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Saturday Night’s Main Event #31 – November 14, 1992

Well, we made it to the end of the SNME collection and what a great series of show. This was seven amazing years of WWF TV, and the best era of WWF. Tonight’s episode is the final episode and features three big matches. First let’s go over what’s happened since the last episode. At Wrestlemania VIII Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair for the World Title. Flair was supposed to face Hulk Hogan, but after the events of the last SNME Hulk demanded a match with Sid instead. The finish of the Hulk and Sid match was a little messed up as Papa Shango was supposed to interfere and missed his cue, causing Sid to have to kick out of the legdrop. Papa finally arrived and we had a two on one on Hulk, until none other than the return of The Ultimate Warrior to save Hulk. Warrior had been gone since August of 1991. Hulk then took some time off and was gone until the spring of 1993. Undertaker vanquished Jake Roberts, who then left the WWF for about three years. Also at Wrestlemania Shawn Michaels made his singles debut, Bret Hart recaptured the IC title from Roddy Piper and Owen Hart and Tatanka made their Wrestlemania debuts. In the summer of 1992 Ric Flair tried to get a rematch with Savage, but instead Warrior got the title match at Summerslam. Flair and Perfect then tried to drive a wedge between the new friends claiming Perfect would be in one of their corners. It was all a rouse as Perfect and Flair attacked Savage during the match and Warrior won by countout. Davey Boy Smith won the IC title from Bret Hart in the main event, due to the fact that Summerslam was in the UK. Also we had the debut of Nailz, a convict who claimed the Boss Man beat him in prison. Undertaker defeated Kamala by DQ, leading to a casket match at Survivor Series. Ric Flair was able to get the title back from Savage in the fall, with a little help from newcomer Razor Ramon. However Flair’s second title reign was short lived as he dropped the title to Bret Hart, who was about to receive the biggest push of his career. Tonight we have the team of Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior facing the Tag Champions Money Inc. Savage and Warrior would be teaming up eleven days later to face Ric Flair and Razor Ramon, however Warrior once again left the company and they had to quickly turn Mr. Perfect face to team with Savage. Also tonight Bret Hart defends the World title and Davey Boy defends the IC title.

The show opens with Al Bundy sitting on his couch getting ready for tonight’s big show. Al says get ready to rock and Vince McMahon welcomes us to Terre Haute, Indiana and we’re ready for our first match.

1. Money Inc v The Ultimate Maniacs. This is for the tag team titles, and Vince is with Bobby Heenan for tonight. Warrior and Savage charge to the ring and all four men are brawling right away. Ted tossed out of the ring and IRS gets nailed with a double clothesline. Ted back in and they toss out both Ted and IRS now. Savage and Ted now the legal men, and Savage with an atomic drop right into the fist of Warrior. Savage with a top rope slingshot and tags in Warrior, Ted nails Warrior and shoots him in but caught with his head down and Warrior Suplexes him. Warrior gets a near fall and Warrior goes for the flying shoulderblock but Ted catches him and drives him to the mat. IRS tagged in and Warrior stomped down and shoots Warrior in, but misses a clothesline, Warrior misses his clothesline and IRS locks in a sleeperhold. We see Razor, Ric and Perfect watching backstage, and Flair says they don’t care who wins tonight. Warrior fights out of the sleeper driving IRS to the corner, and Ted tagged in. Ted locks on the Million Dollar Dream and Savage has to come in and break the hold. Ted sends Warrior in and misses the clothesline, and both men hit the clothesline. Ted makes the tag, as does Warrior and Savage unloads on IRS. Savage sends in IRS and hits a backdrop, and clothesline Ted down. Savage slams IRS and climbs the ropes, Savage hits the diving elbow and Ted breaks the pin attempt. Warrior rams Ted into the buckle and Savage does the same to IRS. Warrior clotheslines Ted out and Savage with an atomic drop sends Ted out of the ring. Jimmy Hart grabs the tag titles and leads his team up the ramp and the ref counts them out. 3/5 was fast paced and chaotic, but the ending was crap. They had to choice though as they didn’t want to change the title, but couldn’t let Warrior and Savage lose. After the match Warrior and Savage go after Money Inc and attack them up the ramp; however Razor, Flair and Perfect come out and it’s five on two now. Before the next match we get a tribute video for Bret Hart.

2. Shawn Michaels v Davey Boy Smith. This would be for the IC title which Davey Boy won from Bret Hart at Summerslam. They lock up and Davey overpowers Shawn quickly, another lockup and Shawn sent flying again. Shawn with a side headlock and Davey shoots him in and nails a shoulderblock, a second one sends Shawn back. Shawn slides under Davey and nails him, Shawn sends Davey in and goes for the hiptoss but Davey blocks, Shawn flips over and locks in an armbar. Davey does the classic lifting of Shawn while still in the armbar, that always looks so impressive, then falls back with him. Davey sends Shawn in and presses him overhead before dropping him down. Davey clotheslines Shawn out of the ring and Shawn slowly gets back in. Davey gets caught in the corner and Shawn gets a cheapshot in and nails a back elbow. Davey sent to the opposite corner and they do a series of reversals which end with Davey with an armbar on Shawn. Shawn punches his way out and unloads on Davey in the corner. Shawn sent to the corner and goes over Davey, but he comes back with a shoulderblock. Davey goes for the clothesline and Shawn catches him and tosses him over the top rope. While the ref counts Davey Shawn removes the turnbuckle cover as we go to commercial. We come back and Shawn has the buckle removed and pulls Davey in and snapmares him down. Shawn works over the back of the Bulldog and locks in the abdominal stretch and Davey powers out, but misses the elbow drop. Shawn quickly goes back to working over the back. Vince announces the Davey will defend the title against the Mountie at Survivor Series, as Shawn goes back to the abdominal stretch. Davey finally fights out and this time nails the elbow then drives Shawn’s face to the mat. Shawn sent to the corner and caught coming out with a clothesline, Davey slingshots Shawn into the buckle and covers for the near fall. Davey with the delayed vertical Suplex and another near fall. Davey goes to send Shawn to the corner, but Shawn reverses and Davey driven back first into the exposed buckle. Shawn sent to the corner and Davey kicks him, and sets him on the top rope. Davey goes for the superplex but his back gives out and Shawn falls on top for the win and the title. 4/5 a great match as Shawn wins his first ever title.

3. Bret Hart v Papa Shango. This is our World Title match, and Shango has no chance. Shango would later become Kama, Kama Mustafa and finally the Godfather. Bobby Heenan has a big box sitting near him as the match starts and Shango hammers the back of Bret. Shango clobbers Bret in the corner, but gets sent to the opposite corner and Bret monkey flips Shango down. Bret with a shoulderblock and a crossbody but Papa kicks off sending Bret to the floor. Shango goes to grab Bret, but he slides under Shango and nails an inverted atomic drop followed by the clothesline sending Papa to the floor. Bret slings himself over the top rope onto Shango as we go to commercial. We come back and both men in the ring and Bret unloads on Shango in the corner, but gets sent chest first to the buckle. Shango rams Bret’s head into the buckle and hammers the champ, who fires back but runs into the bearhug. Bret fights out by biting Shango, and Shango comes back with an elbow to the head followed by a back elbow. Shango stomps the champion and lifts the champ in a chokehold before throwing him down. Shango with a nerve hold on Bret who fights out and runs into a huge clothesline. Papa back to the nerve hold and Bret elbows his way out. Bret off the ropes with a sunset flip, but Shango tries to fight out and Bret moves. Shango runs into the big boot and Bret with a sleeper but Shango runs Bret into the buckle. Papa drops an elbow twice and climbs the rope but misses the flying elbow. Bret hammers Shango and shoots him in, connecting with the sledge to the midsection into the Russian legsweep for a near fall. Bret sends Shango in and backdrops the man for another near fall. Bret climbs the ropes and connects with the diving lariat and another near fall. Bret unloads on Shango in the corner, but gets whipped to the corner. Shango charges and Bret moves, Shango hits the buckle hard and Bret quickly locks in the Sharpshooter for the victory. 4/5 was actually a better match then I remembered it being. Shango was impressive in this match, and I liked the gimmick.

4. The Funeral Parlor. Paul Bearer welcomes us to the Funeral Parlor and says it’s no secret that the Undertaker has been very busy building a casket for Kamala. Undertaker comes out of a casket and says he’s sent many souls on this journey and like all the rest Kamala will suffer the same fate. Undertaker says he will take Kamala’s soul and to rest in peace. We get closing comments from Bret Hart, which Shawn interrupts and says he will take the World Title at Survivor Series. Shawn says he beat the man who beat Bret, and now he’s going to beat Bret. Bobby Heenan is on the phone as Vince does the closing, and Heenan says Savage and Warrior will not be a team at Survivor Series and one will have a new partner.

Match Recap:

1. Ultimate Maniacs beat Money Inc by countout 3/5

2. Shawn Michaels pinned Davey Boy Smith to win the IC title 4/5

3. Bret Hart defeated Papa Shango 4/5

This was a pretty good episode and a great ending to the series. It took a long time to get here, but we made it to the end of the series. I hope you enjoyed reliving the last seven years of the WWF, as we had some great matches and some not so good matches. It was a fun retrospective and I’ll be back with the next major series, SHIMMER. Coming soon.

Money Inc/Maniacs




Flair regains the Title

Bret wins World Title for the first time

Survivor Series 1992

Headshrinkers/High Energy

Boss Man/Nailz



Eight Man Tag




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