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Saturday Night’s Main Event #30 – February 8, 1992

Almost to the end of the SNME collection as we have two remaining. Tonight’s episode is three weeks after the Royal Rumble and two months before Wrestlemania. A lot has changed in the WWF since our last SNME back in April 1991. Hulk Hogan was defeated by the Undertaker at the Survivor Series 1991, but due to controversy we had a rematch five days later won by Hulk Hogan. This was not without more controversy and the title was declared vacant. Ric Flair, who debuted in the summer of 1991, won the 1992 Royal Rumble and in the process won the vacant World Title. Randy Savage, who reunited with Elizabeth at Wrestlemania, finally married Elizabeth at Summerslam. At the reception the happy couple was attacked by Jake Roberts and the Undertaker, setting off the Savage and Roberts feud that went through the fall and winter. Bret Hart finally captured his first singles title defeating Mr. Perfect and putting him out of wrestling for years. Bret defended the title proudly against all comers, but finally was beaten for the title by the Mountie. The Mountie would then quickly lose the belt, only two days later, to Roddy Piper, who finally gained a title after eight years with the WWF. The Nasty Boys were able to hold the tag titles up until they ran into the Legion of Doom at Summerslam, making the LOD the first Triple Crown tag team champions. The LOD would lose the tag titles one night before this show to the tag team of Money Inc, Ted DiBiase and IRS (formerly known as Mike Rotundo). Demolition has gone their separate ways as Ax was released, Crush became Hawaiian Crush, and Smash became the Repo Man. Finally Sid Vicious made his long awaited WWF debut in the summer destroying various heels and aligning himself with Hulk Hogan. This friendship was short lived as Sid was eliminated by Hulk at the Rumble and proceeded to eliminate Hulk allowing Ric Flair to win. These two men are forced to team tonight to face Ric Flair and Undertaker. In the Hulk and Sid’s corner, making his big return was Brutus Beefcake, who’s been out for almost two years after a parasailing accident. Let’s get down to ringside for the opening contest.

This one’s from the 24/7 feed and has a different opening and even the logo is different. Vince McMahon is ringside with Bobby Heenan and they go over tonight’s matches.

1. The Mountie v Rowdy Roddy Piper. Never understood why it took so long for Piper to get a title in the WWF. Jimmy Hart grabs the title from the ref and throws it to Mountie. Hart nails Piper and Mountie tosses out Piper who lands on his feet. Piper back in and double clotheslines both men and covers Mountie for a near fall. Mountie bails and Piper follows and rams their heads together. Piper tosses Mountie in and Jimmy grabs the ankle of Piper allowing Mountie to attack him. We get comments from Bret Hart who faces the winner at Wrestlemania VIII. Mountie hits a flying forearm on Piper and scores a near fall, Piper still has his shirt on as Mountie slams him. Mountie goes for the splash and Piper lifts the knees, and now Piper unloads on the Mountie and goes for a bulldog but Mountie shoves him off into the ref. Mountie nails a piledriver on Piper and Jimmy grabs a cup of water and hands it to Mountie. Mountie pours it on Piper and grabs his shock stick and zaps Piper. No effect on Piper who nails Mountie with a right hand and tosses Jimmy over the top rope. Piper has the shock stick and zaps the Mountie now, love the cheesy sound effects. Piper covers Mountie and scores the win. 2.5/5 was short, but fun and inoffensive. Piper removes his shirt, and has a second one on; he removes that one and reveals a shock proof vest. We get highlights of the Royal Rumble, and they changed the audio so the crowd boos Sid for eliminating Hogan and added a Hulk chant. The fans pop for Hulk eliminating Sid, as it’s the opposite of the real sound, classic. We then get highlights of the Wrestlemania Press Conference, where Jack Tunney announces Ric Flair will face Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania VIII.

2. Undertaker & Ric Flair v Sid Justice & Hulk Hogan. Vince says Sid gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, wonder how much tweaking was used for that. Hulk comes to the ring with Brutus Beefcake, who was called Hulk’s friend to the end. Ric Flair starts for his team against Sid and Ric tries to avoid Sid, and they lock up and Flair rakes the eyes. Flair gets sent to the corner and backdropped, followed by the armdrag and Flair bails out of the ring. Hulk tagged in as Flair slowly gets back in and Hulk unloads and sends Flair to the corner and follows with a backdrop and armdrag, and one for Undertaker as well. Hulk sends Undertaker to the knee of Sid and tags Sid in. Sid gets caught by Undertaker with a chop but can’t slam Sid, Sid slams Undertaker and rams him into Hulk’s knee and tags Hogan. Hulk slams Undertaker and then one for Flair, and proceeds to clothesline both men down and out of the ring. Undertaker gets back in and Hulk with a side headlock, tags in Sid who shoots Undertaker in but gets caught with an uppercut. A double team on Sid with a double clothesline and Hulk breaks the pin attempt. A double atomic drop on Sid and again Hulk saves the match. Undertaker hammers Sid and stares at Hogan and another double team but Hulk breaks that up. Flair eats a double boot, and a double clothesline sends Undertaker out of the ring as we go to commercial. We come back as Undertaker sneaks in from behind and nails Sid in the throat. Undertaker tosses Sid to the buckle and tags in Flair who kicks Sid in the ribs. Flair unloading on Justice and Undertaker chokes Sid from the outside as the ref is busy with Flair. Undertaker tagged in and comes in via the top rope with a big right to the face of Justice. Undertaker hammers Sid and taunts Hogan, bringing in Hulk allowing a double team on Sid. Sid counters and rams both heads together and tags in Hogan. Hulk hammers Flair and Undertaker and one for Paul Bearer, but Perfect grabs the ankle allowing Flair to nail Hogan. Flair begins to work over the leg and applies the figure four leglock and Sid doesn’t make the save and instead adjusts his kneepads. Sid turns his back on Hogan, as Hulk has reversed the hold. Hulk crawls to Sid, who doesn’t make the effort to tag and Undertaker comes in and nails the flying lariat on Hogan. Flair back in and chops Hogan then climbs the ropes, but as always Flair gets caught. Hulk crawls to his corner as Undertaker is tagged in and stalks Hogan, as Sid doesn’t try for the tag again. Undertaker chokes Hogan in the corner and Flair tagged back in, and chops Hogan but no effect. Hulk begins to Hulk Up and Undertaker comes from behind and they double team Hogan and send him to the corner, but Hulk comes back with a clothesline. Hulk again crawls towards Sid and Sid drops down from the ring apron and begins to leave. Brutus tries to reason with Sid, and Sid threatens him and leaves. Undertaker and Flair double team Hogan as Sid leaves and heads backstage, the ref goes flying and the bell rings. 3.75/5 not a bad match as we had the four biggest stars in one match, but the storyline dominated the match. After the match Brutus gets in the ring to try and save Hogan and Flair and Undertaker stalk him, but this allows Hogan to get up. Hulk unloads on Flair and Undertaker and sends them into each other. Undertaker over the top to the floor, as does Flair and Hulk cleans out the ring. Backstage we get comments from Sid who says with friends like Hogan he doesn’t need enemies.

3. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sgt Slaughter v Beverly Brothers. When we last saw Slaughter he was still an Iraqi sympathizer, but in the fall of 1991 Slaughter saw the error in his ways and begged for his country back. Hacksaw forgave Slaughter, as can only be done in wrestling, and they formed a tag team. Duggan and Slaughter were substitutes for the Legion of Doom who were supposed to face the Beverly Brothers tonight. Hacksaw and Blake start the match and lock up with Duggan overpowering Blake. Blake rakes the eyes and hammers Duggan in the corner and sends Duggan to the opposite corner, Duggan comes out with a big clothesline. Duggan with a side headlock and shot in, Beau nails Duggan with the scroll. They Beverly Brothers hit a double team on Duggan as Slaughter was arguing with the ref. Beau in and unloads on Duggan, but Duggan gets a kick in. Blake tagged back in as Slaughter tagged in as well, and Slaughter hammers Blake and backdrops the man. Slaughter with an abdominal stretch and Beau breaks the hold. Slaughter hits the backbreaker and Beau saves the match, and all four men in the ring. Duggan with the ref and Blake comes in with the scroll but Slaughter backdrops him down. The ref now with Blake and Slaughter nails Beau with the scroll and sends him into Duggan’s clothesline for the win. 2.5/5 wasn’t great but at least it was short. We now get highlights of the Savage/Jake feud, including the cobra attack and the Texas match.

4. Jake Roberts v Randy Savage. This was the blow off match for this long running feud. Savage runs to the ring and Jake slithers out but Savage follows and hammers Jake. Jake sent into the ring post and Jake rakes the eyes and tries to run, but Savage pulls him into the post again. Savage grinds his face into the mat outside the ring and the ref pulls him off. Jake finally in the ring and Savage throws a chair in before getting back in. Savage chokes Jake and then drives the elbow in the throat of Jake’s who’s busted open. A knee to the back sends Jake to the corner and Jake gets the thumb in the eye and tosses Savage over the top rope. Savage quickly back in but gets rammed into the buckle and tosses Savage out again, and Savage hits the guard rail. Jake follows and rams Savage’s head into the ringpost and then does it again, complete with a clunk sound effect as we go to commercial. We come back and Savage crawls back in the ring where Jake is waiting for him but gets tossed to the corner. Savage with an elbow and climbs the ropes, but Jake catches him and hits the DDT on Savage. Jake wants Savage to get back up and waits in the corner as the ref counts Savage who slowly gets up. Jake hits the short arm clothesline and signals for another DDT, but Jake backdropped to the outside. Savage climbs the ropes and nails the double ax handle on Jake, whose throat hits the guard rails. Savage tosses him back in and hits the flying elbow smash for the victory. 4/5 a short but fun brawl, very fast paced and exciting. After the match Savage climbs the ropes again as the refs try to stop him Savage dives over them all with another flying elbow smash. Savage grabs the bell and gets back in the ring, as the refs finally get Jake out. The officials try to calm down Savage as Elizabeth comes down the aisle and they celebrate the victory in the ring. We see Jake backstage saying it’s not over yet, as the show ends.

Match Recap:

1. Roddy Piper beat Mountie at 3:30 2.5/5

2. Hulk Hogan & Sid beat Undertaker & Ric Flair by dq at 11:00 3.75/5

3. Slaughter & Duggan beat Beverly Bros at 2:39 2.5/5

4. Randy Savage pinned Jake Roberts at 5:25 4/5

The show ended so abruptly as last thing we saw was Jake watching for the curtain. The following week on TV they showed what happened after. As Savage and Liz came back through the curtain Jake was waiting with a chair. Liz came through first and Jake swung the chair, but Undertaker was behind Jake and grabbed the chair. As Jake screamed at Undertaker, Savage nailed Jake and they brawled again. This set up the Jake/Undertaker match at Wrestlemania. This was not a bad show, as they had two good matches and two ok matches, which were short at least. This was the final NBC SNME as the next one aired on FOX.


Hulk & Sid/Flair & Taker

Slaughter & Duggan/Beverlys


Bonus Matches: Wrestlemania 8




LOD interview


8 Man Tag



Disasters/Money Inc



Summerslam 1992

Duggan & Bushwhackers v Mountie & Nasty Boys



LOD/Money Inc









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