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SHIMMER Volume 3 – February 12, 2006

After sitting through another bad episode of RAW, to which I was actually looking forward too, it’s time for more SHIMMER. First though about RAW, way to screw up what looked like it was going to be a great angle, stupid company. Then again maybe stupid fans for expecting something good when all we’ve been given are crap for the last decade. Every time it looks like the WWE is going to stumble on something good they find a way to screw it up. As for the TNA PPV, the less said the better, very middle of the road show. It’s getting harder and harder to enjoy the current products from either company. With that out of the way, let’s get to our next volume of SHIMMER.

1. Rain v Nikki Roxx. Well, we waste no time in getting to it, as we open right into our first match. Nikki is so underrated, can’t believe TNA blew it with her and now ODB; this is the only place women get any respect. Before the match some fan yells out Rain rules! Allison Danger has the night off from commentary, so Dave is doing the show alone. Rain starts out with a quick wristlock and Nikki rolls out and locks on one of her own. Rain counters out and twists the arm of Nikki, who bounces off the ropes and rolls up Rain. Nikki with a go behind and Rain reverses and back to the wristlock, Nikki with a drop toe hold into the side headlock. Nikki shot in and comes back with a big shoulderblock. Off the ropes again and blocks Rain’s hiptoss and nails one of her own, and follows that with a big clothesline and a back elbow. Nikki sent in and comes back with a nice headscissors which gets her a two count. Nikki sends Rain in and Rain ducks under the clothesline and nails the Backstabber for a near fall of her own. Rain stomps the back of Nikki and covers but Nikki grabs the ropes. Rain pulls her up and chokes Nikki on the ropes and ties her up then nails a nice dropkick. Rain argues with the crowd, which allows Nikki to make the comeback but one forearm from Rain knocks Nikki back on her ass. Rain chokes her on the ropes again and then chops Nikki in the corner then sends her to the opposite corner and follows with the double knee to the back. Rain with a snapmare takeover and gets a near fall. Rain sends Nikki to the corner, and runs into the big boot and Nikki misses a clothesline and Rain hits a backbreaker for another near fall. Rain with a rear chinlock while driving the knee to the back and Rain forced to break when she tears at the face. Rain sends Nikki in, and Nikki comes back with the sunset flip, which angers Rain who fires back with the clothesline. Rain hammers the back of Nikki but Nikki fights her way back and sends Rain to the corner, but Rain comes out with a big lariat for a near fall. Rain pulls Nikki to the center and goes for the Acid Rain, but Nikki fights off and Rain drives a forearm to the back. Rain goes for the Rain Drop but Nikki counters to a Northern Lights Suplex for another near fall. Both women slow to get up and we get a slugfest, which Rain gets the advantage and sends Nikki in, Nikki returns with the flying forearm. Nikki hits a dropkick followed by another Suplex for a near fall. Nikki sends Rain to the corner, but reversed and Nikki catches Rain charging in and climbs the ropes. Rain catches her and goes for Acid Rain, Nikki counters to a victory roll for a near fall. Nikki goes for the Cruncher but Rain fights it off and nails the Acid Rain, a bridging straight jacket electric chair drop, for the victory. 8/10 a great opening match that could’ve gone either way. Nice start to the show as Nikki gets a nice hand from the crowd as she leaves.

2. Amber O’Neal v Cindy Rogers v Tiana Ringer. At the last show Cindy beat Amber’s tag partner Krissy and now she gets her shot against the other half of Team Blondage. The bell rings and this is an elimination match, the way these matches should be, not the half assed first fall crap the WWE is doing Sunday. Amber taunts Cindy, as Dave mentions Krissy has signed with WWE, which didn’t last long, as did Beth Phoenix and wishes both ladies the best. The slowly circle and Amber wants nothing of this and stands in the corner as Cindy and Tiana slug it out, but Amber attacks and it’s a two on one. They double team Cindy who ducks under the clothesline and dropkicks both. Cindy clotheslines both down, but Tiana catches her in a full nelson and Amber goes for the chop, but Cindy breaks free and Amber nails Tiana. They argue and this allows Cindy to hit the belly to back Suplex on Amber. Tiana rolls up Cindy, but Amber rolls up Tiana as all three counters each other’s pins. Tiana kicks Amber out of the ring and now Cindy and Tiana firing off as O’Neal on the floor. Cindy with a hiptoss and a big slam followed by the side Russian legsweep. Amber comes in and accidentally nails Tiana, which allows Cindy to hits the side Russian on Amber. This allows Tiana to gets back up and take down Cindy and now they’re double teaming Cindy again. They each drop a leg on Cindy and Amber goes for a stomp and falls. They set her in the corner and choke Cindy as they continue the double teaming and send Cindy to the opposite corner. Amber and Tiana stomp the fallen Cindy and send her in, but she catches both with their heads down. Cindy hits a facebuster on Tiana sending her to the floor and Amber goes to check on her. Cindy spins her around and hits the facebuster to eliminate Amber. Tiana gets dropkicked off the ring apron and follows outside and rams Tiana into the ring before throwing her in. Tiana catches Cindy coming in and slams her down hard for a near fall. Tiana rams Cindy into the buckle and then to the other buckle and goes for a chop but Cindy moves. Cindy hits a neckbreaker on Tiana and picks her up for the inside cradle for a near fall. Tiana catches Cindy in a huge spinebuster and covers, but Cindy gets a shoulder up. Cindy fights back and sends Tiana in and catches her with a shoulderblock. Cindy goes for a slam, but Tiana drops down the back and Cindy catches her with a snapmare into the TCB, rear naked choke, for the submission win. 5/10 not a bad match, just nothing great basically filler for the show.

3. Lorelei Lee v Malia Hosaka. Both ladies making their SHIMMER debuts tonight. Lorelei Lee is a part of Wrestlicious as Tyler Texas, while Malia has been in the business for over twenty years and wrestled in ECW, WCW, WWF, and TNA. They lock up and Lorelei with a go behind which Malia counters. Lorelei reverses and Malia takes her down with a drop toe hold into the headlock and uses the ropes for leverage. Lorelei powers out into the hammerlock to the side headlock and Malia fight off. Malia charges in and runs into an armdrag, Lorelei follows with a legdrop. Lorelei applies an armbar, but Malia fights out and hammers Lorelei in the leg. Malia with a double strike and then a big chop before sending her in and connects with a flying forearm for a near fall. Malia sends Lorelei in and nails a huge Yakuza kick then into the camel clutch, and we’ve lost the crowd noise, which sounds odd. Malia drops a knee across the back and sends her in again, Lorelei comes back with a sunset flip for a near fall. Hosaka continues the offense and nails a spinning kick to the face of Lorelei. Malia with a hairmare, and then a second one as the ref admonishes her. Lorelei tries to fight back and Malia rakes the eyes and snapmares her down into the chinlock. Malia goes for a splash and Lorelei raises the knees. Lorelei sends Malia in and connects with the lariat, followed by the back elbow and a dropkick for a near fall. Lorelei goes to the armbar and transitions to the hammerlock and Malia refuses to give up. Lorelei locks in the camel clutch but Malia won’t submit, so she applies a double arm with the foot in the back, which looks painful. Malia in pain, but still able to yell at the crowd to shut up. Lorelei release the hold and works over the back of Malia. Malia able to fall back as Lorelei went for the camel clutch and nails a quick headbutt. Malia chokes Lorelei on the ropes and rams her into the buckle and follows with a series of kicks. Malia pulls Lorelei out of the corner the hard way, but Lorelei uses her legs to kick off Malia and quickly works the leg of Hosaka. Lorelei with a nice figure four leglock and Malia screams in pain, but able to make the ropes forcing the break. Lorelei quickly back to the leg and right back to the figure four and Malia able to get a hold of Lorelei’s hair and that break the hold. Malia catches Lorelei charging in with a dropkick and goes for a Suplex, but Lorelei counters. Lorelei with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Malia goes for a German Suplex and Lorelei rolls through, but so does Malia who applies a body scissors. Malia rolls Lorelei over for the near fall multiple times while holding the scissors intact, Lorelei able to finally break the hold. Lorelei with an Oklahoma Roll and scores the big win. 6/10 not a bad match, but the styles didn’t seem to mesh well. Might have been a bit of jitters from Lorelei, as this was her first big match. After the match Hosaka attacks Lorelei and waves to someone in the back, out comes Lexie Fyfe and they double team Lorelei. They hit a double clothesline on Lorelei and stomp the daylights out of her and her comes Cindy Rogers to the rescue. I sense a tag match on Volume 4! Cindy helps Lorelei up and raises her hand in victory and they hug. After Cindy and Lorelei leave Lexie grabs the mic and calls out her opponent for tonight, and here she comes!

4. Lexie Fyfe v MsChif. MsChif answers the call and comes to the ring for her match. I love that they introduce the referees in this company, as opposed to WWE where they are all nameless zebras. I love MsChif’s hometown, hailing from the Inferno, awesome! The bell rings and they lock up and MsChif overpowers Lexie down quickly. Another lockup and Lexie with a go behind and MsChif counters, Lexie reverses into a hammerlock. MsChif reverses the hold and Lexie reverses into a full nelson, but MsChif counters back to the hammerlock and pounds on the back of Lexie. Lexie applies the wristlock and MsChif rolls out, nice looking and applies one of her own. Lexie powers her down and charges, MsChif ducks and backslides Lexie down. MsChif sweeps Lexie’s legs and then follows with a float over Suplex for a near fall. Lexie tries to leave and MsChif pulls her back in and locks in a bridging back chinlock, MsChif is so flexible she’s like Gumby! Lexie makes the ropes and MsChif forced to break the hold, Lexie slow to get up and MsChif chops her and sends her in. Lexie counters and MsChif comes back with a headscissors but Lexie drops MsChif down with a side slam. Lexie stomps the back of MsChif and applies the camel clutch. I need a macro for camel clutch, it keeps being used in every match on this discs! MsChif refuses to submit and Lexie breaks the hold and nails a series of Suplexes for another near fall. Lexie bends MsChif backwards as she cranks on the neck and knees, and MsChif fights off again. Lexie applies a nice Boston Crab, again bending MsChif again but she refuses to give up. Lexie goes for a slam, but MsChif slides down the back and takes Lexie down with a body scissor roll up. Lexie comes back with the shots to the back and now locks on the elevated pendulum submission hold. Lexie drives MsChif down to the mat while still holding the legs and now pulls back on the arms while still holding the legs. MsChif breaks the hold and Lexie tosses her in the corner and unloads on her. Lexie chokes her and MsChif counters and hammers Lexie in the corner and screams in the face of Lexie. MsChif with the choke and the ref makes her break it, so she goes after the ref and Lexie nails her. Lexie sends MsChif to the opposite corner and charges, but MsChif moves and Lexie crashes into the buckles. MsChif hits the back of Lexie with multiple forearms and stomps the back repeatedly. MsChif chokes Lexie on the ropes and locks in the camel clutch with Lexie in the ropes and suddenly Cheerleader Melissa appears at ringside. MsChif is distracted but goes back to Lexie and goes for the Desecrator, but gets distracted by Melissa. Lexie goes for the Attitude Adjuster, but MsChif counters and hits the reverse DDT. MsChif comes off the ropes and Melissa grabs her ankle, this allows Lexie to hit the Attitude Adjuster for the victory. 7.75/10 a pretty good match, but the interference of Melissa brought it down a bit.

5. Cheerleader Melissa v Shantelle Taylor. It’s a battle of TNA Knockouts, as Raisha Saied faces Taylor Wilde! The bell rings and they circle before Melissa charges and Taylor rolls away. Another charge and Taylor rolls under again, and a third attempt with same results. Taylor with a side headlock and Melissa sends her in the ropes, but Taylor holds on and drops down. Melissa lifts up Taylor, but she maintains the headlock and takes Melissa over. Melissa tries to use the legs and Taylor fights her off while still holding on to the headlock. Melissa hammers her way loose and sends Taylor in and they collide, no one moves and again same thing. Melissa sends her in and drops down; Taylor drops down too and back to the headlock. Melissa powers her way up and fights the headlock, Melissa with a hammerlock and drives the forearm to Taylor’s back. Melissa drives a knee in the back while maintaining the hammerlock. Taylor tries to reach the ropes and just makes it; Melissa forced to break the hammerlock. Melissa stomps the arms of Taylor, as Dave announces Ariel missed the show due to weather, as Taylor able to get a wristlock on Melissa. Melissa rolls forward and twists the arm of Taylor and applies a wristlock of her own. Melissa continues to work over the arm of Shantelle, as the crowd is behind Taylor, Melissa sends her into the buckle and then across the ring to the other buckle. Melissa drives the shoulder into the midsection and sends Taylor in. Taylor comes back with an armdrag and Melissa rolls out of the ring and both women shake out the arms. Taylor goes outside after Melissa and chases her; Melissa rolls in and catches Taylor coming in. Melissa goes for the Kudo Driver, but Taylor fights out and Melissa sends her to the buckle and chops the chest of Taylor. Melissa sends Taylor to the opposite corner and charges in with a leaping forearm strike knocking Taylor to the mat. Melissa pulls her up and throws her into the buckle and then chops the chest again before sending her to the opposite corner, but Taylor holds the ropes and hammers Melissa in the face repeatedly then chops her chest. Taylor sends Melissa to the corner and hits the handspring elbow and goes for a headscissor. Melissa catches her and nails the wheelbarrow Suplex. Melissa again works on the back of Taylor and stomps her repeatedly. Melissa readies for the Kudo Driver, Shantelle blocks the hold and rolls up Melissa for the near fall. Melissa goes for a clothesline and Taylor ducks and rolls her up again. Taylor gets caught by a huge clothesline and Melissa back in control and slams Taylor down hard. Melissa off the ropes and drives an elbow into the chest which gets her another near fall. Melissa locks in the inverted cloverleaf, same move she used on MsChif to bend her in half, and Taylor tries to make the ropes. Taylor slowly crawls to the ropes and finally makes it, breaking the hold. Melissa snapmares Taylor down and drives the knee in the back while pulling back the arms. The fans behind Taylor as they chant her name, and she fights out. Taylor hammers Melissa on the ropes and then in the corner. Both girls exchanging chops in the middle of the ring, Melissa gets a forearm in, as does Shantelle and they hammer each other hard. Taylor with a series of forearms and sends Melissa in, Taylor with the perfect dropkick, and follows with a back heel kick. Taylor with a leg lariat and gets another near fall, but too close to the ropes as Melissa grabs the ropes. Taylor climbs the ropes and Melissa catches her up top and climbs up with her. Both women fighting up top and Melissa goes for a superplex, but Taylor pushes her off and climbs up. Melissa hits a forearm on Taylor and hits the Air Raid Crash for the victory! 9/10 a great hard fought match, very impressive outing from both ladies. After the match Melissa kicks Taylor out of the ring.

6. Allison Danger v Rebecca Knox. Rebecca is making her SHIMMER debut tonight, and comes to us from Dublin, Ireland. The opening bell and both ladies shake hands, nice show of class, and then we start with a test of strength. Knox with a wristlock takes Allison down, but Allison counters, as does Knox and rolls Allison down. Knox with a go behind into a full nelson then tries to take Danger down, but Allison counters to a wristlock of her own. Knox counters and twists the arm of Danger, Knox then able to hook the head of Allison in a front headlock. Danger fights out and applies a hammerlock on Knox, who reverses the hold then to the side headlock and back to the hammerlock followed by a fireman’s carry takeover back to the hammerlock. Nice sequence of moves and the crowd appreciates that as well. Danger counters to a wristlock and Knox rolls out back to the headlock and rolls Danger into an inverted Dragon Sleeper. Rebecca moves to a rear chinlock as she tries to wear down the opponent, if this was WWE the lemmings would’ve already begun the boring chant. Danger fights out and takes Knox down with the wristlock and Knox rolls backwards and applies the side headlock takeover, very nice series of moves so far. Danger able to break the hold by locking in a head scissors and Knox breaks the hold and now she has Allison’s legs tied up. Knox with the spinning toe hold into an inverted Indian Death Lock in the middle of the ring. Danger able to roll over and counter the pain, now it’s Knox who needs to make the ropes, but instead she rolls through and Danger back in trouble. They roll across the ring and hit the ropes forcing the break, and the crowd applauds the very impressive series. They slowly circle and Danger with a go behind, and Knox counters and snapmares Danger down and back to the chinlock. Knox crucifixes the arms and rolls back, but Danger counters back to the wristlock. Knox rolls out and takes out the leg of Danger and back to the spinning toe hold and works the legs of Danger. Danger rolls over and grabs the ankle of Knox, reversing the pressure. Knox able to reach the ropes and breaks the hold, and both ladies back up. Knox with a go behind and Knox rolls her up into the leg grapevine, Danger kicks her and rolls into the single leg crab. Knox able to break the hold and quickly back to the side headlock, but Danger elbows out and shoots her in. Knox comes back with the shoulder block and the off the ropes again, only to be hip tossed twice and then armdragged into the armbar. Knox shoots Allison in and goes for leapfrog, but Knox collapses holding her leg. The ref quickly checks on Knox as Danger backs in the corner and the trainers come out. Knox tries to stand up and falls back down, the ring announcer and other refs are in there to help her. Danger looks concerned as a hush comes over the crowd. Knox tells the refs she wants to continue as Danger waits on the apron, suddenly Knox kicks Danger off the apron to the floor and Dave is shocked. Knox dances in the ring as she was faking it, and the crowd is cursing her out now, that was great! The ref counts Danger and Knox jumps out after her and hammers the back of Allison, I guess the technical portion of the match is over, as she throws Danger back in and follows. Knox hits a cradle Suplex and gets a near fall, with her feet on the ropes; Dave is beside himself on commentary. Knox chokes Danger in the corner and drives the shoulder in; Danger turns it around and chops the chest of Knox. One knee from Knox takes Danger back down, and Knox drops the leg to get a two. Knox screams at the ref to count faster, and she then chokes Allison on the ropes. Knox takes Danger down with a dragon screw and drops both legs across the thighs of Danger. Rebecca takes a moment to tell the fans off, but this allows Danger to roll her up for a near fall. Knox quickly back on the offense and sends Danger in, Knox connects with a nice dropkick and then drops a series of elbows. Knox pulls Danger up and nails a fisherman neckbreaker, which only gets a near fall. Knox with the side headlock and Danger fights out, but Knox hammers her in the back and nails a nice European uppercut on Danger. Knox sends Danger in, but Danger holds the wrist and connects with the Oklahoma Roll for two. Knox furious hammers the back of Danger and another European uppercut then rakes Danger’s eyes on the ropes. Danger in the corner and Knox hits the flying forearm, and Danger crumples to the mat. Knox goes for a Suplex and Danger blocks it by dropping to one knee and quickly hits the side Russian legsweep. Knox up first and pulls Danger up, but Danger breaks free and hammers Knox. Danger with a running clothesline and then the neckbreaker on the knee for a near fall. Danger clobbers Knox to the corner and sends her to the opposite corner, but Knox holds the arm and hits the T-Bone Suplex for a near fall. Knox is incensed now and stomps the fallen Danger then sends her in, Danger ducks under the clothesline and comes back with the STO. Danger goes for the Shimmer Warlock but Knox ducks and comes back with the Falcon Arrow for the victory! 10/10 simply a fantastic match, from the opening sequence to the fake injury to the great ending. Easily one of the five best matches I’ve ever seen and one of the best matches of the last decade. The crowd screams at Knox who goes out and confronts them. After Knox leaves, proud of her actions, the crowd cheers for Allison as she slowly gets up with help from the ref.

7. Daizee Haze v Sara Del Rey. This is our main event, almost a rematch from the last show, as Haze and Sara were the last two left from the fatal four way. The ladies shake hands, I love that, very cool, as the crowd seems much split in this match. They circle each other before locking up and Sara with a go behind takes down Haze. Haze comes back with an armbar into the snapmare to the double arm submission. Sara powers out and a hammerlock on Haze then a snapmare into the rear chinlock. Haze fights out and takes down Sara with a wristlock. Sara flips out and back to the hammerlock on Haze, who rolls through into one of her own. Sara counters to a wristlock and Haze rolls out and into her own wristlock, very impressive. Sara tries to rollout but Haze holds her down and into the keylock, but Sara able to get the headscissors on Haze and bends her backwards. Haze able to roll into a pinning predicament and both women slow to rise. Sara tells the crowd she can do the nip-up, which she wasn’t able to do a few seconds ago and Haze says she wants to see it. Sara tells Haze to sit on the top rope and she does, holding her daisy, and Sara does the nip up. The crowd wants to see the ref do it, so he tries and actually pulls it off, that was cute actually. Sara leaves the ring, as she seems embarrassed that the ref did it better and he goes over to get her back in the ring. Sara slowly gets back in the ring, as the crowd chants “Welcome back”, this is like a Bushwhacker match with all the comedy. Sara wants a test of strength now and Haze obliges, Del Ray quickly turns it into a Japanese Strange Hold and snaps Daizee back, brutal looking. Haze bent backwards over the knees of Sara while pulling the arms back. Haze rolls over and breaks the hold, applying one of her own. Sara fights her way out, and Haze changes to a side headlock and gets sent in. Sara hits a shoulderblock followed by the headbutt and Haze is dazed. Sara sends her in and catches Haze with a backbreaker over the knee for a near fall. Sara pulls her up and Haze fights back and chops Sara in the corner and goes for the bulldog but Sara pushes her off. Sara drops a knee across the head of Haze and gets a near fall. Sara sends Haze in and connects with a back elbow and a cocky cover gets another near fall. Sara with the side headlock and Haze counters with a nice spinning headscissors followed by a dropkick. Haze chops Sara and sends her in, but Sara reverses and catches Haze with the wheelbarrow, but Haze counters into the cradle for a near fall. Sara tries for a slam and Haze counters into a pin attempt but Sara kicks out. Haze charges and Sara catches her with a huge slam then sits on the chest of Haze twice. Sara pulls her up and drives a knee to the ribs taking her down again, and hits the slingshot across the bottom rope then drags her to the middle for a near fall. Sara quickly applies the camel clutch and cranks back on Haze, good thing she’s flexible, Haze bites the hand to force the break. Sara pulls her up and rams her into the buckle, then a series of chops, but Haze ducks under one and hits a pair of her own and a running clothesline. Haze runs into Sara in the corner and eats a boot, and Sara continues with another big boot, but a third misses. Haze goes for a crossbody and Sara catches her with the fall away slam for a near fall. Sara ties up the legs with a rear chinlock, and pulls Haze back. Sara with a pair of headbutts to the back of Haze’s head and then turns her attention to the crowd, this allows Haze to roll her up for two pin attempts. Haze starts to fight back but Sara chops the hell out of her in the corner and another vicious headbutt takes Haze down. The crowd now more behind Haze and Sara wrings the arm of Haze before shooting her off and connecting with a lariat for another near fall. Sara drives the knees into the head of Haze and then pulls her back up again, and Haze tries to fight back, but Sara goes for a powerbomb, but Haze drops behind and rolls her up for a near fall. Haze with the multiple knees and goes for the Yakuza kick, but Sara moves and grabs Haze with a waistlock, but Haze reverses into one of her own. Sara breaks the hold and goes for the German, but Haze rolls her up again for another near fall. Sara up first and hammers Haze, but Haze fires back and we have a slugfest now. Sara with a series of forearms and comes off the ropes, running into the Yakuza kick from Daizee. Daizee climbs the ropes and hits a nice missile dropkick, but she’s too exhausted to make the cover and both ladies are down. Both ladies slowly get up and Haze hits the heart punch, but misses the Yakuza kick. Sara gets Haze on her shoulders and goes for a powerbomb, but Haze counters into a roll up for another near fall. Haze goes for the Mind Trip, but Sara counters and hits the German Suplex for the victory! 9/10 a near perfect match, other than the comedy at the start. That was a great main event, but Danger/Knox should’ve closed the show. It was hard to follow a perfect match, but Haze and Sara did try. After the match we get comments backstage from Sara Del Rey who issues a challenge to Mercedes Martinez with no time limit. Dave announces Cheerleader Melissa will face MsChif at the next show, with Falls Count Anywhere! We get comments from Daizee Haze about Knox and issues a challenge to her for the next show!

Match Recap:

1. Rain defeated Nikki Roxx in 10:16 8/10

2. Cindy Rogers beat Tiana Ringer and Amber O’Neal in 7:22 5/10

3. Lorelei Lee upset Malia Hosaka at 11:56 6/10

4. Lexie Fyfe pinned MsChif in 10:38 7.75/10

5. Cheerleader Melissa beat Shantelle Taylor at 17:40 9/10

6. Rebecca Knox pinned Allison Danger in 22:56 10/10

7. Sara Del Ray beat Daizee Haze in 19:51 9/10

This was another great show. The opening match was impressive and was much better than I anticipated. The three way wasn’t very good, but was better than anything the WWE Divas could’ve ever pulled off. Lorelei impressed me, but the match wasn’t great, hopefully she’ll be better in the future, I see potential in her. MsChif and Lexie had a great match, wish MsChif had won though. Melissa and Shantelle were amazing, and goes to show what they could’ve done in TNA if given the chance. Knox and Danger tore the roof of the place and put on a classic. This one match blew away anything from the WWE or TNA in the last decade, simply amazing work. The main event was good, but I think it should’ve gone before Knox and Danger, as it was just too hard to follow up such a great match. Not that they didn’t try hard, but no one could’ve surpassed the previous match. SHIMMER is really been impressive so far, and I can’t wait to see the next volume.


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