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The Main Event III – February 23, 1990
April 20, 2010, 9:23 am
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As the WWF continues on the road to Wrestlemania VI, we have a stop in Detroit, Michigan first for the Main Event. The last two years of the Main Event have provided some epic moments, at the first one we had Andre the Giant steal the title from Hulk Hogan, and last year the Mega Powers exploded. Tonight the Mega Powers face off for the World Heavyweight title in a rematch from Wrestlemania V, but with an added bonus. Special guest referee Buster Douglas! Wait, who? Who the hell is Buster Douglas and where is Iron Mike Tyson you ask? James Buster Douglas scored the boxing upset of the century defeating Mike Tyson for the championship just two weeks prior to this live show, thus Mike was pulled and Buster took his place. Iron Mike would not be seen in the WWF until Wrestlemania XIV when he officiated the match between Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels which sent Steve Austin to the stratosphere of wrestling. Regardless of the referee tonight, anytime you have Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan in the ring you’re guaranteed a great match, so let’s see what happens.

We open with comments from Macho King Randy Savage and Queen Sherri, James Buster Douglas and Jack Tunney, and World Champion Hulk Hogan as we head to our opening video. Vince McMahon welcomes us to Detroit, and introduces Jesse Ventura as they go over our two matches tonight as along with Hogan and Savage, we have Ultimate Warrior facing Dino Bravo for the IC title.

1. Randy Savage v Hulk Hogan. Macho King and Queen Sherri come out via the sedan, being carried by some of the jobbers, I always loved the intro. After Hulk’s intro, James Douglas gets introduced and he holds the World title, so he’s the outside ref with Hebner being the inside ref. The bell rings and they lock up, with Hulk using his power to send Savage down and Savage rolls out of the ring. Savage reenters and another lockup, Savage to a side headlock and sent in the ropes, Hulk comes back with a shoulderblock and Savage rolls out again. Hulk goes to follow and Douglas stops him, as Savage gets back in. Another lockup, and Savage with a knee to the midsection, followed by the vintage Macho Man hotshot, A knee to the back sends Hogan outside and Savage tries to follow via the top rope, but Buster blocks him. Hulk reenters the ring and Sherri gets on the apron. Hulk grabs Sherri and Savage tries for another knee to the back but Hulk moves and Savage knees Sherri sending her to the floor. Hulk unloads on Macho King, shoots hit in and nails a big lariat. Hulk rams Savage’s head to the buckle and shoots him to the opposite corner and follows with a big elbow. Hulk pounds the head of the King, and the ref pulls him back. Hulk chops Savage and sends him in again, and nails a big running elbow. Hulk slams Savage and drops a series of elbows and then the mount and punch, but Hebner pulls him off. Hulk with an atomic drop and continues to pound Savage, but Sherri grabs the ankle and Hulk catches her. Savage makes the save nailing Hulk from behind and now Savage has the advantage as he lays a beating on the Champ. Savage sends Hulk in and nails a vicious clothesline for a near fall. Savage drops the knee and resorts to choking Hogan now. Savage distracts the ref and Sherri chokes Hogan, Buster gets involved now and ejects Sherri from ringside. As Buster chases Sherri backstage we go to commercial, and when we come back Savage has a sleeper on Hulk, who’s fading slowly. Hulk fights his way out of the sleeper using the elbows and comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock. Savage misses a clothesline, but on the way back Savage connects with the clothesline. Hulk tossed to the floor and Savage dives down from the top rope with the double ax handle to the back. Savage tosses Hulk back in and comes in via the top rope with another double ax handle for a near fall. Savage chokes Hogan on the ropes and follows with the big knee drop for another series of near falls. Savage unloads on Hogan with left hands sending Hogan to the floor. Savage up top and Douglas gets in the middle allowing Hulk to roll in. Savage slams Hogan down and climbs the ropes. Savage nails the flying elbow drop on Hogan for the pin attempt, but Hulk kicks out. Hulk begins the Hulking up routine, three right hands, shoots Savage in and nails the big boot, which sends Savage to the floor. Savage pulls Hulk out and rakes his eyes, then rolls back in. Hulk gets back in and nails Savage, who falls backwards knocking out Hebner. Hulk drops the big leg and Buster rolls in and makes a fast count giving Hulk the win. 4/5 a good fast paced match between two guys who always worked well together. Could Savage ever have a bad match back then, he was great right until he hit the WCW and fell apart. After the match Savage grabs Hebner who’s just getting to his feet and Hebner points to Douglas. Savage gets in the face of Buster Douglas now, and then slaps Douglas in the face. Savage turns his back on Douglas and yells at Hogan, and then turns back to Douglas who nails Savage with a pair of right hands knocking Savage out cold.

2. Ultimate Warrior v Dino Bravo. Bravo comes to the ring with both Jimmy Hart and the Canadian Earthquake for this huge IC title match. Warrior charges to the ring, as usual, and tosses the title to the ground. Bravo goes for a clothesline before the bell, but Warrior ducks and nails a powerslam. Warrior with a double ax handle from the top, Warrior climbs the ropes again and Quake grabs his leg. Warrior goes after him, and Bravo goes after Warrior, but no effect. Both men back in the ring and a Bravo shoulderblock won’t budge the Warrior. Bravo off the ropes again and Warrior with a hip toss. Warrior off the ropes and Quake grabs him again, allowing Bravo to clothesline Warrior over the top rope. Quake advances on Warrior, who goes under the ring, maybe he’ll find Hornswoggle under there, and grabs Jimmy who’s on the other side and pulls him under the ring. Jimmy finally emerges from under the ring, and he’s pants less, of course. We saw way too much of Jimmy in red underwear back then, what kind of pervert was Jimmy anyway? Warrior comes out as well and tosses Jimmy into the Quake, but Bravo jumps Warrior. While the ref is busy with Jimmy Quake slams Warrior on the floor and tosses him back in to Bravo. Bravo hammers the back of Warrior and locks in the bearhug. Warrior breaks the hold and applies his own bearhug, which Bravo breaks. Bravo nails the sideslam on Warrior and gets a near fall. Bravo hammering the back of Warrior, who’s not showing any effects. Warrior shakes the ropes and headbutts Dino. Warrior with a right and a series of clotheslines, followed by the flying shoulderblock. One big splash later and Warrior scores the victory. 2/5 wasn’t great, but given the participants wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. After the match Quake comes in the ring and clotheslines Warrior down. They double team Warrior, but he fights back and clotheslines Quake and tosses out Bravo, but Quake nails Warrior from behind. Quake drops the elbow twice and then climbs the ropes. Suddenly Hulk Hogan comes out and makes the save for Warrior, as he stands between Quake and Warrior. One right hand from Hulk sends Quake to the floor, where he and Dino head up the ramp. Warrior back up and gets in the face of Hulk, who’s trying to explain he came out for the save. Warrior shoves the ref down, as another ref comes out, and they shove both refs down. Now they’re nose to nose again, as we go to commercial. We get closing comments from Warrior and Hulk in regards to their big match at Wrestlemania. After that we get comments from Jesse and Vince, as Jesse says Hulk is jealous of the Warrior and tried to steal his heat. Jesse hypes up the next SNME, which comes four weeks after Wrestlemania VI.

Match Recap:

1. Hulk Hogan pinned Randy Savage in 11:14 4/5

2. Ultimate Warrior pinned Dino Bravo in 4:11 2/5

While this wasn’t as spectacular as the original two Main Events, it still wasn’t a bad show for only one hour. It had some nice buildup for the main event of Wrestlemania, and the Savage/Hogan match was a very good match. As I said about the previous two Main Events, I wish we could see the dark matches as there were a couple good matches there. We had Earthquake pin Ronnie Garvin, Dusty Rhodes beat Mr. Perfect, Ted DiBiase beat Jake Roberts, Andre the Giant & Haku defeated Demolition, Bad News Brown beat Tito Santana, Rick Martel beat Brutus Beefcake, and Roddy Piper and Rick Rude went to a double disqualification. Would’ve loved to see Piper/Rude and Ted/Jake, but for one hour this all we could see. The next show is after Wrestlemania VI, and should be a great one with Hulk Hogan facing Mr. Perfect.


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