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WWE Superstars – May 6, 2010
May 8, 2010, 8:01 am
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Here we go with another episode of WWE Superstars. I honestly can barely remember anything that happened on RAW this week, other than Daniel Bryan doing the job as usual. NXT was a better show, as usual, other than the silly obstacle course. The matches on NXT were solid, and next week we have our first elimination, I predict Michael Tarver goes out first. I think either Justin Gabriel or Wade Barrett will win the competition since everyone expects it to be Daniel Bryan, I think WWE will swerve us. At least next week Wrestlicious finally returns, and I should be starting the SHIMMER recaps sometime next week. Anyways, let’s get to Superstars.

1. Carlito v Primo. It’s a battle of brothers; I thought they were supposed to reunite. Michael Tarver is at ringside for Carlito, and I expect him to screw up Carlito again. Primo starts with a side headlock and Carlito sends him to the ropes and Primo comes back with the shoulderblock. Carlito begs off in the corner as Cole and Lawler mention Carlito’s title reigns, seems like so long ago.

Primo back to the side headlock and transitions to a quick rollup for a near fall. Carlito in the corner and Primo charges and nails a flying headscissor. Primo off the ropes and gets caught by a big knee from his big brother. Carlito slams Primo down and drops an elbow for a near fall. Carlito with a rear chinlock, Primo fights out and nails a crossbody but Carlito comes back with the big boot. Carlito grabs Primo and goes to punch him, but hesitates and Primo quickly hammers Carlito. Primo with a series of clotheslines and rams Carlito in the corner then follows with the mounted corner punches. Primo sent to the opposite corner and dives out at Carlito who moves. Carlito readies for the backstabber but takes too long, as he hesitates again and tells the ref he’s done. Carlito grabs the mic and asks Primo if this is what he wants and if people really want to see them tear each other apart. Carlito says forget about the crowd and they deserve better then what they’ve been given and they were the first unified tag team champions. Carlito tells Primo they can make an impact as a team and says think about it and starts to leave. Primo spins him around and extends the hand and Carlito shakes his hand and they hug. 7.25/10 a good match and the ending was acceptable as we have a new tag team finally. Carlito and Primo leave and Tarver is just standing at ringside with no clue, as usual.

2. Chavo Guerrero v Chris Masters. Why does Masters still have a job? Seriously? They release Benjamin, Haas, Mickie, Katie, etc and Masters and Henry still have a job, WTF? They lockup and Masters overpowers Chavo to the corner and shoves him. Chavo swings wildly and Chris with the Masterlock, but Chavo makes the ropes and bails out of the ring. Masters follows and Chavo back in, but Masters outsmarts Chavo. Masters unloads on Chavo sending him to the floor, so far this has sucked. Masters presses Chavo back in the ring and gets caught coming in as Chavo dropkicks Masters off the apron. Chavo slides out after Chris and hammers him before tossing him back in. Chavo with the slingshot splash for a cover, but Chris kicks out. Chavo unloads on the much larger opponent and locks in a chicken wing then sweeps the leg and into the headlock. Masters powers Chavo to the corner to break the hold and follows with a clothesline and a backdrop. Chavo runs into the side slam and Masters’ stands over Chavo before signaling for the Masterlock. Chris goes for it and Chavo fights out and hits a facebuster for a near fall, should’ve been the end. Chavo takes time to pose and goes for the three amigos, but Masters counters the second one into the Masterlock and the match ends. 3/10 crap, that’s all there was too it. Masters’ sucks and Chavo deserves so much better than this garbage. We go backstage to Kelly, showing her nice cleavage and in comes Horseface and Scary Spice. We get the usual crap from Horseface and her lesbian friends. This is so juvenile and pathetic; all three needs to be future endeavored, as they are useless. Horseface will never go anywhere, until Undertaker gets tired of her, and then it’s adios to McCool.

3. Beth Phoenix v Rosa Mendes. I like Rosa, but she needs a lot more training before she gets in the ring, she’s going to hurt someone. She could be a star, but needs time first. Rosa looks great tonight as she’s cutting a promo; well she’s better than Cena or Orton on the mic, just saying. She gets in the face of Beth who’s trying not to laugh. Rosa shoves Beth, who shoves back and Rosa slaps her, Beth quickly throws her on the turnbuckle and kicks her. Beth with a shoulderblock and a series of sledges. Rosa sends Beth to the corner but Beth up and over and unloads on Rosa but misses a charge and now Rosa has a chance. The ref checking on Beth who looks injured and Rosa charges in gets rolled up and pinned. 5/10 can’t fault the match as Beth is hurt, as the ref helps her out. Something went wrong there, as it ended out of nowhere, and now we have two people helping Beth to the back as Rosa is standing in the ring. Probably hoping she won’t get fired for injuring the only talented diva left in the WWE.

4. Shad v JTG. Who did I piss off to have to sit through this match again? This was bad enough at the PPV; this is going to be horrible. I hated them as a tag team, and I still hate them as single wrestlers. Well, here we go with the battle of who gives a damn. Shad charges and JTG moves and hammers Shad, Shad sends him to the corner and JTG gets the boot up and nails a flying leg lariat. Shad gets a knee in and goes for the big boot, but JTG moves and dropkicks Shad over the top rope. JTG dives over the top rope on his former partner as we go to commercial, nice thirty seconds into the main event. We come back and Shad is choking JTG on the ropes and nails a big boot to the head of JTG. Shad nails JTG in the back and has a submission hold on JTG, very odd looking move. JTG fights his way out and Shad releases the hold and nails a low clothesline for a near fall. JTG starts to fight back and comes off the ropes, right into the abdominal stretch of Shad. Shad releases the hold and goes to back working the back of JTG and pulls him up by the hair before locking the abdominal stretch back on. JTG fights off with a hiptoss and Shad charges in, but JTG rolls him up for a near fall. Shad sends JTG in but gets caught with his head down, as JTG quickly fires off on Shad. JTG sent to the corner and jumps over Shad, dropkicking him to the buckle and follows with the Mugshot for a near fall. Shad rolls out of the ring and JTG follows and rams him into the apron and throws him in, but gets caught coming in. Shad hammers the back of JTG, who rolls and Shad lands on the knees. JTG goes for a move and Shad holds the ropes and quickly nails the STO for the win. 3/10 wasn’t as bad as expected but still sucked.

Match Recap:

1. Carlito & Primo went to a no contest 7.25/10

2. Chris Masters beat Chavo Guerrero 3/10

3. Beth Phoenix pinned Rosa Mendes 5/10

4. Shad beat JTG 3/10

This was not a very good episode of Superstars. We got one good match out of four, and it had no ending, but at least reunited a team. Masters needs to go, and quickly, he’s horrible. The Beth and Rosa match could’ve been better, but due to Beth’s injury it ended quickly. Can’t fault anyone for that though, accidents happen. The main event was one of the worst main events since WCW days, just horrible. I can think of so many people that should’ve been released instead of the ones that were released, Shad, JTG, Masters, Show, Henry, McCool, Layla, Vickie, Kane, etc. Well, next week I’ll have Impact on Thursday along with Superstars, and finally Wrestlelicious. I bet Wrestlelicious winds up being the better of the three shows.


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