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The Main Event V – February 1, 1991

Well, we’re slowly making it to the end of the SNME/Main Event Collection as we officially enter the final year, 1991. Tonight’s show is the in-between Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania VII period. We’re coming to you two weeks after the Royal Rumble where we crowned a shocking new champion. The Ultimate Warrior had run over everyone is his path for the last nine months as champion, but Randy Savage continued to pursue the champ. Warrior wanted nothing to do with the Macho King or the Queen and shut them down repeatedly. Finally at the Rumble while Warrior was defending the title against the turncoat Sgt Slaughter, Savage charged down the aisle and cracked Warrior in the head with the scepter. This allowed Slaughter to score the biggest win of his career and become the WWF champion. Later in the night Savage no showed the Rumble, which was later won by Hulk Hogan. Hulk wasted no time in issuing the challenge to the Iraqi sympathizer and wanted a title match. Tonight on the final Main Event, Hulk Hogan stands in the corner of Jim Duggan as he faces the new World Champion. Before Hulk gets to that point he has to team with Tugboat to face long time foes Dino Bravo and the Earthquake in a tag team match. Let’s head to Macon, Georgia for the final episode of the Main Event.

We open the show with various shots of Hulk Hogan at a military base, as the United States had just begun Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. Hulk is shown posing with military people and showing himself as a Real American. From there we go to our opening video, something funny about seeing Slaughter holding a lavender title belt. Vince McMahon welcomes us to the Main Event, and is joined by Rowdy Roddy Piper. Vince and Piper go over tonight’s matches, as we also have the Legion of Doom facing the Orient Express tonight, and an announcement from Jack Tunney. Vince calls Bravo & Earthquake the Natural Disasters, which was the name of Quake’s team with Typhoon when Tugboat did his heel turn.

1. Earthquake & Dino Bravo v Hulk Hogan & Tugboat. This feud begin with Quake squashing Hulk on the Brother Love show in May of 1990 and they faced off one on one at Summerslam, which Hulk won by countout. Hulk and Bravo start with a lockup and Bravo sends Hulk to the corner and celebrates. Hulk goes over to Tugboat for a consultation and another lockup, and Hulk overpowers Bravo this time. Bravo charges Hulk and gets backdropped. Jimmy Hart on the apron and gets punched, Bravo ping ponging between Hulk and Tugboat, and Tugboat tagged in. Tugboat starts to work over the arm and send Bravo to the corner but runs into the boots. Bravo with an inverted atomic drop and tags in Quake. Quake drops the big elbow, but Tugboat moves and Hulk tagged in. Hulk unloads on Quake, slams Bravo and a slam for the Quake as well. Quake in the wrong corner and gets nailed, then Hulk shoots him to the corner and follows with the clothesline. Hulk unloads on the Quake in the corner now and bites his face, as Hulk thinks he’s a shark. Tugboat tagged in and they nail a double boot on Quake, Quake comes back with a big boot on Tugboat and chokes him on the ropes. Quake makes the tag to Bravo who comes in and unloads on Tugboat. Bravo tags Quake back in and hammers Tugboat in the corner and snapmares him out. Quake drops the big elbow and covers, but Hulk makes the save. Quake tags in Bravo who continues the offense on Tugboat with a series of elbows. Bravo gets Hulk to come in, distracting the ref, and Quake and Bravo double team Tugboat. Quake chokes Tugboat on the ropes again and locks in the bearhug. Quake sends Tugboat to the corner and gets shot to the opposite corner and Tugboat nails an avalanche. Tugboat off the ropes with a clothesline and Jimmy distracts the ref. This allows Bravo to crack Tugboat with the megaphone sending Tugboat to the floor as we go to commercial. We come back and Tugboat slowly back in and Quake continues to work over Tugboat. Hulk breaks up the pin attempt and Quake tags Bravo back in, and Bravo pummels the fallen Tugboat. Bravo with a side headlock and squeezes the big man, who powers his way to his corner and makes the tag, but the ref was busy with Quake. Hulk argues with the ref, and this allows Quake and Bravo to double slam the Tugboat. Quake readies for the Quake splash, but Hulk illegally clotheslines him down. Both men make the tag and Hulk and Bravo in, Hulk with three right hands and a big boot for the win. 3.5/5 about as good as can be expected with who was in the match. The end came out of nowhere though, seemed strange to end that way.

2. Sgt Slaughter v Hacksaw Jim Duggan. This is for the World title, and Hulk is in the corner of the challenger. The referee sends Hulk Hogan back as he was not a legal manager. The crowd solidly behind Duggan, as they lock up and Slaughter with a bearhug, but Duggan fights out. Slaughter gets a boot in on Duggan and quickly unloads on him, and chokes Duggan in the corner. While the ref is distracted Slaughter continues to choke Duggan, who sends Slaughter to the opposite corner and pounds the champion repeatedly. Slaughter collapses to the mat and Duggan pulls him up and send him to the corner, and catches him coming back with a backdrop. As Slaughter slowly gets up Duggan clotheslines Slaughter over the top rope to the floor. Slaughter on the apron and Duggan goes to pull him in, but Adnan sweeps the ankle. Duggan goes after Adnan but misses the punch and Adnan holds Duggan, Slaughter charges and Duggan drops causing Slaughter to nail Adnan. Duggan quickly pounds Slaughter and nails a running elbow. Duggan drives the shoulder into Slaughter’s midsection and shoots him to ropes, but gets caught with his head down. Slaughter chokes Duggan on the ropes and then drops a big elbow. Adnan distracts the ref and Slaughter drives the 2X4 into Duggan’s throat. Slaughter stands over Duggan for the pin, but Duggan kicks out. Slaughter rakes the back of Duggan repeatedly and rams Duggan into the buckle then rams Duggan into the curly boots Slaughter’s wearing. Duggan suddenly makes the comeback and unloads on Slaughter in the corner and sends Slaughter to the corner, and Slaughter up and over the buckle to the floor. Duggan follows and tosses the champion into the stairs. Duggan tosses Slaughter into the ringpost, and Adnan nails Duggan from behind. Duggan goes after Adnan, but Slaughter has a chair and cracks Duggan across the head with the chair drawing the DQ. 3/5 wasn’t great but at least it was short. Slaughter wears out Duggan first with the chair, and then whips him with the riding crop and here comes the Hulkster for the rescue. However Slaughter cracks Hulk in the head with the chair and spits on Hogan before leaving the ring. Hulk checks on the fallen Duggan as the crowd chants USA.

3. Legion of Doom v Orient Express. The bell rings and Animal and Kato start out, Animal quickly overpowers Kato to the corner. Kato gets a chop in but gets tossed to the corner again. Animal gets caught in the corner and Kato chops him, but no effect. Kato bails out and Animal follows, Kato back in and catches Animal coming in. Kato off the ropes and Animal powerslams Kato down, Tanaka comes in and gets double backdropped by the LOD and the Orient Express on the floor regrouping. Tanaka and Hawk in the ring now and Hawk with a side headlock and Tanaka sends him in but Hawk comes back with a shoulderblock. Kato comes in and they double team Hawk while Animal has the ref, but Hawk fights them both off and sends them out of the ring. Animal presses Kato back in and Hawk clotheslines him back out. Kato gets up and gets clotheslined by Animal on the floor. Kato crawls back in and tags in Tanaka who’s with Animal now. Animal off the ropes with a shoulder block and follows with a big clothesline. Kato comes in and Hawk has the ref. The Express hold Animal while Fuji climbs on the apron, Animal rams the Express’ heads together and turns around into a face full of salt. Kato rakes the face of Animal and the Express with a double team move. A second double team move fails and Animal clotheslines both men down and Hawk comes in. Hawk with a flying shoulderblock on Kato, a clothesline for Tanaka and Fuji punched down. Doomsday Device on Kato for the easy win. 2.5/5 the crowd was insane during the match, which saved it as it was basically just a squash match. After the match we get comments from Jack Tunney who announces Hulk Hogan as number on contender to Slaughter’s World Title and will headline Wrestlemania VII. We get closing comments from Sgt Slaughter and Hulk Hogan, followed by closing comments from Piper and McMahon to end the show.

Match Recap:

1. Hulk Hogan and Tugboat beat Dino Bravo & Earthquake in 8:56 3.5/5

2. Jim Duggan beat Sgt Slaughter by DQ in 6:50 3/5

3. LOD destroyed the Orient Express in 5:11 2.5/5

Overall, this was a pretty bad show. Nothing major really happened, and most of the matches were obvious, and the main thing was the announcement of the main event for Wrestlemania VII. This brings the Main Event to an end, after five episodes. We have three SNME’s remaining and the next one takes place about a month after Wrestlemania.

Here’s the matches

Quake & Bravo/Hulk & Tugboat



Jack Tunney’s announcement + Slaughter

Hulk’s interview


Warrior/Slaughter from the RR

The Rumble 91


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