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WWE Superstars – April 29, 2010

This show is getting harder and harder to find every week, it’s bizarre. I can find everything else the WWE puts out the next morning, and even Smackdown the day before, but this show is usually not posted till late Friday. Anyway, after a very lackluster PPV and a long and boring draft that saw the annual rape and pillage of the Smackdown roster, which brings us to Superstars. First though, the PPV, surprisingly the matches all went the way I wanted instead of the way I expected, other than Batista and Cena, but that doesn’t count. It just felt like the matches were thrown together, which most of them were, and without the blood it really didn’t feel like an Extreme PPV. I still think the WWE needs to go back to TV-14 or even M for PPV, and stay PG for TV. PPV’s are purchased by adults, not kids, and can go the extra mile and be a little more risqué than the TV shows. Well, that and cut back on the damn things, we don’t need 12 PPVs a year, its overkill. Speaking of overkill, suddenly I feel like I’m on Wrestlecrap Radio, which brings us to RAW. I think the idea of a three hour PPV and then a three hour RAW the next night was just too much. By the end of RAW I was bored and just burned out, it’s too much. The draft was very boring and uneventful, other than the Hart’s winning the tag belts. I really expected them to try and stack Smackdown before it moves to the new network, but they did the opposite and pillaged it to nothing. Taking Edge, Morrison, Jericho, and Truth to RAW and giving Smackdown Chavo, Hornswoggle, Masters and MVP was a massive mistake. Chavo is a jobber for life and will probably be as long as he stays in WWE, Hornswoggle just plain pisses me off, Masters sucks worse than Big Daddy V and MVP is just there. MVP was great when he first came in, but the massive losing streak they did with him just killed him and he has never recovered. Well, anyway let’s get to Superstars as I have three SNME’s to recap this weekend to finish the series off before Monday.

1. Gail Kim v Jillian Hall. I can’t believe WWE thinks Kelly is more of a star then Gail, and they plan to push Kelly. That just shows what is wrong with the WWE Diva division; the talent gets pushed down and out while the pretty faces get elevated. Both these women should be fighting for the Women’s title, and Eve holding any title is a disgrace. I like Eve, I think she’s beautiful but she doesn’t deserve the belt, especially not over Jillian, Gail or Natalya. Wow, Jillian looking hot in purple tonight! The bell rings and they lock up, Gail with a wristlock and Jillian pulls her hair to take her down. Jillian misses the flipping legdrop and Gail with an armdrag and shoots Jillian to the corner and runs into Jillian’s knee. Jillian climbs the ropes and gets caught by Gail who snaps off a top rope Hurricanrana and goes for the victory roll but Jillian with an electric chair drop for near fall. Jillian kicks Gail in the back and slams her down and covers for a two count. Jillian with the double arm and the announcers annoy me by talking about Cena and Batista through the match, idiots. You have two of the most talented in the company and instead talk about the two with the least talent. Gail fights out and hammer s Jillian and goes for the back Suplex but get back gives out. Jillian with a Samoan drop and gets another near fall. Jillian goes back to working the back of Gail and pulls her up by the hair. Gail tries to fight back and Jillian takes her down again and shoots her to the corner and Gail crumples to the mat. Jillian with a pair of near falls and goes to a rear chinlock which Gail fights out of, but Jillian pulls her down by the hair. Gail sent in and holds the ropes, Jillian charges and eats a boot but gets Gail on her shoulders and Gail holds the ropes and reverses into a head scissor takedown. Both girls slug it out and Gail gets a pair of clotheslines in and sends Jillian to the corner and follows with a splash then springs to the second rope. Gail with a cross body and Jillian rolls through for a near fall. Jillian sends Gail to the corner and kicks her in the back of the head and nails the cartwheel elbow. Jillian charges in and hits the ringpost and Gail nails the Eat Defeat for the win. 8.5/10 a great diva match, but didn’t like the ending. Jillian dominated 90 percent of the match and missed one charge allowing Gail to hit the finisher. Still a great match, and I’ll say it again, these two should be feuding over the Women’s title.

2. Zack Ryder v Primo. They lock up and Zack gets Primo in the corner and they shove each other back. Zack with a quick armbar and twists the arm as Rosa applauds. Primo rolls through and armdrags Zack twice and into an armbar of his own. Zack drives a knee into Primo and sends him in but misses the clothesline and throws Primo over the top. Primo lands on the apron and slides under Zack before nailing a dropkick and back to the armbar. Primo shoots Zack in and gets caught with his head down, Zack charges and Primo backdrops Zack to the floor. Primo goes for the dive and Zack hides, but Primo stops and then dives taking Zack down. Primo tosses Zack back in and covers for a near fall. Zack pulls himself up in the corner and Primo dives into him and unloads on Ryder in the corner. Primo pulled back by the ref allows Zack to kick him and nail a Suplex on the top rope. Zack kicks Primo in the head sending him to the floor as we go to commercial. We come back and Zack has a body scissors on Primo, who fights his way out into a roll up for a near fall. Zack sends Primo in and nails a flapjack for a near fall of his own. Zack chokes Primo on the ropes and then baseball slides Primo to the floor, where Rosa screams at him. Zack comes out and drives Primo into the apron before throwing him back in for another near fall. Zack with a submission hold while hammering the chest of Primo, but Primo fights out and gets sent chest first to the turnbuckle. Zack climbs the ropes and drops the big leg, but Primo rolls out of the way and both men are down. Zack pulls himself up using the ropes and goes to grab Primo, who kicks him in the face. Primo with a series of pin attempts on Ryder, but Ryder kicks out of each one. Primo with a flying elbow and a clothesline followed by the side Russian legsweep. Primo with a kicks and a legsweep before hitting a legdrop for the near fall. Zack sends Primo to the corner and runs into Primo’s feet, Primo climbs the ropes and Rosa gets on the apron. The distraction costs Primo as Zack sweeps his feet out and hits the Zack Attack for the victory. 8/10 a great match as it went back and forth, both these guys are amazing to watch. Ryder gets better every time I see him, and Rosa looks incredible as always.

3. Hart Dynasty v Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft. Well, this should be a good match as Tyson and Trent start out. They lock up and Tyson with an armbar and Trent counters into one of his own. Tyson rolls through and into the armbar of his own again, that looked cool. Trent gets Tyson in the corner and chops him then tags in Caylen. Caylen drops the knee and chokes Kidd in his corner. Trent tagged back in and a head scissor takeover as he squeezes the head of Tyson. Tyson fights his way up and sends Trent in, and Trent comes back with a shoulderblock. Tyson off the ropes and over and under Trent, then nails a boot to the jaw for a two count. Smith tagged in and Trent quickly tags Caylen in, who runs into the shoulder of Smith. Smith slams Croft and drops the leg before hammering Caylen. Smith with the keylock and takes Caylen over for a near fall. Smith still has the keylock applied before shooting Croft in, but caught with his head down. Croft comes off the ropes and gets powerslammed; Trent comes in and distracts Smith allowing Croft to send Smith to the floor where Trent clotheslines him down as we go to commercial. We come back and Trent has a chinlock on Smith who fights his way out with a series of elbows and goes for the back Suplex but Trent lands on his feet. Trent nails Tyson and charges at Smith who backdrops him down. Smith makes the tag and Tyson with a springboard dropkick and an inverted atomic drop followed by a spinning heel kick. Kidd slides under Trent and nails a nice backbreaker for another near fall as Natalya watches intently. Kidd and Trent fight on the apron and Caylen comes from behind, but Kidd nails him, however this costs him as Trent DDT’s Kidd on the apron. Trent quickly slides in and tags Croft who stomps Kidd on the floor before tossing him in and scoring a near fall. Caylen back to the rear chinlock as Natalya pounds the mat firing up the crowd. Trent tagged back in and nails a knee to the face off Kidd and follows with the belly to back Suplex for another near fall. Trent sends Kidd to the corner and nails a flying elbow then tags in Croft and sends Kidd into Croft’s dropkick for another near fall. Croft drives the knee into the midsection and goes back to the chinlock and Kidd fights out but runs into a back elbow. Kidd whipped into the Dudebuster’s corner and Croft slams Kidd down and tags Trent back in. Trent springs in and taunts Kidd, but this allows Kidd to fight back but takes a series of knees to the skull. Kidd pulls himself up in the corner and Trent charges and tossed face first into the buckles. Caylen tagged in, as is Smith who unloads on Croft and nails a series of clotheslines. Smith with a belly to belly Suplex and follows with the delayed vertical Suplex for the near fall as Natalya is shocked. Smith sends Croft to the corner and follows with the corner clothesline, and readies Croft for the running powerslam but Trent pulls Croft out of the ring. Natalya slaps Trent in the face and Kidd tagged in, and Smith backdrops Kidd onto the Dudebusters. Kidd tosses Caylen in and they hit the Hart Attack for the win. 9/10 a great tag team match, probably one of the best tag matches in a long time. The Hart Dynasty are phenoms in the wrestling business, and Natalya needs to be the Women’s champion. As for the Dudebusters, these kids are future stars as they are impressive everytime.

Match Recap:

1. Gail Kim pinned Jillian Hall 8.5/10

2. Zack Ryder beat Primo 8/10

3. Hart Dynasty beat Dudebusters 9/10

What an amazing show this was, as we got three fantastic matches. I wish the other two shows could have matches this good, but they waste too much time on useless crap. We got a nice six minute diva match, which is about five minutes more than they’d give them on RAW. Then we got a great eight minute match between two of the most impressive young talents and a great twelve minute tag match. This is how you book good TV, no useless guest hosts, time wasting skits, useless blathering, etc. Just three solid matches, how hard is that? This is the reason I’m only bothering with Superstars, and probably soon be the only WWE show I’m watching, other than NXT which is just fun.

Here’s the Diva Match


Sorry, can’t find the tag match anywhere.


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