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Saturday Night’s Main Event #26 – April 28, 1990

Here we go with another classic SNME as we roll towards the end of the series. Tonight we’re four weeks out from Wrestlemania VI from Toronto, Ontario. At Wrestlemania we crowned a new World Champion as The Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan to claim the title. At the time Warrior was still the IC champ and was forced to vacate the title. This led to an IC title tournament, with the results coming just after this episode aired. The tournament concluded the same night this was taped and ended with Mr. Perfect defeating former IC champ Tito Santana with help from new manager Bobby Heenan. Also at Wrestlemania VI, Demolition regained the Tag Titles for the third time from Andre the Giant and Haku; Ted DiBiase beat Jake Roberts among other matches. Tonight on SNME the former World Champion Hulk Hogan faces the man who destroyed his world title, Mr. Perfect and should be a great match. Also tonight the new World Champion has his first title defense, could we see a new champion four weeks later, or will the Warrior retain the gold tonight?

We open the show with the mini interviews featuring new champion The Ultimate Warrior, Bobby Heenan & Haku, Mr. Perfect & the Genius, and Hulk Hogan. After the classic SNME opening segment we go to Vince McMahon who welcomes us to Austin, Texas and we see Vince and Jesse on horses in the arena. Vince and Jesse go over the matches for tonight, as we also have Big Boss Man facing Akeem tonight in a Wrestlemania rematch as well.

1. Mr. Perfect v Hulk Hogan. This would be the last time Mr. Perfect was managed by the Genius, as he joins forces with Bobby Heenan within a week. The bell rings and the circle each other before the lockup and Hulk tosses Perfect to the buckles and Perfect bails out. Perfect gets back in the ring and another lockup, this time Perfect with a hiptoss. A third lockup and Hulk with a hiptoss and a pair of slams sends Perfect to the floor. Perfect slowly gets back in the ring, and another lockup, and Perfect grabs the hair sending Hulk to the corner and unloads before sending Hulk hard to the opposite corner. Perfect sent in and Hulk goes for the boot, but Perfect holds the ropes and slides out. Hulk follows and nails Perfect with a big chop and rams Perfect’s head into the apron. Perfect whipped shoulder first to the ringpost and sends Perfect in. Hulk follows and hammers Perfect repeatedly and then a huge clothesline sends down Perfect. Hulk sends Perfect to the corner and follows in with a corner clothesline and continues the offense. Perfect sent in again and eats a big elbow to the head. Perfect shot to the corner and a running elbow sends Perfect over the top rope and Hulk follows. Hulk works over Perfect as Genius sneaks up, but Hulk catches him and chases Genius around the ring. The distraction allows Perfect to nail Hulk with the metal scroll to the back of the head. Perfect stomps Hulk and renters the ring as we go to commercial. We come back and Hulk still on the floor and Perfect continues to hammer him. Perfect sends Hogan back in and continues to stomp him down. Perfect with a snapmare followed by the jumping neck snap and then chokes Hogan on the top rope before slinging Hulk back down. Perfect with a series of elbows, but the third one misses and Hulk starts to come back. Hogan with three right hands and sends Perfect to the corner before charging into him. Hulk with a whip in, but gets caught with his head down and Perfect follows up with a clothesline. Perfect calls for the Perfectplex and nails it, but Hulk kicks out and begins to Hulk Up. Hogan with three right hands, whip in, big boot, legdrop for the victory. 3.75/5 a good match, as Hennig was always able to carry Hulk to an enjoyable match. After the match Genius comes in and attacks Hulk, but no effect as Perfect bails out. Hulk slams The Genius over the top rope to the floor.

2. Earthquake v Hillbilly Jim. Well, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the big hillbilly. I always liked Jim; he was amusing even if he couldn’t wrestle. I sense this is going to be a quick and easy squash for Quake. Hillbilly was wearing a big horseshoe to the ring and as he puts it on the ringpost Quake charges. Hillbilly moves in time and quickly unloads on Quake. Hillbilly rams Quake into the buckle repeatedly, as Jimmy is screaming. Hillbilly with a cartwheel, but that costs him as Quake rakes the eyes and drives the shoulder to the midsection. Quake sends Jim to the corner, but gets caught charging in as Jim drives the big boot to the Quake. Jim with a double chops and continues to hammer Quake, as Jimmy gets on the apron. Jimmy goes after the horseshoe and Jim distracted allowing Quake to hit an avalanche. Quake follows up with the big elbow drop before dropping the big Earthquake Splash for the win. 1.5/5 was almost a squash, but was still fun to watch. After the match Quake hits two more big Splashes on Hillbilly and then a series of big elbows. Hillbilly gets loaded on the stretcher and helped out of the ring. Before the next match we get a promo for Rick Martel’s cologne Arrogance, which was actually a pretty cool little promo.

3. The Rockers v The Hart Foundation. This might be one of the earliest matches between Shawn and Bret, who knew where this feud was going to lead. Bret calls the Rockers a pair of tumbling teenagers, priceless. Bret and Marty start the match and a lockup, into a side headlock from Jannetty. Marty sent in and slides under Bret, Bret with a slam but Marty drops down. A rollup from Marty but Bret holds the ropes. Bret with a hiptoss, but Marty ram him to the buckle and tags in Shawn, who comes in with a crossbody, Bret rolls through for a near fall. Marty tagged in and a double Russian legsweep, but Neidhart comes in and clotheslines both Rockers. Bret makes the tag, and Anvil unloads on Jannetty as we slow down now. Jannetty gets nailed with a shoulderblock and winds up on the apron. Marty slides under Anvil and gets the drop toe hold on him and tags in Shawn. Shawn with a side headlock, but shot in and a shoulderblock and neither man moves. Shawn goes for the slam but not able to lift the big man, Anvil goes for a slam and Shawn slides down the back and nails a big dropkick. Anvil kicks out with ease and Shawn off the ropes gets caught in a powerslam and Bret tagged in. Bret catches Shawn with an inverted atomic drop followed by the clothesline. Bret stomps Shawn’s midsection and tags in Anvil. Anvil sends Shawn in, and Bret gets a cheapshot in on Shawn. Anvil sends Shawn in and a huge backdrop sends Shawn down hard, and Bret gets the tag. Bret hammers Shawn and a snapmare followed by the elbow drop. Bret sends Shawn to the corner and Shawn crumples to the mat. Anvil tagged in again and Anvil hammers the back of Michaels, who’s playing Ricky Morton tonight as Anvil drives the shoulder in before making the cover for a near fall. Bret tagged back in and they continue to work the back, but Shawn gets a sunset flip in, as we see Demolition head down to ringside. Bret with a headbutt as Anvil and Marty are yelling at Demolition while Bret hits a back breaker. Bret distracted by Demolition allows Shawn to dropkick Bret in the back, sending him to the floor. Demolition helps Bret up as we go to commercial. We come back and Bret ramming Shawn’s head in the buckle repeatedly, as Demolition stay at ringside. Bret whipped into the corner and catches Michaels charging in. Bret misses the second rope elbow drop and both men are down and need the tag. Marty gets tagged in and Marty hammers Bret and nails a running elbow. Marty with a nice powerslam and follows with a perfect side kick, aka Sweet Chin Music, for a near fall. Marty sends Bret to the corner, but reversed and Bret comes in, but Marty rolls him up for another near fall. Bret sent in, catches Marty with his head down and Bret nails a neckbreaker. Neidhart tagged in and Bret catapults him in, but Marty moves. Shawn tagged in and quickly works over Anvil, but misses an elbow and Anvil hits a flying shoulderblock for a near fall. Shawn hits a running forearm and sends Anvil to the corner, but reversed and Shawn springs to the second rope. Anvil catches him and tries for a slam, but Shawn topples the Anvil for a pin attempt. Anvil kicks Shawn off, sending him to the floor, where Demolition helps him up. Marty taking exception to Demolition involvement comes around the corner and we have a fight on the floor. Demolition get in the ring and all six men are brawling in the ring. 4/5 was a great match but the ending sucked. Would’ve been great if it had lead to a three way match, but that never happened.

4. Ultimate Warrior v Haku. Yeah first guy to face Warrior for the title is Haku; like that title change would ever have happened. Kind of like feeding Haku to the sharks here. Haku jumps Warrior before the bell and chops Warrior, but he no sells the moves and chops Haku back. Warrior sends Haku to the corner and backdrops Haku then clotheslines him out of the ring. Haku back in and runs into a shoulderblock, Warrior with a series of chops and twists the arm. Warrior whips Haku in and misses the clothesline, but able to toss Haku out of the ring. Warrior follows, but gets caught coming back in the ring. Haku rams Warrior into the buckle, but no effect and Warrior rams Haku into the buckle repeatedly. Warrior sends Haku to the other corner, but runs into a boot. Haku with a series of clotheslines taking down the champion. Haku hits a nice dropkick and covers, but Warrior kicks out. Haku works over the back of the champion, and nails a headbutt then a backbreaker for a near fall. Warrior gets nailed with a back Suplex from Haku and another near fall, as Jesse screams about it being a slow count. Haku chops Warrior in the back and a scoop slam, then a big splash for another near fall. Warrior starts to Warrior up and clotheslines Haku repeatedly. Warrior with the flying shoulderblock followed by the big splash for the win. 2.25/5 was what it was, as the win was never in doubt. Haku put on a good show of offense, but no one expected him to win this match. We get another Arrogance promo, as Rick Martel is playing tennis now.

5. Big Boss Man v Akeem. This is the rematch from Wrestlemania. They quickly start to slug it out before the bell and Akeem in the corner. Boss Man pulls him out by the legs and tosses Akeem across the ring. Boss Man with the legdrop across the ropes and hammers Akeem in the corner. Akeem sent to the corner, but Boss Man misses the charge and Akeem sends Boss Man to the opposite corner and nails an avalanche. Akeem with the stink face on Boss Man as Slick holds him in place. Akeem hammers his former tag partner and sends him to the corner. Akeem with a back elbow followed by the big splash, but Boss Man kicks out. Akeem goes for a piledriver, but Boss Man backdrops Akeem over the top rope to the floor. Akeem on the apron and Boss Man slings him in the hard way. Boss Man rams Akeem into the buckle repeatedly and sends him to opposite corner. As Akeem comes out of the corner Boss Man nails the Boss Man Slam but doesn’t cover him. Boss Man stands over the fallen Akeem and is suddenly attacked by Ted DiBiase and Virgil. 1/5 wasn’t a great match, but at least it was short. After the match Ted and Virgil continue to hammer Boss Man. Ted handcuffs Boss Man to the ropes and they continue to destroy Boss Man. Virgil grabs the nightstick and hands it to Ted, but Boss Man has the key and is uncuffing himself. Boss Man nails Ted and gets the nightstick, prompting Ted to quickly evacuate the ringside area. We get some closing comments from Bobby Heenan and then Ultimate Warrior, followed by Vince and Jesse closing the show.

Match Recap:

1. Hulk Hogan pinned Mr. Perfect in 8:03 3.75/5

2. Earthquake squashed Hillbilly Jim in 1:58 1.5/5

3. Hart Foundation & Rockers went to a draw at 9:30 4/5

4. Ultimate Warrior crushed Haku in 4:49 2.25/5

5. Big Boss Man beat Akeem by DQ in 3:18 1/5

This wasn’t the greatest episode of SNME but it had its moments. The tag match was great as was Hulk/Perfect; the rest was pretty much just squashes. Our next show should be better as we have three title matches and a huge debut. Stay tuned.

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