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The Main Event IV – November 23, 1990

This just seems out of place, as the Main Event’s usually took place in February. I guess the writing was on the wall for SNME at this point and the glory days were disappearing. Tonight’s show comes to us a mere 24 hours after the Survivor Series; however it was taped about a month prior. With the Ultimate Warrior scheduled to defend the World Heavyweight Title against Ted DiBiase this should be a good show, so let’s not waste time.

We open tonight’s show with Mene Gene alongside the challenger, Ted DiBiase. We see the various shenanigans of DiBiase over the last three years, but they didn’t show the ones with Linda McMahon or RVD. Now over to Sean Mooney who’s with the Ultimate Mullet, I mean Ultimate Warrior. No one rocked the mullet quite the way Warrior did; it’s reaching Billy Ray Cyrus proportions! From here we go to the opening video and then Vince McMahon alongside Rowdy Roddy Piper as Ted DiBiase is already in the ring.

1. Ted DiBiase v Ultimate Warrior. Warrior looks at his title before handing it to the ref, and they lock up. Warrior tosses Ted to the corner and another lockup and again to the corner goes Ted. Ted goes for a wristlock and Warrior overpowers him again. Another lockup and Ted drives a knee to the midsection and unloads on Warrior before sending him in. Ted misses a clothesline, but Warrior certainly doesn’t. Another Warrior clothesline sends The Million Dollar Man to the floor and Warrior rams Ted and Virgil’s heads together. Warrior rams both men’s heads to the apron and tosses Ted in. Warrior comes in from the top with a double ax handle to the skull and Ted begs off in the corner. Warrior chops Ted apart and sends him to the opposite corner but runs into Ted’s knee. Ted comes out with a big clothesline and follows with the double ax handle of his own and gets a near fall. Ted spikes Warrior down with a piledriver and Warrior kicks out again. Ted goes for another piledriver and Warrior backdrops him and nails a shoulderblock. Warrior with another one and Virgil hooks the ankle, allowing Ted to clothesline the Champ to the floor. Ted follows Warrior outside as we go to commercial. We come back and Ted tosses Warrior back in and continues the offense. Ted drives the fist repeatedly to the head of Warrior and gets another near fall. Ted with a side headlock takeover and squeezes the head. Warrior fights his way out and sends Ted in and a shoulderblock and no one moves. Warrior misses the clothesline and Ted connects with his. Ted shoots Warrior in and gets caught with his head down and Warrior with backslide gets a near fall. Ted quickly hammers the Warrior and follows with a nice snap Suplex for another near fall. Ted goes for another Suplex but Warrior blocks and hits a sunset flip, what the hell, never seen Warrior pull that or the backslide out. Ted bringing out the best in Warrior. Ted tosses Warrior out of the ring and follows, and then rams Warrior’s head into the steel stairs. Warrior tossed back in and Ted continues the offense but Warrior shaking it off. Warrior begins to Warrior up as Ted tries for a Suplex and Warrior reverses it. Ted able to get a headlock on, but gets sent in and they collide with both men down on the mat. Ted able to get up first and comes off the ropes, but Warrior catches him with a big right to the midsection. Ted tries to continue to hammer Warrior, but he’s up and shaking the ropes. Warrior begins to dance like Tatanka, and hits a series of clotheslines. Warrior continues to do the pee-pee dance and hits the flying shoulderblock for the pin. Virgil breaks the pin attempt drawing the DQ. 4.25/5 probably the best Warrior match other than the Savage one from Wrestlemania VII. After the match Warrior destroys Virgil and presses him up and over his head, but suddenly the Macho King arrives and rams the scepter in the stomach of Warrior. Savage drives the scepter in the throat of Warrior and chokes him down. Savage tosses the refs and Sherri grabs the title belt while Savage continues to hammer Warrior. Savage climbs the ropes and again dives onto the fallen champion, and we get an eyeful of Sherri’s ass as she rolls out of the ring. The refs finally get Savage to leave the ring and the Warrior clutches his World title. Warrior slowly gets to his feet and holds the title over his head as Gene is now with Savage and Sherri.

2. Nikolai Volkoff v Sgt Slaughter. Well, this could be a horrible match as neither guy was ever known for classic matches. Always been a fan of Volkoff though, he’s always been an amusing character. As Nikolai proudly waves the US flag Slaughter attacks from behind knocking down the big man. Slaughter uses the riding crop to whip Volkoff down and locks in the camel clutch as General Adnan waves the Iraqi flag. Slaughter continues to whip Volkoff and spits on Nikolai. Finally help arrives for the big Lithuanian as here comes Jim Duggan with the 2X4 in hand and chases out Slaughter and Duggan. Not a match, so no rating as the bell never rang.

3. Big Boss Man v Mr. Perfect. This was the stupidest feud as it all started when Bobby Heenan would make fun of Boss Man’s mom each week. Boss Man was supposed to feud with Rick Rude, but he was released prior to the Survivor Series. All the matches on the house shows that had Boss Man versus Rude were changed to either Boss Man versus Heenan or Heenan and Barbarian, which Boss Man always won. Boss Man then went through the entire Heenan Family. Boss Man comes out and points the finger at Perfect as Heenan didn’t come out with Perfect due to being afraid of Boss Man. The lock up and Perfect slaps Boss Man in the face, Boss Man charges and Perfect moves and slaps him again before leaving the ring. Boss Man quickly follows and catches Perfect by the hair and tosses him in. Boss Man whips Perfect in and Perfect cartwheels away, but still eats a clothesline. Boss Man unloads on Perfect in the corner and shoots him to the opposite corner. Boss Man drags Perfect around the ring by his hair and tosses him across the ring, and Perfect does his vintage slid crotch first into the post. Boss Man pulls him back in and nails a big backbreaker. Boss Man then proceeds to climb the ropes and goes for a splash, but Perfect moves and Boss Man splatters. Perfect with a jumping neck snap, but this time from the front, that was different, he usually does it from behind. Perfect covers and Boss Man kicks out with power and Perfect kicks him in the ribs. Perfect continues to pound on Boss Man, who tries to fight back with a series of uppercuts but Perfect back to the ribs. Perfect removes the turnbuckle in the corner, as the ref is busy checking on Boss Man. Perfect goes to throw Boss Man into the steel and Boss Man blocks and sends Perfect in. Boss Man with the ear ringer and a big uppercut. Boss Man shoots Perfect to the exposed corner, but Perfect reverses and Boss Man hits back first. Suddenly Heenan makes his way to the ringside area as Perfect goes for a Perfectplex, but Boss Man counters to a small package. Perfect back on Boss Man who starts to fight back now. Perfect again goes for the Perfectplex and hits it, but Boss Man kicks out and Heenan is irate. Perfect goes to toss Boss Man to the ropes as Heenan pulls them down, but Boss Man reverses and Perfect goes flying outside. Boss Man grabs Heenan but Perfect has the ankle and Heenan slaps Boss Man. Boss Man chases Heenan backstage as Perfect gets back in the ring, and wins via countout. 3.75/5 a great match as Perfect oversold the moves perfectly, and Boss Man was one of the best big men ever. After the match Boss Man gets back to the ring and has the nightstick and Perfect quickly bails out of the ring. Before the next match, we get one of the best promos as its Buddy Rose’s Blow-a-way Diet. This was classic.

4. Tito Santana v Rick Martel. This feud has been going on for over a year and a half now, as Martel abandoned Santana during a match at Wrestlemania V. Martel quickly jumps Tito before the match, as at this point Martel was also feuding with Jake Roberts after spraying cologne in his eyes, leading to the awful blindfold match. They wind up outside the ring and Santana drives the arm into the post and ring apron, then sends Martel back in. Tito twists the arm and applies an armbar, but Martel shoots him in. Martel goes for the monkey flip and Santana stops short before stomping the face of Rick and back to the armbar. Martel grabs the hair and sends Santana in again, and gets caught with his head down as Santana rolls him up for a near fall. Tito back to the armbar and cranks it, but Martel with a shot to the throat breaks the hold. Martel goes for a headlock and Tito reverses back to the armbar. Martel makes the ropes and Santana breaks the hold. As Tito advances on Rick, Rick flings him into the turnbuckle then chokes Santana. Martel stomps the back of his former tag partner and rams him into the turnbuckle. Martel pounds the head of Tito and jams the thumb into the throat and to the headlock. Martel rams Tito’s face into the mat, and Tito tries to fight back. Martel rakes the eyes and nails a backbreaker on Santana. Martel climbs the ropes but changes his mind and instead hits another backbreaker. Now Martel decides to climb the ropes, but takes too long and Tito catches him with a big right hand. Martel lands on the yam bag on the top rope and now Santana is laying a beating on Martel. Martel whipped to the corner and eats a big right followed by a dropkick. Tito with a backbreaker of his own and climbs the ropes and hits the diving clothesline for a near fall. Tito drops a knee and goes for the figure four but Martel rolls him up and Tito kicks out. Martel sweeps the legs and locks in the Boston Crab and Tito has to submit. 4.25/5 a great match, although a little too short. Mene Gene is standing by with Jake Roberts, wearing dark glasses, and we get highlights of the Roberts/Martel feud. Vince and Roddy recap the show and give closing comments.

Match Recap:

1. Ultimate Warrior beat Ted DiBiase by DQ 4.25/5

2. Nikolai Volkoff and Sgt Slaughter never started no rating

3. Mr. Perfect beat Big Boss Man by countout 3.75/5

4. Tito Santana submitted to Rick Martel 4.25/5

Overall, this was a great show with three great matches. The Slaughter/Volkoff stuff only lasted about two minutes and wasn’t a match so nothing to complain about. This was originally supposed to be a regular SNME and they filmed a fifth match, but NBC wanted a one hour Friday show instead so that match was cut. That match was The Rockers beating the Hart Foundation for the Tag Titles in a near thirty minute match. Basically the Rockers were given the belts because Neidhart was to be released, and then Vince changed his mind and handed the belts back to the Foundation. The WWF claimed the title match was invalid because the top rope broke. Anyways, our next show will be on February 1st 1991 and is another Main Event, and would be the final Main Event.

Here comes the videos!




Perfect/Boss Man

Blow Away Diet



Rockers/Harts (Never Shown)

Warrior/DiBiase from Japan


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