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Saturday Night’s Main Event #25 – January 27, 1990

With tonight’s episode we leave behind the 1980’s and journey into the 1990’s. We’re coming to you just six days after the Royal Rumble. In the Royal Rumble we had the first epic meeting between the past and the present, as Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior squared off. Hulk eliminated the Warrior from the Rumble, supposedly by accident, and now the Warrior’s mad. Tonight these two men must work as a team as they face the man who beat Hulk at the last SNME, the Genius, and Mr. Perfect. Can the two champions unite or will tonight be a perfect victory, all that and more tonight on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

We open the show with Vince McMahon hyping up the teaming of the Warrior and Hogan, and directly to the opening music. Vince & Jesse welcome us to Chattanooga, Tennessee and Jesse makes a crack about Tennessee. I love how Jesse talks about the Rumble, even though this was taped prior to the Rumble. They go over tonight’s matches as we have Jake/Valentine, Rhodes/Rude and Savage/Duggan along with the main event. This should be a great show. We get a recap of Savage winning the crowd from Duggan.

1. Hacksaw Jim Duggan v Macho King Randy Savage. Savage played the King gimmick so over the top, riding to the ring on his chair. Savage busy posing for the crowd and Duggan sneaks over and dumps Savage off the chair, then throws him in the ring. Savage sent to the corner and Duggan misses, but no effect. However a clothesline from Macho takes down Duggan, and Savage chokes Duggan. Savage sent in and now it’s Duggan with a clothesline and sends Savage to the corner and catches him coming out with another clothesline. Duggan with a big atomic drop and Sherri up on the apron. Duggan goes after her, which allows Savage to clobber Duggan from behind and send him tumbling to the floor. Savage follows with the double ax handle of the top rope as Savage tosses Duggan back in the ring. Savage climbs the ropes and nails a second double ax handle for a near fall. Savage with the vintage rope snap, which always looks cool, but Savage misses a charge at Duggan and bounces off the ropes hard. Duggan missing the elbow drop, but Duggan comes back with a right hand. Savage charges Duggan, who backdrops the King up and over the top rope. Sherri up on the apron again and that breaks the referee’s count, Duggan goes outside and clotheslines Savage back down as we go to commercial. We come back and Duggan rolling Macho back in the ring, as Savage begs off and Duggan slams him down. Duggan drops a huge knee and goes for a pin, but Sherri has the ref. Duggan unloading on the King and covers him again, but Sherri puts Savage’s feet on the ropes. Duggan warns Sherri and multiple clotheslines for the Macho King now as a big right hand sends Savage to the floor. If Sherri is supposedly a Queen why does she look like a hooker? Duggan tosses Savage back in and Sherri nails Duggan, Duggan has had enough and gives chase to Sherri. Duggan gets Sherri in the ring, and we get a gratuitous ass shot of Sherri in her little red panties. Duggan puts Sherri in the corner, but the distraction costs Duggan as Savage drives a knee to the back. Savage goes up top and goes for the double ax handle but Duggan catches him and both men are down. Sherri loads the purse and passes it to Savage, then distracts the ref as Savage clocks Duggan with the purse but Duggan kicks out. Savage goes for the pin and Duggan with a small package gets a near fall. Savage tries to send Duggan to the corner, but Duggan blocks and sends Savage to the buckle. Duggan with the atomic drop and a series of clotheslines, and then he readies for the big finish. Duggan nails the running clothesline and Savage tumbles to the floor. Duggan pulls him back to the apron and goes for the Suplex, but Sherri hooks Duggan’s boots allowing Savage to score the pin, with his feet on the ropes. 3.5/5 not a bad match, but Duggan’s moveset is so limited. How many clotheslines did he do in this match? Savage carried him to a good match, which was all we could hope for.

2. The Genius & Mr. Perfect v Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior. Hulk and Perfect start the match and they lock up, with Hulk overpowering Perfect to the corner. They lock up again and Hulk with a hiptoss followed by a big slam, the one for Genius, and both men slammed again, as Perfect and Genius bail out and Hulk makes the tag. Warrior rams their heads together and tosses Genius back in. Warrior with a shoulderblock on Genius and then slings Perfect back in the ring and tosses him to Genius who falls to the outside. Warrior clotheslines Perfect over the top rope and Hulk tagged back in. Hulk and Perfect lock up and wind up in the corner where Perfect quickly unloads on the Champion. Perfect shot in the opposite corner and a Hulk back elbow sends Perfect to the floor. Hulk follows and tosses Perfect to the ringpost and sends him back in. Hulk rams Perfect to the turnbuckle and nails a huge lariat as Genius is writing on his scroll. No one sells moves the way Perfect did, just makes everything look brutal. Hulk with a big slam and drops the elbow before pounding Perfect in the face. Hulk nails the big boot sending Perfect to the floor, and Genius hands the scroll to Perfect as Hulk goes after him. Perfect nails Hulk in the face with the scroll and both men in the ring, as Perfect stomps the Hulkster. Perfect continues the offense on Hogan and chops Hulk across the chest before whipping him in and nailing a nice clothesline. Perfect with a jumping neck snap, always loved that move, as Genius is tagged in. Genius is so over the top with his prancing as he tags Perfect back in, and Vince is screaming about Genius being in the ring so briefly. Perfect taunts Warrior before continuing his offense on Hulk. Perfect hits the Perfectplex and releases the hold before the three, big mistake, as he tags in the Genius, bigger mistake. Genius goes for the moonsault and Hulk gets the knees up, biggest mistake, and Perfect tries for a top rope move but Hulk gets the boot up and Warrior tagged in. Warrior hammers Genius down and tosses him to the corner and Warrior kneelifts Perfect over the top rope. Warrior with a pair of clotheslines and then the press slam/splash combo on Genius but Hulk with a blind tag and drops the leg on Genius for the win. 4/5 surprisingly a good match, as they kept Warrior’s involvement to a minimum which helps. Perfect’s insane overselling made the match, as he makes every move look like a death shot, I miss that guy. After the match as Hulk and Warrior celebrate Perfect and Genius attack and send Hulk out of the ring, but Warrior handling both men. Hulk comes from behind to help and Warrior accidentally clotheslines Hogan down. Warrior checks on Hulk as Perfect and Genius bail out, and Hulk shoves Warrior back. Both men shove each other and wind up nose to nose, hope they had a breath mint first! After the commercial we get highlights of Jake Roberts taking Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Title on an episode of Superstars.

3. Jake Roberts v Greg Valentine. Jake comes to the ring first and dumps out the bag with Damien and we see the Million Dollar title in the bag. After a recap of Warrior and Hogan, we’re ready for the match. They lock up and Greg with a quick armdrag takedown, a second time and the same results. Greg and Jimmy Hart high five and they lock up again, and this time Greg with an armbar, but Jake counters with an armdrag. Jake goes for the DDT, but Greg slides out of the ring quickly. Another lockup and Jake pushed to the ropes, Jake distracted by Jimmy allows Greg to nail him. Greg with a series of chops in the corner and sends Jake to the opposite corner hard. Greg sends Jake to the opposite corner again and Jake falls to the crowd as Greg stands over him. Greg drops the big elbow across the back of Jake for a near fall. Valentine pulls Jake up and hammers him again, Jake misses the right and Valentine connects with his. Jimmy Hart screaming at the ref to count faster as Greg continues to work over the Snake. Jake tries to fight back and we have a slugfest, which Jake wins but get sent to the corner, Jake catches Greg with a big back elbow though. Jake nails the short arm clothesline and signals for the DDT. Jake goes for it and Greg backdrops him instead, but misses the elbow drop. Jake goes for the kneelift but Greg moves and Jake drives him knee in the turnbuckle. Greg goes for the figure four as Jimmy on the apron, but Jake kicks Greg off into Hart. Greg stumble backwards right into the DDT of Jake Roberts, but suddenly out comes Ted DiBiase and Virgil drawing the DQ. 3/5 would’ve been higher had it gone to a finish. Ted stomps Jake and tells Virgil to get the belt but Virgil is reluctant to do so. Ted turns to yell at Virgil and this allows Jake to nail both men and Jake gets Damien which sends Ted and Virgil running for the hills.

4. Rick Rude v Dusty Rhodes. As Dusty turns to get a kiss from Sapphire Rude quickly jumps Dusty. Rude unloads on the Dream in the corner but gets sent to the corner and Dusty follows with the big elbow drop. Dusty tosses Rude out of the ring and Dusty follows. Dusty drives Rude to the apron repeatedly, and both men back in. Rude tries for a slam, but can’t get the bigger man up; this allows Dusty to hit a series of elbows to the top of the head. Rude begging off and Dusty drives the shoulder into the midsection of Rude. Dusty with a snapmare but misses the big elbow drop. Rude slowly gets up and snapmares Dusty over before applying a rear chinlock. Bobby Heenan goes after Sapphire as Dusty fights out and backdrops Rude then nails a big elbow. Dusty spots Heenan and quickly goes after him, but this allows Rude to nail Dusty from behind. The ref gets between both men and then kicks Bobby Heenan out from ringside as we go to commercial. We come back and the ref has sent Sapphire back as well. Dusty distracted and gets caught by a knee to the back from Rude sending him to the floor. Rude tries to pose but his back is hurt from earlier and Dusty tries to get in but Rude catches him and works over the arm. Rude pulls Dusty in the ring and applies an armbar. Suddenly we see Sapphire head to the front row, as she bought a ticket, which means front row seats were still available halfway through the show, what is this WCW? Rude continues to work over Dusty’s arm and Dusty tries to fight out but Rude rakes his face and then spots Sapphire. This allows Dusty to quickly goes after Rude, but Rude once again goes back to the arm. Ventura mentions the next Main Event features special referee Iron Mike Tyson, which never happened as Tyson lost the title before the taping and instead we got Buster Douglas. Instead it took another eight years before we finally got Tyson as a referee. Meanwhile Dusty fights out of the armbar and sends Rude in to the ropes, and both men hit heads. Both men are down but Rude up first and climbs the ropes, Dusty catches Rude coming down and nails him. Dusty goes for the figure four, but Rude rakes the eye to break the hold and hammers Dusty then follows with the snapmare. Rude stomps on Dusty, who starts to Hulk Up, did every face do a Hulking Up gimmick back then or what? Dusty with a big elbow and sends Rude in, but gets caught with his head down and Rude kicks him. Rude drops the fist and yells at Sapphire who jumps on her chair and taunts Rude. Rick’s had enough and jumps out of the ring, Rude grabs the wrist of Sapphire and Dusty comes to her rescue. Both men slugging it out up the aisle way as the ref continues the count, and the ref finally pulls them apart and Dusty gets in the ring. We get a double countout, even though Dusty’s music plays. 3.25/5 was better than I expected it to be, Rude was always a great wrestler who could carry anyone and Dusty was horribly underutilized in the WWF.

5. Ronnie Garvin v Dino Bravo. Vince and Jesse claim this is going to be good, I think this is our squash match of the night. Dino is accompanied by Jimmy Hart and the Canadian Earthquake, another great talent taken way too soon. The bell rings and they lock up, Dino gets Garvin in the ropes and drives a knee in. Dino quickly unloads on Garvin and sends him in, but misses a clothesline, as Garvin comes back with the rights. Garvin with a headlock and Dino shoves him off outside the ring, right where Quake is. Quake picks up Garvin and drives him into the apron then tosses him back in the ring. Dino slams Garvin and drops a huge elbow for a near fall. Dino with a gutwrench Suplex, ala Jack Swagger, and gets another near fall. Bravo hammers Garvin now and then goes for a slam, but Garvin counters and goes for a roll up, but Dino holds the ropes. Bravo misses three elbow drops and now Garvin starts to fire back. Garvin sends him in and nails a backdrop, as Jimmy on the apron and Garvin slings him in and tosses Jimmy into Quake. Garvin with the Garvin Stomp and a stomp on the Quake but this allows Bravo to nail Garvin. Bravo tosses Garvin out, but he lands on his feet and climbs the ropes. Garvin with a crossbody but Bravo rolls through and scores the win. 2.5/5 almost a squash, but still semi-competitive for what it was. Nothing bad to say about it. After the match Garvin nails Bravo which draws in Quake who nails Garvin. Bravo with an inverted atomic drop and Quake drops the Quake on Garvin twice. Dino, Quake and Hart leave as they load Garvin on the stretcher, Vince and Jesse hype up the next Main Event. Randy Savage faces Hulk Hogan with special guest referee Iron Mike Tyson. We get comments from both Savage and Hogan, followed by closing comments from Vince and Jesse, as we close with highlights from the tag match.

Match Recap:

1. Randy Savage pinned Jim Duggan in 9:14 3.5/5

2. Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior beat Genius & Mr. Perfect in 8:00 4/5

3. Jake Roberts beat Greg Valentine by DQ at 5:16 3/5

4. Dusty Rhodes and Rick Rude went to a double countout in 9:00 3.25/5

5. Dino Bravo pinned Ronnie Garvin in 3:19 2.5/5

This was not the best SNME ever, but the tag match was a lot better than I expected it to be. The worst match of the night was still a good match, which is more than I can say for most episodes of RAW. Next month we get Savage/Hogan with Buster Douglas, not Mike Tyson, as the ref, should be a good match.

The Matches:


Warrior & Hulk/Genius & Perfect





Here’s the 1990 Royal Rumble


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