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TNA Lockdown – April 18, 2010

Well, I didn’t find a good quality version of the PPV, but at least it’s a copy of it. Tonight TNA presents Lockdown, with every match in the cage, including the X, Knockout, Knockout Tag and the World Title on the line. This should be a great show, and I’m curious what they do with the X title match, as Doug Williams is, much like the WWE RAW roster, stranded in Europe tonight. So let’s get to the show and see what happens.

The PPV opens with a very bizarre opening video, as it talks about the cage being a voice in the competitor’s heads. The voice almost sounds like Sid; I hope I didn’t just jinx the entire show by saying that. From there we go to the opening pyro and Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to St. Louis, Missouri. Tenay says Douglas Williams is stuck in the UK and has now been stripped of the X division title, damn that sucks. Also X-Pac has no showed the PPV, what a freaking piece of shit he is if this is legit. I don’t how many chance they’re going to give him and Hall before they realize how unreliable he is. Tenay also says Eric Bischoff is nowhere to be found tonight, bet he gets involved in the main event. We now head to the ring for our opening match.

1. Rob Van Dam v James Storm. The winner of this match gets his team the man advantage for the main event later tonight. I assume Storm is going to win since the heel team always gets the advantage in the War Games/Lethal Lockdown match. Storm with vintage heel heat as he rips up a fan’s sign, what next knocking over the Stunt Granny? As Storm stands in front of the cage yelling at the crowd, RVD baseball slides the cage door into Storm’s face. RVD follows him outside and rams Storm in the side of the cage. The ref is trying to get them in the ring, as Van Dam hits a big spinkick to the chest and then Suplexes Storm on the guardrails. Van Dam climbs the cage and drops a big leg across the back of Storm. Storm’s head bounces off the stairs as Van Dam continues the offense, but Storm blocks and rams RVD’s head into the steps. Storm takes a swig of beer, but turns into a forearm and Van Dam sends him into the cage. We get our first blood of the night as Van Dam is split open. RVD hits a spinkick in the corner and the crowd solidly behind RVD tonight. Storm set up in the corner and Van Dam chokes him, as the blood pours down his face. Van Dam sends Storm to the opposite corner and catches him in an inverted atomic drop then seats him on the top rope. Van Dam springs up top and hits a thrust kick to the side of Storm’s head and gets a near fall. RVD mounts Storm in the corner and hammers him, then shoots him to the opposite corner and follows but Storm moves and nails a reverse DDT. Storm hammers the head of RVD and follows with a snapmare into the rear chinlock. RVD fights his way out and comes off the ropes, but Storm follows and clotheslines RVD over the ropes into the cage which gets Storm a near fall. Storm quickly pulls RVD up and sends him in, connecting with the big boot. Storm back to the rear chinlock as the blood continues to flow, and RVD elbows his way out and comes off the ropes with a spinkick. RVD pulls himself up with the ropes as Storm slowly rises as well, and a slugfest ensues. RVD with a series of kicks and follows with a pair of clotheslines and then sends Storm into the cage. Storm with a front slam followed by the split legged moonsault for a near fall. RVD pulls Storm up, and Storm hits a jawbreaker and grabs the beer. Storm spits the beer in his face and hits the DDT for a near fall of his own. Storm readies for the superkick as RVD slowly gets up and RVD ducks under and hits the spinning kick. RVD springs to the top rope and hits the five star frog splash for the three count. 7.5/10 a good opening match, very fast paced and a surprising finish. So team Hogan gets the man advantage, odd to see the faces get the advantage. We go backstage to Christy Hemme who’s with the Hulkster. Hemme asks about his confidence for tonight, and Hulk says it’s not a bright sunny day as they’ve all been beaten up badly by team Flair. Hulk says the fact that his team is in the building stands for the fact that team Hogan will tear down the house. Hulk says there is a bright spot as RVD beating Storm means they have a ray of hope and if Team Flair wins he will walk away from TNA; we can only hope that he follows through. Christy asks about Bischoff, and Hulk says Eric does what he does and it’s out of his hands now.

2. Alex Shelly v Chris Sabin v Homicide v Brian Kendrick. This is an Escape match, with the first person to escape will join Shannon Moore and Kaz in the X Division match later tonight. This was supposed to be a tag team match, but now it’s every man for himself. I miss the six sides of steel, just looked so much cooler than this cage. Homicide quickly tries to leave and the Guns go after him and Kendrick wants the door opened and they won’t open it as the Guns send Kendrick into the door. The Guns work over Homicide and then turn their attention on Kendrick as they’re working as a unit right now. Kendrick is bleeding as Homicide takes down Shelly and Kendrick nails Sabin. Homicide sends Shelly in and nails the belly to belly Suplex as Kendrick chokes Sabin. Homicide rams Shelly in the buckle and Shelly tries to fight back but Kendrick nails him. Kendrick and Homicide now double teaming Sabin as Homicide with a camel clutch on Sabin as Kendrick comes off the ropes with a big slap. Shelly tries to escape and Kendrick catches him, as Tenay says with no X-Pac Hall either goes alone or has to find a partner. The Guns once again in control as they work over Kendrick and Homicide now, but as Taz says only one man can win the match. Sabin with a tornado DDT on Kendrick, but caught in the spinning neckbreaker of Homicide, then Shelly hits a jawbreaker on Homicide and tries to escape but Kendrick catches him. Sabin tries to save Shelly but Kendrick takes out both, and then works over Shelly’s yam bag. Homicide hits the Gringo Killer on Sabin and then Homicide and Kendrick go to work on Shelly but Homicide quickly climbs out of the cage for the win. 6.5/10 was a little too short, but what we got was good. Kendrick is staring at Homicide and is really pissed off now. We now get the recap of Kevin Nash turning on Eric Young last month, to set up tonight’s match.

3. Kevin Nash v Eric Young. I have a bad feeling we’re either going to get two Kevin Nash matches tonight or Bubba the Love Sponge in the ring as Hall’s partner. Either choice spells disaster. The bell rings and Nash misses a punch and Young slides under the legs and kicks Nash. Young knocks Nash down and tells him to get up. Nash up and drives a knee in the midsection of Young and hammers him, then sends him to the corner. Young gets the boots up and follows with a missile dropkick sending Nash to the apron. Young dropkicks Nash into the cage and then hits a cross body driving Nash into the cage again. Young pushes the ref away and Nash gets a low blow in on Eric. Nash slowly gets up and sets Young in the corner before driving in a series of knees. Nash hammers Young down, but Eric tries to fight back and tells Nash to bring it. Nash continues to destroy Eric who refuses to stay down, as Nash is choking Young in the corner now. Young able to get a few shots in, but one kneelift takes Eric back down. Young pulls Eric up, and Eric blocks the right and fires back with a few of his own and come off the ropes. Nash catches him and chokes Young down; Nash takes a minute to catch his breath. This allows Young to recover as well and he hammers Nash and again comes off the ropes, but gets caught with a big boot. Nash tosses Young into the cage lawn dart style, like he did to Mysterio in WCW. Nash pulls down the straps and readies for the Powerbomb, and nails it for the win. 3/10 about what you’d expect out of Nash. We see Eric is knocked out and split open as the refs help Young to the back. Nash has the mic and says if anyone thinks Hall is coming out alone, it won’t happen he’s his partner and tonight 3D’s ass is theirs. Good Lord, nWo versus Dudley Boys, what is this 1997? We now get the recap of the Knockout’s from two weeks ago when Love regained the title. You know you’re watching Russo when you have the wacky tag team of two people who hate each other, vintage Vinnie.

4. Angelina Love & Tara v Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky. So basically if Tara or Angelina score the win they get the tag titles, if Madison or Velvet score the pin they get the Knockout title. Nice way to have both belts defended in one match, this tag title is a joke and needs to be retired. Well, if nothing else at least the girls look great, as someone has a sign that says Tara’s future ex-husband. Tara hands Poison to So Cal Val, who looks terrified holding that thing. As Angelina makes her way out Madison and Velvet make fun of the fact she was handcuffed on Impact. Velvet and Angelina start the match, and Angelina spears her down and hammers her. Angelina with a pair of clotheslines and Madison tagged in. Angelina pulls her in and nails the front slam for a cover, but Madison kicks out and nails the jawbreaker. Tara tagged in and punches Madison then shoots her in and gets her on her shoulders, but Madison rakes the eyes and tags in Velvet. Velvet runs into the drop toe hold into the bridging face lock, followed by a snap Suplex for a cover. Velvet shot in the ropes, reversed and Madison pulls Tara backwards to the cage. Velvet hammers the face of Tara and chokes her, as the ref counts, so we have DQ’s in the cage? Velvet stomps the stomach of Tara and tags in Rayne, as they double team Tara with a nice double dropkick for a near fall. Madison with the scissor stomp driving Tara’s face in the mat repeatedly and tags in Velvet who covers for the near fall. Tara fights back now and kicks Velvet then a big slam and walks over her. Tara climbs the ropes and goes for the moonsault but Velvet moves in Tara splatters. Madison tagged in, as is Angelina who nails a flying clothesline then a hair takedown. Velvet gets clotheslined and tossed in the corner and Madison tossed into Velvet. Tara with a blind tag and hits Widow’s Peak on Madison, Velvet makes the save. The ref busy with Velvet and Angelina as Lacey nails Tara in the back of the head with the title. Madison makes the cover to win the match for her team. 6/10 was too short for all that was at stake was just under five minutes, but what we saw was good. They should’ve given these girls at least fifteen minutes and scrapped the 3D/nWo match. So now the Beautiful People have all the gold and Angelina is furious as she comes in the ring. Angelina is screaming at TBP as they head up the ramp with all three belts. Tara slowly getting up and trying to apologize to Angelina who’s just staring at her. Angelina pulls Tara up and walks away, but instead Tara nails her from behind and tosses her headfirst to the cage. Tara leaves the cage as Angelina is laid out in the ring. JB is backstage with Team Flair and AJ Styles as they hype up the two main events.

5. Kaz v Shannon Moore v Homicide. This is for the vacant X division title, as Douglas Williams is stuck overseas and has been stripped off the title. Homicide won the Escape match earlier tonight to qualify for the match, and I hope he wins the match. Taz says it’s not cool they stripped Douglas of the title, and I agree. Whatever happened to the thirty day rule? Shannon with his book of Dilligaf, and I like Shannon but I don’t want him to win. Homicide and Kaz have been there longer and deserve it more. Kaz and Shannon quickly go after Homicide and double team him. Shannon drops a leg and Kaz with a springboard leg. Homicide caught between the ropes and the cage and they repeatedly ram him into the cage and Kaz goes for the pin and Shannon breaks it up. Once again the double team Homicide and Shannon goes for the cover and Kaz breaks it up and now they slug it out. Kaz and Shannon with a series of near falls now and Homicide dropkicks Shannon into Kaz as they clunk heads. Homicide shoots Shannon in and hits the flying forearm then a snap Suplex on Kaz. Homicide rakes the forehead of Kaz and then kicks Moore and follows with a nice T-Bone Suplex and while he celebrates Kaz covers Shannon. Homicide nails Kaz and then the rolling snap Suplexes on Shannon, who counters the second with an inverted atomic drop. Shannon drops the leg and Kaz and Moore both fight over the pin. Shannon sets Homicide on the top rope and hammers Homicide whose head bounces off the steel post. Shannon and Kaz go for a double superplex but Homicide fights both off and hits a double cutter off the top rope! That was freaking awesome, as Homicide covers both guys for a series of near falls. Taz says Homicide opened a can of whoop ass. Kaz rolls up Homicide and Suplexes Shannon at the same time for a double pin attempt but both kick out. Kaz shot in the corner and Homicide caught running in, and Shannon runs to the corner and Kaz bounces off the cage wall. Shannon with a moonsault on Homicide for a near fall, Kaz with the missile dropkick on Moore for a near fall of his own. Kaz gets nailed with a jawbreaker from Homicide who grabs Shannon and drives him into the buckle, then one for Kaz. Homicide sets Shannon on the top rope and goes for the cutter but Shannon shoves him off. Kaz and Shannon walk the top rope to the middle and kick each other. Kaz knocked down to the mat, and Shannon with a moonsault on Homicide, Kaz breaks up the pin attempt. Shannon sent in and ducks under the clothesline, but goes for a Hurricanrana, but Kaz sends him back first then face first to the cage. Kaz sets Homicide on the top rope and goes for the Flux Capacitor, but Homicide holds the cage walls. Homicide fights Kaz off and hip tosses Kaz down hard. Shannon makes the cover and Homicide dives off the top rope onto them both. Homicide pulls Shannon up and shoots him to the corner, but runs into the boots. Shannon goes for the blockbuster but Homicide moves and goes for the Gringo Killer. Kaz shoves Shannon out of the way and grabs Homicide for what looks like the Alabama Slam but instead he drops down on Homicide’s head for the win. 9/10 that was a freaking awesome match, simply amazing. The finisher was just brutal, almost a reverse piledriver, brutal. Taz calls it freaking sick, and I agree. What a great match that was as we go to Christy Hemme with the Pope, who’s facing AJ Styles for the World Title later tonight. From a great match, we’re going to the train wreck of the night.

6. Team 3D v Kevin Nash & Scott Hall. Who did I piss off to have to sit through this match? No seriously, this is going to be brutally bad. All we need is a run in from the Bushwhackers or Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff guess I shouldn’t give TNA any ideas. Bubba says this is going to be a St Louis Street Fight with Falls Count Anywhere, in a cage? Guess the more stipulations they add the better they think it might be, not going to help honestly. 3D charge up the ramp and the brawl is on. Bubba and Hall up the ramp and Hall gets backdropped down as D-Von taking Nash into the guard rail. Bubba tosses Hall over the rail into the crowd and Bubba quickly follows, as does D-Von who grabs a chair. Hall gets a beer from Bubba, not the usual way he downs one as D0Von is dragging Nash around. They brawl into the crowd and Nash eats a drink the hard way too. Bubba dives off the upper rail onto Hall, as D-Von drags Nash to the ringside area. D-Von unloads on Nash as Hall and Bubba head to ringside. D-Von sent to the cage and Hall holds Bubba as Nash hits the big boot. Hall and Nash enter the ring with D-Von now. Nash sends D-Von to the cage and Bubba’s down on the cement as they close the door. D-Von tries to fight back as Hall holds the door closed and Nash hammers D-Von. Bubba pacing the outside area as Nash is holding the door now, while Hall is destroying D-Von. Bubba has a chair now and slams it into the hands of Nash then drives the door in the face of Nash. Now Team 3D working over Hall and Bubba getting fired up. Bubba slams Hall as D-Von punches Nash. Hall whipped into Nash and D-Von squashes them together, and then Bubba does the same. Hall staggers back and gets slammed by Bubba, and D-Von hits the What’s Up. They need to retire that move, along with the bronco buster; I never need to see those moves again. Bubba tells D-Von to “Get the Tables” and D-Von obliges. They bring the table in the ring and set it up in the middle of the ring. Hall turns around into the 3D through the table and D-Von covers for the victory. 4/10 was better than it deserved to be, but still wasn’t great. All the brawling kept it exciting at least, and I’m surprised that the nWo lost, didn’t expect that. Would be great if this was the last we see of them. It was certainly better than the match with the Nasty Boys but not by much.

7. Ken Anderson v Kurt Angle. This has to be the end of the feud, as its gone way too long now. I don’t mind long feuds but this one hasn’t been that good. The best feuds are the ones where the bad guy always gets the best of the good guy, and this one has been more Angle than Anderson. Anderson has the key to the door after winning the ladder match a couple weeks ago. The bell rings and they go to lock up, but instead Anderson with a cheap shot and follows with a dropkick to the knee. Anderson quickly goes to unlock the door, but Angle nails him in the back. Anderson knocks him down and wraps the chain around his fist and pummels Angle with it. Anderson again goes for the lock but Angle catches him in a belly to back Suplex. Angle checks his forehead, no blood yet, and then goes back on the offense on Anderson. We see the key is hanging in the padlock, as Angle looks at the lock and goes back to Anderson. Angle with a snap Suplex and shoots Anderson in. Anderson holds the ropes so Angle charges in, but gets tossed into the cage. Angle split wide open, as we see the blood piss out of Angle’s forehead and Anderson hammers the open wound now. Anderson chokes Angle on the ropes and then rams Angle’s head into the cage repeatedly. Angle wearing the crimson mask as Anderson wipes the blood on his body. Anderson climbs the ropes and dives off the top, Angle gets the foot up but Anderson catches the foot and drops an elbow. Anderson drops the leg and goes to the cage door, but Angle catches him from behind. Angle shot in and Anderson uses his momentum to toss Angle into the cage door. Anderson goes for a piledriver but Angle counters with the backdrop, as now Angle goes for the lock but Anderson catches him with an elbow to the back sending Angle to the cage. Anderson busted up now as well, as he climbs the ropes but takes too long and Angle catches him and tosses him from the top rope with the belly to belly. Both men are down now, as Angle pulls himself up with the ropes while Anderson undoes the tape from his wrist. Anderson catches Angle and begins choking him with the tape, as this match has no dq I guess. Anderson continues to choke and has the leg scissors as well. Angle tries to fight out and gets to one knee as Anderson continues to choke. Angle ducks under and nails a quick back Suplex to break the hold. Both men are down again and Anderson on his knees first and they slug it out. Now they’re both up and still slugging it out and Angle hits a pair of clotheslines and sends Anderson in and backdrops him. Angle sends Anderson to the corner and charges in, but Anderson gets a boot up and now Anderson charges and runs into a belly to belly Suplex. Angle goes for the Angle slam, but Anderson counters and hits the rolling slam. Anderson goes for the Mic Check but Angle blocks and nails six rolling German Suplexes. Angle now goes over to the cage door and looks at the lock, looks back at Anderson and goes back to Anderson. Angle pulls down the straps and locks in the Ankle Lock. Anderson able to kick Angle off and Angle runs in and gets caught in the Mic Check. Anderson crawls to the cage door and unlocks the door. Angle catches Anderson from behind and nails the Angle Slam and pulls the cage door closed and relocks it and takes the key. Angle tosses the key into the crowd and Anderson tries to pull the door open. Angle stalks Anderson who tries to climb the cage and Angle pulls him down. Anderson nails a kneelift and starts to climb again, but Angle grabs him. Anderson hammers Angle, but Angle relentless and both men on the top rope in the middle of the ring. Angle with a vicious looking German Suplex off the top rope, holy shit! That was brutal looking, as Angle looks around the cage and the crowd is going nuts. Angle grabs Anderson and sets him up, the climbs the ropes. Angle readies for the moonsault, but instead climbs to the top of the cage and dives down with an amazing moonsault, which draws the holy shit chant it deserves. That was amazing looking, Angle unlocks the lock and opens the door and starts to leave, but Anderson gets up. Where did he find another key anyway? Anderson gives Angle the double bird and Angle comes back in, but gets caught in a low blow followed by the Mic Check. Anderson crawls to the cage door as Angle’s slowly crawling to Anderson. Angle has Anderson by the ankle and has the Ankle lock applied on Anderson, who’s tapping which means nothing in the cage. Anderson rolls out of the move and sends Angle to the cage wall, which allows Anderson to finally make his way out of the cage, but Angle has something around the neck of Anderson. The crowd chants “Choke him out” as Angle is squeezing the life out of Anderson and it’s the warrior medal. Angle spits in the face of Anderson, then walks over him and leaves the cage victorious. 9.75/10 simply phenomenal, easily match of the year right there. I don’t care what anyone says that blew away the Shawn/Undertaker match from Wrestlemania by a mile. I know the WWE lemmings will extol that match till their blue in the face, but this was so much better. The PPV could end here and I’d be happy but we still have the World Title and the Main Event. After the match Kurt thanks the fans and says he’s going to step back and take some time off and miss the fans. Kurt says when he comes back he will win the World Title.

8. AJ Styles v D’Angelo Dinero. This should be a fantastic match, as Dinero was so underused in the WWE. Dinero has the talent, charisma and ability and could be the next big superstar. If the WWE had used him right he could’ve been as big as the Rock, but instead they had no idea what they had in him. Ric Flair is sent to the back right at the start, which is good, and they lock up. AJ tosses Pope across the ring and poses. Pope gets right back up and they lock up again, AJ with an armbar and Pope rolls out of it and into a headlock. AJ counters back to the arm bar and Pope reverses the hold and cranks AJ’s arm. AJ with a reversal into a hammerlock and armdrags Pope down. They lockup again, and Pope with a go behind and AJ grabs the wrist and goes to send Pope to the cage but Pope blocks and then a drop toe hold. Pope with the wristlock now and AJ rolls through and misses a shot, Pope with the hiptoss. Pope slams AJ and a pair of armdrags and AJ slides to the corner to slow it down. They lock up again and AJ gets Pope in the corner and chops the Pope, Pope reverses and opens up on Styles. AJ goes for the inverted atomic drop but Pope blocks and nails a clothesline. AJ with a side headlock, shot in and a shoulderblock takes down Pope. Pope comes back with a flying forearm and a series of elbows and an arm underhook kick. AJ side steps Pope and flings him into the steel cage, and follows up by stomping the head of D’Angelo. AJ pulls Pope up, and Pope with a series of shots but AJ connects with the perfect dropkick. AJ goes to the rear chinlock and Pope fights his way out and drives a knee to the midsection. AJ whipped in, reverses and hits a knee breaker on Pope, kind of flubbed the move a little. AJ starts to work over the leg of Dinero as he’s wearing him down for the figure four leg lock. AJ misses a kick to the knee and now the Pope hammers AJ, but AJ with a thumb to the eye and goes for a Suplex. Pope drops down and counters with a rollup but AJ holds the ropes and goes for the moonsault, but Pope moves and AJ lands on his feet. Pope tosses him to the cage door and nails a quick DDT but is too injured to capitalize. Both men slow to rise up, and Pope gets a series of shots in followed by a backdrop. Pope with a flying shoulderblock and follows with a chop. Pope catches AJ with a powerslam for a near fall. AJ able to send the Pope to the corner and delivers a shoulder to the midsection but misses the charge. AJ with a thumb to the eye and climbs the ropes, AJ nails the vintage flying forearm for a near fall. AJ sets Pope on the top rope and Pope fights back with a series of headbutts knocking AJ down and Pope nails a diving headbutt to AJ’s shoulder for a near fall. Pope pulls AJ up and sets him on his shoulder, but AJ slides down and nails the Pele for a near fall of his own. AJ nails a backbreaker and then climbs the ropes. AJ with a perfect 450 splash but only gets a two count, as AJ looks frustrated. AJ now climbs the ropes again and this time goes to the top of the cage as Pope slowly gets up. AJ dives down with a cross body but Pope moves and AJ splats on the mat. Pope quickly rolls him for the pin, but AJ kicks out. Pope hits the Codebreaker and another near fall. Pope’s Codebreaker looks better than Jericho’s just looks more vicious. Pope goes for the DDE and AJ moves, causing Pope to drive his knees into the buckle. AJ suddenly grabs something from the cameraman, it was a pen. Pope goes to grab AJ and AJ stabs him in the eye with the pen and hits the discus clothesline followed by the Styles Clash for the win. 8.75/10 up till the end it was a perfect ten match, but the shitty ending ruined the match. Even as a heel AJ should’ve still won the match clean, even though I’d rather see Pope win. Hopefully this feud continues for a while, as AJ leaves Tenay says something is happening in the back. We go backstage and see Eric Bischoff arriving and he walks right past JB. It’s time for the main event, Lethal Lockdown.

9. Beer Money, Desmond Wolfe & Sting v Jeff Hardy, RVD, Jeff Jarrett & Abyss. This is basically just another name for the classic War Games match. We start the match with Abyss and Robert Roode. I expected Abyss to be the last man in the match, kind of surprised by that. The onscreen graphic says Team Flair when Abyss comes out, well someone should be fired for that! Abyss came out with his little sack of tacks for tonight, this should be bloody. The bell rings and Roode gets in Abyss’ face, Abyss shoves Roode, who slaps him and now both men slug it out. Roode quickly goes after the injured leg, which was injured when he was hit by a car driven by Wolfe. Abyss sends him in and gets caught with his head down, and now Roode off the ropes and eats a big boot. Roode tries to hammer Abyss and gets tossed to the corner where Abyss chokes him. Abyss slowly stalks Roode and chokes him down in the corner then tosses him to the opposite corner and catches him coming out with a big backdrop. Abyss points to the cage walls and sends Roode into it, but Roode blocks and elbows Abyss then sends him to the cage wall. Abyss blocks this time and Roode rakes the eyes and tosses Abyss to the cage, but Abyss counters and Roode eats the steel. Abyss tosses Roode into the cage wall again, and surprisingly no blood yet, as Roode pulls himself up in the corner. Abyss goes for the Avalanche and Roode gets the boot up and hits the Blockbuster on Abyss. Roode pounds the monster and tosses him into the cage, as we have one minute till someone from Team Hogan enters the cage. Roode chokes Abyss on the ropes and then stomps him down and follows with a boot choke. We get the countdown clock and out comes RVD to join the match, as Roode is pounding on Abyss in the corner. It seems wrong that the faces have the advantage, as it’s always been the heels. Roode misses a clothesline on RVD who hits a spinkick and quickly hammers Roode in the corner. RVD pounds the head of Roode in the corner and follows with another spinkick. Roode sent to the opposite corner and RVD rolls in with a monkey flip. RVD hits Rolling Thunder on Roode and sends Roode to the cage wall now. RVD’s cut from earlier has opened up, as the next man comes out, Desmond Wolfe with Chelsea, as he takes his time. Roode with a low blow on Abyss as Wolfe comes in and dropkicks RVD into the cage wall. RVD launched into the cage by Wolfe and Roode and Abyss slugging it out. RVD down and now Wolfe and Roode double team Abyss, as Roode goes back to RVD. A double team on RVD and then they launch Abyss into the cage as Jeff Jarrett comes out next. Jarrett quickly goes after Roode and Wolfe, giving RVD and Abyss a chance to rest. Roode sent into the cage as is Wolfe via Jarrett. Jarrett rams their heads together and then tosses them both into the cage wall. Jarrett shoots Roode in and goes for the Hurricanrana but Roode catches him and sends him into the cage. Wolfe and Abyss going at it as is Roode & Jarrett. Wolfe trying to pull the ring off Abyss’s hand as James Storm makes his way to the ring, with his beer in hand. Roode puts the bottle under the ring, and spits the beer in the face of Abyss then hammers Jarrett before nailing Van Dam. Van Dam tossed to the cage wall by Storm who then gnaws the face of RVD as the blood pours out. JJ drops Roode with a flying forearm and then a delayed vertical Suplex. Wolfe still trying to remove the ring from Abyss as we see Chelsea at ringside. Jeff Hardy, the final member of Team Hogan, is introduced as his music plays but no Jeff. We go backstage and see Hardy is laid out and Sting standing over him with the baseball bat. Storm grinding the face of RVD into the cage and then helps Wolfe work over Abyss. Jarrett tries to make the save and BMI send him flying. Abyss finally pummeling Storm, as the final man joins the match, Sting. Sting enters the cage with the bat, which he promptly uses on Jarrett and then Abyss and finally RVD as the cage roof is lowered down. The roof sure takes a long time to be lowered, as Team Flair is destroying what is left of Team Hogan. Storm uses a trash can on Abyss, as Wolfe has the cookie sheet as does Roode. Team Flair hammering the other team with the weapons, as they’re down a man. I have a bad feeling Hulk’s going to get involved. RVD gets nailed with the lead pipe from Storm, and then a shot for Jarrett. Wolfe slams Jarrett down as Roode is wearing out Abyss with a trash can lid. Jarrett has a trash can and nails everyone with it, but Sting drives the bat into the midsection of JJ. Sting hasn’t taken off his coat as Beer Money double team Jarrett. Desmond Wolfe using the ax handle on RVD as BMI spear Jeff Jarrett through the cage door. Abyss has his sack of tacks, while BMI are taking care of JJ outside the cage. Abyss sets up Sting for the chokeslam, and Wolfe makes the save. Abyss shrugs him off, but Storm uses the beer bottle to the skull of Abyss. It’s now a two on four match, as Jarrett’s on the floor. Suddenly we hear Hardy’s music and he charges to the ring with the Kendo Stick and takes out both BMI on the ramp. Hardy rams Roode into the steps, as Jarrett has the guitar and cracks Wolfe in the head. RVD hits the five star frog splash on Wolfe as Hardy holds off BMI. Sting clotheslines Abyss, but runs into the chokeslam on the tacks. Hardy climbs to the top of the cage and BMI climb opposite sides of the cage. There’s a table, ladder and trash can up there. Hardy pummeling both men on the cage, but the numbers game overtakes him. Roode sets up the table as Storm holds Hardy. Storm goes to hit Hardy with the stick but Hardy fights off and wears them both out with the stick. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Roode and sets Storm on the table. Hardy grabs the ladder and sets it up on top of the cage, this kid is freaking insane. Hardy climbs the ladder and nails the splash off the ladder through the table on the roof of the cage. Then we hear the music of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair who runs down the aisle and enters the cage. Flair starts to pound on Abyss, as the crowd chants Hogan, and here comes the Hulkster to the rescue, as we see Beer Money and Hardy still out on the roof of the cage. Flair is still trying to get the ring off Abyss, as Hulk enters the cage. Hulk has the bat as Flair cowers in the corner; here comes Bischoff who gets between them. Bischoff tells Hulk to come down as Flair nails Abyss. Abyss is going to turn on Hogan I bet, makes no sense, so sounds right for TNA. Bischoff tosses brass knucks to Hogan who nails Flair in the face and busts open Flair. Hogan hands Bischoff the knucks and rams Flair into the cage repeatedly. Flair’s a bloody mess and rips his shirt off as Hulk nails him and he falls into the tacks. Abyss staggers his way up and grabs Wolfe and hits the Black Hole Slam for the win. 7.5/10 was a bit of a cluster, but still fun to watch. Other people will bitch and moan about Hogan and Flair, but I thought it was fun to see. Hogan and Eric shake hands, and Hulk helps RVD up, and RVD shakes Eric’s hand. They point up to Hardy who’s finally up. Eric and Jeff Jarrett leave the ring, as we go to the replay which is all Hogan and Flair unfortunately. Eric Bischoff stands atop the ramp applauding team Hogan as we fade to black.

Match Recap:

1. Rob Van Dam beat James Storm 7.5/10

2. Homicide wins the Escape match 6.5/10

3. Kevin Nash destroyed Eric Young 3/10

4. The Beautiful People beat Angelina Love & Velvet Sky 6/10

5. Kaz beat Homicide & Shannon Moore 9/10

6. Team 3D beat Hall & Nash 4/10

7. Kurt Angle beat Ken Anderson 9.75/10

8. AJ Styles beat D’Angelo Dinero 8.75/10

9. Team Hogan beat Team Flair 7.5/10

Overall, not the greatest PPV, but the good certainly outweighed the bad. Five matches were great with three being awesome, which is impressive. A very fun PPV, and well worth watching especially the X Title match and Angle/Anderson. Tonight’s Impact should be very interesting, as should RAW with most of the RAW roster stuck in the UK right now. So we have no Cena, Batista, Orton, etc on RAW, this could be TNA’s chance to shine. Let’s see what they do.

Here’s the whole PPV


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