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TNA Impact – April 26, 2010


Before I start the Impact recap I just want to mention the WWE PPV and RAW quickly. The PPV wasn’t half bad, at least the right people won, which is more than I expected. It certainly didn’t go the way I expected as I figured Rey, HHH, and McCool were going to win. So, it was nice to see them go a different direction for once. As for RAW, the draft was basically the annual raping of Smackdown as RAW took the three best talents of Smackdown, Edge, Jericho, Morrison and moved them to RAW. How this benefits Morrison is beyond me, now he’s stuck behind Cena, HHH, Batista, Orton, Edge, Jericho, etc. He’s never going to get a real chance to shine at the top with all these names ahead of him. Meanwhile Smackdown gets Chavo, Hornswoggle, Kelly, and MVP, not exactly a fair trade off. I figured with the move to another network they’d make the show top heavy like Jillian Hall, but instead we got nothing, like McCool! I assumed Cena, Orton or even Hunter would wind up on Smackdown, at least till November or so, but the biggest names on Smackdown now is Undertaker, who only wrestles sporadically, Big Show, who’s been carried by Jericho and Miz for the last eight months and Swagger, who they still have not really gotten behind. As for the show itself, it felt long and boring, as most of the matches were not very good and I just can’t stand listening to Lawler anymore. Anyway, let’s get to Impact and see what TNA had to offer to counter the very long, drawn out, boring draft show.

We open TNA with a recap of RVD versus Jeff Hardy from last week along with RVD’s title win. Tonight’s show is called Mr. Monday Night! After the opening video, which still sucks, we go to Mike Tenay and Taz who announce that AJ Styles & Sting face Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy, along with Abyss versus Ric Flair tonight.

1. Hulk Hogan makes his way down the ramp and says things are wide open in TNA and he’s been on a high since last week. Hulk’s been spending too much time with new champ RVD! Hulk says he knows about being a World Champion but to be champ of TNA means more than anything. Hulk says with everyone stepping up Eric has a top 10 ranking system that will debut tonight. Hulk continues by saying after the match between Jeff and RVD last week had him on the edge of his seat and after RVD won he stepped back in the ring and took on the greatest wrestler of all time, AJ Styles. Hulk says people can’t deny how great AJ is, but when RVD hit the five star he knew things had changed and he has love for the new champ, and proceeds to introduce Rob Van Dam! Rob comes down the ramp with his newly won World Title around his waist, and poses for the crowd. Nice to see a World Champion who actually deserves the title, as opposed to all the crappy champions WWE has had recently. RVD says he came to TNA because he knew TNA would give him a fair chance to be RVD and look where that got them! RVD says people don’t understand his connection with weed and people don’t get the balance it takes to be a cool laid back dude and kick so many asses! RVD says he’s the best at what he does and will be the greatest World Champion TNA has ever had. RVD concludes by saying that is why he’s the whole F’n show, as we get interrupted by the former champion AJ Styles. Styles heads down the ramp with Ric Flair and Hulk stops them and says they we’re not invited out there. AJ asks if they’re done talking yet, as the chants of “ex-world champ” begin. AJ says they sound like a Hallmark greeting card and gets in the ring. AJ says there are millions of people who don’t understand him or his lifestyle and RVD is just a hippie freak from California. I thought RVD was from Michigan? AJ asks if he said he was going to be the greatest world champ and asks if he’s high right now, to which Taz since there is a good chance of that. AJ says right as he was going in for the kill he slipped of the top rope and that’s how RVD won the belt, and probably lubed the ropes. AJ says he’s stuck in a BS tag match and should be getting his rematch tonight, but that’s ok because he will get his rematch when he wants it. AJ tells RVD to put that in his pipe and smoke it, Hulk starts to respond and Flair cuts him off. Flair says he doesn’t care about RVD’s lifestyle but being champ is pretty cool, but he has a personal problem with Hogan. Flair tells Hulk he’s given his ring to Abyss and made the mistake of letting other people do his work. Flair says for every scar he’s going to take it out on Abyss and he’s done tonight and all this mockery of the Hall of Fame dies tonight. Flair says he will style and profile tonight and he specializes in big guys, which sounded pretty gay actually. Flair and AJ leave the ring and we go backstage to the Beautiful People, as Madison has to defend her title tonight. Madison says her first title defense is a three way and it’s not fair, as Lacey makes a fool of herself again. Velvet says as soon as TBP start to succeed TNA management screws them over again, and Lacey says something dumb again. Madison says she’s not too worried about it, as Tara and Angelina have been at each other so much all she has to do is let them beat each other up, slide in and score the win.

2. Angelina Love v Tara v Madison Rayne. This is the three way for the Knockout title. Madison comes out with Lacey and Velvet, while Tara comes out with Poison. Well, at least they didn’t put the belt on Lacey! The referee kicks Lacey and Velvet from ringside as the bell rings, and Madison bails out of the ring. Angelina follows and Madison runs back in right into a clothesline from Tara. Madison back out and Angelina spears Tara then pummels her. Madison slides in and tries to steal the pin, but Angelina pulls her off and hammers her. Tara with a hanging neckbreaker on Angelina and covers but Madison rolls Tara up. Madison with a big boot sending Tara to the floor as we go to commercial. We come back and Angelina tossing Madison around the ring like a rag doll. Angelina with the running lariat gets a near fall, as Tara is still on the floor. Angelina lifts up Madison and nails a front slam for another near fall, and Madison bails out. Tara back in and tosses Angelina into the ring post and does the classic Victoria pose. Madison tries for a roll up and Tara with a snap Suplex into a guillotine choke. Madison able to break the hold and sends Tara down hard, as Angelina comes in and clotheslines both down. Angelina with a jawbreaker on Tara and a pump kick on Madison. Tara catches Angeline from behind and hits the spinning side slam. Madison shoves Angelina into Tara, sending Tara to the floor and rolls up Angelina for the victory. 7/10 a good knockout match, could’ve been longer but what we got was good. Madison quickly leaves and Tara and Angelina slug it out, and security tries to pull them apart. Tara in the corner saying she’s sorry all of the sudden and Angelina turns her back only to get attacked as Tara set her up.

3. Kaz v Shannon Moore. This is our X-Division title match and should be great. Love the book of Dilligaf, my new favorite word. Douglas Williams will return to Impact next week. They circle and lockup, Shannon with a go behind and Kaz reverses. Shannon reverses and back to the hammerlock but Kaz tosses him off. Kaz slams Shannon but misses the elbow drop. Shannon with an armdrag and slam, but misses the legdrop and both men stare at each other. We get a blurb at the bottom of the screen about Daffney’s injury last week, I’m so glad she’s going to be ok. Kaz with a side headlock and shot in, Shannon misses the clothesline and comes back with a Hurricanrana followed by the inverted atomic drop. Shannon drops the leg for a near fall. Shannon drives the shoulder into Kaz in the corner and sends him to the opposite corner; Kaz moves and hits a slingshot armdrag. Kaz with the spinning neckbreaker for a near fall. Kaz hammers Shannon in the corner and gets sent to the opposite corner. Shannon elevated to the apron, but Kaz catches him in the move he did at lockdown but Shannon fights out and sends Kaz to the corner crushing the ref. Shannon climbs the ropes and Kaz nails him in the head and quickly goes for the top rope Hurricanrana but Shannon blocks. Suddenly we see Matt Morgan come down the ramp and toss Shannon to the floor. Matt tosses him back in and Kaz has no idea Matt was involved. Kaz quickly hits the inverted piledriver for the victory. 6.75/10 not a bad match but didn’t like Matt’s involvement. As Kaz celebrates the victory he’s interrupted by Samoa Joe who heads down the ramp. Joe gets in the ring and circles the champion and Joe with a huge kick. Joe stomps a mudhole on Kaz and nails the Muscle Buster on Kaz. We go backstage to Abyss talking about the ring; well at least he didn’t become the Abyssacane! We now go to Matt Morgan looking for a partner and talking to Jesse Neal, who says after what he did to Red two weeks ago, forget it. Matt says Jesse is better than Red and asks about the promise he made his best friend. Matt says Jesse made a promise to be a wrestler and a champion and this is his chance to make good on the promise. Matt says he doesn’t want anyone else, just Jesse and tells him he knows where to find him. Love the new interview style they did with AJ and last week with RVD, just looks so cool.

4. AJ Styles & Sting v Jeff Hardy & Jeff Jarrett. This is no countout, no disqualification and falls count anywhere, which should be a pain to try and follow. We quickly start with a big brawl and AJ and Hardy disappear while Sting and Jarrett stay in the ring. Jarrett with an enziguri on Sting as Hardy and Styles fight on the ramp. AJ goes for a Suplex but Hardy blocks and reverses the move. Jarrett cracking the chair across the back of Sting and gets a near fall, as they brawl through the crowd. AJ tossed into the ring by Hardy as we get a blurb about Angelina suffering an injury during the match earlier tonight. Not a good night for the Knockouts. Now Jarrett and Styles in the ring as Hardy and Sting brawl outside. Wait, did we just have a tag, seriously? WTF? Sting and Jarrett now in the ring and Sting with a snap Suplex for a near fall and runs Jarrett into AJ’s boot and then both men collide and are down. Both men crawling to their corner and Jarrett makes the tag but the ref doesn’t see it, Hardy tosses the ref and nails a front layout Suplex on Styles as Sting leaves and goes up the ramp. Hardy climbing the ropes but Styles catches him on the top rope and sends Hardy to the floor. Jarrett’s looking for Sting as Styles and Hardy fight up the ramp. Styles goes for the Styles Clash on the ramp, but Hardy reverses and tosses Styles into the railing. Jarrett and Sting fighting up the stairs to the rafters as Styles is on a table and Hardy on the entranceway. Hardy sets a ladder on the entranceway while Sting has a baseball bat and uses it on Jarrett. Sting scores the pin while Hardy is atop the ladder and the refs pull the table away from Hardy. 4/10 way too much of a mess to be good. Just a crazy brawl but not a good brawl. We go backstage to Jesse Neal talking to Team 3D about being Matt’s partner. It looks smoky in the room, they must be with RVD, as Team 3D says not to trust Morgan and Jesse says he needs their blessing. Bubba asks how he plans to be champ, and Jesse says by beating them, and Bubba laughs and says it’s cool. D-Von tells Jesse not to trust Morgan and good luck tonight. We see D’Angelo Dinero heading to the ring.

5. D’Angelo Dinero comes down the ramp and heads to the ring. Dinero has his arm in a sling and an eye patch on. I just hope this doesn’t lead to a blindfold match; those matches are never any good. Dinero says AJ took a pen and shoved it in his eye and tried to end his career and wants to know who AJ thinks he is. Dinero calls AJ a gas bubble in the Pope’s stomach and the Pope hasn’t forgotten about him. Pope says there are no excuses but a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye. Pope says he’s watching AJ and he’s not done with him and people ask where he goes from here. Pope says when he falls down he gets right back up and AJ is just an obstacle he tripped over but he’s back up. Pope says if anyone expected the congregation to dwindle after the loss, it won’t happen and the Pope is pimping! Suddenly Pope is interrupted by Mr. Anderson, who makes his way down the ramp. Anderson gets his microphone and says he’s got it and will start calling Pope the Kool-Aid Man, and makes a Jim Jones reference. Anderson calls the fans gullible and makes fun of Pope’s injuries and says Angle’s home injured and asks Pope if he’s going to go home to lick his wounds too. Pope tells him to get to the point or shut up and Anderson asks if he’s going to lick his wounds or sack them up and get in the ring with Anderson at Sacrifice. Anderson makes chicken sounds at Pope and Pope says his arm may be in a sling but the Pimp hand is still strong and slaps Anderson. Anderson comes back and unloads on Pope pulling off the eye patch and drives the thumb into his eye. Security comes out and breaks them up and Anderson leaves.

6. Team 3D v Matt Morgan & Jesse Neal. This is our Tag Team title match, and should be pretty bad. Team 3D introduced and they don’t come out, we go backstage and see Sean Waltman laid out through a table and blood all around him and Team 3D standing over him. Team 3D quickly head to the ring for their match. Jesse and D-Von start the match and D-Von with a quick side headlock and Jesse shoots him in, D-Von comes back with a shoulderblock. D-Von back to the side headlock and Bubba tagged in and they double team Jesse. Bubba with a bearhug and we’re interrupted by the music of the nWo and Nash and Hall are coming down the ramp. Team 3D meet them half way and Jesse comes out t help, but Morgan nails Jesse from behind. DUD was barely a match even as we continue this horrible feud. Matt tosses Jesse back in the ring as Team 3D and the nWo brawl up the ramp. Morgan chokeslams Jesse down and grabs the title belts and holds them high. After the commercial Team 3D are in the ring with Jesse who calls out Morgan and says he’s not done and tells Matt to get to the ring so he can kick his ass. Christy catches up with Matt backstage who says he’s the tag champion and is off the clock and leaves, but runs into Hulk Hogan. Hulk says Matt needs to make a choice either go out and deal with Jesse or deal with him. Matt heads back to the ring and Team 3D leave the ring. Jesse charges down the ram and hammers Morgan and nails a big headbutt. Jesse grabs a title belt as Matt crawls into the ring and goes after Matt who begs off. Jesse stops and Matt gets a low blow in on Jesse. Matt cracks him with the title belt and stands over Jesse again, but suddenly Shannon Moore charges down the ramp. Shannon dropkicks Morgan down and sends him out of the ring, and I smell a tag match next week. Shannon helps Jesse to his feet and they shake hands, as the two mohawked men form a team.

7. Eric Bischoff is in his office and goes over the top ten rankings idea. Eric says the fans will determine who is in the top ten and the fans need to go to the TNA website and vote for who they think should face AJ for the title. Jay Lethal enters the room and goes over his top ten, Andre the Giant, Koko B Ware, One Man Gang, Hart Foundation as we fade to black. Well, that was pointless but Lethal is always entertaining. After the commercial Orlando Jordan is backstage and covered in flowers. Orlando says his art is about passion and there is one man who surpasses any specimen in TNA, Rob Terry. This is like Goldust versus Razor Ramon, as Orlando will debut his new show next week with Rob Terry and it will be delicious. We now join Hall and Nash who says they’re going to check on Waltman and ask about being a man down. Hall says to leave them alone and Nash says they’re not stupid and they might find someone else and there will be three next time.

8. Ric Flair v Abyss. This is Hall of Fame ring versus Hall of Fame ring. Ric Flair needs to stay retired he keeps pissing on his legacy and it’s not a good thing. He’s become the male version of Mae Young. They lock u and Abyss overpowers Flair sending him to the mat, Flair gets a shot in and hammers Abyss in the corner. Flair chops Abyss and tries to send him to the opposite corner but Abyss blocks and gets Flair in the corner and hammers him. Flair sent in and Abyss with a backdrop, Flair leaves the ring. Abyss follows and Flair catches him with a chop, but Abyss comes back with a series of rights. Abyss rams Flair into the railing and Flair’s bleeding, as always. Abyss continues to unload on the head of Flair. Flair rolls back into the ring and pokes the eyes of Abyss as he comes in. Flair climbs the ropes and Abyss catches him and slams him down, as Taz asks if he ever hits that move from the top. Abyss sends Flair in and nails the big boot and follows with a sideslam. Abyss sends Flair to the corner and hits an avalanche and Flair falls like a redwood. Flair pulls himself up in the corner and Abyss grabs him, but gets caught with a low blow that takes out the ref as well. Flair pulls out the brass knuckles and hammers Abyss in the face, but no effect. Another shot to the yam bag knocks down Abyss and Flair covers for the three count! After the match the ref spots the brass knuckles and shoves Flair back and rings the bell to resume the match. Flair unloads on Abyss who begins to Abyss Up. Abyss sends Flair in and hits Black Hole Slam for the win. 4/10 wasn’t great, but at least Abyss won. Hulk comes down the aisle and hugs Abyss and pulls the ring off the finger of Flair. Hulk says he know who he’s going to present the ring to next week as Flair’s screaming and we go to black.

Match Recap:

1. Madison Rayne beat Tara and Victoria 7/10

2. Kaz pinned Shannon Moore 6.75/10

3. AJ Styles & Sting beat Jeff Hardy & Jeff Jarrett 4/10

4. Team 3D beat Matt Morgan & Jesse Neal by DQ DUD

5. Abyss beat Ric Flair 4/10

This was not a great episode, but was still better than RAW. The Knockout match was the best match of the night, even between both shows. The X match was good as well, and it looks like a feud between Pope and Anderson has begun. That should lead to some very good interviews and promos.


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