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Wrestlicious Episode 8


Well, I fell a little behind on the Wrestlicious episodes as I have two to watch and tonight is another episode. Guess I better get started on this, and hopefully tomorrow maybe start the SHIMMER collection? Our last episode we had Brooke Lynn pay off Kickstart Katie to help her in her match with Alexandra the Great and Tyler Texas scoring a huge win over Maria Toro. Sooner or later we should have our title match between the final two ladies in the battle royal, Glory and Felony. Before we start Wrestlicious I have to say the last few RAWs, Smackdowns and Impacts have been brutally boring, as were the last PPVS from TNA and WWE. The next WWE PPV is headlined by two fatal four way matches, and each one has an injury in it, either way they don’t look interesting at all. Meanwhile on TNA we’re going to have another King of the Mountain match soon, but the next PPV looks to be Sting versus RVD, which might be interesting if they had not thrown the match away on free TV a while ago. Anyways, with that, let’s get to Wrestlicious.

1. We open the show with a recap of Brooke paying off Katie and Katie making the save from Brooke during her match. We then see then double team on Alexandra and then over to Jimmy Hart. Jimmy’s interrupted by Brooke who says tonight there is a submission match between Katie and Alexandra, which should be good. Brooke says she will be in Katie’s corner and Lacey Von Erich is in Alexandra’s corner, and it’s under towel rules, the corner girl has to toss in the towel to stop the match. Brooke says she won’t toss in the towel no matter what, she doesn’t use towels, to which Jimmy adds in soap or water either.

2. Shauna Na and the Bebops are at the malt shop. I can’t believe I typed that sentence during a wrestling show. Shauna says she’s waiting for her date and he’s a foster parent at McDonald’s because he’s a MacDaddy! I love the stupid jokes on this show, legendry

3. Wrestlicious Heroines with Alexandra Great, Lacey Von Erich, Brooke Lynn and Kickstart Katie are featured. Lacey calls Brooke a Jersey windbag and Brooke says she won’t toss in the towel. Nice little hype for the big match of tonight’s show.

4. Kickstart Katie v Alexandra the Great. This is our submission match and should be interesting, as long as they give it enough time. Shauna Na and the Bebops are watching from the crowd, nice way to pad the audience! We go to commercial before the match starts and we come back and Alex has a headlock on Katie. Katie twists out and locks the armbar, but Alex overpowers Katie and applies a wristlock of her own. Alex transitions to an armbar into the armdrag takedown while maintaining an armbar. Katie shot in, but reverses and Brooke trips Alex as she comes off the ropes. Katie stomps the back of Alex and puts the sleeper on the Polish Princess. Lacey refuses to throw in the towel, as Katie tosses Alex face first to the mat. Katie unloads on Alex in the corner and drives the shoulders into the midsection. Katie with the snapmare, followed by the jumping neck snap and a low clothesline. Katie tries for a pin, but the ref doesn’t count it as this is a submission match. Katie argues with the ref and Alex rolls her up from behind and right into the leg grapevine. Alex moves into a modified bow and arrow on the Biker Babe and then releases the hold, allowing Katie to rake the eyes. Katie works the back of Alex and a nice float over Suplex into the Full Throttle, a headlock and body scissor combo. Alex rolls to break the hold and nails Katie with a series of forearms. Alex with the Camel Clutch, and we get an Iron Sheik, Bob Backlund, Arnold Skaaland reference, nice. Katie fights out and snapmares Alex down and applies the rear chinlock with a handful of hair. Katie yells at Lacey to toss in the towel and Lacey looks worried. Katie drives a knee into the midsection of Alex and back to the headlock. Katie goes back to working over the back of Alex and sends her to the corner, but misses the charge in. Alex dropkicks Katie in the corner twice and then pulls her out by the legs. Alex with a cool looking submission hold, very impressive looking. Alex locks in the Krakow crippler and Brooke jumps in and chokes Alex with the towel. Alex snapmares Brooke down and Lacey is in the ring. Brooke backs into Lacey’s Von Erich claw hold causing Brooke to drop the towel and the bell rings. 7/10 actually a fun match, even though the ending was about as flat as Michelle McCool! After the match Katie is screaming at Brooke and Lacey and Alex are laughing at them. Brooke and Katie argue to the back as Lacey and Alex celebrate a hard fought win.

5. Savannah with School Belle and her word of the day, ranch. As in “she heard Kickstart Katie had knocked out her opponent with a ranch.” Yes, more bad humor, but I love it!

6. We get a promo of Glory versus Felony and the poll from last episode again. Who do you want to get the first title shot, Toni the Top, Tyler Texas, Autumn Frost or Marley?

7. Takedown Spotlight on Felony. Felony is best known from TNA as Peyton Bank and managed Robert Roode for a brief period. She looks great in a black bikini.

8. Are you Smarter than a Male Wrestler. Tonight’s episode features Marley, aka Daizee Haze. Marley of course our smarts the masked man with help from good karma! The masked man sounded like Greg Valentine.

9. Amber Lively & Marley v Azizza & Brooke Lynn. Amber Lively is current TNA Knockout champion Madison Rayne, Marley is Daizee Haze, Brooke is Becky Bayless, and I have no clue who Azizza is. Brooke comes out with a neckbrace on and says she was injured by Lacey earlier tonight and can’t wrestle tonight. Brooke says she has a substitute for herself tonight and says she knows about class. Brooke says she found them while they were doing lunch, not eating lunch but serving lunch and introduces Fran and Gert the Lunch ladies. Fran is Lexie Fyfe from Shimmer and also played Hilary Clinton on RAW about two years ago and was destroyed by Umaga and no idea who Gert is. Brooke and Azizza leave the ring and it’s now the Lunch Ladies versus Amber and Marley. The Lunch Ladies attack before the bell and choke the blondes on the ropes. They work over the blondes in the corner and toss them into one another. The blondes slowly rise as the Lunch Ladies charge, Marley and Amber duck and the LL’s collide. Now the blondes hammer the LLs but Gert rakes the eyes of Amber and then double team Marley. The LL’s are using the tongs and choking the blondes drawing the DQ. DUD kind of pointless and this should’ve been before the submission match. Basically just a way to introduce the newest team for Wrestlicious. The LL’s dispose of the blondes, as Shauna Na and the Bebops look on in horror. Now we get the classic pie in the face on both blondes and of course on for the ref as well. Now the Lunch Ladies go after the Bebops and Shauna Na and throw pies in their faces as well. Well, Amber looks great covered in whipped cream, wait did I say that out loud? As does Marley and Shauna, just saying is all. We close with the five girls covered in whipped cream as the Lunch Ladies leave.

Overall another fun episode, but the matches should’ve been in the opposite order. Otherwise a great show as always. I still can’t wait till we get the title match, and I’ll say it again, they need a full hour at least. Thirty minutes is just not enough time to fit everything in. C’mon Wrestlicious give us at least a sixty minute show, please.


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