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SHIMMER Volume 1 – November 6, 2005

Well, it took a long time to get through the entire WWF SNME collection, but we made it. Now it’s onto our next huge series, SHIMMER. I have the first 28 DVDs to watch, so this could take a while. SHIMMER is an all women’s wrestling company based out of the Chicago area, and is affiliated with Ring of Honor. Unlike the WWE and TNA which treat the females as a sideshow, SHIMMER utilizes the women in the best way, and features some awesome matches. There have been a huge number of talented females who have come through including Daffney, Awesome Kong, Serena (from the Straight Edge Society), Sarah Stock (Sarita in TNA), Madison Rayne, Shantelle Taylor (Taylor Wilde), Beth Phoenix, and Natalya. So let’s begin where it all started, at the very first SHIMMER taping almost five years ago.

We open the DVD with a nice shot of all the talent in the ring and some nice clips of various wrestlers. The ring announcer, Joey Eastman introduces the talent that will compete today. The ring fills up quickly with a plethora of female athletes and Allison Danger welcomed the crowd to the first taping of SHIMMER. Allison thanked the crowd for supporting women’s wrestling in America, and they are there to make their mark and make a difference. Allison says she hopes the crowd enjoys the debut show and they’ll stick around to do what they do best, wrestle. The ladies then pose for a group shot; I spot Taylor Wilde, Cheerleader Melissa, Amber O’Neal, MsChif, and Daizee Haze among others. From there we’re on to our opening match.

1. Tiana Ringer v Shantelle Taylor. Shantelle as I said is better known as Taylor Wilde in TNA, while Tiana is another Canadian who retired in 2007 to continue her studies. Should be a good battle between two Canadian girls. Tiana comes out in purple and does a nice flip in the ring, Shantelle in pink springs into the ring and Joey introduces the combatants. The bell rings and the ladies circle before locking up and Shantelle powers Tiana to the corner and we get a clean break. Tiana with an armbar and Shantelle flips out into one of her own. Shantelle with an armdrag and covers but Tiana quickly kicks out. They circle again and Tiana with a go behind takedown and holds the midsection. Shantelle flips out and into the go behind, Tiana tries the same but Shantelle holds on. Shantelle with the knees to the head and snapmares her down before locking in a headlock. Tiana shoots her in, and Shantelle comes back with a shoulderblock. Shantelle back to the headlock and Tiana grabs the hair to get Shantelle in the corner, but Shantelle fights back and charges in. Tiana catches her in a sideslam for a near fall; Tiana starts to work over the back and drives the knee repeatedly in the back. Tiana pulls her up and then hammers her back down, as she holds the hair. Tiana pulls Shantelle back with the surfboard then drives her down to the mat hard, for another near fall. Shantelle starts to fight back with a low dropkick to the knee and a rollup. Shantelle holds the head, but Tiana with an amazingly flexible kick to the head of Shantelle. Tiana drives the shoulder into the back of Shantelle and slings her to the mat before another near fall. Tiana stands over Shantelle, but this costs her as Shantelle gets the elbow in and comes off the ropes. Tiana catches her in the spinning backbreaker, which Tiana then follows up with a second one for another near fall. The crowd applauds the courage of Shantelle as she won’t stay down. Both women slugging it out and Shantelle has the advantage and chops her in the corner, but Tiana turns it around and snapmares her back down. Tiana with a kick to the back of the head and poses for the crowd before applying camel clutch, nice shades of Iron Sheik. Shantelle powers out and catches Tiana with a pair of clotheslines and comes off the ropes. Tiana goes for the spinning backbreaker but Shantelle counters with the spinning headscissors. Shantelle with a jaw breaker and a kick to the side of the head gets a near fall for Shantelle. Tiana chops Shantelle, who fires back as they exchange chops and Tiana with a nice Suplex for another near fall. Shantelle fires back but runs into a huge big boot from Tiana, who sets her on the middle rope. Shantelle fights off and climbs to the top, but Tiana catches her. Shantelle fights back again and hits a perfect missile dropkick of the top for the victory! 7.5/10 a great start to the show and a great match between two amazing young ladies. This one match was better than anything the Divas have done in years.

2. Team Blondage (Amber O’Neal & Krissy Vaine) v Cindy Rogers & Nikki Roxx. Blondage have the mic and start talking about how hot they are before their opponents are introduced. Amber O’Neal is from North Carolina and is on Wrestlicious as Charlotte the Southern Belle. Krissy Vaine is also from North Carolina and was very briefly in the WWE, when she attacked Torrie Wilson on Smackdown in September of 2007. Cindy Rogers hails from Hartford, Connecticut and has yet to make it to TNA or WWE. Nikki Roxx, better known to TNA fans of Roxxi, comes to us from New Hampshire, and will be facing the TNA Knockout Champion at Slammiversary in a couple weeks. As Rogers and Roxx enter the ring Team Blondage quickly bails out and Joey does the intros. I like how they introduce the girls after they enter the ring. Nikki looks funny with the long blonde hair, very strange to see. The ref orders Krissy and Amber to get in the ring, and instead they leave and the ref counts. Blondage poses around the ring as the ref continues the count, and they start to get in, but think better of it. This restarts the count and they continue to stay outside the ring. Roxx starts counting with the ref now, as Blondage start to get in. Cindy and Roxx leave the ring and the chase is on, and Blondage back outside while Cindy and Roxx in the ring. The ref counts again, this is like old Goldust matches now. Finally Blondage is on the apron and Nikki starts out with Amber. Amber with an armbar, but Nikki counters to one of her own. They circle and Amber with a go behind and Roxx powers out and into her own go behind before taking Amber down. Roxx slaps Amber’s ass while maintaining the headlock, but Amber counters to an armbar. Roxx rolls through and into a hammerlock of her own now, but Amber counters that now. Amber with the side headlock takeover and almost gets pinned as Roxx rolls to the side. They’re back up and Roxx powers out and back to the armbar before tagging in Cindy, who continues to work the arm. Cindy twists the arm and tosses her down before dropping the leg on the arm for a near fall. Cindy with a pair of snapmares and Amber makes the tag, Krissy runs in, right into the legsweep knocking Krissy on her face. Roxx tagged back in and they double team Krissy with a double hiptoss. Roxxi with a big clothesline gets a near fall and Krissy in the ropes to get a breather. Krissy sends her in and Amber grabs a handful of hair pulling Roxx down. Krissy drops the leg and follows with a chinlock and Roxx tries to fight out. Krissy transitions into a blatant choke before tossing her in the buckle before tagging Amber back in. They double team Roxx with a nice double legsweep and now Amber with the choke hold. Amber back to the rear chinlock now, as the crowd is behind Roxx. Amber taunts Roxx by pulling her to her own corner and tossing her down. Amber nails a clothesline and covers for another near fall before choking Roxx on the ropes. Cindy has the ref, and Team Blondage double teams Roxx on the ropes. Commentator Allison Danger expresses her disgust at the cheap tactics of the blondes. Amber with a nice snapmare and twists the neck of Nikki, who really needs the tag. Amber with the cocky one foot cover, which Nikki easily kicks out of, so Krissy goes back to the rear chinlock. Roxx fights out and Amber pulls her down by the hair and while Cindy has the ref, Team Blondage again double teams Roxx. Krissy now back in legally and nails a vicious side slam on Nikki then back to the armbar before bring Amber back in. Amber unloads on Roxx and tosses her to the mat before stomping her back. Amber with the classic camel clutch while hooking the nose of Roxx, which forces the break. Roxx tries to come off the ropes and Amber locks in the sleeperhold, as Cindy looks on very worried. Roxx fights out with a chin breaker and Amber off the ropes; both girls collide and are down. Roxx makes the tag as does Amber, Cindy tears apart both members of Team Blondage, but O’Neal breaks a pin attempt and all four in the ring. Amber tosses out Nikki and follows, while Cindy on the apron catches Vaine with a sunset flip, but Amber grabs the hands of Vaine. The ref doesn’t see the cheating and counts the cover, giving the win to Team Blondage. 7/10 after the initial stalling the match really picked up and was very impressive. Team Blondage work well as a team, and look great as well. A very nice second match of the show, so far very impressive debut for SHIMMER.

3. Rain v Ariel. Ariel is another SHIMMER star who’s still with the company, while Rain has worked in TNA as Peyton Banks and is currently in Wrestlicious as Felony. Interesting we have a female ref for this match as well. Rain makes fun of Ariel being shorter then her and challenges her to a test of strength, but Ariel can’t reach the hands. Rain tosses her away and laughs, but Ariel comes back with a big slap and sends Rain in. Rain holds the ropes and slides out, but Ariel follows and tosses her into the ring apron all around the ringside area. Ariel tosses her back in and follows, but runs into a kick. Rain with a scoop slam but Ariel fights back and sends Rain in and connects with a big clothesline. Ariel with a back elbow and slams Rain down hard before covering her for a near fall. Rain gets a knee in on Ariel and hammers her down. Rain chokes Ariel on the ropes and then tosses her out of the ring. Rain follows and hammers the back of Ariel then tosses her back in and follows. Ariel shows her strength by kicking out and Rain answers that with a backbreaker. Ariel fights back again and snapmares Rain before landing a nice low dropkick. Ariel slow to get up and eats a huge clothesline from Rain who then pulls the hair of Ariel. Rain goes back to working the back of Ariel and sends her to the corner, then hits the big chop across the chest twice. Ariel fires back and nails a couple chops of her own now, but Rain gets a boot in on Ariel then sends her to the corner and follows with a big knee. Ariel sent to the opposite corner and Rain follows with a pair of knees to the back, ala D’Angelo Dinero. Rain sets Ariel in the corner and stomps her repeatedly in the midsection and follows with a dropkick in the corner for another near fall. Rain pulls her up by the hair and sets her on the second rope, but Ariel on the shoulders and counters into a victory roll for two. Rain chops her back down with a huge clothesline. Rain rams the head of Ariel in the buckle and sends her to the opposite corner but charges into a big boot. Ariel connects with a nice tornado DDT and both girls are down. Both women on their knees and slugging it out, and Ariel has the advantage and hits a trio of snap Suplexes which gets a near fall. Ariel hits a perfect Northern Lights Suplex but again only gets two. Rain charges at Ariel and hits her reverse DDT, called the Rain Drop, but Ariel kicks out again. Rain tries to set Ariel on her shoulders but Ariel fights off and sends her to the ropes and hits a beautiful looking stunner. That was cooler than the Stone Cold Stunner, which came out of nowhere. Ariel covers and scores the victory in this hard fought match. 8/10 another great match, could’ve gone either way and the finish was amazing looking.

4. Lexie Fyfe v Christie Ricci. Lexie Fyfe is a veteran of the wrestling business and did one night in WWE, as Hilary Clinton, and currently is a part of Wrestlicious as Fran, one half of the Lunch Ladies. Christie Ricci is another member of the Wrestlicious Company, as the current champion Glory. Christie looks hot in red for tonight’s match, just saying is all. After we get our introductions the ladies lock up and Lexie overpowers Christie to the corner and they brawl along the ropes before breaking. Another lockup and Lexie gets a knee in before applying the armbar, Christie rolls out and counters to a wristlock. Lexie reverses the hold and transitions to a hammerlock, which Christie counters, in to one of her own. Lexie counters back to the initial hammerlock but Christie takes her legs out and locks on a headlock. Lexie counters back to the hammerlock and Christie elbows out and snapmares Lexie down and into a chinlock. Lexie breaks the hold with a chin breaker and applies the side headlock, which Christie then powers out of and into one of her own. Lexie elbows out and sends Ricci in and Ricci leapfrogs Lexie and nails a pair of armdrags, into a knucklelock and springboards into an armdrag. Ricci with a cross armbreaker but Lexie tries to block the hold. Lexie rakes the eyes and rams Ricci into the buckle then chops the ample chest of Ricci. Lexie chokes her in the corner but misses the charge and now Christie chops her, but Lexie rakes the eyes. Lexie drives the knee in the back while pulling back the arms. Lexie now applies the camel clutch, again tonight, what is this show sponsored by the Iron Sheik or something? Lexie pulls the face of Ricci, which means she has to break the hold, but Lexie follows up with a pair of Suplexes for a near fall. Ricci tries to fight back but Fyfe continues the offense and chokes her on the ropes. Christie tied up in the ropes and Lexie works her over before slamming her down hard in the ring. Lexie climbs the ropes and Christie catches her on the top rope, crotches Lexie on the top rope. Christie hammers Lexie and climbs up with her, and nails a nice Superplex. Both ladies are down, and Ricci first one up and hammers the head of Fyfe. Lexie sent in and Ricci hits a pair of flying clotheslines and a back heel kick for a near fall. Christie goes for a big splash but Lexie gets the knees up and quickly hits a TKO for the win. 8.75/10 an amazing match, especially the opening sequence of counters, that was awesome. Would’ve liked to have seen Ricci win, but can’t deduct points for that.

5. Cheerleader Melissa v MsChif. Well, this should be a hell of a match between two of my favorites. Looking forward to this one. Melissa is formerly of TNA as Raisha Saeed and also Alissa Flash and TNA dropped the ball with her. MsChif had a one night shot in TNA against Daizee Haze, and TNA again messed up by not signing her. MsChif is the reason I wanted to watch these shows, I’ve seen a few matches of hers and she’s amazing, and I named my cat after her! Melissa charges MsChif as soon as the bell rings and MsChif just screams at her. Melissa continues to hammer MsChif who responds with a big roar. Melissa roars back and now they’re hammering each other. MsChif hits a shoulderblock and a clothesline before mounting and pounding Melissa on the mat. MsChif twists the arm and then a quarter nelson before rolling Melissa down and back to the armbar. MsChif chokes Melissa with her own arm and then pulls back the head, which looks painful. Melissa rakes the eyes and grinds MsChif’s eyes across the ropes. Melissa with a belly to back Suplex and then stomps MsChif on the mat before slapping MsChif repeatedly. MsChif rammed into the buckle and drives the shoulder in repeatedly and follows up by choking her on the ropes. Melissa with a snap Suplex and kicks MsChif in the face then chokes her by standing on her throat. Melissa hooks the legs and is bending her legs so she kicks herself in the back of the head that was awesome! Melissa continues to stomp MsChif down and sends her into the ropes and goes for a spinebuster, but MsChif able to roll through and takes down Melissa. MsChif hooks the legs and bridges backwards to hook the head; damn this woman is flexible, in an amazing looking submission hold. Melissa crawls to the ropes to break the hold and MsChif argues with the ref, which allows Melissa to kick her legs. Melissa starts to work over the leg of MsChif with help from the ropes. Melissa dropkicks her in the knee in the corner and follows with the heel trip before snapping the leg. Melissa slaps MsChif with open hand palm strike but MsChif comes back with spinning backfist and Melissa tosses her outside. Melissa follows and hammers the back before ramming MsChif into the guardrail and then chokes her on it. Melissa slides back in at seven and slides back out to continue the offense. Melissa drives the back into the guardrail and then the ringpost repeatedly before dropping her to the floor. Melissa breaks the count again and tosses MsChif back in the ring and then pulls her back out, as they slug it out on the floor. MsChif trying to make a comeback and Melissa chops her hard before breaking the count again. Melissa bends MsChif in half on the guardrail, that’s just freaking brutal looking. Melissa tosses the green hair warrior back in the ring and follows, as MsChif slowly gets up Melissa hammers her back down. Melissa sets up MsChif for the Kudo Driver, a belly to back underhook piledriver, but MsChif flips out and hammers Melissa. Melissa shoots her in and MsChif comes back with a springboard moonsault for a surprise near fall. MsChif fires off with a series of forearms and let’s loose a primal scream as she hammers Melissa in the corner. MsChif sends Melissa to the opposite corner, but reversed and Melissa follows with a pair of corner dropkicks. Melissa charges in again, but MsChif with a drop toehold sends Melissa to the buckles. MsChif first one up and stomps the back of Melissa with help from the ropes then drags her to the center of the ring for a near fall. Allison leaves the commentary booth to get ready for her match as MsChif goes for a rana but Melissa catches her in a powerbomb for another near fall. Both girls slow to rise and Melissa goes for the Kudo Driver, but again MsChif slips out and hits the Desecrator, an arm scissor DDT, for the victory. 9/10 a fantastic match, very brutal and hardcore style, amazing.

6. Beth Phoenix v Allison Danger. If you’re reading this you should know who Beth Phoenix is, and she looks different here, all decked out in pink and smiling! Allison Danger is another Canadian star, and her older brother is ECW star Steve Corino. Allison is the one of the most involved people with SHIMMER as she co-runs the company, along with Dave Prazak, who does the commentary. Its funny seeing the Glamazon play a coward and hiding behind the ref as Allison comes out. Allison has the crowd behind her as Beth screams at the crowd. They lock up and Beth with a side headlock, Allison elbows her way out and sends her in. We get the classic criss cross and Allison stops while Beth keeps running. Allison with a quick armbar, which Beth reverses and Allison reverses again so Beth pulls her down by the hair. Allison back up and back to the armbar and Beth tries to kip up but can’t do it, so she makes the ropes. Beth charges and Allison with a drop toehold the quickly applies a side headlock, but Beth powers out and sends her in. Allison comes back with a shoulderblock and then off the ropes again and Beth drops down, as does Allison which angers Beth. Allison back to the armbar and flips Beth down while working the arm. Beth rakes the eyes and gets Allison in the corner and drives the shoulder in then chops her twice. The third try Allison blocks and gives a Beth a series of chops of her own. Beth with a thumb to the eye and then stomps Allison before pulling her up and nailing a snap Suplex. Beth chokes Danger on the mat and the ref admonishes her, so she kisses the ref. Beth snapmares Allison down and applies the chinlock and Danger elbows her way out, but Beth hooks the arms and Allison pulls the legs out for a jackknife pin attempt. Beth fired up now and hammers Danger on the mat and then unwinds her wrist tape, and the ref takes it away from her. While the ref is busy with the tape she unwinds the other wrist and chokes Danger then covers for a near fall. Beth goes for a Suplex, but Allison counters to a small package, which just angers Phoenix. Beth chokes Allison on the ropes while screaming at her and pulls her outside. Beth slams Allison’s face into the ring apron and then drives her back into the ringpost before tossing her back in. Beth follows and Allison starts to fire back and tries to make the comeback but Beth goes back to working the back of Danger. Allison breaks Beth’s grasp and nails a swinging face breaker followed by a clothesline and both are down. Beth pulls herself up using the ring ropes and grabs Danger, but Allison fires off with a series of forearms then a big clothesline. Allison with a neckbreaker on the knee for a near fall as the crowd cheers Danger on. Beth gets chopped and sent in, but reverses and nails a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall of her own. Beth goes for the Beth Valley Driver but Allison slides out and Beth goes for a roll up, but Allison reverses and rolls up Beth for the surprise win! 8/10 another impressive match up, lots of great counters and a nice win that came out of nowhere.

7. Mercedes Martinez v Sara Del Rey. Mercedes is another Wrestlicious girl, playing the character Maria Toro. Sara has yet to make it to TNA or WWE, but was a part of Wrestling Society X. They shake hands before the match, classy, as we get a lockup and Del Ray has the advantage and we get a clean break. Another lockup and now Martinez has the advantage and another clean break. A third lockup and Sara with a go behind but Mercedes counters with her own, and Sara goes to a hammerlock. Sara with the fireman’s carry while holding the arm and Sara breaks the hold and works the leg. Mercedes breaks the hold and Sara now with a hammerlock, as Allison returns to the commentary desk. Mercedes rolls out and now has both arms of Sara locked and into a headlock, but Sara gets her to the corner and flips her out before dropping the leg on the arm. Mercedes tries for a headscissors but can’t do it, so she rolls back and Sara rolls back to the arm bar. Mercedes able to break the hold and rides her opponent down and applies the side headlock, Sara shoots her in and Mercedes comes back with the shoulderblock. Sara pulls herself up on the ropes and now we have a test of strength, which Mercedes slides out of into a wristlock. Sara kips up and nails a forearm and now both women connect with forearms and chops. Sara with a headbutt and snapmares Mercedes then stomps the back and follows with the snap Suplex. Mercedes snapmares Sara and kicks her in the chest then hammers the back. Mercedes goes for a Suplex but Sara blocks and sends her in, and comes back with a kick and Sara with the butterfly Suplex for a near fall. Sara picks up Mercedes and places her in the corner horizontally and nails her in the gut. Sara pulls her up and sends her in, connecting with the back elbow. Sara sends Mercedes in, but she blocks and gets Sara on her shoulder and hits a reverse GTS, killer move, Allison calls it a brutal move. Mercedes chops Sara in the corner and drives the knee to the face repeatedly then nails a vertical Suplex for a near fall. Mercedes with a rear chinlock and the crowd cheers for Sara, but Mercedes shoots her in and gets caught with her head down. Sara goes for a powerbomb but Mercedes blocks so Sara drives the hip into Mercedes head. Sara again goes for the powerbomb, and gets her up but Mercedes slides out, however Sara hits a clothesline for a near fall. Sara twists the arm and it’s a modified abdominal stretch, and Mercedes almost gets pinned, very cool. Sara readies for the powerbomb, but Mercedes backdrops her and hits a nice spinebuster on Del Ray. Mercedes grabs the legs and ties her up in a leg and arm submission, which looks amazing. Mercedes breaks the hold and hammers the face of Sara and then chops her. Mercedes sends her in and Sara misses the big boot but hits the sledgehammer shot. Sara connects with the big boot three times and covers for a near fall. Sara pulls her up and hits a jackknife powerbomb and Mercedes again kicks out, and Sara is shocked. Sara with a big headbutt and sends Mercedes to the corner, but misses the charge and Mercedes hits a vile looking German Suplex. Sara holding her shoulder after the big German Suplex and Mercedes ties up Sara and sits in the corner, that’s a new one. Mercedes with a low dropkick and covers for yet another near fall. Mercedes hammers the back of Sara and goes for the Fisherman Buster, but countered to a near fall from Sara. Sara hits the German Suplex with the bridge and Mercedes able to kick out at the last second, and the crowd is going crazy. Mercedes in the corner and Sara goes after her and nails a pair of forearms then sends her in, but misses the clothesline and Mercedes with a backslide and a rollup, with both getting a near fall. Mercedes hits the cradle Suplex and again Sara able to kick out, as Allison says this match is leaving her speechless. Mercedes with the camel clutch with a dragon sleeper, very impressive looking, but Sara refusing to give up. Mercedes hammers Sara in the corner and hits a butterfly Suplex into an amazing looking submission hold, Sara refusing to tap and reaches the ropes to break the hold. That just looked awesome. The crowds chanting Sara, as both women are slugging it out now. Mercedes gets the advantage with the forearms and sends Sara in, but misses the big boot. Sara with the standing butterfly and Mercedes is in trouble, and Mercedes does not give up and releases the hold. Both women are drained and Mercedes able to hit the Fisherman Buster out of nowhere, and the ref counts just as the bell rings and we have a time limit draw. 9.25/10 amazing match, nothing more to say, this blew away anything WWE has done, male or female in years. After the match both ladies shake hands and embrace, cool way to end the match.

8. Lacey v Daizee Haze. This is our main event of the evening, and should be awesome. Lacey is the tag partner of Rain, who we saw earlier, and is another member of Wrestlicious as White Magic. Daizee is also a member of Wrestlicious as Marley, and wrestled a couple matches in TNA. The bell rings and the crowd solidly behind Daizee, as Lacey gets a knee in and into the side headlock. Daizee shoots her in and Lacey comes back with the shoulderblock. Daizee goes for an armdrag but Lacey counters. Daizee with a go behind and an armdrag into the armbar, and Lacey counters into one of her own. Daizee rolls out of the hold and takes down Lacey with a leg, and goes for the arm breaker. Daizee refuses to release the hold and Lacey tries to make the ropes and instead grabs Daizee’s hair to break the hold. Both women in opposite corners and Lacey leaves the ring and grabs a drink and spits at a fan, nice. Lacey slowly gets back in the ring and gets in the face of the ref; Daizee shows her guns to the crowd! Lacey wants a test of strength and Daizee can’t reach her hand, as we saw Rain to the same earlier. Now they lock up in the test of strength and Daizee kicks Lacey and takes her back down with the armbar again. Daizee finally loses her bandana after rolling through and maintaining the armbar as Lacey can’t reach the ropes. Lacey hammers Daizee in the face and Daizee off the ropes, comes back with the armdrag and a hiptoss and Lacey in the corner. Daizee charges and Lacey tosses her into the buckles and then a series of kicks to the back of Haze. Lacey chokes Daizee in the corner and then stands on her throat. Lacey pulls Daizee up and sends to the opposite corner and follows with the corner clothesline. Lacey hammers Daizee and sends her in again and goes for the sideslam, however Daizee counters with the headscissor takedown. Daizee with the running back elbow and a nice clothesline and Lacey rolls to the floor. Daizee climbs the ropes and Lacey catches and tosses her across the ring and Lacey gets a near fall. Lacey hammers the back of Daizee and slams her down hard in the middle of the ring. Lacey stomps the back as Dave announces Cindy’s challenge to Krissy Vaine has been accepted and will be on Volume 2. Lacey takes a minute to get a drink and then goes for a slam but Daizee rolls her up for a near fall. Lacey knocks Daizee back down and again chokes Haze and the ref warns her. Lacey sends Haze in and nails the sideslam this time and Daizee able to kick out again. Lacey pulls the arms back of Haze and stomps her down, as the crowd chants Daizee. Haze whipped to the corner and catches Lacey charging in and goes for a roll up, but Lacey rolls through and hammers Haze. Lacey pulls Daizee to the middle of the ring and locks in the Boston Crab but Haze refuses to submit and is able to roll up Lacey. Lacey goes back to choking Haze and hammers the back again then rams her head into the buckle. Lacey hits the running knees to the back as Haze is in the corner. She goes for a second one, but Daizee moves and Lacey hits her knees on the buckle and now Daizee opens up on Lacey. Lacey sent to the corner and Daizee charges, but runs into the boot of Lacey. Lacey follows up with the Side Russian Legsweep into the buckle, and covers but Daizee gets her feet on the ropes. Lacey pulls Daizee to the ringpost and wraps her around the post. Lacey back in and hammers the back again of Haze and hits a spinning kick to the face of Daizee and another near fall. Lacey goes for the bow and arrow submission in the middle of the ring and Daizee refusing to give up. Lacey sends Daizee in but misses a pair of clotheslines and Daizee goes for the crossbody but Lacey catches her and drives her in the buckle and ties her to the Tree of Woe. Lacey slides out of the ring and pulls Daizee Haze’s neck backward and then comes back in and kicks Haze in the stomach. Lacey takes another drink as the ref tries to free Haze, and Lacey comes back but Daizee kicks her repeatedly in the head, while still upside down and hits an amazing Daizee Cutter, aka tornado stunner off the ropes. Both ladies are down now and the ref counts and both slowly rise up. They fire off on each other and Daizee unloads on Lacey and hits a big clothesline followed a series of knees to the face. Daizee with the Yakuza kick and gets a near fall, Daizee climbs the ropes and hits a diving lariat for another near fall. Daizee climbs up again and this time Lacey catches her and knocks her legs out and hits a top rope assisted neck breaker for a near fall. Lacey gets Daizee on the shoulders but Daizee slides down and gets a rollup. Daizee goes for the heart punch, but Lacey blocks and hits the TKO neckbreaker and another near fall as Daizee kicks out again. Lacey goes for the DDT, but Daizee fights it off and tries for the jackknife pin but Lacey kicks out. Daizee hits the heart punch and follows up with the Mind Trip, a snapmare driver, for the victory. 8/10 an amazing back and forth match with some amazing moves but a little too much stalling from Lacey brought it down just a little. Very impressive main event though and a great end to an amazing show.

9. Lacey v Sara Del Rey. This is a bonus match taped the night before. Both women come out with various SHIMMER athletes. They lock up and Sara with a go behind and a snapmare then drives the knee to the head. Sara with a side headlock and Lacey elbows out and sends her in but gets caught dropping down. Sara with the butterfly Suplex gets another near fall. Sara chops Lacey on the ropes and sends her in again and catches her as she goes for a cross body and places her in the corner then stomps the stomach. Lacey rolls to the outside and Sara pulls her back in by the hair, but Lacey nails her and hits a hotshot on the top rope. Lacey quickly in and drops an elbow and begins to hammer Del Ray. Lacey sends her to the opposite corner and Sara crumples to the mat. Lacey hammers Sara in the corner and turns her around and kicks her in the back of the head twice then follows with the knees to the back. A second time and Sara moves and Lacey hits the buckle but Lacey stops short. Sara goes for the Samoan Drop and Lacey drops down and hits a Backstabber, ala Carlito. Lacey chokes Sara on the mat and then on the ropes. Sara comes back with the chops but Lacey hammers her down and then chops Sara repeatedly. Lacey with a drop toe hold into a bridging chinlock, very impressive. Lacey drops a big elbow and gets another near fall. Lacey sends Sara in, but Sara comes back with a pair of big boots, the third misses and Lacey hits the spinning neckbreaker into the butterfly lock. Sara fights off and sends Lacey to the corner, but runs into the big boot and Lacey shoots her. Sara reverses and hammers Lacey repeatedly then sends her in and hits the big boot. Sara readies for the big clothesline and Lacey ducks, but Sara hits a Samoan drop and Lacey kicks out again. Sara hits the running lariat and another near fall. Lacey won’t stay down and Sara goes for the butterfly but Lacey counters and hits a face breaker and an Implant DDT for the win. 6.5/10 wasn’t bad but didn’t get a lot of time to build.


1. Shantelle Taylor defeated Tiana Ringer at 8:39 7.5/10

2. Team Blondage beat Cindy Rogers and Nikki Roxx at 12:56 7/10

3. Ariel pinned Rain at 8:50 8/10 8.75/10

4. Lexie Fyfe beat Christie Ricci at 8:26 8.75/10

5. MsChif beat Cheerleader Melissa at 15:05 9/10

6. Allison Danger pinned Beth Phoenix at 10:44 8/10

7. Sara Del Ray & Mercedes Martinez went to a 20 minute draw 9.25/10

8. Daizee Haze pinned Lacey at 23:25 8/10

Overall this was a phenomenal debut for Shimmer with eight amazing matches, and the lowest one being seven out of ten. This proves that women’s wrestling, if done right, can succeed. If you’re sick of the WWE and they’re piss poor attempt at a women’s division watch SHIMMER. At least here it’s not a matter of who you’re sleeping with, just a company with tons of talent. TNA could’ve done this with their Knockouts, but they’ve pissed that all away. If you want to see some great female athletes check out these shows. I am so looking forward to Volume 2.

Here’s the promo video for this show:


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