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TNA Impact –April 19, 2010


TNA is coming off what can only be called a mixed bag PPV, as we had some great moments along with some not so great moments. Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson had one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen, I’d put that in my top five matches of all time list easily. AJ Styles was able to retain the gold in a very good match with D’Angelo Dinero, hope this isn’t the end of his push. Kaz won the X Title, which was vacated due to the absence of Douglas Williams, and Madison Rayne won the Knockout Title last night. That brings us to tonight, where the only match announced was the Beautiful People facing Daffney and a mystery partner. I assume the partner is none other than Tara, as she turned heel last night tossing Angelina into the cage, but I’m just happy to see Zombie Hot! With that, let’s get down to the Impact Zone.

We open the show with highlights from Lockdown last night including Angle’s amazing moonsault and AJ’s dive from the top of the cage. Tonight’s episode is called “What We All Fight For”, as we go to our opening video. Why do all wrestling shows have to have such crappy opening songs? Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the Impact Zone as we hear the music of the World Champion.

1. AJ Styles makes his way to the ring, with the World Title on his shoulder, but no Ric Flair tonight. The crowd immediately starts an AJ Sucks chant, and AJ yells at the crowd to shut up. AJ says due to the celebration after the victory, Ric Flair will be here later, and it was a sweet victory. AJ says pound for pound he is the best wrestler in the world, and he is too, and says he stepped in the cage with the Pope and took care of business by himself. AJ claims his athletic ability was too much for the Pope, and the crowd gets louder, as AJ lists the people he’s beaten over the years. AJ says it doesn’t matter whether it’s PPV, Impact or house shows he’s the work horse of TNA and all the wannabes in the back who think they can get on the AJ bandwagon can think again. Suddenly we’re joined by Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam, who makes his way to the ring and the crowd erupts. Here’s a dream match between two of the most exciting wrestlers ever, as the crowd chants RVD. RVD says it might confuse AJ but that’s called a crowd reaction and says AJ’s been doing a lot of talking about being the best in TNA. The crowd goes back to the AJ sucks chants, and RVD says it’s not so but he might have been the best at one time in TNA but times have changed. RVD continues that AJ invested all his time in TNA and is used to all the attention but he’s never been impressed with AJ like everyone else is. RVD says everyone wants to be in TNA; well it’s better than jobbing to Cena, Batista, Undertaker and HHH in the WWE and breaking your neck on the glass ceiling that’s for damn sure. Rob asks how he thinks he can be the top spot over other wrestlers such as RVD, and this brings out Jeff Hardy. Jeff and Rob shake hands and Jeff says AJ has such a small head for being so arrogant and says the movement has begun. The bowel movement? Jeff says he wants to complete his collection of world title by becoming TNA World champion and this brings out Hulk Hogan. Hulk says this is what he’s been talking about and the reason everyone is talking about TNA. Hulk says it’s all about the World Title and tells everyone it’s time to up the game as it’s time to raise the bar. Hulk tells AJ as the World Champion that means you’re the best at what you do, nice jab at Jericho! Hulk says as Champion doors open up and things happen, as it’s about the business of being champion as well. Hulk says every night there’s a target on the champions back and then asks Jeff and Rob how bad they want it. Hulk asks if they can put their friendship aside and find out who’s the best. RVD and Jeff shake hands and Hulk says that’s great and announces that Rob and Jeff are to come out and tear this building down tonight. Hulk says after tonight when it’s all said and done the man who gets the win will get a world title shot. AJ says Hulk didn’t consult with him on this and won’t be ready by the next PPV Sacrifice. Hulk says the match won’t be at Sacrifice, the title match will be tonight. AJ snaps and gets in Hogan’s face as the building erupts, any way that goes it’s going to be awesome. We see Ric Flair entering the building and the cameraman tells Flair AJ’s booked in a match tonight. Flair shoves down the cameraman and storms down the hall. Mike Tenay and Taz announce after the commercial that Ric Flair is banned from ringside for that match.

2. Daffney & ODB v The Beautiful People. Well that wasn’t who I expected her to pick as a partner. Daffney looking hot as always, but why doesn’t she get a proper introduction? The Beautiful People come out holding all the gold. Lacey and Velvet will be working the match tonight, and Lacey and Daffney start out. Lacey quickly turns around and tags in Velvet, who gets taken down quickly. Daffney goes after Lacey and Velvet grabs Daffney. Daffney drives the knees into Velvet and chases Lacey again. Velvet finally gets her and rams her in the buckle then tags in Lacey. Lacey with a back flip elbow and dances before tagging Velvet in. Velvet with the stomps on Daffney and then hammers her in the back. Velvet climbs the ropes and gets caught coming down, as Daffney tries to make the tag. Velvet grabs her ankle and Daffney goes for the enziguri but Velvet ducks. Daffney able to kick her off and makes the tag, ODB quickly knocks down Velvet with a shoulderblock. ODB nails Lacey and takes down Velvet with another shoulderblock. ODB with a Thesz press and then slaps the ass of Velvet. Velvet sent to the corner and ODB with the avalanche followed by the fall away slam. Madison on the apron as ODB goes for the rollup, and Lacey sprays her in the eyes with the hairspray. Velvet rolls her up and the ODB retain the gold. 6.5/10 wasn’t a bad match, but as usual with the women, too short. Why not give them a nice ten to fifteen minutes for the match, Velvet, ODB and Daffney can work the majority and keep Lacey to a minimum. We go backstage to JB as we listen in at AJ’s dressing door where he’s talking to Ric Flair. AJ updating Flair on what’s been going down tonight and Flair says this is not what they had in mind. Flair says tonight he knows AJ will win the match and he wants a rematch of Team Hogan versus Team Flair. JB enters the room and Flair says he demands it, and they have five minutes or he claims victory by forfeit and kicks JB out of the room.

3. Jeff Jarrett & Abyss in the ring after the commercial, as Jeff holds up a Team Hogan sign. Abyss tells Flair that he and Jarrett heard about their challenge but Flair’s hasn’t heard the war ended at Lockdown when they defeated Team Flair. Abyss says if RVD and Jeff Hardy were not in a match tonight then Team Hogan would have no problem continuing the beatdown, and this brings out Ric Flair. Flair comes out with Beer Money Inc, Sting, and Doug Williams & Chelsea, and tells Jarrett to kiss his ass. Flair says screw Hulk Hogan and the whole building as Team Flair is here and ready to kick some ass as they head down the ramp. Abyss and Jeff Jarrett ready for the fight and the numbers take over quickly as Sting uses the bat. Flair celebrates on the ramp, but suddenly out comes Rob Terry to the rescue! Terry takes down Desmond and Beer Money with ease. He tosses Beer Money over the top and presses Desmond overhead and throws him at Sting. Sting gets up and Terry hits the big boot and falls down, doh! Poor Terry his first big moment and he falls on his ass, which had to suck. Flair screaming at Terry who stands tall in the ring with Jarrett & Abyss as Team Flair bails out. Eric Bischoff appears at the top of the ramp and asks Flair if he learned his lesson last night. Eric says if Flair wants a rematch, he gets it, Team Flair versus Jarrett, Abyss & Terry along with a surprise partner. Please don’t let it be Sid, that’s all I ask. Am I alone in wishing it was the long awaited return of Chris Harris? We go backstage to Matt Morgan who runs into Shannon Moore, who’s reading the Book of Dilligaf. Matt says TNA management is making him defend against Team 3D and he needs a new partner. Matt asks Shannon, who asks if Matt counts his ego as a second person now. Matt asks if he has something better to do, and Shannon says yes he does and tells Matt to kiss his tattooed ass. We now go to Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, as Hulk thanks Flair for setting up Flair and Eric says Flair took it hook, line and sinker. Eric says Hulk took it to another level, and Hulk says they’re going to make history tonight. Hulk asks if he’s going to be there and Eric says he will be there, and Hulk asks about the ranking system and Eric says he will debut it next week. Eric says he wants to show Hulk what he’s done so far and calls in his assistant, formerly Brooke of ECW. Eric says she takes great dictation, as we go to another hallway as RVD is getting ready for his match tonight.

4. Jeff Hardy v RVD. They shake hands before the match and circle each other. RVD with a go behind and Jeff fights out as they stalemate. Another feeling out process and they do a test of strength and RVD twist the arm, Jeff with a go behind hammerlock, and RVD reverses. Jeff with a side headlock and goes for the Twist of Fate but RVD slides out quickly as we go to commercial. We come back and RVD is bleeding as he Suplexes Jeff on the guard rail and follows with the vintage RVD legdrop. RVD pulls himself up as we see highlight from during the break. RVD tosses Jeff in the ring and follows in, before hitting the springboard legdrop onto the apron, which was cool looking. RVD climbs the ropes and hits a crossbody for a near fall. RVD pulls Jeff up and hammers him, but Jeff fights back and RVD kicks the back of his knee. RVD sent to the corner and Jeff follows but RVD moves and Jeff dropkicks RVD’s knee’s ending him to the buckle. Jeff hits the double legdrop and a low dropkick followed by the lariat for a near fall. Jeff punches RVD and gets sent to the corner. RVD flips into the corner, but gets caught in a clothesline from Jeff for a near fall. RVD and Jeff slugging it out, and RVD go for the monkey flip but Jeff catches him and rolls him up for another near fall. Jeff with a big left hand and then climbs the ropes. RVD catches Jeff on the top rope and RVD pulls him to the center of the ropes and hits a huge kick, followed by the top rope thrust kick sending Hardy to the floor. Jeff slowly pulls himself into the ring and RVD hits a corkscrew legdrop and then Rolling Splash for a near fall again. This crowd is just going insane for this match, and I can’t blame them. RVD gets driven to the corner shoulder first and Jeff goes for the dropkick but Van Dam moves. RVD quickly follows with a split legged moonsault and Jeff able to kick out at the last second. RVD kicks Jeff in the head and then pulls him up and goes for a Suplex but Jeff slides down the back. Jeff with the front layout Suplex and quickly climbs the ropes. RVD catches Jeff up top with the spinning heel kick to the head and RVD climbs up with Jeff. RVD goes for the superplex and Jeff blocks and knocks RVD down to the mat. Jeff goes for the Swanton Bomb and RVD avoids the contact and quickly springs to the top rope. One Five Star Frog Splash and the match is over! 8.25/10 a great match between two of the best high fliers in the business. Our main event is RVD facing AJ Styles, which is going to be amazing. After the commercial Christy is with both men, as RVD insisted on having Hardy there with him for this interview. They shake hands and we see the highlights from the match as they do some commentary. It’s like Mystery Science Theater with these two, seriously. Christy asks about the title match, and RVD says he has the support of Jeff and he’s focused on AJ. We now go to Abyss, Jarrett & Rob Terry, as Abyss thanks Terry for saving them tonight and he raised his game. Abyss says Team Flair has no idea what kind of Freak he is, and Terry says after tonight everyone will know who he is. Abyss says they don’t know who the fourth man is, but they trust Eric & Hogan.

5. Sting, Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money Inc v Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Terry and mystery partner. Team Flair is introduced first, as Tenay goes over the rules, which is the same as last night’s minus the cage. Sting and Jeff Jarrett start the match, so how’d they decide which team gets the man advantage then? Jeff heads to the ring as Sting leaves and we go to commercial. We come back and Sting is tossing Jeff into the building as the bell rings. Sting rams Jeff’s head into the chair before slamming it across Jeff’s back. Sting then throws Jeff into the wall again before dragging him up the stairs. Sting continues the offense on Jeff, who finally starts to fight back. Jeff tosses Sting into the wall now and grabs a chair which he slams across the back of Sting. Another chair across the back of Sting, as Jeff says he’ll get the answer one way or another. Sting reverses the whip into the wall, and Jeff thuds off the wall. Jeff gets dumped over the railing as they make their way to ringside and Jeff gets slammed on the guardrail. Sting tosses Jeff into the ring and follows, then stomps the hands of Jarrett. One minute till the next man joins the brawl as Sting sends Jeff to the corner and goes for the Stinger Splash but Jeff moves. Jeff now hammers Sting and hits a flying clothesline. Sting misses a clothesline and both men connect with a clothesline, knocking both men down as Desmond Wolfe makes his way down the ramp, along with Chelsea. Desmond quickly gets tagged in by Sting, that’s just bizarre, but ok. So we have no disqualifications, but need to make tags, all right then. Desmond unloads on Sting and tosses him into the turnbuckle and follows with the European Uppercut. Desmond with the flying forearm in the corner and goes for a Suplex but Jeff hooks the ropes. Jeff catches Desmond with a hiptoss and rams him into the buckle. Jeff hits the rope choke followed by a series of right, but Wolfe with a thumb to the eye and nails the hammerlock drop. Desmond sets Jarrett on the top rope and goes for the Tower of London and Jeff counters into a back Suplex as Rob Terry joins the match. Jeff crawls over and makes the tag, and Terry comes in and clotheslines Wolfe down twice and shoots him to the corner. Terry with a backdrop and then a pair of clotheslines for Sting as we see Orlando Jordan at the top of the ramp checking out Terry. Terry with a big front slam on Wolfe and waits for him to get up and nails a jackhammer move as we go to commercial. We come back and Abyss and Roode are in the match now, as Abyss catches Roode coming off the ropes and goes for the chokeslam. Roode counters but runs into a big boot and Abyss follows with the avalanche and then gets the chokeslam on Roode. Abyss hammers Roode in the corner and sends him to the opposite corner and catches him with the backdrop. Abyss waits for Roode to get up and goes for the avalanche as James Storm joins the match. Roode moves and Storm kicks Abyss in the head, allowing Roode to hit the Blockbuster and then tags in James Storm. BMI double team Abyss and then Storm with a series of knees to the face and comes off the ropes, but Abyss catches him in the side slam. Wolfe and Jarrett tagged in and Jeff taking care of everyone but the numbers takes over on Jeff. Jarrett sent to the corner and Desmond and Roode send Storm into him, but Jeff moves and Storm crotches himself. Jeff takes down Wolfe and Roode with a big clothesline, and everyone is down in the ring. The final man makes his appearance and it’s Samoa Joe, and the place becomes unglued! Joe’s back and he look at all seven men in the match and tagged in. Joe takes down all four men from Team Flair. Joe with the big kick on Sting and catches Roode in an urunage. Joe sets Roode on the top rope and nails the Muscle Buster for the win! 8/10 that was a great match, even if the rules were a little odd. Great to see Joe back, let’s hope he gets a push he deserves. Jeff, Abyss and Terry celebrate as Joe leaves the ring. Flair appears on the ramp and gets a microphone as we go to commercial. After the break we get the recap of Flair challenging Abyss to a match for the Hall of Fame rings.

6. Rob Van Dam v AJ Styles. I bet at this moment people are complaining that they should’ve saved this for the PPV, but I say why not do it on TV. Especially knowing how depleted RAW’s roster was tonight, it’s a perfect chance to pop a good rating. This is going to be a great match. AJ removes the rope and throws it over the head of RVD and stomps him down. This is RVD’s fourth match in twenty four hours and AJ send RVD over the top rope to the floor. AJ follows with the flip dive, which is just amazing, as we go to commercial. We come back and AJ still in control of RVD, as AJ shoots him in, and RVD flips over Styles and opens up on him. RVD misses a clothesline and AJ trips him then nails a nice dropkick to the face. AJ sets RVD in the corner and chops him then grabs a leg to pull him out and back sweeps him down. AJ starts to work over the legs of Van Dam, who tries to fight back. Van Dam goes for a kick and AJ with the dragon screw leg whip and follows with a stomp. AJ chokes Van Dam in the corner and gets in the face of the ref. The crowd behind RVD as they chant his name and AJ goes to send AJ to the corner and RVD blocks and hits a kick. RVD goes for another kick and AJ grabs the leg, so RVD kicks him with the other leg. Both men are down and using the ropes to pull themselves up, as AJ chops RVD who fires back with a punch. RVD off the ropes with a series of clotheslines and sends AJ to the opposite corner and follows in with the vintage monkey flip sending AJ across the ring. RVD hits Rolling Thunder for a near fall, as the crowd is going insane. AJ sweeps out the legs and quickly locks in the figure four in the middle of the ring. RVD slowly makes his way to the ropes to break the hold, and AJ pulls him back to the middle of the ring and goes for it again, but RVD rolls him up for a near fall. AJ hits the Pele kick from out of nowhere and goes for the Styles Clash, but RVD backdrops AJ over the top to the apron. AJ springboards back in with the Hurricanrana, but RVD counters into a powerbomb and springs up the ropes. RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash and scores the win! 8.75/10 for a TV match, this was awesome and we crowned a new World Champion! What a great moment, as RVD wins the title completely clean, no bullshit in this match, which is so rare nowadays. No ref bumps, no foreign objects, no run ins, nothing, just a pure match. No one can possibly fault the match as it’s been a long time since we’ve had a clean title change. The confetti is pouring down from the roof and the crowd is going insane, as Jeff Hardy comes out to congratulate RVD. Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter join the celebration, as does Rob Terry, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Team 3D, Eric Bischoff all come out to congratulate RVD. Team 3D but RVD on their shoulders as they present RVD with the title, what a moment!

Match Recap:

1. The Beautiful People defeat ODB & Daffney 6.5/10

2. RVD pinned Jeff Hardy 8.25/10

3. Team Hogan beat Team Flair 8/10

4. Rob Van Dam pinned AJ Styles to win the World Title 8.75/10

What an amazing episode of Impact this was, of course the WWE lemmings will still bitch about it. There is nothing WWE could’ve put on that would touch this episode. We had three fantastic matches in one night, and a new World Champion. TNA didn’t just bring it tonight; they scored a massive homerun on this show. Let’s be honest, the ratings don’t mean shit anyways, so who cares what the ratings say. Considering how many people tape/download the shows instead of watching live, the ratings don’t give an accurate view of how many people watched. Besides the fact too many people view anything TNA does as bad, while anything WWE does is good, and that’s not true. Tonight’s show was one of the best TV shows, from either WWE or TNA, in a long time. The response of the crowd when RVD won the title was something amazing, like when Bret won his first title, or Hulk beating Sheik or Steamboat conquering Randy Savage, just an awesome moment. Personally I enjoyed tonight’s Impact more than I did Wrestlemania, and I’m glad to see Joe back. Thankfully it wasn’t something stupid like Sid or Brutus Beefcake, and we had no time wasted this week. Everything was done right, and the backstage stuff was kept to a minimum this week. This is how TNA needs to keep the shows, great matches in the ring and limited backstage shenanigans. TNA knew tonight RAW would be hurting with most of the roster stuck overseas and delivered a huge action packed show, I haven’t watched Monday Night Smackdown yet but I doubt they put on as good a show as this was. Is it bad I’m hoping the RAW guys get stuck for another week, just saying is all? Well, I’m going to watch WWE now, and see how it compared to TNA. Might have a small recap later today, but not sure yet.


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