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Saturday Night’s Main Event #24 – November 25, 1989

Tonight’s SNME comes to us only five weeks after the last episode. This one was taped before the Survivor Series, but was aired two days after. By this point Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard had been fired from the WWF and Tully was removed from the PPV, replaced by Bobby Heenan. So, tonight marks the final appearance of Arn & Tully as they face long time foes the Rockers. One correction, I said the last SNME was the final appearance of Akeem and I was wrong. He was pulled from the PPV, and replaced with Bad News Brown, but he was in the Royal Rumble 1990 and faced Big Boss Man at Wrestlemania VI. I thought I had heard he was fired before the 89 Survivor Series, maybe he was and then brought back by the Rumble, not sure. Either way he wasn’t at the Series but was back by the Rumble. According to Wikipedia he was with the WWF till October 1990 and then left, as he was scheduled to be on the Mercenaries team facing The Alliance, but was gone by that year’s Series. Anyways, this is the final SNME of the 1980’s as we roll into a new decade and we head to Wrestlemania VI. Tonight’s show is headlined by Warrior facing Andre and Hulk Hogan defending the World title against Lanny Poffo, let’s get to it.

Well, it’s a good start as this is from the original broadcast as well, much better than the 24/7 versions as at least the music is intact along with the commercials! We open as always with the mini interviews featuring Ultimate Warrior, Bobby Heenan & Andre the Giant, Dusty Rhodes, Big Boss Man & Slick, The Genius Lanny Poffo, and Hulk Hogan. Poffo’s interviews are classic, as opposed to Andre who no one could possibly understand. It sounded like he had a mouthful of marbles during his promo. After the classic SNME music we go down to Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura welcoming us Topeka, Kansas. We get highlights of the Warrior/Andre feud which started when Andre attacked Warrior from behind in the entranceway after Bobby distracted Warrior.

1. Ultimate Warrior v Andre the Giant. This is for the Intercontinental championship; I guess we’re supposed to forget about Warrior destroying Andre at the Survivor Series two days earlier. Andre mocks Warrior at the start and Warrior turns and poses and gets caught. Andre chokes Warrior in the corner and then on the ropes. Andre continues the choke followed by a headbutt sending Warrior to the floor. Warrior slides back in and Andre advances and gets caught as Warrior chokes Andre with his own tights. Warrior charges for a clothesline and Andre drops down sending Warrior tumbling to the floor again. Warrior slowly gets in and Andre kicks him, but Warrior tries to fight back. Andre grabs the arms and pulls them back and headbutts Warrior in the back repeatedly. Warrior powers out of the submission hold and then connect with a pair of clotheslines sending Andre to the floor. Warrior follows and hammers Andre before getting back in the ring as we go to commercial. When we come back and Andre pulling himself up with the refs leg and catches Warrior with a shot to the throat and back to choking. Andre pulls himself into the ring and a double chop to Warrior, who counters with a bearhug. Andre fights out with, what else, a chokehold which breaks the bearhug. Andre nails a big headbutt staggering the Warrior, and Warrior charges but Andre with a shoulder and locks in a bearhug of his own. Warrior hammers the back of Andre trying to break the hold, but Andre maintains his grip. Andre drives a knee in to Warrior but walks into a huge chop, Warrior with a series of chops on the Giant. Andre grabs the hair and headbutts Warrior and shoots him in. Warrior ducks under the clothesline and Warrior comes back with one of his own. Vintage Andre as he’s tied up in the ropes and Warrior charges but Andre gets a boot up. While the ref is with Andre Heenan slides in with the title and goes to hit Warrior but misses. Warrior destroys Heenan and tosses him into the released Giant as the bell rings. DUD that was horrible I can’t think of two worse wrestlers to put in the ring together. That was just painful to watch, what a horrible start to the night.

2. The Genius v Hulk Hogan. This is for the World Title and Poffo is just hilarious to watch, he’s so over the top. Genius does some pre match stretches as Hulk watches on in disgust. Genius continues his prancing around the ring which angers Hulk, and they finally lock up. Hulk powers the Genius out of the ring with ease, and Hulk points to his head. Genius flips back in the ring and Hulk applauds him, as they lock up again and Genius tossed to the mat and flips back up quickly. A third lock-up and Hulk hip tosses Genius and follows with a huge slam. Genius whipped in and Hulk goes for the big boot, but Genius rolls out of the ring. Genius grabs his scroll and starts doing some math, what is this Numb3rs now? Genius flips back in and Hulk is getting frustrated. Genius with an armdrag and he dances around the ring as Hulk glares at him. Another lockup and Hulk in the corner and a clean break, but no Genius slaps the Hulkster in the face. Hulk tells Genius to go and dance and stands in the corner, as Genius dances Hulk clotheslines him repeatedly and tosses him into the buckles. Hulk quickly unloads on Genius and nails an elbow clothesline and dances, which was creepy looking; at least he wasn’t wearing a tutu. Hulk with an atomic drop followed by a belly to back Suplex and series of elbow drops. As Hulk unloads on Genius Mr. Perfect joins us at ringside and grabs the title and spits his gum on it. Hulk comes outside and goes after Perfect, and the distraction allows the Genius to dropkick Hulk in the back sending him to the ringpost. Genius rolls in and stomps the head of Hulk as he gets up and slides in. Genius with a series of right hands and then delivers a nice moonsault for a near fall. Hulk begins the Hulking Up process, and the Genius looks like he’s about to cry. Hulk with three right hands, whip in and big boot. Hulk picks up Genius, who rakes his eyes and his back, but Hulk infuriated. Hulk retaliates with his own rakes on the Genius and a big slam over the top rope to the floor. Perfect goes to check on Genius and Hulk comes outside and tosses Genius back in, with the ref distracted Perfect nails Hulk in the head with the World Title causing the countout. 3.25/10 wasn’t a great match, but better than the last match was. Hulk quickly in the ring, but Perfect and Genius bail out and run backstage with the World Title as we get highlights of the Boss Man/Dusty Rhodes feud.

3. Big Boss Man v Dusty Rhodes. I always liked the Boss Man, thought he was an impressive big man and never got the recognition he deserved. Dusty slides in the ring and chases the Boss Man out with his own nightstick as we go to commercial before the match. We come back as the match begins and Dusty wants Slick removed from ringside. Slick pulls out a card and shows it to the ref, it’s his manager license, classic. Boss Man charges and misses a right, and Dusty quickly unloads but distracted by Slick which allows Boss Man to hammer him down. With the ref busy Slick chokes Dusty as Boss Man slides out, and we get our first look at Sapphire at ringside. Dusty goes after Slick, but Boss Man catches him from behind and rams him in to the ringpost. Dusty rolled in and Boss Man follows and a slugfest ensues, with Boss Man getting the better. Boss Man begins to work over the arm of Dusty Rhodes but Dusty fights Boss Man off and breaks the hold. Dusty off the ropes runs into a big knee lift and Boss Man back to the arm. Slick says turn out the light, the party’s over as Boss Man continues the offense of Dusty. Boss Man sends him to the corner but misses the avalanche and now Dusty unloads on Boss Man. Dusty drops the big elbow, but Boss Man rolls away and sets Dusty on the ropes for the vintage leg across the back and tells Slick to get the nightstick. Slick busy with Sapphire and Dusty rolls up Boss Man from behind for the victory. 3.5/5 it wasn’t a bad match, but just not great. After the match Boss Man screaming at Slick and shoves him back, as Slick blames Sapphire at ringside. Boss Man starts screaming at Sapphire to get the hell out of there, and she ignores him and keeps dancing. Dusty calls her into the ring and they dance together, as Jesse’s commentary is classic during this.

4. Red Rooster v Mr. Perfect. Poor Terry Taylor gets stuck in one of the worst gimmicks ever, and he never recovered from this. So much talent squandered in a pathetic gimmick, who ever thought this was a good idea needs a beating. They lock up and Perfect slips away and slaps Rooster, another lock up and another slap. Perfect now hammers the Rooster and whips him in but eats a knee lift. Rooster with an armdrag takedown and Perfect shoots Rooster in and nails a drop toe hold. Rooster reverses to a hammerlock and goes for the chicken wing but Perfect makes the ropes. Perfect with a nice belly to back Suplex and hits the jumping neck snap. Perfect continues to hammer Rooster and sends him in and goes for the back drop but reversed to a sunset flip. Perfect kicks out and continues the offense on Rooster, who comes back with headbutt and now Perfect pounds him in the corner. Perfect charges in and eats a boot as Rooster follows with a bulldog and rams Perfect’s head into the mat. Perfect shot in and Rooster with a backdrop for a near fall. Rooster goes for a hiptoss and Perfect blocks with a big forearm to the face and follows with the Perfectplex for the win. 3.75/5 was short but very good, wish they’d given this more time.

5. Brain Busters v Rockers. This is a two out of three falls match, and should be a great match. Heenan and the Busters arguing before the match, as Marty and Tully start. Marty with a side headlock and Tully sends him in and goes for a hiptoss, countered to a slam from Marty. Jannetty with a dropkick into the armbar, and Tully tries to break with a hair pull, which just fires up Marty who nails a big elbow and back to the arm bar. Tully powers his way to the corner and Marty pops Arn and Tully misses a shot, Marty takes out both Busters and goes for the sunset flip. Arn holds Tully, but Shawn nails Arn allowing Marty to score the quick first fall. Heenan screaming at his team and gets right in their faces. While the Busters argue with Heenan the Rockers quickly attack and nail a double thrust kick sending the Busters to the floor. Heenan leaves and heads up the entrance way, abandoning his team. Arn and Shawn in the ring slugging it out and Shawn whipped in. Shawn flips over Arn and hits an armdrag followed by a Hurricanrana. A double dropkick sends Tully out and one for Arn sends him to the floor. Arn back in and Mary tagged in, as they double team Arn. Arn crawls to the corner and tags in Tully, and Marty takes him down. Marty tags Shawn in, and Shawn with a knee lift gets a near fall. Shawn with a hip toss and goes for a Hurricanrana, but Arn pulls him down across the ropes for a hotshot. Tully makes the cover for the second fall. We go to commercial before the third and final fall. Before the fall starts Jesse is with Bobby Heenan, and Heenan says they brought him nothing. Heenan says they’re the worst tag team he’s ever been with and there is no room in the family for people like them, and he fires the Busters. The third fall starts, and Shawn is still down and hurt which allows Tully to quickly hammer him, and they double team Shawn. Arn tagged in and hits the vintage spinebuster and goes for the pin, but Marty makes the save. Shawn gets sling shot to the ropes and gets caught by Tully to pops him. Tully tagged in and nails Shawn, then tosses Shawn to the floor. Arn grabs Shawn and pulls him to the apron, Tully tries to ram Shawn in the corner but Shawn blocks and hits a cross body for a near fall. Arn tagged in and has a face lock on Shawn, who tries to make the tag. Arn goes after Marty, who punches Arn sending him backwards into Michaels. Shawn slides under the legs of Arn and tags in Marty. Marty slams both Busters and dropkicks Arn, but the numbers catch up to him. The Busters try to double team, but Shawn pulls Tully out. Tully tosses Shawn into the post and the Busters go for the Spike Piledriver, but Shawn nails Tully and hits a top rope cross body for the three count. 4/5 a great tag match between two of the best teams in the WWF. We now go to Mr. Perfect with the Genius, as Perfect is destroying the World Title with a hammer. Perfect says this is not a perfect title, and Hulk is not a perfect champion and challenges Hulk to a title match. Perfect holds up the broken title and says until he gets a title shot he’ll keep destroying the title belts. After the commercial we see Mene Gene holding the broken title as Hulk looks at his belt and says the thing that’s eating him alive is that the Genius got his hand raised. Hulk says Perfect cut him to the bone and spit in Hulkamania’s face. Hulk says it will be a perfect defeat for Mr. Perfect. We then get closing comments from Vince & Jesse and no closing video as it just fades to black.

Match Recap:

1. Ultimate Warrior beat Andre the Giant by DQ in 7:46 DUD

2. Genius beat Hulk Hogan via countout in 7:34 3.25/5

3. Dusty Rhodes pinned Big Boss Man at 4:47 3/5

4. Mr. Perfect beat the Red Rooster in 4:13 3.75

5. The Rockers defeated The Brain Busters 2 falls to 1 at 7:32 4/5

This started out as a really bad show, but got better as it went along. The opening match was abysmal and just went way too long. By this point watching Andre wrestle was just painful, as you could see he was hurting, and Warrior was just horrible. The Genius/Hogan match was fun as Genius kept pissing off Hogan all through the match, which was hilarious. Dusty/Boss wasn’t a bad match, but it wasn’t a great feud anyways. Perfect/Rooster was a great match which deserved a lot more time, both guys were so talented. The tag match was great, even with the Heenan stuff, and it’s too bad the Busters left when they did. I really liked them and thought they’d be huge in the WWE, but instead Arn went back to WCW while Tully disappeared for a while. Not a bad way to end the decade and our next show comes just after the Rumble and features a tag match of Warrior & Hogan versus Perfect and Genius, see you then.

Here’s the matches



Boss Man/Dusty




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