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Monday Night Smackdown – April 19, 2010


Knowing the majority of the RAW roster is stuck overseas and going to miss the TV taping this week, I thought this might be worth a quick recap. Not going to be a detailed recap but just quick points for the show. Before I start though, if you haven’t seen Impact yet, watch it, it was amazing. Let’s see what the WWE can pull out without the usual gang of idiots.

· Of course we open with HHH, who else

· I bet he beats the entire Smackdown roster himself

· Wait; was that Lillian Garcia’s voice I just heard?

· No mention of the missing RAW guys yet

· Massive heat for the volcano, as HHH announces the missing roster

· Who didn’t expect HHH to get the chance to squash CM Punk tonight?

· No foreign chemicals can stay in Punk’s hair with all that grease

· Love it, fans chanting you suck at Triple H, right?

· Triple H mocking fans as gay makes his a good guy?

· Wow, it is Lillian, she looks freaking amazing too

· Only two on one, c’mon HHH can handle that

· Shave him quickly, before Rey gets involved

· Never mind, here comes the worthless midget

· Great we get a tag match instead tonight, yeah that’s going to suck

· Yet another bunch of no-names hosting, why does this crap continue?

· Drew McIntyre versus Matt Hardy should be good

· Drew scores the win in a not bad match, very short though 6/10

· I knew we couldn’t do a whole show without Cena

· Good idea letting King read Kozlov’s statement, otherwise no one could understand him

· Great, we’re going to waste more time tonight with useless shit

· Half hour in and one five minute match, pathetic

· I knew Triple H would get to squash Punk and Jericho tonight

· Mom jokes, yeah that’s quality comedy right there

· Yeah, they spontaneously combusted R-Truth, can’t we do that to Cena and HHH too?

· Now a urination joke, this is pathetic

· And of course a shit joke too, who writes this garbage

· Jack Swagger looks great as a champion, but it’s probably going to end Sunday

· Oh good, more talking, just what we wanted to see

· Don’t the sign say wrestling? Oh wait, no Sports Entertainment? There’s no entertainment here.

· Let me guess, Swagger gets buried tonight by Undertaker, right?

· Of course, let’s ruin what little credibility Swagger has left

· Why give someone the belt and then bury them? Swagger, Sheamus, Mysterio?

· I’ve head of a forehead and a fivehead, but Undertaker has a sixhead happening

· Undertaker versus Swagger whatever

· Well, at least it wasn’t a complete squash, but Undertaker should’ve lost 7/10

· What did Undertaker have to gain by beating the champion? Swagger needed a real win and this would’ve done wonders for him.

· More time wasted as we now have to see a movie preview that looks stupid

· CM Punk with a turban, priceless

· Jericho’s got as much chance to win an Oscar as Hulk Hogan did for No Holds Barred

· Nothing says ratings like wrestler versus non-wrestler, besides it did wonders for Bam Bam Bigelow’s career

· Cole says it’s not funny anymore, it never was funny

· Great another nobody celebrity comes out, why not

· I thought Khali was gone for a while, yeah this’ll put asses in the seats

· How stoned do you have to be to think this has been a good show?

· Well, look at that, the celebrity with no wrestling skills beat the wrestler DUD

· Now let’s get a long drawn out Batista/Cena recap

· Triple H, Rey Mysterio & Edge versus CM Punk, Luke Gallows & Chris Jericho

· Yeah, like Punk stands a chance in hell in this match

· People complain TNA goes to commercial just as a match starts, uh, yeah, RAW does the same thing people

· Nice 619 and a pedigree for Punk, hey Punk, TNA’s calling…at least they’d use you better 4/10 pure crap

· Same thing to Ziggler, Morrison, Swagger, etc

· I hope the RAW roster stays in Europe and misses the PPV and draft next week as well, would be funny to see WWE scramble to make a PPV without Cena, Batista or Orton.

What a pathetic excuse for a TV show this was, seriously. Who books this shit and thinks this looks entertaining? Yes, they had to rewrite the entire show, but they had plenty of talent they could’ve given a chance to, instead it was just a massive joke of a program. We could’ve had some great matches with Morrison, Truth, Ziggler, Swagger, Punk, Jericho, Edge, Hart Dynasty, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, etc. Hell even the NXT guys would’ve been better than this garbage. TNA gave us one of the best TV shows in years, from any company, while WWE continues to deliver crap. Yet, people will say it was a great show because in the IWC’s mind WWE can do no wrong no matter what they show. They could’ve done a twenty on one match with Triple H versus Smackdown and he pins everyone and people would praise it, while TNA gave us three fantastic TV matches and people will say it was crap. This is why the WWE is so bad, because people refuse to complain about how bad the shows are. If you can watch this garbage tonight and say it was better than Impact you need to stop watching wrestling and go watch soap operas instead. This show just convinced me that I was right to stop recapping RAW and Smackdown, because nothing useful or entertaining ever happens on these shows anymore. I got two words for WWE RAW this week, it sucked!


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