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Wrestlicious Episode 7


It’s been way too long since the last episode of Wrestlicious, so it’s nice to see it back. Our last episode we had the huge battle royal, which ended with Felony & Glory as the final two. They will face off for the first Wrestlicious championship. I’m glad to see Wrestlicious is back on, as WWE and TNA have really gotten boring, worse than ever, thus the reason for no recaps last week. There was literally nothing worth recapping on either Superstars or Impact, and the PPV last night was pure crap. Tonight’s RAW looks to be another lame-ass edition, as Miz faces Bret Hart, big deal. So, instead of the same old boring crap, let’s have fun with another episode of Wrestlicious!

1. Jimmy Hart & Brooke Lynn opens the show, and Jimmy announces that tonight Brooke has a match Alexandra the Great. Brooke says she’s not scared and height doesn’t matter to her, and she’s as strong as Alex, Jimmy says if you count your breath. Brooke says she has a secret weapon, she’s going to use her head, to which Jimmy replies that’s good as she can use the rocks in it.

2. Backstage in the locker room announcer Johnny is with Maui who says every dance tells a story. He tells her to turn around so he can see how it ends.

3. Glory is in the Wrestlicious Spotlight tonight, and looks great in an all-American bikini. How long till Hope & Faith get one of these. Nice shot of Glory topless with the classic handbra!

4. Brooke Lynn is backstage and paying off Kickstart Katie.

5. Brooke Lynn v Alexandra the Great. I like Brooke Lynn; she looks like a Soprano’s reject! Alexandra is brutally ugly, seriously, she makes McCool look good, and that takes a lot. The announcer calls her an Adonis; does that make her a man, or just a tranny? The bell rings and they lock up, Alexandra overpowers Brooke to the corner, who claims a hair pull. Another lockup and Brooke overpowered to the corner again and claims another hair pull. Brooke threatens to leave and Alexandra calls her bluff. Back to the lockup and Brooke to the headlock and gets her in a corner, but misses the right hand. Alexandra locks on the headlock now, but Brooke pulls the hair and back to her own headlock and shot off the ropes. Brooke runs into Alexandra and can’t budge her, two more tries and the same results, the fourth attempt knocks Lynne down. Alexandra with a nice dropkick for a near fall, and Brooke with the thumb in the eye followed by the jawbreaker. Brooke with a neckbreaker gets herself a near fall and now chokes Alexandra on the ropes. Brooke pulls Alexandra down by the hair and covers for another near fall, and follows up with the stomp into a standing STF while fish hooking the mouth. Brooke cranking back on Alexandra who powers her way out of the submission, but Brooke pulls her down again by the hair. Brooke now pulling back on the arms with the surfboard, very impressive. Alexandra once again powers out and tosses Brooke to the ropes and whips her in. Alexandra with a clothesline and big elbow to the ample chest of Brooke. Alexandra nails the side slam for a near fall, and follows with a big scoop slam for yet another near fall. Alexandra with the Krakow Crippler and Brooke in trouble, but here comes Kickstart Katie for the rescue and she attacks Alexandra drawing the DQ. 6.5/10 a pretty good little match actually and the run in was expected so no harm, no foul. Katie stomps on Alexandra and helps Brooke up, and now they’re double teaming Alexandra. The refs pull Katie and Brooke off Alexandra and leave the ring proud of what they pulled off.

6. Glory/Felony promo and the newest poll is who should get the first title shot. The choices are Toni the Top, Tyler Texas, Autumn Frost, or Marley. I’m torn between Marley and Frost myself.

7. Wrestlicious Heroines with Tyler Texas, Maria Toro & Bandita. This is basically just a comic book shown frame by frame on the screen. Kind of goofy but cute.

8. Maria Toro v. Tyler Texas. Bandita escorts Maria to the ring, and looks hotter than a jalapeno pepper. Tyler circles the ring slowly keeping an eye on both evil Latina babes. Tyler tells the ref she wants Bandita removed from the ring, and Maria protests. Tyler says she has an idea; she leaves the ring and comes back with Cousin Cassie to watch her back. Maria waves the cape at Tyler, who charges like a bull and spears Maria down. Tyler hammers Maria and shoots her in, but reversed and Tyler over Maria and nails a spinning headscissors. Tyler with a dropkick and comes off the ropes, but Bandita grabs the leg, allowing Maria to hit the big boot as we go to commercial. We come back and Tyler being choked on the ropes by Bandita while the ref is with Cassie. Maria makes the cover, but Tyler kicks out. Cassie leads the fans to cheer for Tyler who ducks under the clothesline and armdrags Maria down. Tyler with a nice rope armdrag, sending Maria to the floor. Maria and Bandita conspire as Tyler leaps off the apron and nails a nice Hurricanrana on the floor. Tyler throws Maria back in and gets a near fall and Bandita tries for fire up Toro. Tyler hammers Maria but gets caught with a big knee into the guillotine headlock, and Tyler just barely makes the ropes. Toro hammers Tyler and now chokes her on the ropes and then taunts the fans. Toro goes for the Suplex but Tyler counters into the DDT and both girls are down. Bandita is on the ring apron as both girls slowly get up, and Tyler blocks the right and delivers a flurry of her own. Tyler with a sunset flip gets a near fall, and she follows with another rollup. Tyler goes for the headscissors but countered to a powerbomb and Toro gets a near fall. Toro gets in the refs face and goes back to pounding on Tyler then tosses her into the buckle and continues to unload. Toro sends Tyler to the opposite corner but runs into the boot and Tyler with the tornado DDT followed by a pin attempt. Bandita sneaks into the ring, but Cassie catches her and holds her off as Tyler wins the match. 7.75/10 a great match actually, very impressive. After the match all four girls are going at in and security tries to pull them apart. Jimmy Hart & Brooke Lynn close the show


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