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Saturday Night’s Main Event #23 – October 14, 1989

It’s time for another classic SNME recap. Tonight we’re coming to you from Cincinnati, Ohio and we’re about six weeks after Summerslam. At the 1989 Summerslam we crowned a new Intercontinental Champion, as The Ultimate Warrior regained his title from Ravishing Rick Rude, with a little help from Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper distracted Rude by mooning him, allowing Warrior to nail a back Suplex for the victory. Also at Summerslam new tag team champions the Brain Busters defeated former champions the Hart Foundation while the previous champions Demolition teamed with Jim Duggan to overcome the enormous team of Akeem, Big Boss Man and Andre the Giant. The main event saw Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake defeat the team of Randy Savage and Zeus when Elizabeth tripped Sherri distracting the ref and allowing Hulk to use Sherri’s purse on Zeus for the victory. Only a couple weeks before this show we crowned new tag champions as Demolition regained the titles from the Brain Busters in Wheeling, West Virginia. Tonight we’re on our way to the third annual Survivor Series, so let’s get to ringside.

Tonight’s episode starts with the classic mini interviews featuring the return of Rowdy Roddy Piper, Randy Macho King Savage, Queen Sherri, Bushwhackers, Ted DiBiase along with Zeus, Hulk Hogan. We then go to Vince McMahon along with Jesse Ventura as we open our sixth season of SNME. Tonight we have Savage versus Snuka, Hulk versus DiBiase and much more. First we get highlights of Randy and Sherri’s coronation and Lanny Poffo’s vintage poetry skills. Hey, I see Barry Windham back there, which was a very short run in the WWF for Barry which was a disappointment because Barry is one of my top five favorites of all time.

1. Randy Savage v Jimmy Snuka. I sense a squash match coming, just saying is all. Snuka jumps over the ropes in and gets caught by Savage who delivers a knee and gets sent in. Savage under the clothesline but caught with a double chop and Sherri on the apron. Snuka catches Savage coming from behind with a thrust kick and a flying headbutt. Snuka with a big atomic drop sending Savage tumbling to the floor. Snuka follows and chops Savage repeatedly and tosses Savage in, Sherri catches Snuka coming in and Savage takes advantage. Savage drives an elbow to the throat and pulls Snuka back in and follows with a scoop slam and knee drop. Savage pulls Snuka out of the ring by his tights and Savage goes after him from the top with the big double ax handle. Sherri gets a few kicks in as Savage has the ref; she then chokes Snuka with her purse. Savage gets a near fall and argues with the ref, but then drives a knee to the back of Snuka. Superfly starts to Snuka Up now, and chops the Macho King followed by a big headbutt. Snuka chops Savage repeatedly in the corner as Sherri’s screaming. Savage whipped to the opposite buckle and Snuka catches him with a clothesline as he comes out. Another headbutt from Snuka and then tosses Savage into the corner and he’s tied to the tree of woe. The ref tries to pull Snuka back and he pulls the ref, but this allows Sherri to pull Savage down and hand him her purse. Sherri caught by Snuka and with the ref distracted Savage cracks Snuka in the back with the purse. Savage quickly rolls up Superfly for the victory. 2.5/5 not a great match, but better than most of the crap currently done in the WWE. After the match Savage slams Snuka down and then tries to drive the big elbow in to Snuka, but Snuka moves. Snuka slams Macho King down and climbs up now. Snuka readies for the Superfly and Sherri jumps on Savage, Snuka jumps over her and cracks Savage as he gets up, sending him to the floor. Snuka lunges for Sherri and she just barely escapes the ring.

2. Ted DiBiase v Hulk Hogan. Ted has the massive Zeus in his corner tonight for this huge World title match. The lockup and Hulk overpowers Ted to the corner, but Ted reverses and Zeus grabs Hulk’s ankle. The distraction allows Ted to get the rights in, but Hulk fights back with a series of rights of his own. Another lockup and Hulk with a side headlock, Ted shoots Hulk in and Hulk back with a pair of shoulderblocks. On the third try Zeus grabs the ankle again; this allows Ted to drive a fist in the back of Ted. Ted misses a clothesline and Hulk unloads and follows with a corner elbow. Hulk quickly hammers the Million Dollar Man and while Hulk argues with the ref Ted rakes his eyes. Ted opens up on Hulk and clotheslines him down; while Ted has the ref Zeus chokes Hogan. Suddenly the crowd erupts and here comes Jake Roberts to the rescue. Ted spots Jake at ringside and is distracted and this allows Hulk to roll up Ted for a near fall. Ted quickly stomps the Hulkster and Hulk avoids the elbow drop. Hulk with a series of rights and sends Ted to the corner, where he mounts and punches Ted. Now Virgil comes down the aisle and attacks Jake, which causes Jake to chase him. This distracts Hulk and now Ted clotheslines him over the top rope as we go to commercial, I mean literally as my version actually has the real commercials! We come back and Ted is in control of the match as he hammers the Hulkster down. Ted whips Hogan in and hits a nice clothesline for a near fall. Ted with a perfect vertical Suplex to get another near fall. Zeus screaming at the ref as Ted climbs the ropes and hits the double ax handle for yet another near fall. Ted with a rear chinlock and Hulk powers his way out with a series of elbows followed by the shoulderblock and a double clothesline takes both men down. Hulk first up comes off the ropes but Zeus hammers him in the back and the ref didn’t see it, allowing Ted to hit a pair of fist drops. Ted climbs the ropes and drops a knee to the chest of Hogan for a near fall. Hulk begins the Hulking Up procedure we all know and love. Hulk with three right hands, big boot and Ted begs off as Zeus slides in. Zeus grabs the Hulkster from behind and Ted off the ropes with a clothesline. Hulk ducks and Ted nails Zeus, which allows Hulk to quickly roll up Ted for the win. 3/5 not a bad match, regardless of the interference. Hulk and Zeus alone in the ring now, and they circle each other. As Hulk approaches Zeus Ted attacks from behind and Zeus grabs the head of Hogan. Zeus snaps the Hulkster’s neck, same thing Big Show did to Hogan in WCW. Ted throws the ref out and locks in the Million Dollar Dream knocking out the Hulk. Finally Jake Roberts returns and tosses Damian in the ring causing Zeus and DiBiase to evacuate.

3. Roddy Piper v Haku. We get highlights of the feud between Piper and Rude before the match. Haku attacks Piper before the bell, and a slugfest ensues. Piper clotheslines the former King over the top rope and follows, as he dives onto Haku. Piper back in the ring and Haku tries to get his bearings outside the ring. Piper goes after Heenan and chases him in the ring, and Piper gets a hold of Heenan but this allows Haku to clothesline Piper. Haku sends Piper in the ring and unloads on him. Haku with a running back elbow and follows with a shoulderbreaker, remember when that was Papa Shango’s finisher? Haku drops a big leg and then climbs the ropes, Haku misses the big diving headbutt and Piper pulls himself up. Piper rams Haku’s head into the mat and shoots him in, then just drives Haku into the mat. Piper with a nice belly to belly Suplex for the win. 3.25/5 not a bad match, pretty much a squash though. Don’t remember seeing Piper do the belly to belly Suplex that often, so kind of a nice finish.

4. Rick Martel v Tito Santana. Rick Martel comes out with his Survivor Series team, Akeem, Big Boss Man, and Honky Tonk Man. Tito comes down alone, but then climbs the turnbuckle to call out his team and out comes Red Rooster, Brutus Beefcake, and Dusty Rhodes. Martel quickly attacks Tito before the bell and unloads on Santana. Martel goes for a kick and Tito grabs the leg and spins him around into an atomic drop. A clothesline sends Martel to the floor and Tito follows. Tito sends Martel’s head to the ring apron and throws him back in the ring. Martel begs off and this gives Rick a chance to get a shot in. Martel sends Tito in, but Tito comes back with a sunset flip for a near fall. Tito with an armdrag and then chokes him in the corner. Tito works the arm of the Model as Dusty looks on. Martel sends Tito in and Tito ducks under and comes back with a cross body. Martel uses the leverage to send Tito into the turnbuckle and begins stomping his former tag partner. Boss Man screaming in the face of Tito as Martel unloads on Tito and then ties him to the tree of woe. Martel shoots Tito in but caught with his head down. We have a slugfest now and Tito with the upper hand and backdrops his former partner. Tito hits the flying forearm and Slick on the apron. Tito goes for him and Boss Man jumps up, now all eight men on the apron and another ref slides to the ring as we go to commercial. We come back and Martel working over the back of Santana. Martel whipped in and a hip toss from Tito, but misses the clothesline and falls to the outside. Martel pulls Tito back in by the hair and hammers the back then drops the elbow. Martel with a nice snapmare into the rear chinlock, and Tito fights his way out with a series of elbows. Tito off the ropes, blocks the elbow and goes for backslide, and both men jockey for position with Santana getting the advantage for a near fall. Martel goes for the Boston Crab and cinches it in, but Tito makes the ropes. Martel continues the offense on Tito and nails a backbreaker and climbs the ropes. Tito shakes the ropes sending Martel crotch first on the top rope. Santana quickly pounds Martel and lets him fall off the top rope. Santana sends Martel’s face into the buckle repeatedly. Santana goes for the figure four and Slick on the apron. Tito sends him down and Boss Man jumps in and nails Tito. Dusty jumps in as does the remaining men as all hell breaks loose. 4/5 a fun match and the non finish was ok as it built up the match for Survivor Series. This was the last appearance of Akeem as he was released shortly after this show and was replaced by Bad New Brown at the Survivor Series.

5. Bushwhackers v Rougeau Brothers. The Bushwhackers attack the Rougeaus before the bell and send them over the top. They go after Jimmy and they get his jacket. Jimmy gets caught and they whip him in, but the Rougeaus pull Jimmy out. Now we have a tug of war with Jimmy as the rope, and he loses his pants. They send Jimmy backstage and the Bushwhackers celebrate, which allows the Rougeaus to attack. They double team Butch and Jacques with a flying forearm. Raymond tagged in and they double team him again, but Butch moves and Jacques hits Raymond. Luke tagged in and Luke clobbers Jacques and sends him. Luke with a clothesline and covers, Raymond tries to break it up and Luke moves. Luke rams their heads together sending Raymond out. They hit a battering ram and double stomach breaker on Jacques for the win. 1/5 if it wasn’t so chaotic it would’ve been a dud, but it was fun to watch. We get closing comments from Hulk Hogan followed by Vince and Jesse. Jesse mocks Hulk’s injuries and we close with shots of Zeus twisting Hulk’s head like a bottle cap.

Match Recap:

1. Randy Savage beat Jimmy Snuka in 5:37 2.5/5

2. Hulk Hogan pinned Ted DiBiase in 8:00 3/5

3. Roddy Piper crushed Haku in 3:02 3.25/5

4. Tito Santana & Rick Martel went to a no contest in 9:00 4/5

5. Bushwackers beat Rougeaus in 3:15 1/5

Not the greatest SNME episode, but was still better than the current product. Savage and Piper’s matches were basically squashes as was the tag match. The other two matches were basically to build up the Survivor Series. Our next SNME comes two days after the Survivor Series and should be a great show with the Rockers facing the Brain Busters one last time.

Match Time:






BONUS PPV! Here’s the Survivor Series 1989 matches!

Enforcers v Dream Team

4X4’s v Kings Court

Hulk-a-Maniacs v Million Dollar Team

Roddy’s Rowdies v Rude’s Brood

Ultimate Warriors v Heenan Family


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