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WWE Superstars – April 22, 2010
April 23, 2010, 9:12 am
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What a week this has been for the WWE. They were trapped overseas and the RAW crew wound up missing this week’s tapings, right before a PPV. Personally I’m impressed Vince didn’t force them to row a boat back to the US, considering his treatment of the wrestlers. Due to this happening we had RAW is Smackdown on Monday night, and what could’ve been an amazing opportunity to showcase some of the younger talent instead became a complete waste of time. We had Undertaker defeat the new champ, Jack Swagger, who has yet to score a win since winning the belt. Triple H and Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk and Chris Jericho, as Punk continues to be the best jobber in the company. Oh, and of course the usual stupidity as the WWE blew up R-Truth, but he was back the next night on NXT with no mention of the explosion. I don’t understand how anyone could’ve watched RAW and said it was a good show, it was pathetic, and that’s the last mention of RAW in this recap. Then last night we get the announcement of seven releases, Jimmy Yang, Slam Master J, Mickie James, Katie Lea, Mike Knox, Funaki, Shelton Benjamin as the WWE continues to screw up royally. I don’t understand how these seven could be released yet the WWE keeps the Bella Twins, Rosa Mendes (yes I like Rosa, but not as a wrestler), Kelly, Mark Henry, Kane, Cryme Tyme and Rey Mysterio. Yang and Slam are two exceptionally talented young stars that are horribly misused. Same can be said for Mike Knox, this man could’ve been a huge monster ala Kane or Undertaker an instead became the next Giant Gonzales as they could never figure out how to use him. Mike has the size, talent, ability and charisma to be a main event player, but leave it to the WWE to drop the ball. Speaking of dropping the ball, Shelton Benjamin, how the hell is this man not a main eventer? Seriously, he is easily the most talented man in the entire WWE and consistently puts on great matches every week. He came in the WWE with a huge push as he beat Ric Flair and Triple H, then became a member of Team Angle, and after that fell apart, nothing happened to him for the last five years or so. Funaki is one of the elder statesmen on the WWE, having been there since 98, and has always been horribly undervalued by the WWE. He has charisma and talent as well, but never was given a chance to show his skills. Katie Lea is an excellent female wrestler, watch her matches from OVW, but never got an opportunity in the WWE. Once Paul Burchill was released last month the writing was on the wall for Katie, and now she’s gone. Mickie, Mickie, Mickie what the hell is the WWE brass smoking to release her? I don’t know what the hell is wrong with this company, it seems the more talent you have the less they like you. Mickie is one of the last great female wrestlers in the company, and has been treated like shit for the last six month. WWE had a great opportunity to use her music career to push her into the mainstream, but instead they released her weeks before her CD comes out. Sound familiar? They did the same thing to Maria; however Maria was always lacking in her wrestling ability but made up for it with her charisma. Mickie’s release basically finished off the women’s division as the only one left that they use is Beth, but I think her days are numbered. I expect we’ll see more releases in the coming weeks; Jillian, Carlito (after NXT fails), Primo, Gail, Kozlov, Barreta, Croft, and Ziggler are probably going to be next. The only good thing about these releases is I expect we will see some of them in TNA, mainly Mickie, Katie, Knox and Shelton. This will give us some really fantastic matches at least, Abyss versus Knox, Morgan versus Knox, AJ versus Shelton, RVD versus Shelton, Katie versus Angelina, and Mickie versus Daffney. So with a PPV coming up this weekend, which I really have no interest in, there probably won’t be a recap of that show. Basically at this point, Superstars is the only WWE show I plan to watch/recap anymore, while the PPV will basically be fast forwarded through (other than Jericho/Edge). So let’s get to the only WWE show worth watching anymore, Superstars.

1. Shad Gaspard v Goldust. Well, Shad now has new music, which sounds like it was made with a Casio keyboard. Shad comes out with a leather strap around his neck; well at least it’s not chains and being led by a plantation owner. Oh, wait that was WCW that was going to do that gimmick. They lock up and Shad shoves Goldust to the corner, another lockup and Shad with a side headlock. Goldust shoots him in and Shad comes back with a shoulderblock, sending Goldust to the floor. Shad follows but eats a big clothesline and gets tossed back in the ring. Goldust sends Shad in, but gets caught with his head down, but comes back with a clothesline sending Shad to the floor. Goldust goes for a baseball slide, but Shad moves and shoves Goldust to the steel steps. Shad tosses Goldust in the ring and covers him for a near fall. Shad throws Goldust in the corner and unloads on him. Goldust fires back and goes for a slam, but Shad shifts his weight into a crossbody for a near fall. Shad with a low clothesline gets another near fall. Shad twists the head of Goldust, and a Pez candy falls out, no that’s not it. Shad now with a rear chinlock, great he’s channeling Sid’s moveset now, that’s not a good sign. Shad misses a clothesline and Goldust with an inverted atomic drop followed by the clothesline. Shad sends Goldust in, but Goldust comes back with the sitting uppercut into the bulldog. Shad pulls himself up in the corner and Goldust with the mount and punch, but Shad shoves him off. Shad nails the big boot to the face and gets in the face of Goldust, who rolls him up for a near fall. Shad tosses Goldust into the steel post and nails a vicious STO for the victory. 6/10 passable match, wasn’t great but wasn’t horrible. The strap match with him and JTG is going to be brutally bad.

2. Yoshi Tatsu v Zack Ryder. Well, Rosa looks great as always, just stay out of the ring. A lock up, Zack with a side headlock, shot in and comes back with a shoulderblock. Another lockup, and Zack with a side headlock into a hammerlock but yells at Tatsu and eats a big kick. Ryder hides in the corner and Tatsu challenges him. Ryder misses a punch and Yoshi nails him, then a shoulderblock followed by a pair of armdrags into an armbar. Yoshi twists the arm and nails an arm breaker; Tatsu flips Ryder over and nails him. Yoshi continues to work the arm and Ryder grabs the ropes for the break. Ryder pulls him down by the hair and comes off the ropes, but Yoshi with a pair of armdrags back to the armbar. Yoshi with a nice rolling armbar, as Rosa looks on. Ryder able to make his way to the ropes and gets the break. Ryder gets a kick on Tatsu and a side headlock, but Ryder sent to the ropes. Tatsu goes for a dropkick and Ryder slides out of the ring. Yoshi goes for a baseball slide, but Ryder moves and sends Yoshi to the barricade as we go to commercial. We come back and Ryder with a rear chinlock on Tatsu. Tatsu tries to fight out and Ryder hammers him back down for a near fall. Ryder back to the chinlock and drops a leg across the chest of Tatsu for another near fall. Ryder chokes Tatsu on the ropes, and has the ref distracted allowing Rosa to slap the crap out of Tatsu. Ryder back to the chinlock, and goes for an elbow but Tatsu moves. Tatsu tries to fight back and Ryder catches him with the Rough Ryder for a near fall again. Rosa having a temper tantrum at ringside, as King calls her Maryse. Ryder sends Yoshi to the corner and runs into a boot. Yoshi charges out and eats a boot from Ryder now and back to the corner. Ryder advances and Tatsu with a pair of boots and then tosses Ryder into the buckles. Tatsu with the series of kicks, but Ryder grabs the leg and punches Tatsu. Ryder off the ropes and misses a clothesline, Yoshi with a dropkick sends Ryder to the corner. Tatsu with the double knee, then rolls Ryder out and nails the big kick for a near fall of his own. Tatsu sends Ryder in, but caught with his head down and Ryder charges but gets backdropped. Ryder in the corner and Tatsu charges with the forearm and climbs the ropes. Yoshi caught coming down and now Ryder with a Rude Awakening Neckbreaker and gets a near fall. Ryder goes to pull Tatsu up and gets kicked repeatedly. Ryder to the corner and Tatsu charges but gets backdropped to the corner. Tatsu with a big kick to the face of Ryder and climbs the ropes. Tatsu hits the spinning heel kick from the top rope for the victory. 8/10 a great match between two future superstars, that’ll probably both wind up future endeavored.

3. John Morrison v Carlito. Carlito has his rookie Michael Tarver with him, and has the microphone. Carlito says despite being one of the RAW superstars to make it to RAW, and he still didn’t have a match, that’s because WWE has no idea how to utilize you. Have fun in TNA Carlito, because that’s where you’re heading sooner or later. Carlito says he’s had it and is sick of it, and deserves to be on RAW every week, yes he does. Carlito is RAW! John Morrison’s music cuts him off as JoMo heads to the ring for the match, as the announcers hype up the 3 hour draft Monday. Cripes, we have a three hour PPV Sunday and a three hour RAW Monday, overkill. The bell rings and Carlito goes outside and tells his rookie to not try and help this time. Carlito back in, and the lockup as Morrison overpowers Carlito to the corner and we get a clean break. Carlito gets a boot in and a side headlock takeover on JoMo, who sends Carlito in, but Carlito back with a shoulderblock. Carlito off the ropes and gets monkey flipped, JoMo then nails a flapjack before the standing moonsault for the near fall. Carlito fights back up and sends JoMo to the buckle then stomps him repeatedly. Carlito sets JoMo in the corner and tosses him to the ropes, but JoMo reverses and sends Carlito to the apron. Carlito with a hotshot and follows with a triple jump moonsault as we go to commercial. We come back and Carlito nails a backbreaker on JoMo before going to the headlock. JoMo fights back and gets sent in, and slides under Carlito. JoMo nails a nice dropkick and hammers Carlito before sending him to the corner. JoMo goes for the Flying Chuck and Carlito kicks his legs out sending JoMo crashing to the mat. Carlito gets a near fall from that as Tarver is screaming at the ref. JoMo fights his way up, but runs into the big boot from Carlito. Carlito with a rear chinlock and JoMo fights out and nails a big clothesline followed by the leaping heel kick. Carlito sent to the corner and runs into an elbow, JoMo tries for a backbreaker, but Carlito counters to a spinning neckbreaker for another near fall. Carlito goes for the backstabber, but JoMo holds the ropes so Carlito goes for the sunset flip and JoMo rolls through and nails a big knee to the head. JoMo goes for Starship Pain, but it’s too soon as Carlito moves out of the way and JoMo crashes and burns. Carlito with a quick cover, but JoMo kicks out again and Tarver’s going nuts at ringside. A slugfest ensues now and JoMo runs into a spinebuster for another near fall, as Tarver’s going to turn the apple into applesauce soon. JoMo rolls to the apron and Carlito grabs him, but JoMo slides under him and Carlito catches him with a kick. Carlito with a springboard to get behind JoMo and goes for the Backstabber but JoMo fights it off and nails a big spinning kick to the head for a near fall for JoMo. JoMo sets up for the Moonlight Drive, we haven’t seen him use that in a while, as Tarver is on the apron. Carlito counters and rolls up JoMo for the pin however Tarver has the ref distracted. Carlito screams at Tarver but turns into the Flying Chuck for the victory. 8/10 a great match, and I’m loving the Tarver/Carlito dynamic. It’s amusing as it’s probably going to lead to a match between them both.

Match Recap:

1. Shad pinned Goldust 6/10

2. Yoshi Tatsu beat Zack Ryder 8/10

3. John Morrison beat Carlito 8/10

This was not the greatest episode of Superstars, but was still good. Not seeing the potential in Shad honestly, but maybe he’ll surprise me. Never been a fan of Cryme Tyme though, even though JTG has some talent. Goldust has to be one of the longest lasting characters, other than Undertaker, as he’s been using the character off and on since 95. Tatsu and Ryder are defiantly future superstars, if used right, as they’re both very impressive in the ring. John Morrison needs that one big shot to be a main event star; they need to pull the trigger on him soon. I’d love to see Swagger and Morrison main event Summerslam, which would be the big match they need to push the young talent. Or have Morrison win the RAW title and face Ted DiBiase at Summerslam and Swagger feud with Kingston on Smackdown, leading to that match for Summerslam. But it probably won’t happen and instead we’ll have Cena versus Batista and Triple H versus Swagger, with Triple H ruining another career. Much like he did with Booker T, Kane, RVD, Shelton Benjamin, etc. Well, enjoy the PPV, next WWE recap will be next Superstars, as I can’t be bothered with the PPV or the draft.


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