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Saturday Night’s Main Event #28– October 13, 1990

Tonight’s episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event is a special Oktoberfest edition as we have little Oktoberfest skits interspersed in between the matches. Speaking of matches we have the biggest six man tag in the history of SNME, as the World Champion, The Ultimate Warrior teaming with The Legion of Doom to face Demolition. A quick Summerslam recap, as Hulk Hogan beat Earthquake via countout, Warrior beat Rick Rude in the cage, The Hart Foundation captured the tag team titles from Demolition, effectively killing the Demolition characters. The final blow to Demolition will occur at Wrestlemania VII when they lose to two Japanese wrestlers brought in with no fan fare. Mr. Perfect lost the IC title to Kerry Von Erich, who was a substitute for Brutus Beefcake. Brutus missed his IC opportunity for the second year due to injuries. In 1988 he was to face Honky Tonk Man for the title, but a storyline injury at the hands of Ron Bass kept him out. Unfortunately the injuries Brutus suffered that caused him to miss this year’s show were all too real, as he was injured severely in a parasailing accident. This kept Brutus out of the ring for two years, and he was never the same in the ring again. Kerry took this opportunity and won the IC title. Also at Summerslam Randy Savage defeated Dusty Rhodes, when the American Dream was distracted by the loss of his manager, Sapphire. Sapphire was bought by the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase, and this caused Dusty to lose the match. Tonight Dusty gets his rematch with Savage; can Dusty concentrate on the match and forget about Sapphire? We have all this and more tonight on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

We open the show at Oktoberfest and we see the Bushwhackers, a very gay Lanny Poffo and dancing Mene Gene. We go to Vince McMahon who introduces his new co-host Roddy Piper, as Jesse had been fired by this point due to a video game controversy. Vince & Roddy go over tonight’s matches as we also have a tag match of Hulk Hogan & Tugboat versus Honky Tonk Man & Greg Valentine, and then to the opening video. We get interviews with Demolition and Ultimate Warrior with Legion of Doom, and no Mene Gene as he’s hosting the Oktoberfest festivities.

1. Legion of Doom & the Ultimate Warrior v Demolition. After Warrior charges to the ring, all three clothesline Demolition and they roll to the floor. Demolition regroups on the floor as LOD & Warrior celebrate in the ring. We see Dustin Rhodes sitting at ringside, making his first appearance. We finally officially start the match as Smash clotheslines Animal, who was busy talking to Hawk. Smash pounds down Animal and chokes him on the ropes. Smash shot in the ropes and caught in the Animal powerslam for a near fall. Animal drops the elbow and Smash rakes the eyes and tags in Ax, who runs into a boot. Warrior tagged in and unloads on Ax in the corner and gets sent to corner catches Ax with a boot. Warrior with a pair of shoulderblocks, followed by a clothesline. Ax comes in and gets slammed, as does Crush and then one for Ax. Warrior goes for the splash and Ax moves and tags in Smash. Smash quickly works over Warrior and tosses him out of the ring. Crush rams Warrior’s head into the apron and tosses him back in to Smash. Warrior tries to fight back and gets triple teamed in the corner, as Ax tagged back in. Ax hammers Warrior and brings in Crush, who comes in via the top rope. Crush with a choke on Warrior and Warrior tries to fight out, but Smash tagged in. Smash lays Warrior on the top rope and they triple team him. Causing Animal to come in, but he gets clotheslined out. Warrior gets set up for the Demolition Decapitation, but Hawk makes the save now. Warrior makes the tag and Hawk legally in now. Hawk with a back elbow on Smash, and follows with the flying shoulderblock and a fist drop. Hawk climbs the ropes and nails the flying clothesline, but Crush breaks the pin. Warrior tagged back in and hits a series of clotheslines on Smash and one for Ax as well. We have all six men in the ring, and LOD take out Ax and Crush as Warrior nails a big splash on Smash for the victory. 3.75/5 not the most technical match but very fast paced and exciting. We go back to Oktoberfest with Mene Gene and he’s with Lanny Poffo, Mr. Fuji, Orient Express, Slick, Akeem, Jim Duggan, Hart Foundation, and Bushwhackers. Gene sends it to Lord Alfred Hayes whose comparing German beer with British beer.

2. Randy Savage v Dusty Rhodes. This is our rematch from Summerslam. Before the match Dusty goes over and hugs his son, Dustin. Dusty rolls in the ring and Savage and Sherri quickly bail out. Savage grabs a poster from a fan; it’s of Warrior and tears it apart. Savage busy with Sherri and gets nailed by a big elbow. Dusty sends him to the corner and then sends him to the opposite corner. Dusty goes for a bearhug but Savage fights out and sends Dusty in and goes for a hiptoss. Dusty reverses into backslide for a near fall, as Sherri gets on the apron. Dusty goes after Sherri and this allows Savage to knee Dusty in the back. While Savage has the ref, Sherri chokes Dusty Rhodes and then Savage back on the offense. Savage hammers Dusty repeatedly, as Dustin cheers his Dad on. Savage with a sleeper on Dusty, and suddenly we see Ted DiBiase and Virgil coming through the crowd. Ted and Virgil are paying off fans from ringside, and that just leaves Dustin. Dustin tears up the 100 dollar bill and gets in Virgil’s face. Ted and Virgil then sit on either side of Dustin, as Dusty is still in the sleeper. Dusty finally fights out and the Dream with a series of elbows. Dusty goes after Ted and Virgil as we go to commercial. We come back and Savage has the advantage on Dusty again, and chokes Rhodes on the ropes. Savage distracts the ref again and Sherri chokes Dusty again. Savage gets a near fall, and quickly hits the top rope hot shot move. Savage off the top rope and nail a double axe handle for another near fall. Savage pounds on Dusty who finally starts to fight back and rams Savage’s head into the buckle. Dusty caught by a Macho Man uppercut and Savage is back on the offense, as he chokes Dusty on the ropes but misses the charge. Dusty now hammers Savage in the head, but Savage with a thumb to the eye and goes for a double ax handle, but Dusty catches him. Meanwhile at ringside Dustin Rhodes has had enough of DiBiase and nails him. Virgil distracts Dustin and Ted clotheslines him over the guard rail. Dusty working over Savage turns around and sees Dustin getting destroyed by Ted and Virgil, as they use a wooden chair. Dusty gets out there and gets between Ted and Virgil, but Savage takes advantage and nails a double ax handle, sending Dusty to the guard rail. The ref finally counts out Dusty and Savage gets the countout win. 2/5 was more storyline to debut Dusty then about the match. After the match Ted and Virgil continue to pound on Dustin and Dusty finally covers his fallen soon. Ted and Virgil hammer Dusty and the refs finally get Ted and Virgil to go to the back. Dustin is busted open and Dusty checks on him, and we go back to Hulk Hogan and Tugboat. We now go to Gene with the Bushwhackers and they’re cutting the cheese. How did these guys keep employed for so long? We see Alfred continue to get drunk as we head back to the ring.

3. Rhythm and Blues v Hulk Hogan and Tugboat. Well, this is looking like a squash match as HTM and Valentine haven’t done anything recently. Hulk and Honky start the match, and Hulk toots before the match. Honky gets a knee in and hammers the Hulk before tagging in Greg, and they double team Hogan. Hulk ducks under the double clothesline and takes down both and drops an elbow on each before knocking their head. Hulk sends each man into Tugboat’s boot and then hammers Valentine before tagging in Tugboat. Tugboat works over Greg’s arm and tags Hulk back in, as Hulk drops an elbow on the arm and twists it some more. Hulk tags Tugboat back in and continue to work the arm of Greg, who rakes the eyes and chops the big man. Greg drives the elbow into the head of Tugboat and tags in Honky who runs into a bearhug. Greg breaks the hold with an elbow to the head. Honky works the back of Tugboat and tags in Greg who drops the elbow on Tugboat repeatedly. Greg tags Honky back in and Honky drops an axe handle on Tugboat. Greg back in and drops the elbow to the back of the head and chops Tugboat before tagging Honky back in. Honky chokes Tugboat and drives the knee in the back repeatedly. Honky twists the head and rakes the eyes before tagging Greg back in. They go for the double elbow and Tugboat moves and tags in Hogan. Hulk nails Honky, Greg and one for Jimmy as well, and then rams R&B’s heads together as Jimmy takes off. Hulk pounds Valentine and shoots him in, and nails a back elbow. Hulk nails the big boot on Greg and goes for the legdrop, but Tugboat stops him as Earthquake and Dino Bravo are heading down the aisle. Hulk and Tugboat distracted as we go to commercial. We come back and Hulk is still pounding Valentine and tags in Tugboat. A double clothesline on Valentine and Tugboat nails the big headbutt then follows with a massive avalanche and nails Honky and Jimmy. The ref busy with Hogan and Honky nails Tugboat with the guitar drawing the DQ. 3/5 not a bad match, but a bad ending. Hulk and Tugboat should’ve won clean, as R&B were nothing more than comedy at this point. Hulk takes out both men and presses Jimmy overhead then tosses him into Greg. Dino Bravo and Earthquake head to the ring and it’s a four on one on Hogan as Tugboat is still down. Earthquake with a powerslam and follows with a big splash. Earthquake readies for the big one, as everyone holds Hogan in place, but Tugboat nails Quake with the guitar and cleans the ring with it, saving the Hulkster. We go back to Gene with the Sausage Stuffing contest, and we have the king of Sausage stuffing, Lanny Poffo. It’s Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Hart Foundation versus Mr. Fuji and the Orient Express. Mr. Fuji cheats at the end by whipping out a big sausage, as this is just hilarious. Meanwhile Alfred is getting drunker all night long.

4. Kerry Von Erich v Haku. This is for the IC title. Heenan yells at Kerry to hand him back the title before the match. They lock up and Kerry with an armdrag and a big slam and goes for the claw but Haku fights it off and rolls out. Another lockup and wind up in the corner, Kerry shot to the opposite corner and Haku with a chokehold as Heenan has the ref. Kerry breaks the hold and comes off the ropes, right into a sleeperhold. Heenan meanwhile is reaching in his pocket for something as Kerry fighting back. Haku with a thumb to the eye and unloads on Kerry and sends him to the corner and nails an avalanche. Haku with a headbutt and back to a choke as the ref counts. Kerry fights back and sends Haku to the corner and locks on the claw but Haku in the ropes. Kerry has to release the hold and comes off the ropes with the discus punch for the victory. 3/5 almost all Haku until the ending, not a good showing for Kerry really.

5. Koko B Ware v Sgt Slaughter. This is our squash match of the night, as this is Slaughter’s big return. Slaughter comes out with his commander, General Adnan. Adnan waves the Iraqi flag in the face of Koko, as the ref sends Adnan out of the ring. Slaughter goes to lock up, and Koko moves out of the way quickly. The finally lock up and wind up in the ropes, and Slaughter goes for a cheap shot, Koko moves and a trio of armdrags sends Slaughter down. Slaughter claims Koko pulled his hair, what hair, he’s practically bald. Koko with a kick and a side headlock, Koko sent in and comes back with a shoulderblock which doesn’t move Slaughter. Koko slides underneath and nails a dropkick then sends Slaughter to the corner. Koko goes for a splash, but Slaughter moves and Koko hits the buckle hard. Slaughter sends Koko to the ropes and nails a forearm to the chest and shoots Koko in and connects with a back drop. Slaughter works over the back of Koko and hammers Koko in the corner. Slaughter with a big slam and sends Koko in, but caught with his head down as Koko nails a neckbreaker. Koko with a nice dropkick, and a second one then a big headbutt sends Slaughter to the ropes. Koko sent in, ducks under the clotheslines but runs into a hotshot. Slaughter now with the fist driven into the side of the head and Koko submits. 3/5 was competitive enough to not be a squash. As Slaughter and Adnan wave the Iraqi flag we see Nikolai Volkoff on the interview podium waving the American flag. Nikolai had recently turned face and joined with Duggan after years of feuding. We go back to Oktoberfest as Neidhart and Slick are having a dance contest and Alfred is drunk of his ass. The dance contest suddenly turns into a massive food fight and the food is flying. We get closing comments from both Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage. Vince and Roddy close the show and hype up the upcoming Survivor Series as we go back to Gene and Alfred. Alfred is telling Gene he’s a mess and he’s ruined the whole show. Gene throws a pie in the face of Alfred and Vince and Piper close the show.

Match Recap:

1. The Ultimate Warrior and LOD beat Demolition 3.75/5

2. Randy Savage beat Dusty Rhodes via countout at 9:30 2/5

3. Hulk Hogan and Tugboat beat Rhythm and Blues by DQ at 7:20 3/5

4. Texas Tornado pinned Haku at 3:10 3/5

5. Sgt Slaughter crushed Koko B Ware 5:18 3/5

Overall, this was not a great episode, pretty much middle of the road. Most of the show was just to hype up the Survivor Series and debut Dustin Rhodes. We’re slowly getting towards the end as we have two one hour episodes upcoming, followed by the final three true SNME episodes. Our next episode features the World Champion facing the Million Dollar Champion.

Here’s tonight’s matches except for Haku versus Kerry, but with the entire Survivor Series instead!

Six Man Tag


Hulk & Tugboat/R&B


BONUS: Survivor Series 1990


Warriors versus Perfect Team

Million Dollar Team versus Dream Team

Visionaries versus Vipers

Hulkamaniacs versus Natural Disasters

The Alliance versus Mercanaries

Grand Finale


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