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Saturday Night’s Main Event #27 – July 28, 1990

With the current product currently getting worse each week, I’m not focusing on it as much. We’re going to stick with the classics, when the shows were good. Tonight’s episode of SNME comes to us from Omaha, Nebraska and takes place in between Wrestlemania and Summerslam, back when there was no PPVs in between. With Summerslam about four weeks away, we have three big matches tonight as all the titles are on the line and a huge debut. Let’s not waste any time and let’s get to the show.

Lord Alfred Hayes opens the show; it’s been a long time since we’ve seen Alfred. He’s dressed in safari gear and calls it Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and Vince corrects him. We go to Vince and Jesse, in tiger print, in the arena. We get the classic opening music and then to do the interviews, Rick Rude debuting his new short hair tonight. I wonder where Mene Gene is tonight as the interviews are just basic and done with the blue screen.

1. The Ultimate Warrior v Ravishing Rick Rude. This is our World Title match, as Rick Rude was deemed number one contender. This is the big problem with Warrior’s title reign; they never bothered to build up a top contender for the title. Warrior had already disposed of Rude last summer, and Rude spent the fall feuding with Roddy Piper, so no one took him seriously as a contender. A Champion is only as good as his challengers, and Warrior really didn’t have any challengers. Warrior does his usual crazy stuff and Rude attacks from behind and hammers Warrior down. Rude tries to ram Warrior in the buckle, but Warrior blocks and sends Rude to the buckle repeatedly then sends him to the opposite corner. Warrior kicks Rude in the midsection and shoots him to the opposite corner again and catches him in an atomic drop. Warrior with a clothesline sends Rude to the floor, at the feet of Bobby Heenan. Warrior rams Heenan and Rude’s heads together and then comes after Rude and rams him into the apron. Rude rolls in and Warrior follows and ducks under Rude’s clothesline and nails one of his. Warrior climbs the ropes, that’s new, and hits a diving clothesline. Warrior goes for the big splash to finish, and Rude rolls away and both men are down. Warrior rolls out of the ring and Rude slides out the other side. Rude has the title belt and while Heenan distracts the ref, Rude clocks the Warrior with the title. Rude rolls in and then goes back after Warrior and rams his head into the apron before tossing Warrior back in. Rude comes in via the top rope and dives down, but Warrior catches him. Warrior with the inverted atomic drop sending Rude to the corner. Warrior charges and runs into the big boot, Rude follows up with a clothesline. Rude moves in on Warrior and works over the back of Warrior. Rude tries for a slam and Warrior blocks and slams Rude down hard. Warrior goes for a second one and Rude slides down the back and applies the sleeper hold. Warrior slowly fades out, but suddenly makes the superhuman comeback. Warrior with a jawbreaker to break the hold, but misses a right and Rude comes back with one of his own. A series of right hands and Warrior down again. Rude stomps the hand of the Warrior and then drives the elbow into the back of the neck. Rude readies for the Rude Awakening, but Warrior blocks the move but misses the clothesline and Rude nails the Awakening for a near fall. Warrior starts to Warrior Up, and Rude’s shots are ineffective. Warrior with three big clotheslines followed by the flying shoulderblock and a big splash. Warrior covers and Heenan pulls Warrior off by the hair. Heenan runs up the aisle and Warrior chases him, but Rude comes to the rescue. Both men fighting on the floor and Warrior presses Rude over his head. Heenan nails Warrior in the back and now Warrior chases Heenan into the ring. Warrior brutalizes Heenan in the ring as Rude is out on the floor and Heenan joins him as the bell rings. 3.75/5 surprisingly a good match, as Rude carried Warrior to an enjoyable match. A clean finish would’ve helped, but they had the big rematch scheduled for Summerslam, so they really had no choice. We go back to Alfred and Gene, glad to see Gene, as they’re going on a safari. This is goofy, but it’s funny at least, and Gene makes a Pete Rose joke.

2. We now get a long drawn out Hulk Hogan tribute, as he was injured at hands of the Earthquake which lead to Hulk taking a long vacation. In reality he was taking time off as Linda was pregnant with Nick at the time. After the video we get Vince in the ring introducing the return of Hulk Hogan. Jesse calls Hulk’s return a major mistake and says Hulk’s not ready for the match at Summerslam. Hulk thanks for the fans for praying for him and sending in cards, which was a nice ploy to get people on the WWF mailing list. They did the same thing when the Islanders stole the British Bulldog’s dog three years ago. Vince says Hulk will step in the ring with Earthquake, and Hulk says Quake made a big mistake. Hulk says Hulkamania has had its highs and lows, and been sneak attacked but nothing like what Quake did. Hulk says he saw the pleasure in Quake and Jimmy Hart’s eyes when he was wheeled out of the building, but because of the fans he’s back. Vince reminds Hulk that in the corner of Earthquake will be Dino Bravo, and Hulk says he has someone in his corner, Tugboat. Tugboat wound up getting attacked by Earthquake on Superstars before the PPV, and was replaced by Big Boss Man. As Hulk continues Dino Bravo and Earthquake make their way to the ring. They surround the Hulkster, who brandishes his weightlifter belt to keep them at bay, but the numbers catch up. Suddenly the crowd erupts as Tugboat charges the ring and makes the save for Hulk. Quake and Bravo leave ringside as they no longer have the number advantage. We go back to Gene and Alfred on their safari, and they’re joined by the birdman, Koko B. Ware. As they continue their journey Gene trips and falls right into a big snake, and is saved by Jake Roberts. Now they’re at train tracks and now it’s a Bushwhacker train going by. Stupid comedy, but at least it’s amusing. Better than the current crap on RAW.

3. Demolition v Rockers. This is our second title match of the night, as Demolition is now a three man team. Crush joined the team due to Ax having an illness. Crush and Smash are going to work this match, and Smash and Marty start the match. Smash with a knee to the gut and smashes Jannetty down. Marty sent to the corner, and Smash misses the charge in. Marty with an arm drag then a chop to the knee. A dropkick sends Smash to the floor and Demolition regroup. Smash and Crush enter the ring and get nailed with a pair of Hurricanranas followed by a pair of dropkicks sending them outside. Smash slowly reenters the ring and a lock up, Marty with an armbar and Smash fights out. Smash sends him in and misses a clothesline as Marty makes the blind tag. A double team from the Rockers takes down Smash, but Crush clotheslines Shawn down. Smash nails Shawn and tags in Crush, sends Shawn to the buckle and unloads on Michaels. Crush sent to the corner and a double arm toss and double elbow, as Marty is tagged in. Marty gets caught by Crush and placed on the top rope, then chokes Jannetty. Crush argues with the ref and Marty with a sunset flip gets a near fall. Marty with a side headlock into an armbar and Shawn tagged in, nails the arm. Marty tagged in and does the same, then twists the arm. Marty with a side headlock and shot in, slides under Smash on the apron, but Ax catches him on the floor with a clothesline as we go to commercial. We come back and Marty rolls in the ring and gets hammered by Smash. Smash chokes Marty on the ropes and slings him backwards. Smash tosses Marty over the top rope and Crush presses Marty over the top back in the ring. Smash sends Marty into the boot of Crush, and then tags in Crush who comes in from the top rope with a forearm to the back. Crush with a spinning backbreaker and then a classic style backbreaker. Crush sends Marty in and misses a clothesline but catches him with a one handed chokeslam. Marty tries to fight back and Smash tagged in, and gets sent in. Smash with a bearhug squeezing the life out of Jannetty. Jannetty tries to fight out and Smash sends him to the ropes, Jannetty tries for a sunset flip and Smash overpowers him. Crush tagged in and sends Marty to the corner face first, and Jannetty crumples to the mat. Marty sent in and Crush misses a clothesline and Marty comes back with a reverse bulldog and both men are down. Crush makes the tag to Smash, as Jannetty makes the tag to Shawn as well. Shawn with a flying shoulderblock and a dropkick on Crush. Shawn tosses Demolition into each other, and a double dropkick on Crush sends him to the floor. A double superkick on Smash, and they climb the ropes. The Rockers with the double fistdrop and Shawn covers but Crush saves the match. Shawn rolls up Smash, and the ref with Jannetty and Crush, allows Ax to clothesline Shawn and make the cover for the win. 4/5 a fun little tag match, I always loved the three man Demolition team. They worked the gimmick so perfect, it’s a shame they killed the Demolition character by the following Wrestlemania. As the Rockers argue with the ref, here comes the Hart Foundation to dispute the decision as well. The Harts face Demolition at Summerslam for the belts, and all three teams in the ring arguing. Suddenly out comes the Legion of Doom who also defends the Rockers as Demolition leave still champs. We go back to Gene and Alfred in the jungle, as Gene is getting stung by mosquitoes. Gene starts mimicking various animals and Alfred saves him with a cure.

4. Tito Santana v Mr. Perfect. This is for the IC title, and a rematch from the finals of the tournament after Warrior had to vacate the title. The bell rings and the lock up, and Perfect with a knee to gut and gets sent in, Tito with a pair of armdrags and a dropkick sends Perfect to the floor. Tito follows and Perfect slides in and back out, as Tito follows and hammers Perfect on the floor. Perfect tossed in and Tito twists the arm repeatedly but Perfect pulls the hair. Tito tosses him in and puts his head down, Perfect with a kick and a clothesline takes Tito down. Perfect with a big kneelift to the head of Santana and then chops Tito. Perfect with a perfect standing dropkick, and Perfect stalks Tito. Tito fights back and now we have a slugfest. Perfect with a big bodyslam and stomps Tito down then applies the chinlock. Tito pulls the hair to break the hold and nails an uppercut on Perfect. Perfect gets Tito in the corner and tosses him to the opposite corner, but runs into a big boot. Tito comes back with a clothesline and advances on Perfect who begs off. Tito with a big right hand and Perfect falls into the ref, as Tito continues to work over Perfect. Tito with a figure four leglock, but the ref is still down as Perfect is screaming he quits. Heenan gets on the ring apron as Tito breaks the hold to check on the referee, and then hits the flying forearm. Tito covers and the ref slowly crawls over to make the count, but takes too long and Perfect kicks out. Tito screams at the referee and then climbs the ropes, Tito hits a diving lariat and covers again, and the ref slow to count again and Perfect kicks out again. Tito goes after the ref again and screams for a new ref, and one finally comes out as we go to commercial. We come back and Perfect catches Tito with a kick to the gut. Perfect sends Tito in, but misses a clothesline and Santana with a crossbody for a near fall. Perfect gets a shot into the throat and hammers the head of Santana now. Tito in the corner and Perfect snapmares him out and follows with the vintage jumping neck snap; I love that move. Heenan wipes the brow of Perfect, who then goes back on the offense. Perfect continue to hammer Tito, but Santana finally fights back and they’re slugging it out, but Perfect gets a thrust kick knocking down Tito. Perfect twists the neck of Santana and chops the challenger in the corner. Santana fights out and hammers Perfect repeatedly sending Perfect to the floor. Santana follows and tosses Perfect back in and then tosses Perfect across the ring. Perfect slides away from Tito and crotches himself on the ringpost. Tito with an inverted atomic drop, followed by a regular atomic drop sends Perfect to the buckle. As Perfect comes back Tito nails him with a huge clothesline and covers for a near fall. Heenan pacing up the aisle as Tito sends Perfect in, but again caught with his head down and Perfect goes for the Perfectplex, but Tito counters into a roll up for another near fall. Perfect shifts his weight and scores the victory. 4.75/5 a great match, as Perfect was always amazing and Santana was great. Really thought Santana was going to regain the title here, and that always makes the match great when you’re never sure who’s going to win. Back to Gene and Alfred, as Alfred spots a jungle creature, Jimmy Snuka. They continue their trek through Africa and find soup being made, and continue the path and find Slick and Akeem. Around the continent they trek and make it to a river, Alfred peeks through the bush and accidentally throws Gene into the river. Gene makes his way out of the river and Alfred chastises him again.

5. Playboy Buddy Rose v Kerry Von Erich. Kerry making his WWE debut here tonight, and sadly this brings our death toll to a sad nine. That’s Alfred, Rude, Earthquake, Dino Bravo, Crush, Hawk, Perfect, Buddy, and Kerry. That’s just a really sad statistic for a show only twenty years old. Kerry looks funny wearing suspenders, just saying. Rose was in the very first Wrestlemania, in the opening match as The Executioner and faced Tito Santana. They lock up and Rose overpowers Kerry to the corner and slaps him, then bails out of the ring. Rose was so underrated as he was a very talented wrestler for his size. Rose back in and another lock up, and Kerry hip tosses Rose down. Rose tries to slam Kerry who counters and slams Rose twice. Rose in the corner and Kerry sends him in hard to the opposite corner and back to the starting corner where Rose goes upside down. Kerry with a nice dropkick and gets a near fall. Kerry pops Buddy and he’s tied up in the ropes and Kerry hammers him. The ref unties Rose and he falls out of the ring, Rose slowly gets back in the ring. Rose rakes the eyes and snapmares Kerry over before dropping a knee. Buddy climbs the ropes and Kerry catches him and slams him down. Kerry nails the discus punch for the victory. 2.5/5 was competitive enough to be a passing grade. We get closing comments from Rick Rude and Ultimate Warrior, who face off in the cage at Summerslam. Vince and Jesse give closing comments as Jesse says both Hogan and Warrior may be extinct as we go back to Gene and Alfred. Gene has a new friend, a monkey, who Alfred says may be a relative.

Match Recap:

1. Ultimate Warrior defeated Rick Rude by DQ at 9:43 3.75/5

2. Demolition defeated the Rockers at 9:31 4/5

3. Mr. Perfect pinned Tito Santana at 10:11 4.75/5

4. Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich beat Buddy Rose at 3:09 2.5/5

This was another great episode of SNME as we had three good title matches. The Perfect/Santana match was one of the best TV matches and very enjoyable. Our next SNME takes place between Summerslam and Survivor Series and features the biggest six man tag in WWE history.



Hogan attacked <NOT FROM SNME>




BONUS MATCHES from Summerslam:




Jake/Bad News

Demolition/Hart Foundation

Rockers/Power & Glory


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One thing you forgot to mention, Chris, is that this SNME was one of the final appearances of Jesse Ventura as a regular commentator, as he left the WWF before SummerSlam 1990.

Comment by Deepthroat Ghoul

Thanks for writing, hope you enjoy reading my recaps. Sorry haven’t been on here all summer, just resuming the site this week. I forget that SNME was Jesse’s farewell from the company. WWE really needs announcers as good as Jesse, Bobby and Gorilla were back in the day.

Comment by nala310

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