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Saturday Night’s Main Event #29 – April 27, 1991

It’s time for another classic SNME as we have three remaining. Tonight’s episode comes to use one month following Wrestlemania VII. At Wrestlemania we had the crowing of a new World Heavyweight Champion as the Real American Hulk Hogan defended the United States and conquered the Iraqi turncoat Sgt Slaughter to regain the title for the third time. At the time that was unheard of and Hulk was the first three time World Champion. Also that night we witnessed The Hart Foundation losing the Tag Titles for the final time to newcomers the Nasty Boys, who won a battle royal to qualify for the match. The match of the night honors had to go to Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage who put on one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history, and in the end the Warrior vanquished Savage and ended his career. After the match Queen Sherri attacked Savage and making the save, surprisingly was the return of Elizabeth. The reuniting of Savage and Elizabeth brought a tear to the huge audience and is one of the most remembered moments of that night. Other matches that night included Jake Roberts beating Rick Martel in a blindfold match, which was horrible, Demolition being destroyed and ending the team at the hands of two Japanese wrestler who very few people knew, Virgil breaking away from Ted DiBiase after three years of abuse and beating Ted, and the Wrestlemania debut of the Undertaker who defeated Jimmy Snuka to begin the legendary streak. With all that behind us we begin the march to Summerslam, and tonight Warrior gets his hands on the former champion Sgt Slaughter, we have a battle royal and the Nasty Boys defend the tag titles, all this and more on SNME.

We open right into the opening music and Vince sends it to Randy Savage who’s doing the backstage interviews tonight. Savage is with Slaughter and Adnan, and Slaughter now has Iron Sheik a Col Mustafa joining the army. We see highlights of Slaughter burning the face of Hulk Hogan after the match at Wrestlemania and The Ultimate Warrior being locked in the casket by Undertaker.

1. Sgt Slaughter v Ultimate Warrior. Slaughter tries to sneak attack Warrior coming of the top and gets slammed and clotheslined. Warrior with a fist to the midsection and a back body drop as Warrior is destroying Slaughter, and sends the Sarge to the floor. Warrior follows and unloads before throwing him back in and Slaughter begs off, which allows him to get a thumb in the eye of Warrior. Slaughter tosses Warrior to the floor and distracts the ref, allowing Mustafa to ram Warrior into the ring apron. Slaughter comes outside and tosses Warrior into the post and hammers Warrior repeatedly. Savage and Vince are on commentary tonight, and I like Savage doing the commentary, very cool. They’re back in the ring and Slaughter works the back of Warrior, but Warrior tries to fight back and Slaughter rakes the eyes. Slaughter with a backbreaker and spits in the face of Warrior. Slaughter sends Warrior in and catches him in a bearhug but Warrior able to break the hold. Warrior slams Slaughter down but his back gives out and Warrior falls, allowing Slaughter to work the back more. Slaughter back to the bearhug and squeezes the life out of Warrior as we see Paul Bearer, the manager of The Undertaker, rolling the custom casket to ringside. Warrior breaks the hold but spots the casket and the distraction costs him as Slaughter nails a clothesline to the back of the head of Warrior sending him to the floor as we go to commercial. We come back and Slaughter tosses Warrior in the ring and continues to stomp Warrior who begins to shake the ropes. Warrior blocks the right and nails Slaughter and follows with the triple clotheslines. Warrior hits the flying shoulderblock as Paul opens the casket and the Undertaker is inside. Warrior still hasn’t seen Undertaker and goes for the press slam, but spots Undertaker and is distracted again, allowing Slaughter to attack. Adnan, Mustafa and Undertaker enter the ring and its four on one on Warrior as the pummel him, but here comes the Champion to make the save. Hulk takes out the army and nails Undertaker in the face with the title, but no effect on Undertaker. Slaughter clobbers Hulk and Hulk chases him, as Undertaker misses an elbow on Warrior. Warrior clotheslines Undertaker and no effect, a second one and still nothing. Warrior with the flying shoulderblock sends Undertaker to the floor but he lands on his feet. 1/5 a pretty bad match but the end with Undertaker saved it from Dudsville.

2. Nasty Boys v Bushwhackers. This is our tag title match, and it’s going to be horrible! I was never a fan of either team, so this is not going to be a favorite match. The bell rings and Knobs and Luke start out with a lockup, and Knobs overpowers Luke to the corner and unloads on him. Knobs misses a punch and Luke hammers him, Knobbs hides in the ropes. Knobbs quickly hammers Luke and drives the shoulder into the corner but gets sent to the opposite corner and all four men in the ring. The Bushwhackers toss the Nasty Boys into each other and the Nasties bail out of the ring. Sags tagged in as is Butch, and Butch turns his back on Sags and gets taken down quickly. Sags works over Butch but gets sent into the ropes and eats a knee, Butch with a second knee lift. Luke tagged in and tossed into Sags for a near fall as Knobs makes the save. The Battering Ram takes out both Nasty Boys again and the Bushwhackers celebrate in the ring. Sags and Luke lock up and Sags sends him in allowing Knobs to catch Luke with a knee to the back. A knob tagged in and drops a series of elbows on Luke for a near fall. Knobbs sends Luke into the corner hard and Sags tagged in, and a double elbow on Luke. Butch makes the save and Sags sends Luke into the buckle then shoots him in the opposite corner and misses the charge. Knobs and Butch tagged in and a slugfest ensues, Butch clotheslines both Nasty Boys down and gets a near fall. Luke has the ref tied up as the Nasty Boys double team Butch and gets a near fall, as Luke makes the save. Knobs goes for a slam and Butch nails him, allowing Luke to get a near fall now. Luke takes out Sags, and the ref tries to get Luke out, and Sags pulls the feet out of Butch and pins him with his feet on the ropes. DUD pure crap, glad it was short, but not short enough. After the match the Bushwhackers take out both Nasty Boys with the Battering Ram.

3. 20 Man Battle Royal. Have I said I love these matches, there always so chaotic and fun to watch? Before the match we get footage of Earthquake squashing Damien from Superstars, too bad they didn’t show footage of him making Quake Burgers! Hulk Hogan of course gets to be the last man introduced for the battle royal, and he quickly enters the ring and goes after everyone. The bell rings and we have chaos right away as Perfect wisely hides outside the ring. Quake and Hulk in the corner and Jake comes over to double team Quake. Tornado with Tanaka, Shawn with Kato as it’s impossible to call everything here. Marty tossed out by Roma, but pulls himself up and eliminates Roma, who nails Marty to eliminate him. Hulk, Valentine and Snuka working on Quake, while Perfect, Hercules and Haku have Davey Boy on the ropes. Perfect almost out and Quake saves him, Tanaka and Shawn fighting it out. Tugboat and Haku brawl in the corner, as Tornado saves Jake from Quake. Perfect off the top nails Boss Man, while Haku and Barbarian work over Tugboat. Shawn on the shoulders of Kato but able to fight out while Perfect on the apron and Hulk snapmares him back in. Valentine and Hogan double team Perfect, meanwhile Davey Boy tossed out via the Warlord. Tanaka out via Snuka, who gets taken out by Haku, bringing us to fifteen left. Jake eliminated by Hercules and Earthquake taunts Jake, and Jake tosses Lucifer into the ring and everyone stops dead in the ring as we go to commercial. We come back and Perfect has Hulk in the corner, Haku and Tornado in the other corner. Tugboat sneak attacks Hogan, and it’s everyman for themselves. Hogan and Tugboat slug it out, with Warlord getting in the middle. Hulk tosses Warlord over the top as Kerry goes out due to the Barbarian. Duggan stands tall only to get tossed by Earthquake, and Hulk sends out the Quake as we’re down to the top ten. Hulk, Kato, Barbarian, Valentine, Tugboat, Haku, Boss Man, Hercules, Shawn, and Perfect remain. Hulk goes to eliminate Kato and Tugboat dumps out the Hulkster, but Shawn nails Tugboat from behind to eliminate him. Hercules quickly follows as the Boss Man tosses him and in seconds we lose four men. Boss Man and Perfect slug it out, and Boss Man turns his attention on Barbarian which allows Perfect to dropkick Boss Man in the back and send him out. Perfect and Haku work over Shawn Michaels, Shawn ducks and Haku nails Perfect, Shawn dropkicks Haku to eliminate him and we have our final four, Shawn, Perfect, Barbarian, and Valentine. Shawn tosses Perfect, but he holds the ropes and comes back in, right into a dropkick from Michaels. Perfect tosses Shawn into the buckle and he goes up and over to the apron, and Perfect with an elbow sends Shawn to the floor. Valentine alone with Barbarian and Perfect, as they double team Valentine who fights off both men. Valentine has Barbarian on the ropes, but Perfect saves him, as Valentine as a face seems so wrong. Barbarian holds Greg and Perfect with the dropkick but Greg moves and Perfect nails Barbarian eliminating him. We’re down to Valentine and Perfect, as Hammer chops Perfect and Heenan having a fit at ringside. Valentine with the atomic drop and Perfect hits the buckle, Hammer drops the hammer repeatedly and the crowd cheers Valentine. Perfect tossed but lands on the apron and pulls himself back in. Both men on the ropes and Perfect pulls Greg out first and Perfect wins the battle royal! 4.25/5 a great battle royal, with the perfect ending. This saved the SNME from the bottom of the barrel, well this and the next match.

4. Ted DiBiase v Bret Hart. Ted is with his new manager, Sensational Sherri, was Ted ever alone in the WWF? Seriously he went from Virgil to Sherri to Jimmy Hart. Sherri enters the ring and we get a look up her dress, as usual. The bell rings and they lock up, Ted gets Bret on the ropes and gets a knee in. Ted chops Bret repeatedly and hammers Bret but sent to the opposite corner and Bret with an armdrag and a pair of clotheslines and a third sends Ted to the outside. Ted slowly gets up and Bret slingshots himself over the top onto Ted and tosses him back in. Bret follows in and a headlock takeover gets a near fall, Ted reverses and gets a near fall of his own. Ted shoots Bret in and Bret comes back with the shoulderblock. Bret comes off the ropes and Sherri sweeps the leg, Bret goes after Sherri and Ted goes for the big knee, but Bret moves and Ted nails Sherri. Bret gets a near fall and goes back to the side headlock and shot in again. Bret gets caught coming off the ropes as Ted nails a hotshot. Ted hits a piledriver on the Hitman and gets the near fall and sends Bret in and goes for the slam, but Bret drops down. Bret goes for a rollup and Ted forces Bret out of the ring and follows. Ted rams Bret’s head into the steps and rolls back in. While Ted has the ref Sherri nails Bret Hart and Ted comes back out to throw Bret back in the ring. Ted stomps Bret and chokes him on the ropes. Ted with the ref allowing Sherri to choke Bret with her jacket, and Ted back to the rope choke again. The ref with Ted again and Sherri drives an elbow into the throat. Ted rams Bret into the buckle and then chops Bret before sending him to the opposite corner chest first, as only Bret could do. Ted readies for the Million Dollar Dream, but Bret drives Ted back to the corner breaking the hold. Ted climbs the ropes and Bret catches him with a double sledge to the midsection. Bret blocks the right and unloads on DiBiase and Ted back off in the corner, but Bret continues to hammer him. Bret with the inverted atomic drop and follows with the running elbow for the near fall. Bret with the side Russian legsweep for another near fall. Bret follows up with the side backbreaker and the second rope elbow for yet another near fall. Bret blocks Ted’s right and locks on the headlock, Ted shoots him in and Sherri grabs the ankle. Bret goes after Sherri and Ted comes outside and nails Bret from behind. Piper leaves the broadcast booth and comes down to ringside as Ted throws Bret back in. Bret catches Ted with neckbreaker as Piper comes up behind Sherri and chases her around the ring. Piper goes under the ring and grabs a broom and chases her backstage as Bret is still working on Ted. Ted rakes the eyes and goes after Piper and Bret goes after Ted and they’re fighting up the aisle as the ref counts both men out. 4.25/5 a great match, but the end shenanigans ruined it; otherwise it would’ve been a perfect match.

5. The Mountie v Tito Santana. We come back from commercial as the bell rings; Tito is the original JOB Squad member by this point. They lock up and Mountie gets Tito on the ropes and screams at Tito. Tito responds with a right hand and Mountie misses the right and Tito with the inverted atomic drop. Tito with a pair of dropkicks and Mountie bails, Tito follows and tries to ram Mountie and Jimmy together but Mountie blocks. Tito rams Mountie’s head into the apron and rolls him back in. Tito continues to hammer Mountie in the corner and sends him to the opposite corner and goes for the monkey flip, but Mountie holds the ropes sending Tito crashing to the mat. Mountie punts Tito in the ribs repeatedly and then drives Tito’s face into the mat. Mountie with a half nelson and rams Tito’s face into the buckle repeatedly. Mountie screams to the crowd “I’m the Mountie” and goes for a splash, but Tito gets the knees up. Tito hits the flying forearm and covers but Jimmy on the apron and gets in the ring, and Tito nails Jimmy. As the ref is busy with Jimmy Mountie has the shock stick and zaps Santana, complete with cartoon sound effects. Mountie covers and scores the win. 3/5 wasn’t a bad match, and I thought the Mountie gimmick was great. We get closing comments from Sgt Slaughter, Col Mustafa and General Adnan followed by comments from Hulk Hogan. Randy Savage and Vince McMahon close the show recapping the matches

Match Recap:

1. Ultimate Warrior defeated Sgt Slaughter by DQ at 8:00 1/5

2. Nasty Boys beat Bushwhackers at 6:48 DUD

3. Mr. Perfect won the Battle Royal at 12:30 4.25/5

4. Ted DiBiase and Bret Hart went to a double countout at 9:56 4.25/5

5. The Mountie beat Tito Santana at 4:29 3/5

After a pretty bad start the show got better as we went along. The battle royal was amazing as was Bret and Ted. This was the start of Bret’s first big singles push and led to a match with Mr. Perfect at Summerslam. The shows were really starting to be spread out more, as our next show doesn’t take place until February 8, 1992, ten months after this show. The final SNME aired nine months later, and hopefully both will be posted tomorrow.



Promos for the Battle Royal

Battle Royal



Bonus Matches:

Rockers/Barbarian & Haku

Tag Team Battle Royal





Boss Man/Mountie

Survivor Series 1991



Ted & Repo/Tito & Virgil


New Foundation/Express



Royal Rumble 1992


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