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Wrestlicious Episode 9
June 2, 2010, 9:33 pm
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Finally with this episode we get our title match as Glory faces Felony to crown the first ever Wrestlicious champion. I hope it gets adequate time to build to a good match, as we have two very impressive female wrestlers in this match. On the previous episode we had Alexandra the Great defeat Kickstart Katie in a towel match when Lacey von Erich applied the claw on Brooke Lynn causing her towel to drop. Also we had the debut of the Lunch Ladies as they destroyed Marley and Amber Lively and also humiliated Shauna Na and the Bebops. Will the humiliated five some get some revenge on the Lunch Ladies tonight?

1. We open with our recap of the end of the big battle royal from a couple weeks ago, as Glory eliminates Toni the Top and that leaves Glory and Felony. Tonight they face off to crown the first champion in our main event. From there we go to our opening video, and that begs the question, when will we see Draculetta again? I need me some Daffney damn it.

2. Jimmy Hart and Savannah open the show and Jimmy shows off his hall of fame ring. Savannah asks where Brooke is and Jimmy says her hair must have been caught in a fan. Jimmy says she was hard to work with, Savannah says not to worry as she is easy and Jimmy responds that’s what he’s heard.

3. Brooke Lynn with the doctor who says she needs to keep the brace on. Brooke says Lacey will need a body brace and the doc says she needs a bigger brace. She asks to protect her muscles and he responds no, to cover her mouth.

4. Felony is in her jail cell and says she opened a safe deposit box at the bank and it wasn’t hers.

5. Wrestlicious Heroines features Felony and Glory this week. Nice way to build tonight’s big title match, which will probably be next instead of last,

6. Felony v Glory. Just as I figured, we get the title match in the middle of the show, stupid booking. Felony comes out with Office Bubba in handcuffs, which is kind of sexy actually, just saying is all. Glory charges the ring and Felony quickly attacks but Glory able to fight back and we have a slugfest right away. Felony with a side headlock, but Glory powers out into a standing armbar, but an armful of hair gets Felony the advantage again. Glory with a kip up and a four pack of armdrags and Felony bails out of the ring. Felony slowly gets back in and catches Glory with a shoulder and then the neckbreaker on the ropes gets a two count. Felony kicks Glory in the back and nails the jumping neck snap before another pin attempt. Felony locks in the double arm submission, very impressive looking and pulls back, but almost pins herself. Glory fights her way free, but one right hand takes Glory back down and Felony chokes Glory on the mat. Felony rakes the eyes and then chokes her on the ropes. Glory tossed in the corner and shot to the opposite corner and Felony nails the knee to the back. A second attempt and Glory catches her with a boot and a series of chops, but runs into a huge clothesline, which gets Felony another near fall. Felony pounds the back of Glory and sends her in again, but reversed, however Felony comes back with a neckbreaker. Felony locks in the reverse full nelson and the crowd behind Glory cheers her back to her feet. Glory fights her way out and hammer Felony, but gets nails again. Felony rams Glory in the buckle and follows with the running elbow to the throat which gets another near fall. Felony goes back to working over the back of Glory and sends her to the ropes but misses the clothesline and they both go for the crossbody and collide. Both girls are down and the ref starts the count, and both slowly get up. Glory gets the advantage and nails a clothesline followed by an elbow and a dropkick. Felony on the ropes and Glory shoots her in and nails a spinning backbreaker for a near fall. Glory pulls Felony up and sends her to the ropes, but Felony counters and kicks Glory and connects with the DDT for another near fall. Felony argues with the ref and goes back after Glory. Felony goes for second DDT but Glory counters into a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall of her own. Glory up first and Felony slowly rises, Glory hits a perfect back heel kick followed by the legdrop for the victory! 8/10 a great match, but Felony should have won, better to have the heel champ and the face chase the champ. Felony leaves the ring and backs into Office Bubba. JV Rich comes to the ring with Lil Slam and Cousin Cassie to crown the first Wrestlicious champion, Glory. Glory says this is the all American dream and will defend against anyone and it’s an honor. This brings out Toni the Top, who makes her way to the ring and says she’s sorry to interrupt but she needs to be the number one contender. Glory tells her anytime, anyplace and JV says right here and that’s coming up later tonight!

7. Bandita’s Cantina as Bandita takes a customer’s order who asks for something hot and spicy, she says her too and it’s taken.

8. Takedown Spotlight on Malibu Mackenzie. Malibu wearing a black and blue bikini, and this time it’s interspersed with match clips. That’s a new way of doing these. Malibu was Lana Star in the old WOW shows, and still looks smoking hot.

9. The Young and the Wrestlers. We get recaps of Boot camp Bailey and her training regiment with the rookies. We see Felony with one of the newcomers and she throws her in the ring and beats the crap out of her. Felony tosses the rookie around the ring and then we see later in the day all three rookies on the mat in the ring. Bailey tells them they’ll be sleeping in the ring tonight and leaves them.

10. Glory v Toni the Top. Glory defending her title mere minutes after winning the championship. Well, with less than two minutes left, this won’t be much of a match. Glory poses outside the ring with the crown and flag. Toni dives through the ropes onto Glory outside the ring and now both women are brawling on the floor. The ref calls for the bell, and this match is a no contest as they never even got in the ring. Security is trying to separate the two ladies and they’re kicking towards each other. Savannah closes the show and says see you next time on Takedown!

Another great episode, as we finally got our first champion and our first major feud. I hate to beat a dead horse, but they really need to expand to an hour or more. So many girls we never get to see, as they can only squeeze so much in per show. Looking forward to the next episode, which I’ll hopefully do tomorrow.


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