, but Haze moves and Knox misses. Haze quickly hits a missile dropkick. Haze connects with the heart punch into the Mind Trip for the victory. 9/10 a very hard fought and impressive match, which brings Haze to 2-2 now. We get closing comments from Allison Danger who says in Volume 5 she wants a match with Cheerleader Melissa. Mercedes Martinez v Sara Del Ray is the main event of Volume 5, but with no time limit this time, should be a hell of a match!

Match Recap:

1. Nikki Roxx beat Amber O’Neal at 9:22 5.75/10

2. Ann Brookstone was beat by Shantelle Taylor at 5:53 7/10

3. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka beat Cindy Rogers and Lorelei Lee at 16:01 7.5/10

4. Allison Danger pinned Tiana Ringer at 11:09 7.5/10

5. Sara Del Ray beat Rain at 14:08 8.75/10

6. MsChif submitted to Cheerleader Melissa at 26:13 9.5/10

7. Daizee Haze beat Rebecca Knox in 20:14 9/10

This was a good show, with three great matches, three good matches and one not bad. The opening match was good, Nikki needs better opponents though. Personally I think Amber works best as a tag team wrestler, but she’s still better than most of the WWE Divas. Shantelle is great and Ann impressed me, it’s too bad this was a onetime shot for her. Lexie and Malia make an amazing team, as does Cindy and Lorelei. Allison is an incredible wrestler and she had a great match with Tiana. Sara and Rain put on an impressive match, as I said Rain impresses each match. MsChif and Melissa had one of the best hardcore style matches I’ve seen, they tore the place down literally. Haze is the darling of SHIMMER as the crowd loves her so much, and for good reason. Knox is exciting as well; I look forward to more of her. Once again SHIMMER blew away WWE and TNA by a mile with a great two hours plus of action.


WIN/LOSS RECORDS as of Volume 4

Wrestler Win Loss Draw
Allison Danger 3 1 0
Amber O’Neal 1 3 0
Ann Brookstone 0 1 0
Ariel 1 1 0
Beth Phoenix 1 1 0
Cheerleader Melissa 3 1 0
Christie Ricci 1 1 0
Cindy Rogers 2 2 0
Daizee Haze 2 2 0
Krissy Vaine 1 1 0
Lacey 0 2 0
Lexie Fyfe 3 1 0
Lorelei Lee 1 1 0
Malia Hosaka 1 1 0
Mercedes Martinez 0 1 1
MsChif 1 3 0
Nikki Roxx 1 2 0
Rain 1 3 0
Rebecca Knox 1 1 0
Sara Del Ray 3 0 1
Shantelle Taylor 2 2 0
Tiana Ringer 1 3 0

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