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SHIMMER Volume 2 – November 6, 2005


Let’s continue the SHIMMER collection with disc 2. This was taped the same night as Volume 1. The first volume was very impressive and had some amazing matches, let’s see if Volume 2 can be as good.

We open with comments from Lacey saying Daizee Haze cheated at the last show, and tonight in a four way she’ll beat her. It’s Lacey versus Daizee versus Sara Del Ray versus Mercedes Martinez and Lacey promises she’ll win and get her hands on Daizee. From there we get highlights of Team Blondage versus Rogers and Roxx from Volume 1. Team Blondage cheated to score the victory as Amber O’Neal held the arms of Krissy allowing her to roll up Cindy for the win.

1. Krissy Vaine v Cindy Rogers. As Krissy makes her way to the ring she stops and hugs Amber O’Neal. Cindy comes bouncing out in black and blue, let’s hope Krissy doesn’t make her match her outfit tonight. Joey Eastman introduces both ladies and Krissy gets a mixed reaction while Cindy gets a nice response from the crowd. The bell rings and they lock up, Krissy with an armbar and Cindy reverses and drags her down. Cindy cranks the arm and Krissy fights out and takes down Cindy with a cross armbar into a roll up, but Cindy counters. Cindy cranks the arm and Krissy shoots her in, Krissy goes for the armdrag but Cindy counters to a backslide. Krissy begs off and then offers the handshake, Cindy asks the crowd and then offers the hand, but quickly sweeps the legs and applies an ankle lock, Vaine struggles but makes the ropes. Cindy hammers the blonde and tosses her into the buckle, but Krissy whips her into the opposite corner then drives the face into the buckle. Krissy with the big chest chop in the corner and then follows with a second before tossing her out of the corner by the hair. Krissy rides Cindy to mock her, then drives the face into the mat and chokes Cindy on the mat. Krissy with a nice snap Suplex and dances around her opponent. Krissy pulls Cindy to the middle of the ring and stands on her hair while pulling her up, and the ref makes her break the hold, but she goes right back to it. Krissy off the ropes and drops the Hulk Hogan legdrop for a near fall, she then pulls Cindy up and hammers her before shooting her in. Krissy misses a clotheslines and Cindy sweeps the legs out and nails a jumping neck snap, and Allison mentions Mr. Perfect. Krissy rakes the eyes to slow down Cindy’s momentum and sends her in; Krissy catches her with the side slam for a near fall. Krissy argues with the ref who says it’s only a two count, so she tosses Cindy into the top buckle then drives the shoulder in. Cindy sent to the opposite corner and Krissy charges in, but eats Cindy’s boot. Cindy hits a top rope bulldog and both ladies are down. Both slow to rise and we get a slugfest, with Cindy getting the advantage, Cindy with an octopus hold and Krissy holds on. Cindy transitions into the side Russian legsweep and then sends her in and hits the running butt-butt. Krissy collapses in the corner and Cindy charges in with the Umaga running butt to the head. Cindy locks in the body scissors/dragon sleeper combo, which she calls the TCB. Krissy has no choice but to tap out. 7/10 not a bad opening match, a nice way to start the show. Cindy dances for the crowd and it looks a little nippy in the arena tonight, just saying is all. Cindy leaves as Krissy is screaming at the ref who helps her out and she falls to the floor.

2. Lexie Fyfe v Nikki Roxx. Well, this should be a good match. I still can’t get used to Nikki with blonde hair, not that I’m complaining she looks great. Jennifer Carlisle is the ref for this match and the bell rings. Nikki distracted by the crowd and Lexie attacks her, but misses the clothesline and Nikki hits a pair of her own followed by the dropkick and Fyfe quickly leaves the ring. Lexie slowly enters the ring and they lock up, Roxx with the side headlock and Lexie fights out and slides behind Roxxi. Roxxi counters with the drop toe hold, back to the side headlock as Lexie is on the mat. Lexie fights out and drives the knee into the back of Roxx while maintaining the hammerlock, but Nikki fights out and applies the wristlock. Lexie powers out and cranks the arm of Roxx, but Nikki flips out and back to the wristlock, very cool looking. Roxx sends her in but misses the dropkick as Lexie holds the ropes, and then stomps on the fallen Nikki. Lexie with the big scoop and slam in the middle of the ring. Lexie drops the leg and covers but Nikki quickly kicks out and Lexie pulls her up just to hammer her some more. Lexie chokes Nikki in the corner and then tosses her out by the hair. Fyfe with a series of snapmares with the hair and a kick to the back then into a submission that looks odd. She has both Nikki’s arms pulled between her legs and pulls back on them, looks very weird, yet painful. Roxx crawls to the ropes and Lexie has to break and takes as long as she can. Lexie hammers Roxx down and quickly locks in the pendulum submission, damn that looks painful. Lexie releases the hold and drives her weight into Nikki’s back and then into the camel clutch. Lexie tries to humble Roxx as Dave does an Iron Sheik impersonation. The ref demands she breaks the hold as Lexie pulls the hair. Lexie sends Roxx in but misses the clothesline and Nikki with a crossbody with Fyfe powers out. Lexie with a pair of snap Suplexes and still only gets a two count. Nikki tries to fight back and we have a chop fight, Nikki gets the advantage and sends Fyfe in but gets caught with her head down. Lexie hits the facebuster and gets a near fall. Roxx tossed into the corner and Lexie drives the shoulder in and sends her to the opposite corner and misses the charge. Now it’s Nikki driving the shoulder in and sends Fyfe to the opposite corner but runs into the boots, Lexie comes out with the big lariat. Lexie with a running bulldog and then climbs the ropes, but misses the second rope legdrop. Nikki quickly hits the Barbie Crusher, a hammerlock guillotine drop, and gets the upset victory. 7/10 another good match up, not great but nothing to complain about.

3. Tiana Ringer & Cheerleader Melissa v Ariel & Shantelle Taylor. This is our first tag team match of the night, and we have two TNA Knockouts in there. Melissa and Shantelle start out and they lock up, but Shantelle ducks under her. Crowd solidly behind Shantelle and Ariel, as they circle. They lockup finally and Shantelle with the side headlock, and Melissa fights out and sends her in, but Shantelle comes back with the dropkick. Melissa still standing, a second one does nothing, but a third takes her down, and Shantelle with a quick low dropkick as well. Shantelle back to the side headlock and Melissa powers out, but Shantelle from behind with a roll up and gets a near fall, very impressive looking. Both ladies make the tag and Tiana charges but Ariel with a drop toe hold, Tiana up and crank the arm but Ariel counters. Ariel sent in and comes back with an armdrag but Tiana sweeps the legs, as they do a real nice wrestling sequence. We get a stalemate as they countered each other nicely. Tiana goes for a cheap shot and Ariel blocks and tags in Shantelle who kicks Tiana. Shantelle hammers Tiana in the corner and then chops her on the ropes. Shantelle whipped in and Melissa pulls her down by the hair. This allows Tiana to get the advantage and she sends Shantelle in. Shantelle goes for a rana and Tiana catches her and they nail a double facebuster on Shantelle. Melissa in now and stomps Shantelle as she mocks the crowd chanting “Shantelle”. Melissa scoops up Shantelle and ties her to the tree of woe and tags in Tiana who stomps Shantelle in the corner and hits a dropkick on her. Shantelle tries to fight back and Tiana kicks her in the midsection. Tiana tags Melissa back in and they hit a double hip toss. Melissa chops Shantelle across the chest twice and then scoops her up before slamming her hard. Melissa kicks Shantelle in the side and chokes her with the boot. Melissa goes for a Suplex but Shantelle counters to the inside cradle for a near fall. Melissa right back up and clotheslines Shantelle down hard then whips her into the corner. Tiana tagged back in and she chokes Shantelle in the corner, and Shantelle tries to fight out of the corner and dives for the tag, but Tiana catches her with the spinebuster for the near fall. Shantelle again trying to fight and sends Tiana in but misses a clothesline and then they both connect with the clothesline and both ladies are down. Melissa and Ariel both tagged in, and Ariel ducks under Melissa’s clothesline and chops her then sends her in and catches her with a back drop. Ariel with a spinning head scissor takedown and Melissa roll out of the ring. Tiana climbs the ropes and Ariel catches her and Ariel and Shantelle go for the double superplex, but Melissa comes in and we get the tower of doom, very awesome looking. Melissa grabs Ariel and goes for the Air Raid Crash, but countered to a sunset flip. Ariel sends Melissa in and goes for the stunner but Melissa counters. Melissa hits the Air Raid Crash, the over the shoulder belly to back piledriver, and gets the victory. 8.25/10 a great tag team match as all four ladies put on a great showing for themselves. Melissa and Tiana celebrate as Shantelle checks on Ariel. After the match we get comments from both Mercedes Martinez and Sara Del Ray.

4. Amber O’Neal v Christie Ricci. It’s the other half of Team Blondage in action, against the current Wrestlicious champion. Christie goes to lock up and Amber ducks under and runs to the ropes. They lock up and Christie over powers the blonde sending her to the mat, another lockup and Amber with a go behind, Christie laughing about it and quickly reverses and takes O’Neal down with ease. Christie goes for another lockup and Amber kicks her and applies the side headlock, screaming she’s got her. Christie again overpowers Amber and takes her down with a belly to back Suplex and Amber hides in the corner. Christie charges and Amber trips her sending her into the buckle, and then chokes her on the ropes. Amber works the back of Ricci and the back to the chokehold. Amber pulls back on the head and pulls the nostrils of Ricci before pulling the hair. Amber with a rear chinlock, and Christie powers out and drives Amber into the corner with ease. Amber comes back out with a bulldog and goes back to working the back of Ricci, then rakes the eyes and drives her to the mat. Amber with a nice side Russian leg sweep and goes back to the back, but Christie fights back. O’Neal with a snapmare and then grabs the legs of Ricci and locks in the Boston Crab, but Christie powers out again. Amber rakes the eyes and back to choking Ricci on the ropes. Amber goes for a Suplex but Ricci blocks and cradles her, both women roll around trying to get the advantage and neither can. Amber up first and she’s dizzy as she swings wildly and Ricci rolls her up from behind for a near fall. Ricci sends her in and nails a spinning back breaker as Allison leaves the broadcast booth to get ready for her match. Christie with a nice backbreaker for a near fall. Ricci scoops up Amber and slams her down hard before climbing the ropes. Ricci drops down, right into the boot of Amber who gets a near fall. Amber back to the choke hold and sends Ricci in, Ricci ducks under the clothesline and hits the Northern Lights Suplex for the pin. 5/10 not a good match, Amber spends too much time running and choking. Ricci’s a great athlete and I hate giving her such a low rating, but Amber dragged her down.

5. Rain v Allison Danger. They lock up and Allison quickly goes to the arm, but Rain counters. Allison reverses the hold and into the hammerlock, but Rain counters to the side headlock. Allison overpowers her and back to the hammerlock, and Rain counters to a wristlock, but Allison reverses and into the side headlock. Rain fights out into a side headlock of her own, nice sequence of maneuvers here. Allison counters to a wristlock, but Rain reverses into one of her and Allison rolls through back to one of her own. Rain back to the hammerlock transitioned into the headlock. Allison fights out and cranks the arm of Rain and takes her down, but Rain tries to kick her. Rain able to beak the hold and applies the wrist lock of her own. Allison sends her in, but she holds on and nails Allison. Rain hammers Danger and then chokes her on the ropes; I guess scientific time is over. Rain dropkicks Allison in the back while she was tied in the ropes and gets a near fall. Allison gets pushed into the corner and Rain whips her to the opposite corner and nails the knee to the back twice for another near fall. Allison sent in and ducks the clothesline and comes back with a rollup, getting two. Rain up first and clotheslines Allison down and then rakes the eyes. Rain pulls the chin back while driving the knee into the back as Allison tries to make the ropes and just makes it. Allison sent in but comes back with a kick and goes for the Shimmer Warlock, but Rain avoids it and grabs the legs. Rain locks in a vicious looking Boston Crab, practically bending Allison in half, and Allison crawls to the ropes to break the hold. Danger rolls out of the ring and Rain follows with a baseball slide dropkick. Rain with a bearhug on the floor and then drives her into the ringpost. Rain tosses Allison back in and follows then goes for a series of pins, but Allison kicks out. Rain chops Allison in the corner, but Danger fires back, Rain runs into the boot and Allison comes back with a running knee to the head. Rain pulls up Allison who screams in her face and quickly unloads on Rain. Both women slug it out and Danger off the ropes with a clothesline, she follows with another one. Allison with a pair of snap Suplexes, the last one with a bridge for a near fall. Allison goes for the STO, but Rain counters with a neckbreaker on the knee and gets a near fall of her own. Rain pulls her up and goes for the Thunder crack, a cradle Suplex, but Allison counters with a roll up. Rain goes for Acid Rain but Allison fights out and hits a knee breaker. Allison with a slingshot sending Rain down and locks in a single leg crab, and Rain makes the ropes. Allison ready for the lariat, but Rain ducks and hits the Rain Drop for a near fall. Rain goes for the Acid Rain but Danger rakes out the knee and hits a dropkick to the knee and hits the Shimmer Warlock for the victory! 9/10 a great match; love the opening sequence and the end with both ladies trying for their finishers. An amazing match between two amazing talents.

6. Beth Phoenix v MsChif. Beth looks good playing the girly-girly with the pigtails, really not what you see in WWE. MsChif comes out ready to kick some serious ass, as usual and Beth looks terrified in the ring. She backs up in the corner as MsChif gets in the ring and let’s loose a huge scream. One of the best hometowns for MsChif, hailing from the inferno, I love it. MsChif screams at Beth and Beth bails out of the ring as Allison rejoins Dave on commentary. Beth on the apron talking to the crowd and MsChif sneaks up on her and screams, scaring Beth back to the floor. Beth cautiously enters the ring and sticks out the hand; MsChif responds by grabbing Beth’s hand and biting it, then drives a series of elbows to the head and takes her to the mat. Beth cowers in the corner and MsChif pulls her out the hard way and then stretches Beth by pulling back her arm and leg. Beth tries to roll MsChif up, and MsChif fights back and hammers Beth on the ropes. Beth on the ropes and MsChif charges, Beth drops down and MsChif falls to the floor. Beth follows and slams the green haired goddess on the floor and rolls back in, telling the ref to count faster. MsChif slowly gets back up and back on the apron; Beth tosses her into the ring post and tells the ref to count again. MsChif rolls back in and Beth stomps her and follows with a gutwrench slam for a near fall. Beth chokes MsChif and tells the ref I’ll do whatever I have to. Beth with a hair pull snapmare then into a quarter nelson submission, and MsChif powers out into a jawbreaker. MsChif jumps on the back of Beth and rolls her up with a nice bridge. Beth jumps on MsChif and hammers the head and chokes her as MsChif screams. Beth sends MsChif to the corner and drives the shoulder in then snapmares her out. Beth drops a big leg and gets a near fall, MsChif starts to fire back and ducks under Beth’s clothesline and hits a spinning neckbreaker. This gets MsChif a near fall, and both women slow to rise. Beth catches MsChif with a kick then into the backbreaker and bends MsChif backwards. MsChif uses the knee to fight out and locks on a headscissor, Beth bridges out. Beth chops MsChif who screams at her, a second time and then a third and MsChif lets loose the primal scream. Beth tries to run and MsChif catches her and nails the Call from the Grave, a rolling cutter, for a near fall. MsChif connects with a nice standing moonsault for another near fall which angers MsChif. Beth in the corner and MsChif sends her to the opposite corner and charges, but Beth climbs to the second rope and rolls up MsChif for a near fall. MsChif twists the arm and goes for the Desecrator, but Beth counters with a legsweep. Beth picks up MsChif and nails the Beth Valley Driver for the huge upset victory! 8/10 a good match, a little short though. Strange seeing a different side of Beth, not used to her being the scared one.

7. Mercedes Martinez v Lacey v Sara Del Rey v Daizee Haze. This is our main event and is an elimination four corners match. If there are no tags this is going to be hard to follow, but should be a hell of a match. Daizee seems to be the crowd favorite in this match. The bell rings and Sara and Lacey start the match, Daizee and Martinez in the corners. Lacey ducks under Sara and bails out of the ring, tagging Mercedes on the way out. They lock up and Sara gets Mercedes in the corner, and we get a clean break. Another lock up and Sara in the corner and Mercedes goes for the cheap shot, but Sara moves. Sara tags in Haze, who runs into a hiptoss from Mercedes. Mercedes with an armbar takes down Haze and tags in Lacey. Lacey continues to work the arm, as the crowd chants “Lacey sucks”. Lacey kicks Daizee in the back twice and covers, but Daizee kicks out and locks on a side headlock on Lacey. Daizee tags in Sara who nails Lacey with a headbutt and snapmares her over before dropping the knee. Sara sent to the corner and Lacey connects with a corner clothesline then spins her around. Lacey with a series of kicks and hits the knee to the back. A second attempt and Sara moves, but Lacey puts on the breaks. Sara puts Lacey on her back, but Lacey slides down and hits a Backstabber on Del Ray which gets her a near fall. Lacey gets caught with a big headbutt from Sara, who tags in Haze. Haze runs into a drop toe hold and Lacey then chokes her on the ropes. Daizee tries to fight back and Lacey overpowers her and hammers her down. Daizee driven to the mat headfirst and Lacey back to the side headlock and tries to tag in Sara who drops down. Daizee able to break the hold and gets an armbar on Lacey who overpowers her way out and tags in Sara. Daizee goes for a leg lariat and Sara catches the foot, but Daizee kicks her with the other one. Daizee with a low dropkick and Sara rolls to the floor. Haze climbs the ropes and dives down to the floor on Sara, which was cool. Daizee hammers Sara and rolls her back in then climbs back in herself. Mercedes tagged in and Sara slowly rises, they circle each other and Sara charges and rolls up Mercedes with a couple pin attempts. Sara goes for a Suplex and Mercedes counters to a pin attempt and both women stand back up. Sara slaps Daizee to tag her in and Daizee goes for a rana, but Mercedes changes it to a facebuster for a near fall. Mercedes chops Haze and hammer her before shooting her in. Haze tries for a bulldog and Mercedes just tosses her away. Mercedes gets another near fall and hammers the back of Haze then chokes her in the corner. Mercedes pulls her out of the corner and then hammers her, as Lacey reaches in for a blind tag and Mercedes is pissed. Lacey comes in and clotheslines Haze down and gets her on the shoulders but Haze rolls her up. Haze hits a clothesline and Lacey quickly tags in Sara. Haze misses a clothesline and Sara nails her then connects with a Samoan drop. Sara waits for Haze to get up and Lacey tags herself in again and hammers the back of Haze. Lacey chokes Haze in the corner and then ties up her arms before hitting a neckbreaker which gets another near fall. Haze sent in and catches Lacey with a spinning headscissors and Lacey tags in Sara. Haze kicks her in the midsection and goes for a headlock, but Sara overpowers her and sets her on the top rope. Sara snapmares her down from the top rope and then slaps Lacey to tag her in. Haze tries to tag and Lacey catches her, but Haze hits a series of knees to head. Haze off the ropes connects with a Yakuza kick and hits a second one as Mercedes makes the blind tag. Mercedes sneaks in and hits the fisherman buster to eliminate Lacey. Haze looks pissed, as she did all the work, and tags in Sara. Sara and Mercedes circle and Mercedes misses the clothesline and both slug it out. Sara with a headbutt and Mercedes fights back and chops Sara across the chest. Mercedes sends Sara in, but Sara reverses and Mercedes comes back with a kick. Daizee makes the blind tag on Mercedes, and Daizee hits a dropkick from the top rope and follows with the heart punch and Yakuza kick on Mercedes as Sara rolls to the outside. Daizee covers Mercedes and eliminates her and we’re down to Sara and Daizee, as Sara drives the knee in the head of Haze. Sara goes for the butterfly and Haze counters to a backslide. Haze hits the multi knee but misses the Yakuza kick and Sara hits the super powerbomb for a near fall. Sara pulls up Haze and Haze rolls her up, but Sara kicks out. Haze hits the Yakuza kick but Sara in the ropes. Haze charges in and hits the bulldog on Sara and goes for the second one, but Sara catches her in the Butterfly Lock into the Royal Butterfly and Sara scores the pin. 9.5/10 a great fast paced match, awesome way to end the show. After the match we get comments from Cheerleader Melissa who says she wants MsChif again, and claims she got lucky in Volume 1. Melissa says MsChif is ducking her and when they get a rematch she will win. We get a promo for an Indy show with Lorelei Lee facing Lexie Fyfe and clips of the match. Lorelei debuts in SHIMMER on our next show!

Match Recap:

1. Cindy Rogers pinned Krissy Vaine at 7:57 7/10

2. Nikki Roxx beat Lexie Fyfe at 8:59 7/10

3. Cheerleader Melissa and Tiana Ringer beat Ariel & Shantelle Taylor in 10:41 8.25/10

4. Christie Ricci squashed Amber O’Neal at 7:47 5/10

5. Allison Danger pinned Rain in 13:19 9/10

6. Beth Phoenix upset MsChif at 8:26 8/10

7. Sara Del Ray beat Daizee Haze, Lacey & Mercedes Martinez at 17:12 9.5/10

Overall, this was a great show with four amazing matches and only one that wasn’t good. Still worlds better than the WWE or TNA women, at least they get the time to put on a good quality match. I’m really enjoying these SHIMMER DVDS. Very impressive shows so far.


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