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WWE Superstars – April 15, 2010
April 17, 2010, 9:28 am
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This show’s getting harder to find than TNA Impact lately, not a clue why either. This sure makes the week of recaps easier now, especially with Wrestlicious on hiatus until June. Anyways, we’re coming off a truly forgettable episode of RAW, no really. The only things I remember were the Baywatch match and Bret/ShowMiz/Hart Dynasty. Other than that, the rest of the show seems to have been a blur of boredom, as usual, but don’t worry we always get a long drawn out RAW recap during Superstars, which will feature either HHH, John Cena and/or Batista, boring. Whatever, there’s a reason I’ve stopped recapping both RAW and Smackdown, because they’ve become boring as hell. I might, key word is might, do a recap for the draft, but not sure yet, depends if I have time. Anyway, let’s get to Superstars.

1. Matt Hardy v Carlito. Both men came out with their rookies, as Matt quickly with a side headlock and Carlito sends him in, Matt back with a shoulderblock. Matt off the ropes and Carlito catches him, but Matt with a hiptoss and a corner clothesline/bulldog combo. Matt has his arm taped up and goes for a Side Effect countered into strange looking DDT, and Carlito begins to stomp the arm. Matt’s arm looks brutal, as Michael Tarver is screaming at Matt Hardy while Carlito works him over. Matt catches Carlito with a boot but tries to punch with his injured arm and hurts himself. Matt on the ropes and Carlito charges, but backdropped to the floor and Matt driving the forearm to the head off the apron as we go to commercial. We come back and Carlito with a key lock on Hardy’s injured arm, and Hardy tries to fight off but eats a big dropkick for a near fall. Carlito quickly goes back to working the arm and Hardy fights back with the feet, but gets sent to the corner shoulder first and crumples to the mat. We get a close up of the bad arm of Hardy, as Carlito goes back to the arm. Carlito shot in and Matt with a back elbow and drops an elbow. Matt pulls himself up in the corner and catches Carlito with a reverse DDT for a near fall. Matt climbs the ropes and drives an elbow across the back of the head of Carlito and follows with the Side Effect for a near fall. Tarver looking confused at ringside as he grabs Carlito’s apple. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, countered into the Backstabber, but Hardy holds the ropes. Matt readies for the Twist of Fate but Tarver distracts Matt and Gabriel pulls him down. Carlito distracted now and gets caught with the Twist of Fate for the victory. 7/10 a great match, nice way to open the show. The outside crap was unneeded, but still a nice match. Carlito looks at his rookie and is pretty upset.

2. Christian v Chavo Guerrero. Its squash match time, as poor Chavo gets to lose again. Christian has his rookie at ringside. They lock up and Chavo with a go behind, but Christian counters and sent in. Christian comes back with a pair of shoulderblocks, and Chavo backs off. Chavo gets a kick in and hammers the back of Christian and follows with a slam. Chavo goes for a slingshot move but Christian moves and backdrops Chavo to the floor. Christian follows that up with the baseball slide and tosses Chavo back in the ring. Christian climbs the ropes and goes for a missile dropkick, but Chavo catches him and nails a hotshot on the bottom rope sending Christian to the floor. Chavo follows and tosses Christian into the barricade and tosses him back in. Chavo with a slingshot splash and continues the offense on Christian as he locks in a double arm submission. Funny, that’s the same move Andre used on Warrior on the SNME I just recapped here on the site that just seemed amusing to see the same move being used by much smaller guys. Chavo tosses Christian in the corner and works him over but Christian fires back with a big slap and follows with the tornado DDT for a near fall. Both men slug it out now and we have dueling chants, as Christian comes off the ropes with a forearm. He sets Chavo in the corner but caught charging in, and Chavo off the ropes gets backdropped down. Christian stands on the back of Chavo and jumps to the floor, slapping Chavo. Christian with the missile dropkick that connects this time. Chavo goes for a slam and Christian slides down and goes for the sunset flip. Christian sets up Chavo for the tornado DDT but Chavo shoves him off and hits the Three Amigo Suplex. One the third one Christian slides down the back and hits reverse DDT. Christian goes for the Killswitch but Chavo counters into the Gory Bomb. That should have been the end, but it’s Chavo and he’s not allowed to win. Christian tosses Chavo to the corner and climbs the ropes, but Chavo tosses him down. Chavo climbs up now and goes for the frog splash and Christian gets the knees up. Christian quickly hits the Killswitch for the win. 8/10 a great match again, I love this show. A great match, even though no one expected Chavo to win.

3. Ted DiBiase v MVP. I’m glad to see the Million Dollar Title back on TV, as Ted has the microphone. Ted says there has been a misunderstanding as he’s not trying to be his dad; he’s nothing like his dad. Ted says when he looks at the fans he sees fathers who scrounge to come up with money to buy a piece of junk car, when he was eighteen he bought a Porsche. Ted says don’t judge him because he lives a privileged life and MVP’s music cuts him off. MVP has a microphone as well, and says he knows the perfect place to stick the money and title. MVP says much like the fans he had to work to get where he is and he says no one gives a damn about the money Ted has. MVP says all the money in his trust fund won’t stop MVP from punching him in the mouth tonight, unless his dad is going to fight for him. MVP then heads to the ring and the bell rings, and they lock up. MVP with a side headlock and shot in comes back with the shoulderblock. MVP with a big right hand sends Ted to the floor, and MVP follows and another big right. Ted slammed on the barricade by MVP, who then sends Ted in the ring for a near fall. MVP sent to the corner and he jumps Ted and comes back with the flying clothesline for another near fall. Ted pulls himself up in the corner and MVP goes for the kick, Ted moves but MVP stops quickly. MVP jumps to the second rope and Ted sweeps the feet out as we go to commercial. We come back and Ted with a snapmare followed by a kick to the face. Ted hammers MVP but a second right misses and MVP backdrops Ted down. MVP charges in and eats a boot to the face; Ted follows with a series of fistdrops. Ted locks in a rear chinlock, as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are getting on my nerves. MVP fights out, but Ted comes back with a big clothesline to take down MVP for a near fall. Ted kicks MVP in the ribs and chokes him on the ropes, breaking at the four. Ted continues the offense, but MVP fights back and drives Ted to the mat. MVP with a clothesline and a back elbow, followed up with the face buster. MVP drops the balling elbow and Ted rolls to the apron. MVP reaches for him and gets caught in a hotshot as Ted slides back in and charges MVP, who nails a belly to belly on Ted for a near fall. Ted sends MVP to the corner and MVP tries to jump over Ted, who catches him and tosses him to the ropes. MVP staggers back right into Dream Street for the victory! 7.5/10 another great match, Ted is getting better every time I see him. This kid is the future of the business, if he doesn’t crack his skull on the glass ceiling.

Match Recap:

1. Matt Hardy pinned Carlito 7/10

2. Christian pinned Chavo Guerrero 8/10

3. Ted DiBiase beat MVP 7.5/10

This is why this is the only WWE show I’m bothering to recap anymore. This was a great show as always with three exciting matches. I wish RAW or Smackdown could be this good, but with all the super egos that will never happen. I just hope those same egos stay the hell away from Superstars, as that would ruin it. Sunday night is TNA Lockdown PPV, and I forget to put my predictions at the end of the Impact recap, so here goes. Pope wins title, Angle beats Anderson, Team Flair beats Team Hogan, Shannon wins X title, RVD loses to Storm, Angelina & Tara win the tag titles (since Russo loves tag team champs who hate each other), Nash over Young, Band over 3D and Guns over Homicide & Kendrick. Recap should be up sometime Monday.

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